Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Wanted December 14 2016 aka Comics Pull List.

It's an almost all street level action this week from my pull list starting with seventies Russian spies and detectives in LA to the streets of NY with a likely trip south of the border for some cartel action. This weekly pull list just tops my Twenty dollar budget and has some of my favorite and less recognized creators who need more eye on them.


Mayday 2 $3.99

Russian spy activity in the US is pretty topical now and well though this is set in the seventies I'm sure Alex De Campi will have some pretty appropo ideas in this book among the action and violence. The first issue introduced us to the players in both sides of this Cold War game of cat and mouse and landed the Russian agents in the hands of the us inteligence services. According to interviews this is a story that will be about trust and betrayal which is only fitting given the paranoia in the inteligence services. Issue one featured some very bad decisions on the part of at least one of the agents that has put both in a bad position; I am pretty impressed by how much the writing and art invested me in the players of this book and made me want more. Don't come expecting glamour and gadgets though as this is more a grim gritty le Carrie tale then a high flying Fleming movie.

Mosiac 3 $3.99

Geoffrey Thorne is among my favorite people that I follow on twitter as he has no fear of calling people on their shit and his writing has that daring as he's not afraid to write about someone who is full on flawed and sometimes not likeable, in other words pretty human. Morris is still learning what he is and what he is not after his inhuman transformation and the first couple issues have been a pretty interesting ride to take with him. Khary Randolph and their colorist Emilio Lopez have done some pretty amazing pages with this book and created some spectacular effects to go with whatever his powers really are. The first issue of Mosiac was 4.99 and I near passed on it but listening to Geoffrey interviewed made me sure I had to support the book, give it a chance it's doing something interesting and I'm hoping grabs an audience... I'm afraid I may be the only person in my local shop getting it as so often happens.

No Mercy 13 $3.99

There are weeks that i celebrate because creators have two books out and this is one of the those for Alex De Campi. I was attracted to this book because I liked Alex's writing on Grindhouse and fondly remember Carla Speed McNeil's Finder that I'm currently rereading in its entirety and I found a title that I didn't expect, one set firmly in what could be called a cruel reality. Alex pulls from her many years of living in foreign countries to tell this story of the fallout of one bad even in the lives of college freshmen and their families as the effects of the bus accident continue to ripple out into the wider world and choices complicate things further. Carla Speed McNeil may be comeone who's are is at first chance pretty and cute u she has shown just how that can be flipped on its head with the crippling events that befell some of the characters in this book. I love this book for its complexity and their attempt to be real in this medium that in the US seldom gets there in the general mainstream.


Hawkeye 1 $3.99

Kate Bishop was one of the best things about both Matt Fraction's Hawkeye and Kieron Gillen's Young Avengers that I'm sure to check out this book and it's especially likely given Kelly Thompson is writing this young adult detective story. Kelly who has been doing such a brilliant job with Jem and the Holograms, co wrote a fun Captain Marvel book for Secret Wars I think is a perfect choice to do this street level justice book and to take Kate back to LA. Looking at the book Kelly has picked up on the feel that Matt had for Kate's story but I know she is going to make it something all her own and though I don't know the artist well but the pages look good and reminiscent of the Hawkeye book...also it's going to be colored by the colorist hero Jordie Bellaire so it's sure to be a visual treat.

PowerMan and IronFist 11 $3.99

I always have to mention PowerMan and IronFist when it comes out as David F Walker's take on writing and the things he has to say really click with me. This storyline kind of reminds me of the Wire as David is as always developing his heels in the tale as much as his heroes allowing them as much room to grow on readers. Sanford Greene also gets a lot of visual room to play drawing a mix of realistic people and goofy costumed villains in this book. Last issue allowed us to see the "Fang Gang" as they were almost called in their origin tale and as ever it was a mix of feelings as were coming to know them as relateable characters so to feel for them even as you don't really want to. It's pretty obvious I love this book and it's really one I can't pass up even if I break the budget a bit...I'll always signal boost for it as I believe in this book


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