Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Wanted Dec 7 or my Comics Pull List

Last month of the year here and damn in some very real ways 2016 full on sucked but there were some pretty brilliant comics around for those all too necessary distractionsand we're getting another four weeks of books before the new year. Welcome to my pull list post; my weekly attempt to keep myself to twenty dollars of books to recommend and due to a certain, Island, I'm not going to make it yet again.


Motor Crush 1 $3.99

This book has been part of my mental pull list since it was announced for in addition to digging the writing team overall I absolutely love Babs Tarr's art style, how she reinterprets characters and makes them really all her own. From the looks of the designs she put together and the few preview pages I've seen my excitement for the book has only grown. There have been 0 issues given away at conventions that I have sadly not been able to attend and I'm terribly jealous of the people and stores that managed to score them. The story of Domino Swift is something I've been looking forward to for months and I have every expectation that it's going to live up to that wait.

Shade the Changing Girl 3 $3.99

Though still full on strange issue 2 fleshed out a lot of elements from issue 1 and hooked me into the story of the new Shade by really setting the stakes for her. Cecil Castellucci had the large writing shoes of Milligan to fill and has done a good job of hooking me actually and Marley Zarcone ( of Elegy) and Kelly Fitzpatick are turning out some damn pretty pages too boot. If your not getting the Young Anmal titles each of them have a back up story that manages to sometimes be weirder and stranger then the main title that have on the whole been damn good; this issues backup is written by Tini Howard who's Black Mask book The Skeptics had a strong start so I have hopes its going to rock. Really hard for me to pick a favorite out of the Y.A. quartet of books when I think about it now a couple issues in.


Nailbiter 27 $2.99

Ok I like this book and get it sometimes but this issue was a much have for me but not because I like Joshua Williamson and Mike Henderson though I do like them as storytellers. No this issue has a back up story that I'd almost like to get several of the issue to support. Tee Franklin, who is honestly one of the people making Twitter worthwhile for me, and Juan Ferreyra (Colder and Green Arrow) put together the back up story for this issue that Gail Simone edited and promises to be full on great and totally disturbing aparently. I've been waiting months for this and pre-ordered it to make sure I got to support it. Oh and there is the opening act that is a great book too and usually is pretty damn readable as a single issue.


Island 13 $7.99

This looks to be a particularly great issue going from the creators listed especially because Emma Rios is back with both art and writing credits in issue 13's credits. Anyone who had read a Pretty Deadly or ID knows we're in for something magical. Of the other two stories one will be by Brandon Graham, the other editor along with Emma, and I'm curious which of his stories it will be and the last is likely Zooneverse by Fil Barlow who's work is on the cover. Island, I'll be honest, may not be the anthology for everyone but like great fiction anthologies I think by giving it a chance you'll likely to kind new comic voices you'll like in ways you didn't expect. Oh and and Emma Rios story is a rare treat you should bot pass up.


Arclight 3 $3.99

It's been a long time since the last issue came out of Marian Churchland and Brandon Graham's gender and body bending fantasy story. I remember it being rich and layered in story art and feeling in ways that made 8House one of the books I looked forward to and was so unhappy to see it seem to come to an abrupt end. Returning to this strange fantasy world with its blood driven magic and enigmatic characters brings me a little bit of joy as its that friend you realize you really really missed.



Bounty 5 $3.99

Still torn about this book for my own reasons but as I've said ever time it comes out I like Mindy Lee's art style and design choices to much to not mention this science fiction action adventure tale. Her character designs remind of of Babs Tarr just a bit but with something all her own there as they are somehow more gritty then cute. It's a book that is reminiscent to me of the eighties anime The Dirty Pair with a Cowboy BeBop kind of serious bent to it.


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