Friday, July 13, 2012

Hello Comics Fans.....

    Thought my first post should really be   about me and who's opinions your  reading here. I will try to be fair and expect any comments to be profanity and crulty free, OK, one of my favorite  Golden Age heroes is Mr. Terrific so the motto should  be play fair (this will go for when I start me eventual gaming blog too so listenup)

    All that aside I have been a comics fan and reader for as long as I could read and  could convince my parents et al to buy me one.... or two. The first loves of my comics addiction were horror books; House of Mystery, House of secrets, Swamp Thing and Man-Thing and superhero fetish aside they really still are my favorite stories. On car trips I remember picking out a small pile of books including horror books like those, some spandex hero tales like Atlas'  The Phoenix, Hulk and the like, oh and Kamandi or Captian America with the Falcon (I was ever attracted to Jack Kirby and I'm a fool for Kirby pastiche today). Some of the books I fondly recall were old Brave and the Bold with Superman andthe Atom, the Metal Men and any Conan issue or B&W  magazine that came my way.

     Ok so that may or may not tell you when I was a kid. Comics grabbed me again with Michael Golden's Micronauts and Byrne and Clairmont's Uncanny run. I have been hooked  ever since. I've see the ends of the DC multiverse and  its rebirth a couple times over and the New Gods know how many Marvel summer events good and bad (and there have been lots of that). I morn the fact we will never know what Tod and Mary Bierbaum had planned for their grown up version of the Legion of Superheroes and the more recent loss of the excellent Secret  Six.

 That is kind of an overview of me. I worked in a comics shop for 12 years and miss my regulars dearly especially the ones I know are no longer.  I still love the medium and would still love to do my own book some day, oh and I'd love to attend one SDCC sometime. You can check out my speculative fiction blog at where I write about one of my other varried interests.....SciFi and Fantasy fiction.    I invite any and all to comment. Thanks much for indulging my geekout on myself.... gots lots to share in the future....

In the next few days I'll be posting an idea of the books I'll be writing about....



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