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Last Wanted list 2016 or Dec 28 Comics Pull List

It happens some weeks, well lots of weeks, that my twenty dollar budget doesn't allow me to signal boost for all the books I really want to so though I'm trying to only spend twenty I'm going to just talk about all the books I think I'd pick up if my budgetballowed it this time around.(mainly because of all the brilliant books but also because 2016 continues to to be a crap year in so many ways)

Love is Love $9.99

This yeas this must support this collaboration book between IDW DC and others to remember the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando and support those affected by the loss. All the stories for this collection have been contributed free, all the proceeds are going to Equality Florida to support the survivors and the families of the victims. Seeing the brilliant list of creators who have come to support the LGBTQ community with this project with their work is touching and if there is one book to get this week this is the one. I could list off the creators but for a fuller list here is the link to the Diamond comics page for the book...yes I love everything else I'm posting about the week but, well, This. ... Love is Love is Love... you know the quote.


Black Panther 9 $3.99

Brian Stelfreeze is back on the title he helped start and though I enjoy Chris Sprouse and think he did a great job I always look forward to seeing Brian's work and he did a magnificent job defining the look for this series. Last issue saw the return of Black Panthers Sister, -, to the real world mainly through her own agency with a little help from Manifold and T'challa. It also looks like Brian came back jut in time for the status quo to change in Wakanda as the political situation becomes more complicated and possibly reaches the breaking point.

Romulus 3 $3.99

Bryan Hill wastes no time in complicating things as issue two introduced the illuminati and upped the ante right away with the secret society thing making Ashlar a deal she may not be able to pass up. I have sampled a lot of the one woman assassin titles that have came out over time including the ones from Marvel and few have felt this big right out of the gate even with the weight of their well heeled settings behind them. Bryan and Nelson are putting so much into this book to have something that feels fully formed with a real history in just two issues and with all the characters we have gotten a bit of as of yet. Enough gushing I think this book is well worth its cost hopefully more people who'll give it a look.

Monstress 9 $3.99

From one comic that is packed full of story and nuance to another wonderful offering that is equally a deal for the money. I say it nearly every time an issue comes out but eventough I'm used to manga artists packing in detail on every page Sana Takada, who's art can do cute as well as ultra-violent in equal measure, creates such richly detailed and story filled pages I can't help but go on about it. This book is the one that should make Marjorie a really recognized name on comics for her own creations and not her work and existing properties. What more can I say other then if fantasy of any kind is your thing you could do far worse then to support these hard working creators.

Wayward 19 $3.99

So much is going in in this book now with the characters scattered across Tokyo and across the planet I'm curious who's story is going to get moved forward reguaedless of what the cover implies. Ayane is seemingly critically injured, Nikaido and Ronin who's vehicle just crashed and there is a giant yokai possibly on the rampage near Shiraz and Ohara along with the usual suspects of Wayward in the shadows waiting to strike. Jim Zub, Steven Cummings and Tamara Bonvillain manage to deliver enough story in twenty some odd pages to keep all the heroes of this book present and that is a feat as this book feels like it's less compressed then a normal US comic book as it feels more manga like if it's not manga length...I just want more of it.

Shutter 25 $3.99

Though this series is heading toward the end of the story in this story arc I'm still out here signal boosting for it as exposing readers to all the creative minds behind it is important to me; Joe Keatinge, Leila Del Duca, Owen Gieni and John Workman individually all need to have people knowing their names. This issue in addition to being the twenty-fifth in the series its also their celebration of twenty-five years of Image comics and is a big old regular sized crossover issue. What does that mean other then Glory, Shadowhawk, Invincible, and others will appear I have no clue but it's sure to be worth reading. (Also Afar the book Leila is writing for next year just got offered go ask for a copy to be ordered.)



Supergirl Being Super 1 $5.99

Either Mariko Tamaki or Joelle Jones would make this book a must for me so both of them working on it assures I'll be buying one. Joelle's illustrations have those hints of pin up art without being exploitation, sexualizing her subject, which is perfect for Supergirl as its abook that should be pretty but not objectified. From what I recall it's looking at her pre-superhero-ing years and I'm hoping has a lot themeatically in common with Legend of Wonder Woman (which sadly won't have a season two aparently). Let's give this book some real support so DC gets an idea that this kind of thing is what readers just might want.


Also this week Insexts 9, Mother Panic 2, Jade Street Protection Servies 3, Wonder Woman 13, Hulk 1, and Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur 14

Too many good books go get Love is Love...I may buy two and give one away here in the new year.


Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Wanted list December 21 2016 Comics Pull List.

Second to last week of the year, shortest day also and such a great week of books on this the dark cold night I'll have some great books to keep me company, or I would if I didn't have to wait till Thursday to pick mine up. Though I'm later then I wanted to be with this it's a list I'm actually pretty exited about...


World of Wakanda 2 $3.99

For whatever reason if you passed on the $4.99 first issue of this series you missed out on something really cool and new given that the writers of these stories are not your usual writing suspects in comics. Roxanne Gay being attached to this book honestly exited me as much as Afua Richardson doing some of the art; though there are comics writers of color that could have been asked to write this giving it to a voice outside comics gives this story naturally a different tone and the more unique different voices in the industry the better. Though the Dora Milaje have been around for years getting to see them spotlight, particularly the pair that are now the Midnight Angels is something I want more of and though Ta-Nahisi is giving us a lot of them in Black Panther they deserve a spotlight of their own in ways some other overexposed characters around the MU don't really need. (Cough chough too many to name)

Southern Cross 10 $3.99

Things have surely gone from bad to worse on Titan the clouded moon of Saturn right fast in the wake of Kryil arriving on the surface in the wake of the disappearance of the Southern Cross. Hazel the hard as nails second of the Romulus drill rig has become his only real if nor friend then well ally in increasing hostile territory. Though the artifact mystery is still out there it's the complex compelling characters and setting Becky Cloonan, Andy Belanger and Lee Loughbridge have created in this book that keep me interested and they will last much longer the the reveal of the mystery in my mind. Kryil in this issue aparently gets a message from the currently missing Alex Braith whom I like near as much as Furiosa.

Black Hammer 6 $3.99

Madame Dragonfly is the only one of the superhero characters we have yet to learn anything about and it seems she has a lot of secrets to reveal and one may be that her character is more a horror story host then a superhero in nature. The blurb for this issue mentions a Cabin of Horrors and with the chilling reveals about some of the characters I'm really looking forward to how Jeff and Dean will blend horror with the superhero in this issue. Much like Catalyst comics a couple years back I'm really enjoying a clever approach to doing the superhero stories we know well with a twist Black Hammer has going. With the big two mainly recycling stories at least with their name characters it's cool when someone does something other with the idea. One of the best hero team books of the year.

The Misfits 1 $3.99

I've made no secret that I honestly love Kelly Thompson's writing on the Jem and the Holograms book and recently I have developed a real affection not just for Stormer buy for the Misfits in the whole. This is one of the books that I've had to wait three plus months for as I am pretty obsessive about comics blogs and following creators I love on whatever social media site you choose to mention. I saw Jenn St Onge' s art for this appearing and knew something was up (I also just got the gorgeous Kickstarter book Finding Molly that she did... her style is right in my sweet spot with its manga influenced look.) With the label dropping the Misfits in the story they have to resort to reality TV to continue their career so I expect lots of weird unreal drama along with the personal disasters that go with celebrity. I'm going in with high expectations but I'm confident they will meet or exceed them.


Slam 2 $3.99

Me FLCS finally got his copies of Slam! In and it met and exceeded all my expectations and well has won a fan here. Like Jem and the Holograms and Kim&Kim Slam seems to be mainly about the friendships, relationships, rivalries between women against the backdrop of another element in this case Roller Derby. Issue one made me both honestly laugh out loud and tear up so it's obviously clicking on a emotional level; Pamela Ribon and Veronica Fish's first issue endeared their heros Knockout and ICanDoIt in a way that I have to signal boost for this book so we can get a lot more of it. The pacing of issue one was pretty brilliant too especially the guidelines about Derby throughout the story.


That gets me to right about twenty and I know I'm likely to pick up the PowerMan and IronFist Christmas Special as well as possibly a Copra or the Space Raiders trade but if you missed it you have to look below for a earnest recommendation to pick up...

Kim & Kim Vol 1 $12.99

As its Christmas and time to talk about end of the year lists and such things I have to say that if you missed Mags Vissagio's Kim&Kim this week you can get all of this four issue series about this super functual dysfunctnal friendship between a want to be not bounty hunter and a equally not want to be necromancer having to do th things they hate to survive and support each other. Much weirdness in this cross dimension outer space bounty hunting road story that exists mainly for the Kim's to exoplore and struggle with as they support each other. Loveinly created by Magdalene Vissagio, Eva Cabrera, and Claudia Aguirre this is best limited series that started as one for 2016. Aces.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Wanted December 14 2016 aka Comics Pull List.

It's an almost all street level action this week from my pull list starting with seventies Russian spies and detectives in LA to the streets of NY with a likely trip south of the border for some cartel action. This weekly pull list just tops my Twenty dollar budget and has some of my favorite and less recognized creators who need more eye on them.


Mayday 2 $3.99

Russian spy activity in the US is pretty topical now and well though this is set in the seventies I'm sure Alex De Campi will have some pretty appropo ideas in this book among the action and violence. The first issue introduced us to the players in both sides of this Cold War game of cat and mouse and landed the Russian agents in the hands of the us inteligence services. According to interviews this is a story that will be about trust and betrayal which is only fitting given the paranoia in the inteligence services. Issue one featured some very bad decisions on the part of at least one of the agents that has put both in a bad position; I am pretty impressed by how much the writing and art invested me in the players of this book and made me want more. Don't come expecting glamour and gadgets though as this is more a grim gritty le Carrie tale then a high flying Fleming movie.

Mosiac 3 $3.99

Geoffrey Thorne is among my favorite people that I follow on twitter as he has no fear of calling people on their shit and his writing has that daring as he's not afraid to write about someone who is full on flawed and sometimes not likeable, in other words pretty human. Morris is still learning what he is and what he is not after his inhuman transformation and the first couple issues have been a pretty interesting ride to take with him. Khary Randolph and their colorist Emilio Lopez have done some pretty amazing pages with this book and created some spectacular effects to go with whatever his powers really are. The first issue of Mosiac was 4.99 and I near passed on it but listening to Geoffrey interviewed made me sure I had to support the book, give it a chance it's doing something interesting and I'm hoping grabs an audience... I'm afraid I may be the only person in my local shop getting it as so often happens.

No Mercy 13 $3.99

There are weeks that i celebrate because creators have two books out and this is one of the those for Alex De Campi. I was attracted to this book because I liked Alex's writing on Grindhouse and fondly remember Carla Speed McNeil's Finder that I'm currently rereading in its entirety and I found a title that I didn't expect, one set firmly in what could be called a cruel reality. Alex pulls from her many years of living in foreign countries to tell this story of the fallout of one bad even in the lives of college freshmen and their families as the effects of the bus accident continue to ripple out into the wider world and choices complicate things further. Carla Speed McNeil may be comeone who's are is at first chance pretty and cute u she has shown just how that can be flipped on its head with the crippling events that befell some of the characters in this book. I love this book for its complexity and their attempt to be real in this medium that in the US seldom gets there in the general mainstream.


Hawkeye 1 $3.99

Kate Bishop was one of the best things about both Matt Fraction's Hawkeye and Kieron Gillen's Young Avengers that I'm sure to check out this book and it's especially likely given Kelly Thompson is writing this young adult detective story. Kelly who has been doing such a brilliant job with Jem and the Holograms, co wrote a fun Captain Marvel book for Secret Wars I think is a perfect choice to do this street level justice book and to take Kate back to LA. Looking at the book Kelly has picked up on the feel that Matt had for Kate's story but I know she is going to make it something all her own and though I don't know the artist well but the pages look good and reminiscent of the Hawkeye book...also it's going to be colored by the colorist hero Jordie Bellaire so it's sure to be a visual treat.

PowerMan and IronFist 11 $3.99

I always have to mention PowerMan and IronFist when it comes out as David F Walker's take on writing and the things he has to say really click with me. This storyline kind of reminds me of the Wire as David is as always developing his heels in the tale as much as his heroes allowing them as much room to grow on readers. Sanford Greene also gets a lot of visual room to play drawing a mix of realistic people and goofy costumed villains in this book. Last issue allowed us to see the "Fang Gang" as they were almost called in their origin tale and as ever it was a mix of feelings as were coming to know them as relateable characters so to feel for them even as you don't really want to. It's pretty obvious I love this book and it's really one I can't pass up even if I break the budget a bit...I'll always signal boost for it as I believe in this book


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Wanted Dec 7 or my Comics Pull List

Last month of the year here and damn in some very real ways 2016 full on sucked but there were some pretty brilliant comics around for those all too necessary distractionsand we're getting another four weeks of books before the new year. Welcome to my pull list post; my weekly attempt to keep myself to twenty dollars of books to recommend and due to a certain, Island, I'm not going to make it yet again.


Motor Crush 1 $3.99

This book has been part of my mental pull list since it was announced for in addition to digging the writing team overall I absolutely love Babs Tarr's art style, how she reinterprets characters and makes them really all her own. From the looks of the designs she put together and the few preview pages I've seen my excitement for the book has only grown. There have been 0 issues given away at conventions that I have sadly not been able to attend and I'm terribly jealous of the people and stores that managed to score them. The story of Domino Swift is something I've been looking forward to for months and I have every expectation that it's going to live up to that wait.

Shade the Changing Girl 3 $3.99

Though still full on strange issue 2 fleshed out a lot of elements from issue 1 and hooked me into the story of the new Shade by really setting the stakes for her. Cecil Castellucci had the large writing shoes of Milligan to fill and has done a good job of hooking me actually and Marley Zarcone ( of Elegy) and Kelly Fitzpatick are turning out some damn pretty pages too boot. If your not getting the Young Anmal titles each of them have a back up story that manages to sometimes be weirder and stranger then the main title that have on the whole been damn good; this issues backup is written by Tini Howard who's Black Mask book The Skeptics had a strong start so I have hopes its going to rock. Really hard for me to pick a favorite out of the Y.A. quartet of books when I think about it now a couple issues in.


Nailbiter 27 $2.99

Ok I like this book and get it sometimes but this issue was a much have for me but not because I like Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson though I do like them as storytellers. No this issue has a back up story that I'd almost like to get several of the issue to support. Tee Franklin, who is honestly one of the people making Twitter worthwhile for me, and Juan Ferreyra (Colder and Green Arrow) put together the back up story for this issue that Gail Simone edited and promises to be full on great and totally disturbing aparently. I've been waiting months for this and pre-ordered it to make sure I got to support it. Oh and there is the opening act that is a great book too and usually is pretty damn readable as a single issue.


Island 13 $7.99

This looks to be a particularly great issue going from the creators listed especially because Emma Rios is back with both art and writing credits in issue 13's credits. Anyone who had read a Pretty Deadly or ID knows we're in for something magical. Of the other two stories one will be by Brandon Graham, the other editor along with Emma, and I'm curious which of his stories it will be and the last is likely Zooneverse by Fil Barlow who's work is on the cover. Island, I'll be honest, may not be the anthology for everyone but like great fiction anthologies I think by giving it a chance you'll likely to kind new comic voices you'll like in ways you didn't expect. Oh and and Emma Rios story is a rare treat you should bot pass up.


Arclight 3 $3.99

It's been a long time since the last issue came out of Marian Churchland and Brandon Graham's gender and body bending fantasy story. I remember it being rich and layered in story art and feeling in ways that made 8House one of the books I looked forward to and was so unhappy to see it seem to come to an abrupt end. Returning to this strange fantasy world with its blood driven magic and enigmatic characters brings me a little bit of joy as its that friend you realize you really really missed.



Bounty 5 $3.99

Still torn about this book for my own reasons but as I've said ever time it comes out I like Mindy Lee's art style and design choices to much to not mention this science fiction action adventure tale. Her character designs remind of of Babs Tarr just a bit but with something all her own there as they are somehow more gritty then cute. It's a book that is reminiscent to me of the eighties anime The Dirty Pair with a Cowboy BeBop kind of serious bent to it.


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Wanted Nov 30 2016 aka my Comics pull list...

Well this may be a pretty slim shipping week according to the owner of my FLCS but for me it's a full on damn amazing group of books. It also looks to be a week where I'll make it within my twenty dollar budget. All the books on my list this week quite honestly the ones that I should use as a benchmark for what a 3.99 book should be and how exited I am when they are coming up in the shipment. The week also sees the publication of the second PaperGirls Trade that if you missed the monthlies you shoul treat yourself to.


Romulus 2 $3.99

I've heard both Bryan Edward Hill and Nelson Blake II interviewed separately on the IWord and together on Black Comics Chat; they now full on rate as some of my favorite comic creators because of what they had to say in general and their commitment to the comic medium. Romulus 1 impressed me story and art wise on my first read and I was for sure a fan but on a second deeper read Bryan and Nelson quite literally brought me to tears with the depth of emotion and feeling I got from some of the events in the story. Romulus is a modern kick ass action story following the revenge story of an assassin fighting against the secret society that trained and raised and then asked a bit too much of her and her guardian. It's one that I know I'd be kicking myself in a few months if I'd missed it in favor of something else. (Oh and go listen to their amazing interview here on BlackComicsChat it quite honestly gave me hope in these sometimes hopeless days)

Monstress 8 $3.99

Marjorie and Sana's brilliant beautiful fantasy horror Monstress is one of the book I look at and wonder how many crazy hours have gone into it. Sana Takada who handles all of the art chores creates pages that are not only amazing to look at but have an amazing depth of detail and character. Monstress as I'm sure I have said before is a fantasy book for people who want more then another western style book about magic and Knights. Even the word choice in the story appears to be very carefully chosen to tell just how different, non western non patriarchial this world is.

Shutter 24

In the aftermath of issue 22 no one of the surviving characters came out unscarred and the fantastic world if Shutter became outwardly a much darker foreboding place. Huckleberry turned out to be a much more complicated mixed bag of a character and more interesting because of it during her time in the book and I'm exited to see her story told in more depth. As ever I know that Joe Keating Leila Del Duca Owen Geini and John Workman have more in store then I could ever guess so I'm just looking forward to seeing more as this final story arc unfolds. The creators behind this book play a lot with the comic medium playing with different storytelling styles from across the history of comics and from various countries so it's always interesting how they tell the story as well as the story itself. I'll be very sad when it's all over to be honest.


This week also sees a new Ghost Rider book from Filipe Smithand the release of the DC New Talent Showcase which I've heard some interesting things about and because I have some cash leeway I'm likely to try something new or thatnive missed.

Somehow I missed this when looking through the list


The Skeptics 2 $3.99

Tini Howard and Devaki Neogi trip back to the sixties Cold War and an "arms" race to develope and train psychics between the US and the USSR. Mary and Max and their "teacher", the "subjects" for the US program, happen to the scamming the government so it may be interesting if the USSR subjects are the real deal. I very much enjoyed the feel of the opening issue in this four issue story, Devaki has an art style that really captures the feel of the comics of the era.


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Wanted November 23 2016 aka Comics Pull List

Five Wednesday months then leave me a couple of weeks that are actually under budget and this is another of those as I only have a couple of books coming that I know I'm supporting. This week I have some space in my comics budget of twenty dollars that I really should keep till next week but I may go get some of the books I've overlooked.


Wayward 18 $3.99

One of the first cartoons I remember loving was Speed Racer and since I was a child I have had a deep affection for the comics, animation and things Japanese in general so Wayward with its Japanese influences is something I'm glad has seemed to found an audience. Rory and Ayane are stuck in Ireland and from the looks of the cover the spirits of the so called elerald isle do not look too pleased. Urban Fantasy in the US is largely centered on the traditions of Western Europe and for me it's great to see creators not only use eastern traditions but do so with a great amount of knowledge and reverence. Wayward is a book for people who love mythology action and not just a little bit of mystery as I'm again not sure where things are going but I'm happy to take the trip which these characters I've come to love.

Jem and The Holograms 21 $3.99

Meredith has been killing it in the art in the book to be quite honest but as a fan of her own book Hinges from image I think I may just be a bit bias here. Given the very open line qualit of her style I often really impressed with the amount and depth of expression her characters faces have, they can goofy to heartbreaking between panels and I buy it all willingly. Kelly Thompson has been so lucky with the artists she has been paired with for this book.

Ultimates 2 1 $3.99

Though I have not liked a lot of the direction Marvel has been taking Captain Marvel in lately Al Ewing has been writing some truely brilliant weird cosmic level comics in Ultimates and as long as he's doing this book I'll likely pick it up. He's taken the interesting fixture of the Marvel Universe Galactus and made him into more then just a personified force of nature. All the players in this book are given a chance to have a say of their own and have real agency in the story and I'm hoping as some have their own books to shine in that Spectrum and the Blue Marvel are given more of a center stage along with the big now gold and white Kirby creation.


MoonGirl and Devil Dinosaur 13 $3.99

So yeah the big thing about this issue isthmus reveal that Lunella is the smartest person (not just girl) in the Marvel Universe and that says a lot given the sheer number of true creative geniuses that exist in it. This is the Marvel book that I go to when I need a lot of heart and feeling in the storytelling and I'm so happy that Amy, Brandon, Natasha and Tamara are getting to tell these stories that are not all gloom and doom as we need some hope in our hero tales. I'm also so happy that it's a small week as I'll get to catch up on this book as I'm an issue behind. Lunella is going to be seeing a lot of the Marvl regulars in the near future too so there will be more fun to look forward to I'm thinking for this bright girl and her red dinosaur pal.



A.D. After Death 1 $5.99

So though I like Scott Snyder as a storyteller about as much as I like Jeff Lemire as a storyteller so putting them together on a book about the aftermath of the end of Death would seem to be something I'd immidately go for but I was on the fence as I'm spending kind of more then I want to support all the people want to these days. What tips it for me and makes me add it to my list at the last minute is the fact that proceeds are going to the Creators for Creators fund that Image started this year and that is far too cool to pass up in my opinion. It's a fund that goes to aid new creators and I'm well all about that as I hope to be one someday even at this late date in my life.


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Wanted November 16 2016 aka Comics Pull List

I'll be honest this last week has seemed to have lasted a year to me but I'll leave my outrage at my fellow Americans aside to celebrate the art form I love for at least the time it takes me to write this column. So if this is for first visits I do a weekly commentary on the books I'm buying kinda keeping to a budget of twenty dollars where I can. It will be pretty obvious but I think all the things we choose to support are kind of indicative of who we are as people. To me it's now even more important the creative people behind these books...

Black Panther 8 $3.99

The complex personal stories being told by Ta-Nehisi Coates about T'Challa his family and his people continue as Black Panther and Manifold attempt to rescue his sister. Coates has created a truly wonderful Afro-futurist corner of the marvel universe built on the foundations left by Kirby, McGregor, Priest, Hudlin to name a scant few that helped build the history of the character and Wakanda. To me it's great to have titles who's mythology is not built on Western European mythology and traditions. The story mixes the complexities of dealing with being the head of a state pretty seemelesly with a deep family drama and some pretty great superhero action that has little to do with the usual suspects of comics. Between Brain Stalfreese Chris Sprouse and Carl Story with colors by The book USA real joy to look at too.

Spell on Wheels 2 $3.99

From Afro-futurism to urban fantasy we go. Taste in humor can be very personal and Kate Leth for sure appeals to my taste in humor and storytelling and I just wish I had had the time this last month to read issue 1. So what can I say other then mention that it's a book that mixes a road trip and vengeance story with three witches who are all very different from their look and style to the forms of magic that are theirs. I'm happy ill have two to read when I get to it as I need a fun trippy break from the horror show real life sometimes looks like. I will also add that the artwork by Megan Levens and Marissa Louise is so damn pretty too.


Southern Cross 9 $3.99

Becky Cloonan and Andy Belanger's horror police procedural set on Titan has effectively won my heart eventough my favorite characters seem to be gone away. Andy Belanger's art has just the right mood and atmosphere created by his dark inks and pages to set that original Aliens/Outland kind of rusted worker space kind of tale. Becky can for sure spin a great tension filled creepy weird tale and when you add Lee Loughbridge as colorist it's a combination that Ridley Scott I'm sure would envy.




Slam 1 $3.99

So I mentioned this last week incorrectly so I'll repost it here today and say I'm looking forward to it even more now as I truely need great books and the little I have seen this is pretty damn great. There are three pages up at Comicosity and they I hope really set the tone and feeling of the book...I knew I love the artists work and it's great to know that the writing has some real feeling to it right on the first page.


And for once it looks like I'm firmly under budget so I can check out books like Horizon 4, Cave Carson 2 ( issue one I happen to have really liked a lot by the by) and get the new Silk as the new artist looks pretty cool too.




Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Wanted November 9 2016 Comics Pull List

Nope not going to mention the obvious things that may be on people's minds (given the day I'm posting this) I'm just here to talk comics I'm picking up today and chew bubblegum and I'm all out of bubblegum. Anyway try as I kght to keep this weeks list to twenty dollars I'm afraid it pretty much is assured to go over given two or three of this weeks books. I'll not babble on as I have a lot to say about a couple of these books and a suggestion to add to your pull list.


World of Wakanda 1 $4.99

This is the kind of book I look forward to; the kind that expands on the people and settings I've been reading about letting them take the stage for a while. Though I'm sad Marvel didn't look to any of the excellent women of color already writing independent and web comics I was truly exited when essayist Roxane Gay and award winning poet Yona Harvey were named to be creating Thai book with some guidance from Black Panther's current writer Ta-Nehisi Coates.The announcement at SDCC of this book of the writers made it a must for me even before the amazing art team of Afua Richardson who will work with Yona on the origin story for the rebel leader Zeni and Alitha Martinez who will do the art for Roxane's look at the love story between the Midnight Angels who broke with the protectors of the T'challa and taken up the cause of the people. Like Black Panther, World of Wakanda is the kind of book that may hit an audience outside the usual suspects of comics fandom as its bringing new voices in to tell the stories and bring new readers into this unique storytelling artform. I'm exited to see what this book has to offer in terms of both voice and art and if the promise and how they expand on the stories of the rebel leader Zeni and the love story of the Midnight Angels.

No Mercy 11 $3.99

It's a real treat to have an issue of No Mercy out this week so soon after Mayday which was also written by Alex De Campi. No Mercy follows the fall out in the lives of a group of university students who's vacation in Mexico went horribly awry in the wake of a bus crash that they didn't all come back from. Alex is interested in stories that are not comfortable, predictable, or in some cases safe; No Mercy has presented death, loss, religious conversion therapy camps and drug cartels and that is a lot for anyone to contend with let alone people who are still teens for the most part. This book that explores trauma is beautifully illustrated by longtime independent comics creator Carla Speed McNeil and colored by the highly skilled Jenn Manley Lee and manages to go from visually visceral to drug-trippy weird as the last issue reminded us, this one I suspect will be more down to earth sinister.

Island 12 $7.99

Island is a pretty special book in my mind; it's a place where creators have free reign to tell the stories that they are passionate about and need not fit into any genre, niche or particular style. There have been issues I've loved more then others and stories that interest me more but I have also been introduced to storytellers I might not have checked out on my own. It's one of the book I got into without paging through it because the surprise as to what is in there is often half the joy of it for me. Marion Churchland who's art I've been sorely missing graces the cover of this issue telling a little story of its own.

Mother Panic 1 $3.99

Looks like I am succumbing to the lure of Gotham with this book by Jody Houser but at least it may get me up to speed for when Batwoman starts next year. Reading the three page preview that is out there Mother Panic feels a bit more angry post cyberpunk adult themed comic then the rest of the Batman Family but I think I forgot it's a Young Animal title for a fee sentences. Tommy Lee Edwards heavily inked pages and the darker muted color palet really set the time for this book and given the bright and optimistic stories I've seen from Jody so far I'm exited to see what this book has to offer as a different look at the Bat family's city. Young Animal has me getting three DC titles even if they reside in the weird spectrum of the universe we'll see if they can make that four.

PowerMan and Iron Fist 10 $3.99

So normally an issue of PM&IF would usually hit near the top of the list and its position indicates no loss of love for the title as all these books are somehow things I can't pass up. David F Walker handelded that marvel crossover quite well I thought given that lately I've taken to avoiding them. The events at the prison during that story have let out a lot of the street level crime element and looking at the cover I'm thinking we're heading into a gang war kind of tale with out heroes no so much for hire yet caught in the center. Sanford Greene is back fully with this story again and that makes me pretty happy as I enjoy his line work wether it's comics or his personal art.

Doom Patrol 3 $3.99

Ah well as with a couple of their books out there I'm not quite sure what the hell is happening in this story yet but I do like the shape it's beginning to take on looking back on the story so far. I am starting to like Casey and wonder what her encounter with Dannyworld will mean for her and her partner as well as what the hell is going on with Neagtive Man in this new incarnation. Gerald Way and Nick Derringtom have got me coming back for a third time to visit their weird space so perhaps you'll come with me to keep me company as I see if I can figure out what the hell is going on.

Slam 1 $3.99

As a kid there were two "sports" I enjoyed watching mainly because they connected me to my grandparents; with my grandfather I watched pre WWF professional wrestling and hence my love of Lucha libre today and with my grandmother it was Roller Derby so seeing this book, well, I have to have it. The art previews for the book I really liked the look of even before the solicit revealed that Veronica Fish would be the artist and well that really set the hook for me...I mean, look at the expression on the cover. Though I watched a fair share of Derby matches I don't really know much about how the sport works and kind of think of it as wrestling at speed on skates; I know there is much more to it but I guess it's that feeling that stuck with me from childhood. If I hadn't been waiting for this at least I'd have known about it as Roxane Gay posted to Twitter this last weekend about it so I suspect I'm in good company in picking this up.

These get me to just about 30 so that is not near as bad as I feared it would be for a week where not only Island arrives but also another night ticket item but I can not pass on the new Black Panther title.

This week also gives us Violent Love from Frank Barbiete and Victor Santos and. Glitterbomb 3, Wonder Woman 10, Mosiac 2, a new Gotham Academy and Allstar Batman from DC and I can't for get to mention Namesake by Steve Orlando that I hope my FLCS ordered. I may add a couple to my stack given I've gone over budget already.


And while your at your FLCS you may just want to add this book to your pull list...it's by the steampunk horror romance novelist Delilah S Dawson and drawn by Ashley A Woods who's been quite killing it on Niobe. It's a book coming from Boom called Ladycastle and the designs and preview illustrations look downright gorgeous...below is a bit of a teaser that got posted recently