Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Last Wanted list 2016 or Dec 28 Comics Pull List

It happens some weeks, well lots of weeks, that my twenty dollar budget doesn't allow me to signal boost for all the books I really want to so though I'm trying to only spend twenty I'm going to just talk about all the books I think I'd pick up if my budgetballowed it this time around.(mainly because of all the brilliant books but also because 2016 continues to to be a crap year in so many ways)

Love is Love $9.99

This yeas this must support this collaboration book between IDW DC and others to remember the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando and support those affected by the loss. All the stories for this collection have been contributed free, all the proceeds are going to Equality Florida to support the survivors and the families of the victims. Seeing the brilliant list of creators who have come to support the LGBTQ community with this project with their work is touching and if there is one book to get this week this is the one. I could list off the creators but for a fuller list here is the link to the Diamond comics page for the book...yes I love everything else I'm posting about the week but, well, This. ... Love is Love is Love... you know the quote.


Black Panther 9 $3.99

Brian Stelfreeze is back on the title he helped start and though I enjoy Chris Sprouse and think he did a great job I always look forward to seeing Brian's work and he did a magnificent job defining the look for this series. Last issue saw the return of Black Panthers Sister, -, to the real world mainly through her own agency with a little help from Manifold and T'challa. It also looks like Brian came back jut in time for the status quo to change in Wakanda as the political situation becomes more complicated and possibly reaches the breaking point.

Romulus 3 $3.99

Bryan Hill wastes no time in complicating things as issue two introduced the illuminati and upped the ante right away with the secret society thing making Ashlar a deal she may not be able to pass up. I have sampled a lot of the one woman assassin titles that have came out over time including the ones from Marvel and few have felt this big right out of the gate even with the weight of their well heeled settings behind them. Bryan and Nelson are putting so much into this book to have something that feels fully formed with a real history in just two issues and with all the characters we have gotten a bit of as of yet. Enough gushing I think this book is well worth its cost hopefully more people who'll give it a look.

Monstress 9 $3.99

From one comic that is packed full of story and nuance to another wonderful offering that is equally a deal for the money. I say it nearly every time an issue comes out but eventough I'm used to manga artists packing in detail on every page Sana Takada, who's art can do cute as well as ultra-violent in equal measure, creates such richly detailed and story filled pages I can't help but go on about it. This book is the one that should make Marjorie a really recognized name on comics for her own creations and not her work and existing properties. What more can I say other then if fantasy of any kind is your thing you could do far worse then to support these hard working creators.

Wayward 19 $3.99

So much is going in in this book now with the characters scattered across Tokyo and across the planet I'm curious who's story is going to get moved forward reguaedless of what the cover implies. Ayane is seemingly critically injured, Nikaido and Ronin who's vehicle just crashed and there is a giant yokai possibly on the rampage near Shiraz and Ohara along with the usual suspects of Wayward in the shadows waiting to strike. Jim Zub, Steven Cummings and Tamara Bonvillain manage to deliver enough story in twenty some odd pages to keep all the heroes of this book present and that is a feat as this book feels like it's less compressed then a normal US comic book as it feels more manga like if it's not manga length...I just want more of it.

Shutter 25 $3.99

Though this series is heading toward the end of the story in this story arc I'm still out here signal boosting for it as exposing readers to all the creative minds behind it is important to me; Joe Keatinge, Leila Del Duca, Owen Gieni and John Workman individually all need to have people knowing their names. This issue in addition to being the twenty-fifth in the series its also their celebration of twenty-five years of Image comics and is a big old regular sized crossover issue. What does that mean other then Glory, Shadowhawk, Invincible, and others will appear I have no clue but it's sure to be worth reading. (Also Afar the book Leila is writing for next year just got offered go ask for a copy to be ordered.)



Supergirl Being Super 1 $5.99

Either Mariko Tamaki or Joelle Jones would make this book a must for me so both of them working on it assures I'll be buying one. Joelle's illustrations have those hints of pin up art without being exploitation, sexualizing her subject, which is perfect for Supergirl as its abook that should be pretty but not objectified. From what I recall it's looking at her pre-superhero-ing years and I'm hoping has a lot themeatically in common with Legend of Wonder Woman (which sadly won't have a season two aparently). Let's give this book some real support so DC gets an idea that this kind of thing is what readers just might want.


Also this week Insexts 9, Mother Panic 2, Jade Street Protection Servies 3, Wonder Woman 13, Hulk 1, and Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur 14

Too many good books go get Love is Love...I may buy two and give one away here in the new year.


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