Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Dead-wood Dispatch Pull List Sept 23 2015

Back from Rose City Comic Con (RCCC) and fully jazzed by the great experience meeting so many great people and my first comic convention in ages... and really the largest I've been to. So a bit later then usual here is my list of books that are getting me into my FLCS this week with a streesed budget... I try to keep to twenty dollars and always start the list with the book I have to get this week for sure for whatever reason. In all honesty I try to spotlight books I think get less notice so I usually spend a bit more then budget... Some weeks I have a collection or original graphic novel suggestion too....


SHIELD: Fury #1

This would have been something I'd have looked at but having met and spoken to David F Walker at RCCC and have read an interview with him last week this has climbed to the top of my list this week. Fury promises to be two stories related to one another set fifty years apart one staring Fury Sr. And the other the modern Nick Fury that will actually dovetail together. David spoke about this a bit as something that should have an affect on Nick Jr. Going forward and given his writing on Cyborg and his Shaft book that I was finally able to get the first issue of it's something worth checking out. David also said that he had more projects with marvel that will get announced at NYCC in a few weeks, so count me pretty exited. $4.99


Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #4

So now fully on the run from their province of Doom-town (ok Doomworld) Carol, Rhody, Helen and the Corps have to face the Thor Corps and given the cover and Lt. Trouble Thor being among them I few tears will be shed over this issue. Kelly Sue Deconnick and Kelly Thompson write such wildly different books that it's pretty fun to see what a colaboration between them has become. As I have stated before about both of them I love their writing as they can make me feel for their characters pretty strongly. I'm hoping that this story will have some lasting effect on Carol but I fear this is now our 616 version of her perhaps.... Anyway one issue to go after this. (Oops my mistake this is the last issue....)..$3.99

Power Up #3

And for something completely different Kate Leth and Matt Cummings brightly colored all ages friendly cosmic chosen champion series gone a bit wrong perhaps continues. As this is a miniseries I'm hoping that we get a bit more on the secondary characters, don't get me wrong I love Amie but I'm wanting to know more and that is a good sign as it means I'm invested in this book. Looking at the cover I'm guessing it's giant monster time but who knows what Kate has dreamt up for this odd mix of characters. It's a fun book, very personality driven ove heavy plot that I'm feeling is hurting many books I try on and off (I'm looking at DC's heavy hitting grimdark books). If the art and brightness of it grabs you it's probably you kind of thing. Sure to entertain open minded magical girl and off beat superhero fans. $3.99

Spire #3

So it may have been a while since issue two but the strength of Simon' s story, Jeff's art and the overall familiar yet other worldbuilding is sure to get me to keep with this series. It's a mix of science fiction and fantasy settings with undercurrents of political intrigue, predjudice, murder and rebellion; I think there is a lot more going on then I initially thought. Last issue shows that Sha's lover is connected to more of the story then just to our royal guard come investigator lead and there is more to the landscape then just the snapshot given in the first issue. This is eight issues long and I'm pretty sure Simon's hot lots more to show us before the real story gets to its climax. Fans of the manga of Miyazaki, the work of Moebius and the more recent comics of Brandon Graham will for sure want to look here tomorrow. $3.99



So that brings my list to 16.96 for the week and though I may pick up Weirdworld or Rumble as I like both those books I'm thinking its time to actually keep to my budget a bit. I can say that there is a discounted issue people should check out if they missed it. The True Believers Silk #1 is going to be out there and it is a book that has been solid good superhero intrigue and entertainment for its run and I'm hoping Robbie Thompson and Stacy Lee continue the fun on the other end of Secret Wars.


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