Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Wanted list December 21 2016 Comics Pull List.

Second to last week of the year, shortest day also and such a great week of books on this the dark cold night I'll have some great books to keep me company, or I would if I didn't have to wait till Thursday to pick mine up. Though I'm later then I wanted to be with this it's a list I'm actually pretty exited about...


World of Wakanda 2 $3.99

For whatever reason if you passed on the $4.99 first issue of this series you missed out on something really cool and new given that the writers of these stories are not your usual writing suspects in comics. Roxanne Gay being attached to this book honestly exited me as much as Afua Richardson doing some of the art; though there are comics writers of color that could have been asked to write this giving it to a voice outside comics gives this story naturally a different tone and the more unique different voices in the industry the better. Though the Dora Milaje have been around for years getting to see them spotlight, particularly the pair that are now the Midnight Angels is something I want more of and though Ta-Nahisi is giving us a lot of them in Black Panther they deserve a spotlight of their own in ways some other overexposed characters around the MU don't really need. (Cough chough too many to name)

Southern Cross 10 $3.99

Things have surely gone from bad to worse on Titan the clouded moon of Saturn right fast in the wake of Kryil arriving on the surface in the wake of the disappearance of the Southern Cross. Hazel the hard as nails second of the Romulus drill rig has become his only real if nor friend then well ally in increasing hostile territory. Though the artifact mystery is still out there it's the complex compelling characters and setting Becky Cloonan, Andy Belanger and Lee Loughbridge have created in this book that keep me interested and they will last much longer the the reveal of the mystery in my mind. Kryil in this issue aparently gets a message from the currently missing Alex Braith whom I like near as much as Furiosa.

Black Hammer 6 $3.99

Madame Dragonfly is the only one of the superhero characters we have yet to learn anything about and it seems she has a lot of secrets to reveal and one may be that her character is more a horror story host then a superhero in nature. The blurb for this issue mentions a Cabin of Horrors and with the chilling reveals about some of the characters I'm really looking forward to how Jeff and Dean will blend horror with the superhero in this issue. Much like Catalyst comics a couple years back I'm really enjoying a clever approach to doing the superhero stories we know well with a twist Black Hammer has going. With the big two mainly recycling stories at least with their name characters it's cool when someone does something other with the idea. One of the best hero team books of the year.

The Misfits 1 $3.99

I've made no secret that I honestly love Kelly Thompson's writing on the Jem and the Holograms book and recently I have developed a real affection not just for Stormer buy for the Misfits in the whole. This is one of the books that I've had to wait three plus months for as I am pretty obsessive about comics blogs and following creators I love on whatever social media site you choose to mention. I saw Jenn St Onge' s art for this appearing and knew something was up (I also just got the gorgeous Kickstarter book Finding Molly that she did... her style is right in my sweet spot with its manga influenced look.) With the label dropping the Misfits in the story they have to resort to reality TV to continue their career so I expect lots of weird unreal drama along with the personal disasters that go with celebrity. I'm going in with high expectations but I'm confident they will meet or exceed them.


Slam 2 $3.99

Me FLCS finally got his copies of Slam! In and it met and exceeded all my expectations and well has won a fan here. Like Jem and the Holograms and Kim&Kim Slam seems to be mainly about the friendships, relationships, rivalries between women against the backdrop of another element in this case Roller Derby. Issue one made me both honestly laugh out loud and tear up so it's obviously clicking on a emotional level; Pamela Ribon and Veronica Fish's first issue endeared their heros Knockout and ICanDoIt in a way that I have to signal boost for this book so we can get a lot more of it. The pacing of issue one was pretty brilliant too especially the guidelines about Derby throughout the story.


That gets me to right about twenty and I know I'm likely to pick up the PowerMan and IronFist Christmas Special as well as possibly a Copra or the Space Raiders trade but if you missed it you have to look below for a earnest recommendation to pick up...

Kim & Kim Vol 1 $12.99

As its Christmas and time to talk about end of the year lists and such things I have to say that if you missed Mags Vissagio's Kim&Kim this week you can get all of this four issue series about this super functual dysfunctnal friendship between a want to be not bounty hunter and a equally not want to be necromancer having to do th things they hate to survive and support each other. Much weirdness in this cross dimension outer space bounty hunting road story that exists mainly for the Kim's to exoplore and struggle with as they support each other. Loveinly created by Magdalene Vissagio, Eva Cabrera, and Claudia Aguirre this is best limited series that started as one for 2016. Aces.

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