Monday, November 2, 2015

Dead-wood Dispatch Comics Pull List November 4 2015

After las month and its book ends of truely expensive and tough decision weeks it's nice to see that November will at least start out pretty clear cut. I can actually pare down my list to under twenty dollars though I may go back and try to fill in the ones I skipped last month given its more then virtual flood. I don't have a trade reccomendation this week.... So on with a list of what I will be getting and a bit if why.


Monstress #1

Heading up this week and the title I would get over the rest is Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda's kaiju fighting steampunk magic title that looks truely georgous. I would have been up for trying it out as they had me at Marjorie Liu as creator and writer but after readi the interviews which describe a richly detailed and thought out world created between Marjorie and Sana and seeing some of the actual I had to preorder it. My excitement about this one actually made me choose to spotlight it over one of the books I adore from one of the big two and I guess you can chalk that up to having read Marjorie's X-23 and a couple of her novels and know that the writing will live up to the promise of the concept and the richness of the art. Extra long initial issue too... $4.99


Ms Marvel #1

G Willow Wilson's book is the one Marvel I have no doubt that will be a worthwhile read no matter the price but I a, kinda miffed that it's taking the hike to 3.99 after this first issue's larger the normal outing. Secret Wars is over and it's a new ... New Jersey with the same great hero defending it from whatever gets thrown at her. I'd hope that this new book will have the same devoted fans as the most wonderful first volume did and though she is in a team book too under the guiding hand of Mark Waid this is where her heart and the heart of her story is. I can not wait for it but it did get eclipsed by a book fully owned by its creators this week. $4.99


Doctor Strange #2

So Aaron and Bachalo's Doctor Strange was pretty much my favorite of the first month of the new Marvel, of the books I tried it was the one that left me waiting for more. Jason did a great job both hooking this old Strange fan with his introduction the the new Sorceror Supreme as well I think he did an apt job of making it a good first issue without resorting to the obligatory origin story except for the initial page. Between the art and the almost jovial and certainly fun writing they managed to set a tone that brightened up what in my recent memory was a fairly gloom ridden part of the Marvel universe and I'm hoping for more of that a lot more of that. $3.99


Midnighter #6

Steve Orlando has for sure left his mark on the character Midnighter and it was making him be the actual star of his own book. Splitting him from Apollo move have angered some fans of the Authority but it has let him shine on his own and be more then just another version of Batman and really the was this story has let us see him I don't this the comparison was ever apt; I mean M has no plan for taking out his friends and teammates like that other black clad vigilante does and he actually is not driven by the same motivations. With then end of issue 5 things may be getting darker for him but who knows like I said he's not the vigilante most people pegged him as so I am anxious to see the was the story develops. I spotlight this too because I read the sales are falling and I don't want to see one of the few DC books I actually support go away... $2.99


Paper Girls #2

Brian K Vaughan and Cliff Chang killed it on issue knew from this new series and that is pretty much no surprise because Brian gets great collaborators and well I think the they create stories that mean something deep to them. I have little clue as to what is happening in the book as of yet but that matters not as I know I like the girls who are the stars if this book. They are an eclectic mix of personalities and drives and well I found I wanted to know more... The book also happenes to be very very pretty in the best non-complient sort of way, oh and for all that it is on the bargin end to boot. $2.99...



Ant that is all for the I'm sure I'm getting them list and it's just under twenty.....


I may be tempted by Doc Shaner drawing one of the Green Lantern Darkseid Wars book and Citizen Jack book looks right up my alley... But we will aye to see how things go...



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