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Dead-wood Dispatch Comics Pull list sept 30 2015

Still rolling on a high from Rose City Comics Con and anticipating some good books this week.... Every week t try to post up a list of what I am actually buying based on the idea I'll keep to a budget of twenty dollars and this week it's pretty possible for me to do so as this month has five Wednesday's. I start my list with my must buy and sometimes a trade will sneak into the list as I like reccomending books I love....

From Under Mountains #1

When I first saw this cover I was pretty hooked and knowing it was a fantasy story made it twice as enticing for me. What I didn't realize was that it was tied into a series I was also looking forward to... It's part of the story that Marian Churchland has been working on with Brandon Graham for 8House called Arclight thought I should have guessed looking at the style and looking at that art previews by Sloane Leong has done for the opening issue its going to be very pretty. As 8house is giving us some very pretty science fiction at the moment it's nice to have a bit of silky looking fantasy to go along with it. If your a fantasy reader and want a bit of sequential art along with your prose 8House Arclight and this spin off presence some excellent serious take on the genre outside barbarians and group adventures. $2.99

Jem and the Holograms Outrageous Annual #1

So I'm going to say it I have been really enjoying the pastel colour fest and drama that has been Sophie Campbell, Kelly Thompson and while Sophie's on a bit of a break Emma Vieceli. This anthology title seems to be a spin on movie night with the girls, the preview we have seen looks to cast Aja in the role of Road Warrior in an homage to the movie franchise. Given how much I have been enjoying the series in general I'm pretty sure this issue is going to be worth my time and moreover the price of admission. Me I'm hoping this is going to along the lines of the old (old) uncanny Xmen Kitty's Fairytale... Will this be for you I can only say Kelly is a solidly good writer, is doing a marvelous job on the regular Jem series, her OGN Heart in a Box got great word of mouth and she worked with my favorite Kelly Sue on Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps which was one of the best Secret Wars books I read... So give it a look.... It's sure to be bright...$7.99


Zodiac Starforce #2

And to continue the bright colours Zodiac Starforce rounds out the list this week. The first issue I thought did a great job jumping right into the midst of things as the heroes get pulled into some new deadly weirdness. Kevin Panetta (Sorry about that mistake...)and Paulina Ganucheau effectively avoided the origin story and just gave me what I didn't know I wanted which was something a bit Buffy TVS and a lot Sailor Moon the girls don't necessarily seem to love one another but they sure do have one another's backs when the story gets going and that sets a great precident I think in that people should stand up for one another. Guess you can say this is my kind of thing and I hope more people find it as its a different flavor of superhero and given the touch of sameness that hits the shelves in the U.S. we need a bit of variety. $3.99



And so that brings my list to just under 16 which means I can try a bit of some thing else out... Like Mantle that finishes its first run this week and I've read good things about Ed Brisson from authors I dig there is also Mythic by Phil Hester that I've been kind of curious about too... and though I passed on the last couple issues of Rasputin I did enjoy the story and the gorgeous art in that book....

There are some ideas.... What you got on your list I might like...


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Dead-wood Dispatch Pull List Sept 23 2015

Back from Rose City Comic Con (RCCC) and fully jazzed by the great experience meeting so many great people and my first comic convention in ages... and really the largest I've been to. So a bit later then usual here is my list of books that are getting me into my FLCS this week with a streesed budget... I try to keep to twenty dollars and always start the list with the book I have to get this week for sure for whatever reason. In all honesty I try to spotlight books I think get less notice so I usually spend a bit more then budget... Some weeks I have a collection or original graphic novel suggestion too....


SHIELD: Fury #1

This would have been something I'd have looked at but having met and spoken to David F Walker at RCCC and have read an interview with him last week this has climbed to the top of my list this week. Fury promises to be two stories related to one another set fifty years apart one staring Fury Sr. And the other the modern Nick Fury that will actually dovetail together. David spoke about this a bit as something that should have an affect on Nick Jr. Going forward and given his writing on Cyborg and his Shaft book that I was finally able to get the first issue of it's something worth checking out. David also said that he had more projects with marvel that will get announced at NYCC in a few weeks, so count me pretty exited. $4.99


Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #4

So now fully on the run from their province of Doom-town (ok Doomworld) Carol, Rhody, Helen and the Corps have to face the Thor Corps and given the cover and Lt. Trouble Thor being among them I few tears will be shed over this issue. Kelly Sue Deconnick and Kelly Thompson write such wildly different books that it's pretty fun to see what a colaboration between them has become. As I have stated before about both of them I love their writing as they can make me feel for their characters pretty strongly. I'm hoping that this story will have some lasting effect on Carol but I fear this is now our 616 version of her perhaps.... Anyway one issue to go after this. (Oops my mistake this is the last issue....)..$3.99

Power Up #3

And for something completely different Kate Leth and Matt Cummings brightly colored all ages friendly cosmic chosen champion series gone a bit wrong perhaps continues. As this is a miniseries I'm hoping that we get a bit more on the secondary characters, don't get me wrong I love Amie but I'm wanting to know more and that is a good sign as it means I'm invested in this book. Looking at the cover I'm guessing it's giant monster time but who knows what Kate has dreamt up for this odd mix of characters. It's a fun book, very personality driven ove heavy plot that I'm feeling is hurting many books I try on and off (I'm looking at DC's heavy hitting grimdark books). If the art and brightness of it grabs you it's probably you kind of thing. Sure to entertain open minded magical girl and off beat superhero fans. $3.99

Spire #3

So it may have been a while since issue two but the strength of Simon' s story, Jeff's art and the overall familiar yet other worldbuilding is sure to get me to keep with this series. It's a mix of science fiction and fantasy settings with undercurrents of political intrigue, predjudice, murder and rebellion; I think there is a lot more going on then I initially thought. Last issue shows that Sha's lover is connected to more of the story then just to our royal guard come investigator lead and there is more to the landscape then just the snapshot given in the first issue. This is eight issues long and I'm pretty sure Simon's hot lots more to show us before the real story gets to its climax. Fans of the manga of Miyazaki, the work of Moebius and the more recent comics of Brandon Graham will for sure want to look here tomorrow. $3.99



So that brings my list to 16.96 for the week and though I may pick up Weirdworld or Rumble as I like both those books I'm thinking its time to actually keep to my budget a bit. I can say that there is a discounted issue people should check out if they missed it. The True Believers Silk #1 is going to be out there and it is a book that has been solid good superhero intrigue and entertainment for its run and I'm hoping Robbie Thompson and Stacy Lee continue the fun on the other end of Secret Wars.


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Dead-wood Dispatch Comics Pull List Sept 16 2015

Big week big week big week, for me at least because I'm heading to Rose City Comic Con and it's been ages since I have done anything like that so yeah big week. Anyway it's also a bit comics week and I will have all kinds of trouble keeping myself to my twenty dollar budget but as I've decided to finally buy a guitar I will need to actually do so for several months now... So I start my list with my must have and perhaps throw in a collection suggestion for you to think about... Anyway enough f'ing about...

Shutter #15

So this will look a bit familiar as I think Joe Keating and Leila Del Duca rile the week when Shutter comes out. It's one of the image books that is full cover to cover enjoyment and often the opening panel is the inside cover. It's fairy tale, it's pulp fiction, it's meta-physical, it's filled with wonderful character many which are anthropomorphics or full on talking animals. Joe and Leila have taken poor Kate from the earth to the moon to the dreamlands and to Italy and that is only the snippets of her adventures we have seen. That last issue brought her friend Alain back which is marvelous and introduced several new interesting characters and twists to the this lovely fun adventure story. Both Joe and Leila are attending the con so that makes it a really exiting coincidence for me and lots to look forward to. $3.99

Island #3

Brandon Graham's anthology title has more pages of comic then many collections twice this in price so though it's pricy it's as I said before a comics bargain for readers with widely diverse taste in stories and art. Emma Rios who does the art for Pretty Deadly is both writing and art for is this issue as does Brandon himself and apparently introduces a new science fiction story by Matt Sheean and Malachi Ward both who worked with Brandon on Prophet. The content of Island has ranged from social science fiction to really fun pulpy action adventure to touching memoir. Stories in anthologies like that that are well curated and chosen have exposed me to stories I have loved that I may not have looked at otherwise and get well further afield then standard American comics fare. I fully stand by saying I reccomend any mature reader to grab this. $7.99


Southern Cross # 5

Ok it's been way too long since issue four of this occultish science fiction horror story that to me oddly reminds me of Space Battleship Yamato (Starblazers) for reasons I really can't quantify. Becky Cloonan who is an amazing artist as shown by the covers is an equally talented writer given the range of story telling she has been doing between this suspense tale and the action adventure of Batgirl. I believe that there will be a collection of the first story arc in the near future for Southern Cross and some may be waiting for that but to get there and to keep the science fiction creepy goodness going buying th individual issues is a must at least for me. For the interested this story of a woman going to retrieve the remains of her sister and gets involved in the ongoing occult intrigue on the transport ship the Southern Cross encounter to the moon Titan feels a lot like the original Ridley Scott Alien as its clostrophoblic and paranoia inducing and brilliantly keeps the menace just under wraps. Anyone enjoying The Fuze that has not tried this should give it a look as it is a good companion book. $2.99

Rat Queens #12

Gotta represent for the Rat Queens this week and for Tess Fowler who is a pretty brilliant replacement for Sejic, and for the story that will reveal more then a bit about what drove Hanna everyone's favorite dark magic wielding elf and her possibly nefarious past. This is a fantasy story that is definitely for adults regardless of its occasional silliness as Wiebe is not afraid to let his adult heroes act and speak like adults actually do full of spice and cussing. I've said it before but this is a comic for all those old role-players who have fond memories of gaming and it's what we wish our games could have been like in addition to all the swordplay killing and looting as these characters have full lives beyond the adventure, complicated and drama filled ones but who's isn't? $3.99


Tokyo Ghost #1

Rick Remende may be a writer that is highly hit and miss with me but Sean Murphy is certainly not, he is one of the artists I love this check out these days on whatever he's working on. Tokyo Ghost links to be a bit of a riff on cyberpunk ala Japanese manga like Appleseed, Gunnm (Battle Angel), and Ghost in the Shell set in a decidedly dystopian looking LA I believe. I expect lots of grit and violence and hope Rick is going to hook me white some sympathetic likeable anti-heroes to love but I know for sure I'm hooked at lest for the first go round here. $3.50


So I'm splurging $22.46 so something may have to wait til next week as I'm a Jem and the Holograms comic fan and I think it is also shipping with a fill in artist who looks very good if the previews are to be trusted.


So this week I have in mind the collection of No Mercy by Alex De Campi and Carla Speed McNeil about an ill fated school trip to Mexico that could easily have been an ill fated trip anywhere that there are people I want of a buck and see a wat to get it, Alex writes great horror suspense as I learned with my trying out her book Grindhouse for Dark Horse Comics and the little bit of this I read, that being issue three all by itself, is character centered storytelling in a situation that is all too plauseable and relateable... This is a strong book that is well worth the price and the read as it may just challenge you to take a look at yourself and your assumptions and privileges. $9.99 I believe ...


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Just posted not long ago on Comic book resources here that Kate Leth of Kate or Die, Less Than Live and Power Up will be writing a new Patsy Walker Hellcat series.... Just has to share as well I'm pretty exited for it as you may be able to tell...but I may have to decide which to get between this and Squirrel Girl...


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Dead-wood Dispatch pull list Sept 9 2015

So here is me weekly ramblings, there I go rambling again, on the books I'm actually going to be or planning to buy out of this weeks comic releases attempting to keep to a twenty dollar budget starting with the book I absolutely must support and this week there will be a collection suggestion following the regular list as there are lots of good longer works coming this week.

Bitch Planet #5

Wow it has been far too long since the last issue of Bitch Planet but it takes a lot of care and effort to create something so relevant, real and well written, illustrated and written about. Issue 5 promises to be the one that will show us what the deathsport, Duemila or Megaton, and that has me seriously worried as well I trust Kelly Sue, Valentine, Chris, Clayton, Laurenn and Lauren not to pull any bloody punches and crap I'm worried someday corporate prisons may actually pull that kind of crap. Anyway my personal paranoia aside I'm signal boosting for this marvelous book because it been a while and for some out of sight... Anyone who likes honest unflinching real to human stories should really be reading this book and in some ways it might be the only book to buy this week. $3.50

Ms. Marvel #18

So if memory serves me right this is the final issue of this volume of Ms. Marvel and I know it continues the crossover I much have been anticipating, the Captain Marvel Ms Marvel Show. The first part was a mix of fun and sadness as we know this is the end of the 616 universe and even though we know these characters and their titles are returning and this one thankfully with the same creators; we are still kind of saying goodbye. Kamala is a sweet caring and honestly earnest character and that is something a. It rare in the old staid and morally wibbly-wobbly marvel verse. Its been said but spiritually this is the modern Spider-Man book as its got that kind of vitality and brightness in the storytelling and for me it never fails to be touching and enjoyable. $2.99


Phonogram The Immaterial Girl #2

And if you are like me this cover will create an ear worm that will be near impossible to dislodge so I'll include a music link to help on the price. I have now cought up in the first volume of this series and now grok the concept of how this magic works and well I'm exited to see how this plays issue plays out because of my memory of that particular song I will not link to. Maybe it's a bit of a coincidence with the return of this book but lately music has been playing a bigger and bigger role in my life and I have started listening to music both new to me and old... but not that song referenced on the cover no that is burnt into my memory. McKelvie can turn out some really beautiful pages and I'm anxious to see his work in black and white again. So I'm not sure how to really sell people on this book as there is a lot going on under the covers of the story and we'll give the first issue a look as its out there and I think it's pretty approachable cold. $3.99

The Wicked + The Divine #14

Woden is not to be left out as the other Gillen and McKelvie book is also out this week spotlighting the Daft Punk inspired Norse god and promises to let us see under the mask, something I'm not much looking forward to to be honest. To me mysteries are a good thing in fiction and I don't know this would be like knowing what Victor Von Doom really looks like (oh crap we do now) or knowing Logan's real origin (that too). Since Woden is the reference here and mythologicaly he gave up one eye for knowledge I do wonder what the quest for power did to this Woden. As last issue was a psychological mindf/ck and a good one and made me really love the character and the Baal issue was particularly revelatory this I suspect will be pretty excellent too. The art is apparently done by Jamie McKelvie himself so he much be pretty invested in this to deliver two books this month. You know if your in for this but I could always hope to boost the sales for this long con kind of story a bit. $3.50

Injection #5

Warren and Declan have been delivering full on entertaining and beautifully rendered work on this occasionally cryptic pre apocalypse mytho-cultural story. As Warren has revealed something that the research group unleashed into the would has altered the way that things work and it's somehow related to local cultural mythology or something like that bringing about a kind of singularity where the world may just become unrecognizable or something. We'll see I actually don't have a good handle on things to explain the book but the story and characters are real and compelling and who could fault a book be Declan Shavley as the art is so so good. $2.99

And that brings me to just about 17.00 leaving me with a difficult choice.... That being either break my budget a little with 1602 Angela #3 or break it a lot with Headlopper #1 which is $5.99 but is quartley.



Which brings us to the question of collections... This week your spoilt for choice as The brilliant sci fi book Descender by Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen releases its first volume and Saga Volume 5 also comes out but my choice is the original graphic novel by Steve Orlando...


This promises to touch on the devistating prejudice and danger that is faced by people attracted to the same sex in Jamacia. This book I heard little about till seeing a post about it on one of the many co,it's blogs I read... it is a vengence story following a cop who is beaten and betrayed by his own and given how good and deeply written Midnighter is I am willing to get this along with my weekly haul to really break my limit just before going to Rose City Comic Con next week. $9.99


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Sunday Comics Sept 6 2015

So welcome to my semi weekly review column and what a week it has been...

Mockingbird #1

Chelsea Cain, Joelle Jones and Rachelle Rosenberg so so full on rocked in this one shot story that it is a shame that it's just that a one shot. The murder of her onetime mentor sends Bobbi Morse into some forensic detective work outside of her life of a SHIELD agent and out of the arms of one of her exes. The story revels in just how capeable a person Bobbi is in many theaters and remins me of the Mockingbird I met way back when in the Hawkeye and Mockingbird miniseries before she became background or kind of refrigerator-ed. Joelle's art is really very cool, I loved her Lady Killer Dark Horse it manages to be very pretty without being exploitative and the colors and patterns in the background are so marvel pop art I could not possibly have been happier with this book. Bobbi has been a favorite of mine for a long time both as a comic character and the portrayal of her in the Agents of SHIELD is pretty damn good and well this book bring both together beautifully. Reccomended whole heartedly and with hopes for more from this team... anywhere.


Jem and the Holograms #6

This is Sophie Campbell's last issue till her return on #11 and its fittingly great as she and Kelly Thompson brings the characters to a new place. The fallout of the food fight from issue 5 is pretty surprising as are character reactions to it particularly Pizzaz. Relationships are already getting tested and building tension for us as readers and well that is a good thing as it keeps us involved because smooth sailing is well... Too smooth. The barrage of fashion changes and haircuts in this issue is pretty full on nuts and that is one of the joys of the visuals of the book as there is lots of depth to the design that is going into it. Everyone even Clash ,Blaze, and not to forget Rio get screen time in this and I think there is something for everyone here. I like some drama but then I was always an X-men fan and that book was all about romance and drama at the best of times with fights thrown in for good measure. Possibly not everyone's cup a but I think it's worth a reccomend.


8House #3 Kiem

So like Injection Brandon Graham's title is one that requires involved readers and I think this is one of the most intricately drawn books I have seen recently; Deep both in its artistic mwork and its storytelling choices. Where Arclight was soft and paste and about what is not being said Kiem is hard modern and neon and almost unnatural. Kiem is an astral projecting soldier in a war that is a bit confusing but connected to the earlier arc somehow. She, Kiem, is the focus of the book much of it told as interior monologue and saying much more might spoil some of the story but it is so well worth it for science fiction fans and lives of European comics that is so resembles. One flip through it will likely tell you if its your kind of thing. Full on recommend this one.

Plutona #1

So I likened this to Stand By Me and the reference though obvious holds pretty true to what I thought. Much of the issue takes time to give us a little of each of the kids that will be among the group that will find the downed superhero. There are lots of little things in this issue that reveal character and aspects of the world that are pretty well conceived and executed either through the dialogue or through the subtle expressions Emi Lenox coaxes out of her deceptively minimal designed faces. Plutona could not have a better colorist then Jordie Bellaire who's watercolor was like pallet is pretty much perfect for the book. For me this is the kind of thing that Jeff Lemire really does best the stories that capture the non-innocence of youth something I think most adults forget as kids are pretty savvy about what is happening to and around them. As someone who was an outsider and the one that got hassled and bullied there seems a lot of truth in the pages of this book. Reccomended and it's a read that has more depth and meat to it then you might think on your first pass through it.

Midnighter #4

What can I bloody say anout this book to get you to pick it up if you've not been intrigued by it yet. Here's this Midnighter is not Batman in any way shape or form gay or otherwise and this book shows that well by getting Dick Grayson into the mix. They are unequal partners in this as Dick was kind of kidnapped by M at the end of issue 3 to them him here. The banter between them is uncomfortable from Grayson's point of view as he's the strait man of the pair in comedy terms at least and M is pretty relentless with it. He neither comes off as mentoring nor is he playing as an equal until late in the issue so it's an odd pairing that actally really works but with very different chemistry. Midnighter is someone driven by a moral center but not wracked by survivor guilt and a desire for vengeance like Bruce. Midnighter is not a grim book don't get me wrong it is full on violent but the tone is one of hope overall as he isn't Batman,this isn't Gotham and he is on our side on his terms. Reccomended for superspy fans with an open mind since it's not so much a superhero book and well it could perhaps offend more conservative minds.