Wednesday, August 16, 2017

New Comics Day August 16, 2017 Comics Pull List.

Hello and welcome to my weekly look at the comics I'm intending to pick up and think are worth attention for various reasons. I try to keep my it's to around twenty dollars but as there are so many good books around I often go over that...oh and this week I will be right up honest that in addition to my choices here I'll be buying Dark Nights Metal 1.


Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye 11 $3.99

With all the other weird things happening in the Young Animal books it's nuts to say but this is the one to top in the world of weird. Gerald Way and Jon Rivera with the artistic help of Michael Avon Oeming and Nick Filardi have taken Cave Carson his Chloe and Mad Dog underground and across dimensions in a stolen drill machine and that is the sane part. As I'm an issue behind looking at the preview only leaves me confused because so damn much happened in each issue of this nutso book. I have to thank the crazy Tom Scoli backup story for convincing me to go for the first issue.

Sandman 1 $4.99

I have to pick up this extra-priced issue to celebrate the 100th birthday of Jack the King Kirby. Sandman is one of his creations I think I first saw in Infinity Inc if memory serves me. This special is co written by Jurgens and Orlando so it'll have a solid story and Bogdanove on art just makes me so damn happy as he's someone I have enjoyed for years. The fact it will have some Kirby pages too is just an added bonus for me. If the majority of it is as good as the preview pages we're in for a good time.

The American Way Those above Those Below 2 $3.99

Honest here, I was sold after reading a couple pages of issue one as Ridley is doing to a serious take on superheroing in a complex political reactive world. I'll repeat something I heard yesterday via a podcast (wish I recalled which) about science fiction working best when it's telling a story about now. The conflicts these heroes and this world are going through reflect the struggle with racist sexist and political BS we're still fighting with. Jeanty, Miki and Filardi's immersive pulp artwork work to bring us into the story that would possibly be too real if presented another way.


Bitch Planet Triple Feature 3 $3.99

So I'll just say I'm a fan of the main Bitch Planet book by Kelly Sue Deconnick, Valentine de Landro and Kelly Fitzpatrick and this anthology is expanding the worlds subversive stories beyond the realm of the ACO and the mechanizations of the power structure that runs things. Its an anthology and this one features a story illustrated by Vanessa Del Rey among the three.


Green Arrow 29 $2.99

I've been behind the times of what is a great Green Arrow run by Benjamin Percy, Otto Schmidt and the amazing Juan Ferreyra. Issue 28 I picked up on a whim and his meeting with Lex Luthor and Superman was clever in many ways and one of the best Superman stories I've read in a long while. This issue continues Ollie's solo Hard Traveling Hero tale and heads into Gotham in his quest to put an end to the ninth circle. I was a big Green Arrow fan back around the time of Long Bow Hunters and I really like him again now in Percy's run. I'm going to have to pick up some trades I think.

Misfit City 4 $3.99

This is a damn cool take on the teen mystery stories by a creative team that remembers fondly the Goonies, Nancy Drew, Veronica Mars and Scoobie Doo fondly. This is another success from Boom Box as it's writers and artists are delivering a book that is fun and creepy and with a cast that look and act like a real group of friends, all kinds of bodies and personalities. The art is just cartoonish enough to draw you into this story about pirates and maps and a costal Oregon tourist town that seems all to familiar.



I'm pretty sure I'll be picking up Genius Cartel 1 and Horizon 13 also....


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Comics Pull List August 9, 2017

Hello and wrlcome to another Wednesday list of the comics that I'm particularly looking forward to. I try to keep this thing to around twenty dollars and this week I think I cone pretty close.


Redlands 1 $3.99

I've listened to some interviews with Jordie Bellaire and known she's much more then just a brilliant colorist. Im exited to read something that she's written and is passionate about as much as I am to see Vanessa Del Rey got to do sequential work again as I think I've only ever seen her Constantine fill-ins and a few scandalous bits on instagram. This is a story of a Florida town called Redlands and the coven of witches that plan to take over for the the failures of local law enforcement. It's gotten high praise from some big comics names like Snyder, Thompson and Ellis but to me it's the names Bellaire and Del Rey that sold me on it long ago when I saw the original solicit.

Ray Palmer's Atom was in one of the first comics I recall loving when I was a kid which was a Brave and the Bold in which he was in a back up with Superman. I also have really fond memories of the Sword of the Atom series that Gil Kane illustrated so the name Ray Palmer would have gotten my attention here. I've enjoyed this Justice League of America incanation though so I was already on board even with out a mention of the microverse (even if it's not the one I recall). What has surprised me about this book is how well Lobo fits here and just how much I like him along side Vixen, Killer Frost and Black Canary, I'd also be remiss if I didn't mention the relationship growing between Frost and Choi that I find pretty charming.

Mister Miracle 1 $3.99

This one I may not need to be signal boosting for as it's Tom King and Mitch Gerad's but as it's not a sequel to Sherif of Babylon and it is a Jack Kirby project I have to. In the kinda bleak and depressing world we are seeing outside the window we need the optimism of Mister Miracle Scott Free and Big Barda in the world. I have not a clue what they plan to do with this twelve issue series but I'd be happy to just pay for it all up front as I loved Tom King's Omega Men and the Grayson book he wrote with Steve Orlando (Not too into his Batman but I loved his creation Gotham Girl so....)



Sacred Creatures 2 $3.99

Sacred Creatures 1 was a 66 page monster of a gorgeous book. I have yet to get to do more then read the first few pages. The feeling I get from it is similar to the sparks I felt from the early Wicked and the Divine but if anything along a more serious tone. I listened to a marvelous interview with Klaus Janson the fully sold me on the book when I had kind of neutral about it prior. All the issues will apparently be oversized to some extant and if you look at the cover to the right it gives a very good impression of what the book really looks like.

Gotham Academy Second Semester 12

I'm putting this up because this book really deserved more attention in single issues the it did. I know it's gotten a lot of trade sales and might best have been marketed that way but I'm a month to month kind of buyer and am sad this is going away. Listening to Becky Cloonan talk about the book I know they did at least get to finish the story arc they pitched initially and that is why I'm boosting for this book. The art by Adam Archer has also been pretty animation influenced amazing in the issues I've gotten to read. Hope they get another chance to visit this side of Gotham again.

Low 19 $3.99

This book started when I was kinda not into Rick Remender and it's sad I didn't just check it out because the writing on it is pretty damn awesome. Dave McCaig and Greg Tocchini's artwork on this book is really some of the most stunning sequential work that is around right now; for me it's right up there with Emma Rios in terms of graphic experimentalism and readability. I checked it out finally mainly because of the amazing art and the fact I picked up a couple of the charity covers recently and gave it an honest chance. Sure I'm pretty lost but the story makes sense in a way comics can it's a single issue is written well enough.


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Comics Pull List August 2, 2017

Hello, welcome to my weekly look at the books I'm looking forward to picking up this week. I will say I try most of the time to keep my list to around twenty dollars but with all the marvelous talented artists and writers out there I want to support I usually fail in that vain hope. Here we go...


Shade the Changing Girl 11 $3.99

Cecil Castellucci Marley Zarcone and Kelly Fitzpatrick have very brilliantly recaptured the feeling of the Peter Milligan and Chris Bachalo Shade the Changing Man without being deriviative or retreading the same material. Loma Shade's trip outside her 'home' town to Gotham and beyond in search for her idol Honey who's hay day was decades ago and has a lot to teach our hero Loma. The last couple issues have brought the hunters from Meta a lot closer and her madness out more. It's a great book and is usually the You g Animal book I'd call my favorite.

Rocket Girl 8 $3.99

There are some books that you know are so good you don't mind waiting for; Amy Reeder and Brendon Montclare's Rocket Girl is one of those books. DaYoung, our time displaced teen cop stuck in the full color eighties, is back in the beautifully detailed dymanicly drawn book that has been missing for far too long. If you have yet to see the cool that is Rocket Girl there is a image cheap ($9.99) volume one out there and given how fun this book is it's a real comics bargain collection of the first five issues. In addition to being a good actiona adventure it's a good police procedural and has a kitch and deliciously twisted 2015 that DaYoung came from that we often revisit too.

Spiritus 1 $3.99

Spiritus is a disturbing twist on the prison happy state the USA lives in where mass incarceration is used for mass profit. In the world of Spiritus some crimes come with the sentence of being downloaded into a robotic form to work off your debt to society, tirelessly and conscious of all you have lost including your incinerated original body. That is a gruesome prospect and out hero she is given the option to be put in a robotic body without the programming that traps it in service. Having read it already it's compelling, beautifully illustrated and a great addition to the stable of science fiction and fantasy books coming from Vault comics.

Black Bolt 4 $3.99

With the creative team of Saladin Ahmed and Christian Ward I'd be getting this book no matter who the lead was but it's great that there is now actually a Inhumans title I actually like reading. Saladin writes complex, deep and conflicted characters and the cast nod crew of the black site prison along with Black Bolt qualify as all those things. Adding Ward with his unique cosmic artistic vision to this story only makes it all the more a must buy. They are using and adding character depth to Aborbing man and creating unique and interesting new characters to marvels cosmic stable of players.

Deathstroke 22 $3.99

Though the Lazarus Contract made everyone think of the Wolfman and Perez classic story The Judah's Contract, the first issue of the Defiance feels more a successor to that story. The complex conflicting relationships in the team Slade and his wife put together and the sly writing of Christopher Priest very effectively sold the story of the "reformed" assassin come hero. Deathstroke is the title that brought me back to DC given the k

Elsewhere 1 $3.99

Jay Faerber (Copperhead) and artist Sumeyye Kesgin created this portal fantasy story about what really happened to Amelia Earhart. The recent photo of he supposed appearance in Japan during their period of western exclusion is an intriguing truth well never know so this journey to a fantasy world and her life there as a freedom fighter will have to do. Jay in interviews has had nothing but good to say about the the designs and artwork of his partner on this book.

Ghost Station Zero 1 $3.99

Last years Codename Baboushka told a thrilling action adventure tale about what most spy stories use as a throwaway trope, the Russian femme fatale. The kinetic art by Shari Chankhamma might show its manga roots but she's made it something all her own as I can't say who it reminds me of. The first volume featured alternate covers by a host of cool comics artists who happen to all be women and backmatter essays about women in action adventure media. It also has a notable pedigree having been written by Anthony Johnston who was the creator behind the comic Atomic Blond which hits cinemas this year. It was the art of Shari that got my attention the first time round the soft lines of her art lent itself to fluid scenes of action and violence so damn well.


Catalyst Prime's Noble 4 also comes out this week and that really does put me well over the to of breaking my budget.


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Comics Pull List July 26, 2017

Hi and welcome to the rundown of how I'm very likely to break my twenty dollar comics budget this week. I do actually try to keep things under control but there are so many books I think that are worth talking about.


Shutter 30 $3.99

Shutter has delivered wonder filled stories for several years, stories that exploited and explored what the medium of sequential art can do. It's been a great adventure. It's introduced me to characters I love and will sorely miss. It has made me laugh and made me cry (Alain and Cassius last issue particularly) this is the final issue of Joe Keatinge, Leila Del Duca, Owen Gieni and John Workmans Shutter. I'll miss this book. It was a fantastic exploration of not being afraid of change and not being afraid of the future. I'll miss getting to see new stories about them all. Even if it's your first encounter pick this up it's a great book.




Bankshot 2 $3.99

Alex de Campi writes gripping modern thriller action adventure and creates wonderfully textured charactes. Criss Cross is an artist that was marvelous in the nineties and he's lost nothing in the decades since the Milestone days. Issue one gave us a cool set up and left us in the middle of two stories that are sure to get more compelling in the telling. I've no clue where all this is heading but it's worth supporting if modern thrillers are your thing. Nothing is clear or clean in this story and I'm sure she'll be leaving a lot of room for thought in the telling.


Wayward 22 $3.99

Jim Zub and Steven Cummings story about the rise of new world mythology supplanting the status Quo is one that has been a slow build. The blend of American comics and Japanese manga storytelling they have created is something surprising. They have managed to tell a story that feels much bigger then the pages I. These slim issues. For me Wayward is reminiscent of the old Bill Willingham independent book Elementals that played with shaping modern myths; it's an ambitions book and they stunningly nail it when it comes to hitting sweet spots inmstorytelling for me. Love so many of the characters and the one we lost recent really hurt me deeply.

Doom Patrol 7 $3.99

It was Teen Titans that made me aware of and pick up the Doom Patrol. Oddly Teen Titans is a different tea, then it was back then but Doom Patrol is a little the same but taken to a weirder place. Gerald Way is channeling everything that has always been cool about this book but has filtered it through his own sense of crazy. The book rocks and with a guest issue by Michael and Laura Allred this can only be even stranger. This is the book I wish other superhero comics would aspire to be.

Mother Panic 9 $3.99

Jody Houser has given a new voice to the story of Gotham city in the character and background cast of Mother Panic. Violet Paige is not, most assuredly not a member of the Bat-family and though I love parts of the mythos it's cool to see another take on how to vigilante in the Dark Knights city. Though this book is not Gotham Central by Greg Rucka I think it fills that same dark, police procedural niche w/o being a boys in blue story. Violet is a violent vengeful presence and I like reading a book with a passionate motivated figure in it like this. Oh and though I loved the Shawn Crystal issues we have John Paul Leon back for a couple at the moment so that's a good thing too.



Black Hammer 11 $3.99

Jeff Lemire is doing a brilliant job of doing a post event comic book. Comic events these days take characters out of the regular story by death or other means. Black Hammer is the story about where those characters go. That description does no real justice to how Jeff makes these prior superheroes real people with pasts and lost futures now. Dean Ormston creates some marvelous pages showing the stories and struggles of theses trapped heroes. In the last few issue things have taken a darker turn. Like the people behind Doom Patrol the creators behind this are telling stories that move the superhero genre somewhere different and it's a good good thing.


In addition to these Zojaqan 1, Lumberjanes 40, Batman Shadow 4, and Steven Universe 6 come out this week so I'm pretty doomed when it comes to my budget.


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Comics Pull List July 19, 2017

Hello, this week I'm breaking my twenty dollar budget for one book but it's such a brilliant book I have to do it. To be perfectly honest I do pretty much go over budget every week but with all the worth creators out there to support I usually can't pass up appealing books. I'm also including a bonus collection because I am really enjoying Fabian Rangal Jr. And this was my first exposure to him...anyway here comes the list.


Catalyst Prime Superb 1 $3.99

Quite honestly Lion Forge had my attention and money at he mention of David F Walker with this book. He's joined by Eisner award winning writer, Sheena C. Howard on this teen superhero team up book. I'd love to have a lot to say about what I expect from this book that co-stars a hero with Downs Syndrome but other then a feeling it will hit lots of social issues head on given the writers I can't say much. I'm confident this is worth the price of admission. (Yes, all the Catalyst Prime books will be at the top of my pull list posts)

Victor LaValle's Destroyer 3 $3.99

Victor LaValle writes an amazing enigma in the monster in this book. He's a presence, a force of nature almost. LaValle is someone that surprises me as an author. I knew I wanted this book based on his writing and the pitch about the alchemist saving her son. This is not at all what I was expecting. It's much more and I want to see where all this is leading. On top of that the art is amazing in its detail and how the world is presented.

America 5 $3.99

This is one of the handfull Marvel books I'm still interested in supporting. Gabby Rivera is honestly writing the hell our of this solo look at America. Even if I wasn't picking this book up the names Ramon Villalobos and Tamara Bonvillain on the cover would get me to drop four dollars on it. I miss their work creating pages for Nighthawk and even if this is just one fill in issue it is a welcome return of a great art team-up. Mentioning team-ups this is a team-up issue for Hawkeye and America too boot.

Generation Gone 1 $3.99

I read some of Ales Kot's Zero and all of his Winter Soldier both of which grabbed me emotionally from very different places, so any new book from him will have my attention. His partner on Generation Gone, André Lima Araújo, was the reason I picked up Avengers A.I. And the odd Inhumanity issue because his art combines aspects of so many styles into something all him. Kot and Araújo both wanted to tell a story that hit on real issues and somehow found that in a book that involved superpowers. The preview pages give hints that this is a book that pulls on a lot of disparate influences and could be a brilliant mix of great elements. It's bound to be worth supporting.

Moonstruck 1 $3.99

Grace Ellis, one of the minds behind Lumberjanes, co-created this modern fantasy romance story with artist newcomer Shay Beagle. I listened to a wonderful interview with the creators behind this romantic drama with monsters on the Geek Out podcast here. The soft rounded art by Shay and the pastel colors by Caitlin Quirk in this book appeal to me quite a bit and work together to create a real sense of character and atmosphere. As someone who likes urban fantasy it's great to see a magical reality book that is not a police procedural, PI or crime story. It's a must have so I'm going to have to make rook for this book.


Bitch Planet Tripple Feature 2 $3.99

It's time for another dive into the wider world of Bitch Planet with the second issue of Tripple Feature. Three more creative teams create some short stories exposime more about how this grinhouse inspired world works or quite honestly doesn't work for the majority of its population (i.e. Not cis white hetero men). Like it's parent title it comes with all the relavent biting backmatter we all know and appreciate.

Lazarus X+66 1 $3.99

Well, I will admit I have not been following this amazing science fiction drama by Greg Ruck and Michael Lark but with this mini-series I think I'm on board. This particular issue brings Rucka and Steve Lieber back together and I remember loving their book way back when. I also made the mistake of listening to part 2 of an interview with Greg Rucka on Robots from Tomorrow and well now I have connection to this so I'm counting it as money spent.

Doc Unknown Compete edition $24.99

I am a fan of pulp era fiction and I backed the second part for this book on Kickstarter before I knew that I liked Fabian Rangal Jr.'s writing, sometimes you take a chance. It's been a while since I got it and it was a whole lot of fun. I think forgot about how much I liked Fabian's writing till I picked up Space Raiders, Namwolf and got my copy of Blood Brothers before making the connection back to this book. It's solid pulp comics writing and is well worth having all of it, as a matter of fact I need it myself.


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Comics Pull List July 12, 2016

Im late with this list this week but it's still so totally valid as I'm still picking these books up and I think they are worth notice. I try to keep these lists to twenty dollars buy often go over as there are so many worth books and creators out there. Let me know if your enjoying the list and add some suggestions of your own.


Catalyst Prime Accell 2 $3.99

Though I love superhero books that try to do something new and different with the genre but that does not mean that giving us a strong strait forward teen superhero looking for love and respect isn't a good thing too. Joe Casey is well versed in superhero writing and with Damien delivering evergetic flowing panels the first issue of Accell delivered a solid first speedster hero story. This is not and of t the Flashs or Quicksilver that is for sure. It is pretty cool when your reading a familiar type of character but have no clue what he's really caoeabke of. Oh and I like the set of for his love interest and the dynamics between the characters around our hero Daniel DosSantos.

Bug the Forager 3 $3.99

Oh my god I had forgotten just how much I love Michael Allred's work...if anyone were to do a Kirby book other then Walt Simonson it had to me him and his wife Laura on colors. I have yet to even real issue one and two but just the brief looks I have taken at them make their purchase worth it. Do they need me to big up their book to make it sell no but I have to because...well....because.


The American Way 1 $3.99

For this I can blame listening to the Girl with the Curls podcast where she talked being a colorist with Nick Filardi. I've seen his work on th Cave Carson book with Michael Avon Oeming and the preview pages of this looked splendid. The seventies is the era that I first read superheroes in and this books sounds to have braved the idea of hitting politics and superheroes together. From the advanced review by Allen Thomas at Comicosity it sounds like John Ridley, Georges Jeanty and Danny Miki along with colorist Filardi put together a challenging complex story well worth tracking down.

Calexit 1 $3.99

Vèronique Emma Houxibois over at the Comicosity comics blog posted an advansce review of this up a few days back and though I was going to pick it up anyway her thoughts on the execution of this story confirmed my feelings. Black Mask Comics prints books that started with good ideas that are executed brilliantly. It sounds like the story is one that will elicit thought on what an event like this might really cause both good and bad.


Eternal Empire 3

Sarah Vaughn and Jonathan Luna's fantasy story about visions excape and rebellion is a book that is growing with its storytelling. The story seems more decompressed the the usual suspects of American fantasy comics. It's taking a while for the story and characters to develope and for me that is fine. They are giving me enough to keep me intrigued.



I will be honest here I will be getting Dark Days:The Forge and Mage the Hero Denied 0 also.


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Comics Pull List July 5 2017

This week is an amazing week of books for me as there are two new books in series I've been looking forward to for months. Welcome to my weekly look at the books I'm picking up and try to keep to my twenty dollar budget.

Kim&Kim Love is a Battlefield 1 $3.99

Magdalene Visaggio proved within the opening pages of the initial Kim&Kim that she can write characters that grab me right away. Kim and Kim both came off as fully formed characters with lived in histories and the crazy world they live in was just as consistent and accessible. Eva Cabrera and Caludia Aguirre killed it on the art to boot and they are all back for this follow up series several years later. Can't express effectively my love for this book. It's delivery on its promises ran through the initial four issues. This is one of those reaper comic joys to read that is reminiscent of a lot of cool things but is fully it's own thing.

Zodiac Starforce Cries of the Fire Prince 1 $3.99

If there was not a new Visaggio book this week Pauline Ganucheau and Kevin Panetta's spin on the magical girl story would have been at the top of my list. Zodiac Starforce in 2015 was the book I waited months to arrive having seen Pauline post about it and the book more then lived up to my expectations. It's had the mix of bright and pretty delivered by the art with the dark and serious undertones that are such a part of the genre. It was another book that highlighted the positive friendships and relationships between women not often spotlighted in mainstream American comics.


Jem the Misfits Infinite 2 $3.99

Continuing the theme of women's friendships Jem the Misfits by Kelly Thompson the Jenn St. Onge arrives this week too too. The first five issue run of this story was one of the prettier books recently and one that made me feel the most. This book is really a gift in my opinion because it's something that can't fail to be both well written and beautifully illustrated and colored. I'll stop gushing now but I do so love this book.

Catalyst Prime Noble 3 $3.99

In Noble 2 Brandon Thomas gave us some reveals that open up the story and tie back into the FCDB Catalyst Prime The Event that hopefully is still free on comixology. Astrid is hunting for her dead but apparently not so still dead husband David who remains at large in South America. We know it's going to take her a while to locate him looking back at the FCBD edition. Noble feels different then other superhero books. It's more decompressed, we're getting to visit more with each of the movers in this action adventure plot. Roger Robinson is an artist that's been around but this beautiful book is my first encounter with his work. It's action with a heart and you don't often get that.

Shade the Changing Girl 10 $3.99

What is pretty clear from Loma Shade's Gotham trip that like the Grant Morrison Shade this book is mostly not a Super-hero story or a - story mascarading as a super-hero story. Shade the Changing Girl is a piece of modern weird fiction that leans towards thriller or horror and just happens to be set in the regular DC universe. The forces from Meta searching for the madness coat will soon be arriving and it involves Loma's lover from issue one. Cecil Castellucci Marley Zarcone and Kelly Fitzpatrick deliver a marvelous storytelling package all round and there are always cool back up features still to look forward to. Well worth the 3.99.

Sun Bakery 4 $4.99

Cory Lewis' Sun Bakery caught my attention in its initial independent printing so I already have this with the exception of the additional story for this edition. Sun Bakery fill the need I have to manga at the moment with its colored pages, it's distortion of perspective and it's off the beaten path stories. It's the anthology to beat now in my opinion when it comes to the vision of a singular creator. It's so obviously a labor of love and passion. Can't wait for issue 5 next month.

Black Bolt 3 $3.99

It's excape caper time for the prisoners of the cosmic prison. Saladin Ahmed I know can write compelling fantasy but gonzo SF is most definitely in his wheelhouse too, he and Al Ewing should co write something actually. I'd have boutght this with his name recognition alone but Christian Ward who's work on ODY-C captivates me bringing his talents too I can't imagine passing this up. I'll be with this as long as the weird cosmic ride lasts.


Seven to Eternity 7 is also out this week and I'm likely to pick that up too.