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Dead-wood Dispatch Comics Pull list Nov 18 2015

Oh so it's another week of hard choices when sticking to a comics budget of twenty dollars and yet again it's a hard week even to pick a single must have books as I really consider two to be must haves out of my pull list. So again it's going to be a week of making choices for me and I suspect for many readers. An I will get right to it....


This week for these two books are pretty essential, Pretty Deadly #6 by Kelly Sue Deconnick and Emma Rios picks up the Thad tale of Deathface Ginny, Fox and Sissy in a new era set amongst the horrors of the war to end all wars. It's been a while since The Shrike, the first five issue story arc but much of the beautiful art and story remain with me when I think about the title. This was the first of Kelly Sue's creator owned work I read and like Captain Marvel I fell in love with the book and with the georgous art by Emma Rios who looks to have outdone herself with the new storyline. This is the kind of alternate archetypical mythological history that I happen to love and well to be honest I would buy it even if I had not seen a bit of preview as neither of them have ever dissapointed me. $3.50

And Shutter #17 I simply could not make a choice between the two to be honest as I went back and forth Eve as to which cover to post first. Shutter created by the team of Joe Keating and Leila Del Duca is a modernish action adventure story centering on a certain Kate Christopher who's world is about ninth percent more magical and fantastic then our own as there are magical portals, mythical creatures, talking animals and real furries and at least for her mysteries and dangers abound. Joe and Leila have something really special, fun, touching and always surprising going on here and I encourage people to check it out ... no really I can't shut up about it sometimes... It's ... Well I happen to love the book. $3.99


Wayward #11

Wayward by Zub and Cummings for those who missed the first two story arcs last year to me was kind of a love letter to multiple Japanese urban fantasy manga reaching back to the nineteen sixties right up to the present with touches of western UF thrown in for good measure. I got a sense that Jim and Scott both have a real love for the source material of their story and a love for their Japanese setting that matches my life lone interest in the country the culture its history mythology and media. The stories introduced us to both the old mythos and he new mythos as they come head to head in modern day Tokyo and a group of new "gods" displace the old. I'm pretty exited to see what they have in store as this is not a good vs evil sort of book even tough it seemed like one in the beginning. $3.50

Ms. Marvel #1

Though I'm not sure if G Willow Wilson's marvelous coming of age superhero book need a signal boost but I have to mention it because she has always managed to touch me with Kamala's heart and spirit. This new volume starts with Kamala a member of the Avengers, a part of a group she was a life long fan of in the wake of a team up with her heroine Captain Marvel and an actual world ending event; I guess the big question is where will the story go from here. What I expect is we will be getting more of the self searching heroine we came to love. In the end of the first volume of Ms Marvel she learned that she had not hidden her secret so well from her family as she thought and had a heart to heart with Bruno one of her few friends that know her secret... there is so much story left to be told. Ms Marvel is really for me the new flagship character at marvel no matter who the corporation seems to think it is. $4.99


Rat Queens #13

Talk about Rat Queens has quieted down but I know it has a pretty solid fandom out there. This is the fantasy series that from the start for me has been the story I wish that my old fantasy role playing games would have been; fun and irreverent about a band of characters that honest love and respect each other and to whom each other's stakes matter as deeply as their own. It's the kind of fantasy book that's unafraid to be just what it is and at weapons point dare you to say otherwise. This story takes us and the girls to a dark mirror version of the magical academy story and delves into the equally dark past of our lead Rat Queen Hanna. $3.99


And that gets me just shy of twenty.... And there is still more good stuff out there to be had to name a few that are tempting... Jem and the Holograms #9, The Mighty Thor #1, Huck #1 and Sam Wilson Captain America #3 to name just a few. We are kind of in a sequential storytelling Renaissance and it's a great time to be a comics lover...


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