Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Dead-wood Dispatch Comic Pull List last one for 2015

It's been a pretty brilliant year for comics all around and the first year in a long time I went to a comic con and it was really great fun I expect to repeat in years to come. Anyhow here's how this list goes I attempt to keep to a twenty dollar budget of books to reccomend and it has to represent a list that I'm actually buying this week. I start with the book I absolutely must have to be followed by the remainder... And as this is real late this go round here we go...

Ringside #2 $3.99

So though this book kinda ties with the next one but I have tog ice the lead and highlight spot to Joe Keating and Nick Barber's squared circle drama Ringside. Issue one introduced the players in this film noirish version of professional wrestling and set up the multiple storylines both in and out of the ring that Joe intends to follow. As someone who has been an on again off again fan of professional wrestling during my life in apparently much like Joe himself and at similar times and a fan of noir generally this title is kind of a slam dunk in terms of being a thing for me but wether your and old fan or not the relationships in this the drama, the violence both high flying and not so for entertainment value I think will hook you too. It's a small week so it's possibly a time to look outside your normal thing....

Anyway I dig it...

Rat Queens #14 $3.99

Ok I love this book and it's fond memories of how I would love to remember my fantasy role playing days regardless of how they really were. Fans of the sarcastic tone of shows like Supernatural with their dropping of geek references among serious and not so serious stories this should be on your I must try this out. Kurtis Wiebe here teamed with Tess Fowler is exploring the background of Hanna, her sorcerous training and the problems with her family and the school she apparently was not so loved by. Tess's pencils being a more cartoonish style to the books after Sejic but the colours by Tamara tie all the disparate art styles together pretty well and keep the same feel. This is a fantasy adventure book that is not afraid to be both serious, adult and fun too....


Black Magic #3 $3.50

Most magical reality stories play by a self determined set of rules; this book is one of the few that has the input of actual practioners of Magic as creative staff and consultants. Black Magick is also one of the most real and grounded looking books because of the art style and the colour palet that they are choosing to use. It's a police procedural set in a fictional city in Oregon and may just benefit a bit by the fact that Greg Rucka is a Portland resident and well there is also that show Grimm that has a soft place in my heart. Nicola Scott's art is the element that made me get the first issue and actually still has me thinking about getting the magazine version to see it just a bit bigger. Greg Rucka writes greats great character and even better does noir like few do in comics do so well if that is your thing this is your book to check this week....

Rumble #10 $3.50

John Arcudi's modern day monster story is unlike his work on the Hellboy/BPRD books as the stakes are not the apocalyptic ones that I enjoy so much there with Lovecraftian overtones but personal local and immediate making Rumble really it's own thing. The last several issues have introduced some complexities with new characters and fall out from some of the past violence that out sword bearing hero participated in. This is a book that seems to be as much about the cost as much as it is about the adventure. It's not at all the book I thought it was and that is such avoid things to be surprised. This ends the current story arc so it may just not be the best jumping on point but by all means this is a book to jump on to.


Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Dead-wood Dispatch Comics Pull list Winter holiday edition...

So as I'm working so many extra hours and got a sick workmate that I missed getting my collection post up last week and perhaps it's too late but I hope to get that up tomorrow for last minute shopping. Today though will be my second last pull list for 2015 and it's been a marvelous year thus far comic wise and this week is no let down... I try to keep to a twenty do mar budget and perhaps this week will be easier then last.... I start things outwits my must have book and given that I barely ever keep to budget in reality I try to spotlight books that need in my opinion some signal boost....

Island #5 $7.99

As I seem to have a creative crush on Brandon Graham these days this should come as no surprise but the title I must have out of this weeks group is the sf&f anthology Island. It's an inheritor of many comics traditions ranging from the borderline underground comics to 2000ad and Heavy Metal as its not themed but just a collection or father cool bizarre sequential storytelling and the occasional prose work. The stories that have appeared have ranged from skate punk action to existential explorations, gender bending body "horror" and fun action romps. I'm never sure what Brabdon and Emma will choose to put in but it's always quality work and like fiction anthologies often expand my areas of interest and reading. This issue features Bradon Graham himself, Matt Sheean, Malachi Ward, Simon Roy and Johnie Christmas; I used to look up the artists to see what I'm going to be getting but at this point I am pretty confident in Brandon in his and Emma's choices in editing. It's value for comics dollar these days even at that price.


Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat #1 $3.99

I've been exited about this book for months since I read that Kate Leth was getting the opportunity to write this in addition have been a fan of the character since long ago when I read about her in the Offical Giide to the Marvel Universe and read a few of the avengers issues she appeared in. Patsy has been around for a long time and has most recently been partnered with Jennifer Walters She Hulk when Mr Soule was writing the book. Kate is one of my favorite fan writers that has become a professional through her work at Boom Comics and did a great little magical girl genre influenced book called Power Up I mentioned a lot recently. I have few expectations about this book other then I expect fun offbeat odd adventures and have no clue as to where it will take us but I want the travel brochure to that place. All I can say is YEAH finally it's going to be out. What a great solstice present.

Angela Queen of Hel #3 $3.99

I probably don't have to ask but to introduce the feel of this book I'll do it, what do three non compliant geek culture reference dropping bad ass in all the right way women do when the powers that be considered to make them unhappy with their lot... well obviously they decide to rule in Hel. This is possibly the best marvel mythology book you may not yet be reading and well shame on you if your a fan of the Gillen era of Thor and your not reading this fun ass barrier breaking book. No no go right now and read the previews and cue up the punk (my choice is Againt Me!) or death metal of your choice and read this book. Marguerite Bennett can write some really great modern myths and your missing out if your passing this by. Ok it's not perfect but it got So much going for it I thing this one needs a signal boost as I do not want it to go away like Journey into Mystery did a couple years back.

Cyborg #6 $2.99

Victor Stone has up till a half year ago in the new 52 was just a functuary of the Justice League, Geoff Johns for all his writing chops has not really managed to do much with him; in many ways till David F Walker started this title the treatment he was getting didn't really pass Kelly Sue's sexy lamp test. The Cyborg book really has returned Vic to being the heart of the story in the way he used to be in the New Teen Titans way back when. Since the New 52 took away all those historic relationships from Vic but left his tragic origin and all the thematic problems (search for and read David's comments re this they are important) that come with him being well the character he is it's great someone with a clue and a story is addressing them. The changes that seem to be happening to Cyborg in this book, the updating of his technology and the coming future questions about it I'm exited to see explored. In addition it's been a good superhero comic using largely ignored characters like the Metal Men by someone who recalls how cool they all used to be. Cyborg is not the title I want it to be yet but David is building a solid foundation to get there.

Pretty Deadly #7 $3.50

I'm breaking budget but I can not pass this up at all. All of the books on this list are fairly must buys but this one ranks up there with Isalnd as its a Kelly Sue Deconnick and Emma Rios book. I'm very attracted to books that explore death and how we do and do not deal with the reality of it. I have serious existential issues and perhaps that is why I'm so drawn to books like this other then the fact it's beautifully illustrated and written by one of the voices I most connect to in fiction these days. How can you resist a spiritual metaphysical western story. Not sure if it needs the signal boost but well I love the book near as much as Bitch Planet, Shutter and Captain Marvel.


So there is this little romance drama book called Saga coming out too apparently.


Anyway a very merry holiday to you all who read this and chat back if you'd like I'd love to have a conversation about stuff... Really....


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Dead-wood Dispatch Comics pull list Dec 16 2015

As Christmas approaches the comics companies are releasing a veritable barrage of great books so picking out just a meager twenty dollars is going to be a trick I may just fail at when I'm at my friendly local comics shop but I'm going to endeavor to do so at least for my list. I'm going to put up a separate list of collections tomorrow o later in the week... I start the list with my absolute must have ....


The Wicked + The Divine #17 $3.50

This is the second issue in a row I know I put at the top of my list and position is usually held for books either by Kelly Sue Deconnick or G Willow Wilson. I'm pretty sure that this would not be the greatest issue of Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie and Matt Wilson's title about godhood, celebrity and backstabbing bits it is sure to be a revealing story about one of the less spotlight characters Sakhmet. These single issue spotlights have all been solid single issue stories and reveal more of the overall story as they also reveal more about the divine chosen we know the least about. This issues art is by Brandon Graham who is one of my new favorite creators in comics and one of the minds behind the anthology Island, the reimagined Prophet and the miniseries Multiple Warheads his line work is deceptively simple for the level of characterful detail and background stories he packs into his pages. No idea what to expect in total fro this other then a book worth more then it's price.


Illuminati #2 $3.99

Picked up issue one on a whim when I really shouldn't have and was so impressed by its its one of the new Marvel titles that I'm looking forward to. Joshua Williamson who knows a lot about writing complicated characters from titles like Ghosted, Birthright and Nailbiter gave a great first issue to Titania who I really hope remains the focal character of this book as he endeared her to me. The best way for me to describe this book is a bit Thundebolts as we know that all the leads are not on the right side of the law and a bit Orange is the new Black as Titania wants to go strait, honestly. The art by Sean Crystal might have some detractors but I quite liked the style it's a bit cartoonish and it's a bit like a couple other artists I dig but it's really its own thing. Other then liking the lead I can't say much about the actual thrust of the caper that the Hood is proposing but I have hopes that the lives of the heros of this book will be the focus of this book.

Power Up #6 $3.99

I'm so sad that Kate Leth and Matt Cummings' take on the magical girl genre is coming to the end of its initial run I really like Amie, Keith, Sandy and Silas, yes the goldfish too. Issue five gave us much of the background to the story and pointed out in no uncertain terms the problem with prophecy and interpreting it. Kate balanced the story between the battles against odd aliens and the interpersonal quite well given she only had six issues to work with and make an all ages book that has much more story to tell if they get another outing. Meet your new champions earth, they don't look like your usual heroes and well that is a good thing as asking people to open their minds is a really good thing. The book is honest and charming and well being the end you can expect some fireworks.


Descender #8 $2.99

Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen's science fiction AI story has taken some dark turns and the reveal in the last act of issue 7 was something I was expecting but it still had emotional impact. Descender is a story that plays with multiple ideas from classic SF mixed with at least in my opinion plot, characters and settings similar to several classic seventies Japanese animation shows by Reiji Matsumoto and Tetsuya Otomo. That might jot tell you much though, it doesn't mention th softness of the watercolor art that shows the tooth of the paper they are using or the wildly populated worlds of this story. Tim-21, one of the few surviving robots, is important in learning the origin of the monoliths that brought such devastation to the civilization that preceded the birth of AI; it's a book that includes rogues and bounty hunters, half breeds, thugs, military leaders and jealous scientists oh and lots of action that somehow plays well and rough even given the softness of the art and colours. The book has been a slow burn but it's burning brightly.

I Hate Fairyland #3 $3.50

Have you ever wondered what would happen to the hero of a portal fantasy who didn't initially succeed in their quest, if Dorothy didn't get to the Emerald city saw or the witch didn't get dissolved what could have become of her or Alice or any of the other lost abducted children well this is that story. Gert doesn't seem to be a slow or dumb character just unlucky enough to fall into an otherworldly where the riddles and clues to the solution of her quest are well too convoluted and maddening in this candy land nightmareland of queens, witches, narrators and gun toting conscience bugs. This is the book that could only have been written by the artistic talent behind the beautiful Oz adaptations and the twisted and hilarious Rocket Racoon series from last year. It's sick twisted and profane without actually resorting to true profanity. This issue promises a wave zombie satyrs, more Warner style witches and more frustration for Gert in her now thirty plus year quest for a key.

Wayward #12 $3.50

This is the other book this week that is a sequential storytelling hybrid of east and west pulling for the urban fantasy tales of both the English speaking world and the weird and wild world of Japanese Yokai, the changeable monsters of the land of eight thousand gods. Well in many ways Wayward is more a blending of the various traditions of manga heroes all blended into the same story and it's being told by an English writer and an artist who knows the land of which he draws. The initial storyline dethroned e traditional spirits, demons or monsters of old Japan and replaced them with the new; the ones that grew out of the post war era. Jim Zub, Steve Cummings and Tamara Bonnvillain's very crafty UF book really needs to have more people talking about it; they are doing something new and fun and I think it has pretty wide appeal for a fanbase that grew up with the same multiple influences.

That brings me to just a bit over twenty and sadly leaves out Ms Marvel, All New Thor, Silk, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl and Tokyo Ghost to name just a few....

Look late today or early tomorrow for a few Collction suggestions for gifts for yourself and others.....


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Dead-wood Comics Pull List Dec 9 2015

So it's eighteen days till the gift giving day of the year arrives but I remember when I worked in a comic shop and every week it's was Christmas when I got to open the shipping boxes and inventory the new books wether I got to keep them or not. These days I try to keep a twenty dollar lost and as there is so many cool books out there it's often hard to pare it down to close to that. I begin my list with the must have book. Going to add a trade or two as gift suggestions.... And here we go....

Monstress #2 $3.50

I knew that Marjorie Liu's new book would be a great read but between her and Sana Takeda interior who's art is as richly detailed as her covers I think I have found a new favorite here. Monstress is much more the the elevator pitch of steampunk fantasy with kaiju with along with Marjorie as creator got my attention; it's richly a imagined world unlike ours in more then magic exploring the implications of different gender rolls and race relations in the aftermath of a great conflict. It's hard to disill much just from one issue but as it was huge in page count there is a lot there already to speculate about. It's a mix of horror drama and intrigue already promising much much more to come. Everyone tries to call "X" title the new Saga and this is my choice for what I hope gets that kind of following and long may it run as I think they have a lot of tales to tell... and look at that art. If you issued out on the first issue weeks ago they are shipping the second printing on Wednesday too and it's a bargin at that price of 4.99.


Southern Cross #6 $2.99

Finally we get the end of the first science fiction horror tale from Becky Cloonan Andy Belanger and one of my favorite colonists Lee Loughbridge; it's late but I'm finding I'm exited about it still even given the wait since issue five. The mysteries have slowly been revealed in this well paced and illustrated book and we are finally getting the to the climax of the who done it Braith started with to a revenge tale. As issue 7 begins a new story on Titan itself I have no clue as to who if anyone is getting out of this unscathed if alive, but it seems the story of the Southern Cross has hopefully just begun.


Codename Baboushka #3 $3.99

You know those espionage stories where a femme fatale enters and exits the heros life and you may just wonder if her story was more intriguing then the one your being told, well this here is that story the one you didn't to ow you wanted more. The Countessa is a one time feared Soviet crime boss blackmailed into the service of the CIA/NSA to take out the ones that they see as enemies it's a story we sometimes see but not quite like this. Image keeps making books like this that are worth reading cover to cover as the backmatter is as interesting and thought provoking. As this is intended to be a series of interconnected mini series like summer movie events I'm liking both concept and execution.

InSects #1 $3.99

Marguerite Bennett is working on quite a few projects right now and this one I particularly hope gets attention. Aftershocks Comics is just starting out and but its being headed up by editor in chief Mike Marts who was behind a lot of the books I enjoyed at Marvel. This book which is being drawn by Ariela Kristantina apparently is a Victorian occult horror staring a lesbian couple bent on revenge. As someone who likes a bit of body horror as it does give me honest creeps I think this title is just the thing. Marguerite is a history fan I expect this title will have some genuine historical detail along with weird diversions and hopefully some pointed social commentary. Ariela though she has done a few books that I have rather liked the look of I don't think she has been allowed to show what she can do so I'm very hopeful for this one to allow her some creative outlet, I mean look at that cover.



No Mercy #5 $3.99

I will say this for listening to the IWord podcast; it's dangerous as knowing a bit about the creators behind a book I'm for one more likely to make room for it in my pull list. No Mercy by Alex de Campi Carla Speed McNeil and Jenn Manley Lee drops a bunch of privileged teens into a pretty horrible series of events that will affect them and their families through the rest of the book. Alex on the interview talked about how she is far more interested in the aftermath of events and how people live with the events of their lives. This is another book that follows the story with personal essays for me that is a plus. He's a link to the interview as well everyone should give a listen. Oh and it's kind of the beginning of a new story arc...


And that brings me just below twenty....


Alabaster Shadows ONI Press $12.99

What drew my attention to this was the tagline that said its Gravity Falls which I really want to watch meets. Lovecraftian cosmic horror at least the YA version of that. Other then the few rather characterful preview pages and some fairly positive reviews I don't know much more about it but I think with my enjoyment of Steven Universe and Adventure Time this may just be a good time. If you know someone who is a kid or a kid at heart who likes a bit of monster centric horror this may just be a nice little gift.


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Dead-wood Dispatch Dec 2 2015

Welcome to my weekly post about what books I think are worth my and well perhaps your dosh from this weeks comic shipment. I try to keep to a budget of twenty dollars a week for this list as its what I really should keep myself to but in fact I sometimes go over. I start my list with the book I think I'm looking forward to most and try to give why I'm jazzed about the books. So on to the list....

Cyborg #5

David F Walker is a name I was sadly unfamiliar with prior to this last summer as I'd been a fool to pass up his take on Shaft when I was first around in the winter a mistake I'm so glad to have rectified. David is a writer who definitely has something to say and he pretty much refuses to pull punches when saying it; the Graphic Policy podcast interviewed him here a couple weeks back and it's worth your time if you love comics and storytelling. This is the first time that Victor Stone has had a title of his own and it's been a pretty solid start hitting the tech side of the DC universe with the character who has been at the heart of a lot of the DC stories I loved growing up. As DC has done little with Victor in Justice League David has a lot to do to establish who this Cyborg is and his initial story arc is doing a great job with this very human story; he has reminded me of many aspects of Vic that I'd forgotten in the years since I read the Teen Titans and as David is not afraid to push the envelope so to say I can not wait for more of this book and hope for it to get to the audience that will connect with it. $2.99

Paper girls #3

Brain K Vaughn is a marvelous storyteller; the work that he puts into character setting and plot as well as his choice of collaborator is all pretty genius. Paper Girls Saga and We Stand on Guard are all quite different books and though I'm sure there are people that are getting all of them they are pretty set to appeal to different audiences. Set in the era of eighties Cold War paranoia these girls are dropped into a mystery of X-Files or Fringe kind of proportions that leaves both them and the audience wondering what the F is happening. As things have deepened and become more dangerous Brian has been showing their bond strength and resourcefulness that I suspect will be the core of this story. Brian Chang's art and design pays attention to the era it's set in and even the mundane objects that are out of place make as big an impact as the obviously other. I have no clue as to what is happening and that is something Paper Girls has in common with many of my other favorite books these days. $2.99

Plutona #3

I'm amazed by the amount of work that Jeff Lemire is doing at the moment; like Brian K Vaughn he's gotten that regardless of setting and plot is the characters and the stakes that they deal with, their relationships and desires that actually hook readers to a story. Though Jeff is giving us a backup story about the superhero Plutona herself in each issue the real focus of this story is the group of kids who found the body and the big question of what to do next. The great the about the cast that Emi and Jeff created is that they are not cut from the good kid cloth they are all fully realized with just as many strengths and foibles as their adult counterparts in other books. Emi's art with its watercolor look bring a softness and brightness to what might be a grim and dark book. Emi's character design, her grasp of expression and style kind of sold me well before reading the book which keeps me buying it.$2.99


Rocket Girl #7

Ok I will forgive this books lateness as Brandon Montclair and Amy Reeder's time travel adventure story starring a teen jet pack cop from 2015 stuck in the mid nineteen eighties because of how pretty and how fun the book is. The level of detail that Amy Reeder goes to in her pages really does justify the amount of time between issues and her covers actually do represent the interior art as she does put the same effort all around. The story has hints if see each deep conspiracy and menace, and what good tale doesn't have a bit of both, but there is a great deal of humor in this book which is something I do look for. $3.99


Midnighter #7

Steve Orlando and ACO have been killing it with this book defining a character without the brutal ensamble he was always a vital member in all his past stories. Last issue did the big reveal and in retrospect I can't believe I didn't suspect what was going on... not to giveaway the game but it's a pretty good choice of antagonist given ... well given its Midnighter. Though I expect this issue will be a pretty violent action oriented slugfest, it is probably not the place to start but I suspect it sets the stage for the next story as no one will comes out unscathed from this. Steve has made a real point of differentiating M from the other black clad vigilante and he's developed someone I like a hell of a lot more then the moody brooding man named Bruce. $2.99



Guardians of Infinity #1

Dan Abnett is well known for his action oriented science fiction comics from his DC and Marvel work as well as from 2000AD and his work for Black Library so no matter what these characters are in experienced hands. The mystery of the new Guardians 1000 and the preview of those characters intrigue me as I like the images I have seen particularly the Kree the human and the large alien character. I'm going to be honest and it's the prospect of DMC doing a story in this come issue three that clinched my interest. $4.99

And that hits just over twenty dollars and it's a list I happen to really like the look of....


Private eye....

BKV sees another entry in my list for the week and it's his digital comic Private Eye that mixes a noir private eye sort of story into a post social media disaster world. It allows him to explore the interesting social aspects of a society that prizes annonimity. I have only read the first issue of the original series and have one of these ordered for myself. $49.99


Rat Queens Special edition

I seldom spotlight two collections but this is a pretty great week for special editions. This collects the first two story arcs plus the Braga special with some special additions to sweeten the collection. The book embraces all the fun that I reall from fantasy role-playing back in the pen and paper days or at least it's what I wish my memories were like. This series may be a bit tongue in cheek but it takes itself serious and after the initial fun and games set things up the stories get more personal and Kurt and his artist cocreators start to get kinda real with things. I particularly liked the Braga issue and am pretty glad it made it into the collection. $39.99


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Dead-wood Dispatch Comic Pull List Thanksgiving eve 2015

So welcome to my thoughts on what comics I plan to buy this week at a budget of twenty dollars with some additional thoughts on what collections I might pick up if I was leaning that way...

Ringside #1

I'm a pretty unashamed fanboy when it comes to the books Joe Keating writes wether they be superhero, magical realism or like this one ringside drama. On and off during my life I have been a fan of the squared circle that is the business of wrestling; I'm a second generation fan of sorts as my grandfather loved professional wrestling well before the age of its media hay day.i had the opportunity to talk to Joe himself about this at RCCC and got a real good feeling that this title would be the kind of onstage backstage drama and games with over the top combat that will be to my taste. I expect big personalities big egos wacky stories and well lots of good sports entertainment. Joe is a well apt storyteller who creates some truly memorable characters. Nick Barber is a new name to me so I can only say that his spare style reminds me of Michael Aron Oeming of Powers and The Victories. $3.99


Black Magick #2

The first issue established the down to earth tone of this magic infused police drama; it is the other side of the Doctor Strange coin as much of the inspiration for the Magick practiced is based on real Wicca. Greg Rucca is someone who has been writing hard boiled crime stories for the majority of his career and I terms of pacing and tension he did create that with his initial issue of this series quite well. The real revelation for me here was his teaming with Nicola Scott who's art I think I may have seen in the past but I don't think I have read a book she illustrated and she is good, really good at telling a story through her art and that is not always the case with art that has her sense of realism. So yeah if moody, realistic crime drama with occult overtones is attractive this is surely a book to look at if for Nicola' art alone with those amazing colours. $3.99


All New Wolverine #1

I picked up the first issue on a whim because I loved David Lopez's art and storytelling from Captain Marvel and his design for Laura is so very real looking. Tom Taylor is a writer I have been reading good things about but have never really sampled and I can only say that this book was one of the best I bought two weeks ago and that is saying a lot given how good some of my regular books were that week. Between the fast moving and well plotted action, the pretty witty banter and the emotional hotspots hit in the story I really feel that this book is something not to be missed as it captured somehow what made Logan stories work for me and it's when the character is more then just the best at what she/he does and this is that book $3.99

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1

Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclair are a known quantity to me as I happened to have picked up their Rocket Gril from image and that book even though it's pretty slow is always a fun read and well anything with a Kirby legacy will attract my attention. I have to say for the most part it's the odd and not the norm from Marvel that has been on my must have list recently and this fits the bill and sometimes have no preconceptions or expectations about something is pretty nice. I'm sure I know the audience that this is targeted at and I hope it finds it as more light and fun books with a different flavor are only a good thing for the grim and dark comics market. $3.99

Rumble #10

So after saying that about grim and dark books I add to my list Rumble which looks to fit that description pretty well. John Arcudi's someone who makes a blend of the dark with heart and humor that lift the tone of what might be a one note idea in someone else's hands. Rumble takes the Hellboy idea of a world where monsters exist alongside us into a very different place, one where the end of the world is not neigh and everyday worries are more the stakes along with the occasional monster hunt and sword fight. This issue promises to add a new wrinkle to the story as well as more new regular characters. It's a great twist of a genre and I happen to like both sides of it. $3.50


And that gets me just about at twenty even.... This week also brings Silk #1 back to the Marvel universe and it may sucker me too as I liked the earlier Cindy Moon title but am uncertain about the whole sinister take on the story but it's got the same great writer who also has Venom Space Knight #1 out this week.

And have a great November Holiday .... Thanks for reading my questionable thoughts.....


Monday, November 16, 2015

Dead-wood Dispatch Comics Pull list Nov 18 2015

Oh so it's another week of hard choices when sticking to a comics budget of twenty dollars and yet again it's a hard week even to pick a single must have books as I really consider two to be must haves out of my pull list. So again it's going to be a week of making choices for me and I suspect for many readers. An I will get right to it....


This week for these two books are pretty essential, Pretty Deadly #6 by Kelly Sue Deconnick and Emma Rios picks up the Thad tale of Deathface Ginny, Fox and Sissy in a new era set amongst the horrors of the war to end all wars. It's been a while since The Shrike, the first five issue story arc but much of the beautiful art and story remain with me when I think about the title. This was the first of Kelly Sue's creator owned work I read and like Captain Marvel I fell in love with the book and with the georgous art by Emma Rios who looks to have outdone herself with the new storyline. This is the kind of alternate archetypical mythological history that I happen to love and well to be honest I would buy it even if I had not seen a bit of preview as neither of them have ever dissapointed me. $3.50

And Shutter #17 I simply could not make a choice between the two to be honest as I went back and forth Eve as to which cover to post first. Shutter created by the team of Joe Keating and Leila Del Duca is a modernish action adventure story centering on a certain Kate Christopher who's world is about ninth percent more magical and fantastic then our own as there are magical portals, mythical creatures, talking animals and real furries and at least for her mysteries and dangers abound. Joe and Leila have something really special, fun, touching and always surprising going on here and I encourage people to check it out ... no really I can't shut up about it sometimes... It's ... Well I happen to love the book. $3.99


Wayward #11

Wayward by Zub and Cummings for those who missed the first two story arcs last year to me was kind of a love letter to multiple Japanese urban fantasy manga reaching back to the nineteen sixties right up to the present with touches of western UF thrown in for good measure. I got a sense that Jim and Scott both have a real love for the source material of their story and a love for their Japanese setting that matches my life lone interest in the country the culture its history mythology and media. The stories introduced us to both the old mythos and he new mythos as they come head to head in modern day Tokyo and a group of new "gods" displace the old. I'm pretty exited to see what they have in store as this is not a good vs evil sort of book even tough it seemed like one in the beginning. $3.50

Ms. Marvel #1

Though I'm not sure if G Willow Wilson's marvelous coming of age superhero book need a signal boost but I have to mention it because she has always managed to touch me with Kamala's heart and spirit. This new volume starts with Kamala a member of the Avengers, a part of a group she was a life long fan of in the wake of a team up with her heroine Captain Marvel and an actual world ending event; I guess the big question is where will the story go from here. What I expect is we will be getting more of the self searching heroine we came to love. In the end of the first volume of Ms Marvel she learned that she had not hidden her secret so well from her family as she thought and had a heart to heart with Bruno one of her few friends that know her secret... there is so much story left to be told. Ms Marvel is really for me the new flagship character at marvel no matter who the corporation seems to think it is. $4.99


Rat Queens #13

Talk about Rat Queens has quieted down but I know it has a pretty solid fandom out there. This is the fantasy series that from the start for me has been the story I wish that my old fantasy role playing games would have been; fun and irreverent about a band of characters that honest love and respect each other and to whom each other's stakes matter as deeply as their own. It's the kind of fantasy book that's unafraid to be just what it is and at weapons point dare you to say otherwise. This story takes us and the girls to a dark mirror version of the magical academy story and delves into the equally dark past of our lead Rat Queen Hanna. $3.99


And that gets me just shy of twenty.... And there is still more good stuff out there to be had to name a few that are tempting... Jem and the Holograms #9, The Mighty Thor #1, Huck #1 and Sam Wilson Captain America #3 to name just a few. We are kind of in a sequential storytelling Renaissance and it's a great time to be a comics lover...


Monday, November 9, 2015

Dead-wood Dispatch Comics pull list Nov 11 2015

It's another bit if a calm week where I have some books that are the new shiny that may tempt me but the books I really want are pretty solidly great books and I can always get the others sometime as there will be plenty of them about. I try to keep this list to a budget of twenty and I'm getting better about keeping to the dispatch list in reality.... I am curious if anyone would like me to follow up with what I actually bought....




Zodiac Starforce #3, the Wicked and the Divine #16, 8House #5

So what is this, I usually pick a book I can not pass up and this week these three books all for their own reason fit that bill as the must have for me (but really everything on the list is kind of a must have). Zodiac Starforce Kevin Panetta and Paulina Ganucheau' love letter to the magical girl genre is a must as I have a soft place in me heart for those manga/animation friendship drama costumed superhero mashups particularly with a solid female cast. The story really hit the ground running as they sadly only have four issues at the moment and I'm hoping sales will get another outing for Kim, Emma, Molly and Savi as the girls and their brightly colored dangerous world is somewhere I have come to look forward to visiting. There s a collection coming on the heels of the end of the mini series but don't wait if you like series like Sailor Moon, Utena, Ms Marvel or Batgirl so so check this out. $3.99.

The Wicked + the Divine #16 This book usually figures high in my list but this issue is particularly a draw as its a story illustrated by Leila Del Duca who is about my favorite artist as she can do so so many different styles and what more it's th story focusing on the Morrigan... the more goth then thou god. Each of the commercial suicide issues has built on our knowledge of these curiously compelling characters and this intricately wrought story of celebrity and power and somehow managed to forward the story all the same. We now know who the heavy is but I have nought a clue as to how this story may in fact end. Kieron Gillen actually may be my go to writer for drama right now in comic terms. I may have to even buy both covers. $3.50

8house #5 Yorris 8house is an odd series as its not something I can pigeonhole and that is a good thing I think; it's an anthology of possibly related fantasy/science fiction stories curated by the mind behind Island Brandon Graham. Yorris was a brilliant surprise as I had no clue as to how much I would love the issue from Fil Barlow and Helen Maier but for me it clicked and it's something I have to see more of. Of the 8house stories this one also delivered some background on how some of the stories may fit together into a bigger picture. This is a book that anyone who loves the darker side of fantasy, more existential fantasy should give a read. $2.99


Ultimates #1

The Avengers book that I got the most enjoyment out of before the end of the old Marvel (i.e. Before the all new all different...) was Mighty Avengers written by Al Ewing and this is the spiritual successor to that book. It picks up with the Blue Marvel and Spectrum who were mainstays of the old book and adds America Chavez from Young Avengers, Black Panther and Captain Marvel pretty much grabbing many of my favorite characters in recent memory. In addition it promises to be a big idea book, a cosmic level book and seems to be sporting some pretty glorious art from the previews I have seen. I will probably have to choose to support only one marvel team book given Powerman and Ironfist is on the horizon among others so this is the one I have to choose even though I'm tempted by the other new Avengers book arriving soon too. Oh and the promise of the big purple guy on the cover being in the initial outing does not hurt either. $3.99

Codename Baboushka #2

I really enjoyed some of the characterful scenes that played out in the initial installment of this spy/assassin series starring an anti-heroine last month. It's kind of a version of the Blacklist if Red was a woman at least a little or a flip on the Bond story as its derived from that tradition. The art is a mix of western comics and Japanese manga that somehow makes it its own thing and this is one of the books that gives you something extra with the backmatter section including essays about the action genre from a woman's voice. I love the way that Anthony Johnston of The Fuse and Shari Chankhamma who colors the Fuse and does a heat job with the art here have this book set up to be a series of yearly stories about the woman called Baboushka giving the idea there is more to look forward too without the pressure of a regular monthly that can lead to burnout. The first issue treated us to a lot of action and intrigue and I have hopes for a lot more. Oh and the b cover for this issue is also done by the above mentioned Leila Del Duca... $3.99



Descender #7

Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen's survivor tale about a boy robot names Tim continues finally after the big reveal in the final issue of the first arc that revealed that the AI technology is something other then what we had been lead to believe and introduced us to a new big wrinkle in the science fiction watercolor story that is Descender. This is a SF take that I think is going to be doing a bit of interweaving of mysticism and mythology and though it's nothing like the superhero tale that was Tetsuwan Atom I think a lot of the feeling of the story is reminiscent of that amimation and manga classic. Given how good this book is I find it odd that I don't see all that many people writing about it, perhaps this arc with its new characters and direction may hook more readers to it. In addition to Plutona this is think is the Lemire book to look at these days.... $2,99


And that just tops twenty one dollars... Crap well at least it's close. Beyond these the creators behind the Thought Bubble Anthology 2015 have me pretty much hooked into picking that up and the artist fo All New All Different Wolverine made sure I will at least look through that and oh I think All New All Different Avengers may also be on the shelves this week...

There are lots of good books every week so what do you think needs more attention.....?