Thursday, July 19, 2012

Alan Moore... read him or don't

I will be absolutely honest here I have barely started the 2009 version of LOEG Century 2009 and I think it's awesome. The Century story line has worried me but the final book has charmed me from the start. It taps into so much of geek culture that maybe it might not have universal appeal but in geek fandom stretching back for years and years I think it hits just right. I would say read to page eighteen of the real story.... I'm hooked and if you are 10 dollars us really a bargain I think. Alan Moore is still a great storyteller is there may be people doing better they are few and far between.

The latest LOEG seems the real thing from my initial read and from the reviews when you look to people Luke Brian hibbs on the savage critics.... but between Moore and Mills it's an acquired taste like haggis which is the culinary bomb if you get the chance to have it... Look at the initial pages and if it hooks you being a fish on the line is not so bad if you get to read the end....

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