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Comics Pull List August 31 2016

Well it was confirmed in the weekend that Nighthawk is ending with issue 6 regardless of Marvel supporting David Ramon and Tamara's vision on the book; loved issue 4 that just came out and I still think that people should totally support it through October. It will join Angela in my ended way too soon pile. Anyway this is a great week coming up and I'm doing this a bit different though I'm still keeping to a bit of my twenty dollar budget I'm going to suggest add an optional book or two as well why not... I'm still starting with a must have for the week.


Kim & Kim 2 $3.99

The first issue of Mag's Visaggio' s bounty hunter buddy story was really a joy to read so it's got to top the list this week; Magdalene posted to Twitter it was out this Wednesday and though Diamond doesn't list it I trust her to know. If you missed its a very cute sort of anime looking book illustrated by Eva Cabera in colored in bright neon done by Claudia Aguirre about a truly supportive friendship between really well matched totally opposite women both named Kim. The world building in this grabs from multiple sources and comes off as a weird melding of fantasy and science fiction elements making this familiar and recognizable premise totally its own thing and th story is full on friendly to pretty much everything except kids as it gets kinda risqué and real about crap. I'm really hoping its out this week as I'm exited to visit with the girls again. (Bit of an update...its been delayed till the first Wednesday of September)

Mae 4 $3.99

Issue three friendly got us to the fantasy side of this weird magical portal story and kicked the story about Mae and her sister Abby into high gear and is rally what I wanted from the Kickstarter volume. The strange and weird abound in the world through the rock and Abby appears to be not so much loved by the people that have taken over. Gene Ha treated us to some cleaver plotting as well as loads of gorgeous art in our first experience of his fantasy realm. What this cover implies I have hopes that we'll get some weird magic mad scientist stuff in this coming issue but who knows and that is half the fun of original stories. With works so personal to the artist and owned by them I've most enjoyed the wonder of enountering something fresh and new even if it's a play on older themes. If you have missed it and anything I have said entices you hope your local shop has some to hand as its really good stuff.

Postal 14 $3.99

This title sneaking its way onto my list I blame that on listening to the Black Comics Chat podcast and hearing Bryan hill talk about this book, how it came about and his passion for storytelling, oh and his next coming title Romulus. Postal is a thriller set in a town both on and off the grid; its that last refuge for the criminally minded and has its own quester for justice in the local mailman who just happens to suffer from aspergers. I do enjoy a good thriller along the the weird and offbeat lines much like Nailbiter, the novel Touch which I reccomend without reservation and morally complex work like the Wire; Postal certainly fits the bill though it involves nothing paranormal as is my usual want the town of Eden lacks nothing in morally grey characters with oh so very personal agendas. What I think made it a must check out was Bryan being conscious of the pricetag on books and his verbal intent to deliver on that price.

Legend of Wonder Woman 9 $3.99

I know, wait, what about the Greg Rucka run on the book, well I happen to be really charmed by this take in the character too as its been as good or better then some of the wonder women up till, well, recently. Renae de Liz and Ray Dillon's take on Diana bring her back to her World War Two roots in this reimagined origin tale keeping all the wonderful complexity that she has gained over the years and set aside continuity issues in favor telling a better more cohesive and more relatable story. This is more the all ages kind of thing we need that respects the past and the reader. The art is vibrantly colored and to me totally charming without tipping into cute. There will soon be a compilation of the entire nine issue run and it did get released as digital too so there are plenty of avenues to take a look at this. It's great to see a version of the Wonder Woman story that avoids objectifying her.

Jem and the Holograms 18 $3.99

Jen Bartel's illustrations are one of the things that get me through the day when they pop up on my Twitter feed so I'd likely pick this up even if I wasn't hooked by Kelly Thompson's writing and take on the characters. Much like Legend of Wonder Woman this book has style, substance and happens to be pretty much all ages to boot, the last story arc fleshed out the Pizzaz, the Misfits, Crash and Blaze in ways that justified my thoughts that Kelly and Sophie were giving them as much thought and agency as the Holograms (There is even a bit of a substantiated rumor of a Misfits spinoff). This issue is a lead in to the next set of changes in the characters lives bringing in a new rival band and moving characters into new spaces. It's fun to have a few books that are not all cosmic crisis and fisticuffs.

DC Bombshells Annual 1 (alternate or extra) $4.99

Marguerite Bennett is a name that turns up in my recommendations a lot and here is another of her books that I'm pretty likely to break my budget for. What could be better then a new book written by Marguerite well it would be getting a good illustrated by Elsa Charretier who did the thirtieth issue of Harley Quinn, the Infinity Loop miniseries and is going to be the artist on the new Wasp series at Marvel in the fall. This story is apparently a secret story of the Great War so it should be a stand alone and from the issues I've read DC Bombshells is a great elseworlds kind of ride... for me I was sold with the creative team what can I say I'm too much a fan sometimes.

Image Plus 5 $1.99

For me having grown up during the Marvel Age era of comics, when Marvel had their monthly book that both hyped and detailed what was coming out and also gave you interviews and articles this magazine from image is a nostalgic gem. I like to get a bit of a inside view into the industry I love so much; it's why I dig the iWord podcast with David Brothers and this is kind of a magazine version of that. The interview mainly image creators but have brought in new voices too and I do like a bit of hype and it certainly does a bit of that to be honest. It's also got two original comic in it one currently is a Walking Dead story about the character Negan and the other is an editorial piece by Brandin Graham which is usually a hoot, no I'm not that old I just like that statement.



That gets me into the twenty five dollar range and I have not even mentioned Saga 37, Tokoy Ghost 10 and the Gotham Academy Annual which would push me well towards forty dollars which is too rich for me given all the bills I had this month. I guess you can't have it all. Let me know what you think I missed.


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Comics Podcast recommendation...

As I mentioned in my Pull List post yesterday have been getting to listen to a lot of great comics podcasts while walking out cat Shack...think I'll include an image of him as it's because of him I've had the time to listen

to Black Girl Nerds, The iWord, Graphic Policy, Creator Owned Stories and the one I'll mostly be referencing today Black Comics Chat (soundcloud, iTunes). The podcast is usually artist Marcus Kwame Anderson, writers Leonardo Faierman and Thelonious Legend and PH.D. Student/world traveler and comics fan Grace Gipson talking about all things comics, geek media. social issues and pretty much anything that comes up with their range of opinionated, thoughtful and creative guests from artists to publishers in the comics world. I discovered them because of their hosting David F Walker on the eve of Power Man and Iron Fist coming out in February and it was extra special as it was a show broadcast through YouTube (a kind of regular deal of theirs on Fridays at 9pm eastern time).

Some of the guests like David Walker (oh so may good books like Shaft, Nighthawk, PM and IF) Mildred Lewis twice (Agents of the Realm), Bill Campbell (publisher Rosarium press) Taneka Stotts (editor Elements anthology), Bryan Edward Hill (Postal, Romulus) and the crew behind Brotherman (go, go now no listen to this episode now) I was already familiar with so getting to hear them talk about their pasts, struggles and express their passion for their work made me like them and happy to support them all the more.

Additionally listening to them I've learned more about the comics industry then I previously knew and have encountered more cool creators that I might not have learned about otherwise. Because of the Walker interview I got turned on to Spike Trotman and her publishing powerhouse Iron Circus. Recently the episodes I listened to introduced me to the Saturday AM online manga through the interview with Fredrick L Jones which publishes manga created from artist writers from around the world and offers very affordable yearly subscriptions to get access. The little I've seen looks authentic to me and I've been a manga fan since the read it in Japanese if you can find it days that predates Viz, Dark Horse and other translating it for the English speaking world. (Seems I have similar manga tastes to several of the hosts too)

Grey Williamson sadly was also a new name to me but he's been in and around the comics industry for a long good while and was mentored and championed by several of my favorite big names in comics. In the episode they talk quite a bit about the state of people of color in comics; the discussion was pretty interesting as was the introduction to his dream inspired self published work Val-Mar that I will be buying pretty damn soon. A good load of wisdom got shared in this episode but that is true of most of them as I would definately say that of the Fredrick L Jones one, most definately the Brotherman group interview (again go listen to it and get the book), the David F Walker... Um just well all of them.

I've also been turned onto a couple of webcomics I'd possible missed out on because of Marcus, Leo, Grace and Thelonious including Kamikaze (available on Tapastic) and Starhammer mainly because of the episodes I linked there. Both were ones they call Kickstarter Jumpoff episodes where they bring on creators to talk about their projects. The more I look back across the episodes I have listened to the more I see worth mentioning like Jeremy Whitley and Princless that I've read bits and pieces of to much joy and Cash and Carrie by Shawn Pryor that would be a good companion to another favorite of mine Goldie Vance drawn by Brittant Williams. This post has gotten a bit away from me as I first thought about posting about Saturday AM and Val-Mar as those episodes I heard this week but wow so many good interviews it's definately too much to cover in one quick blog post.

So what could I say about Black Comics Chat other then gush with praise about how much I really love the show and the deep impactlful quality of its content; the passion of its quartet of hosts and their range of guests. It's a show that gets deeper into the comics industry then you'd expect, hits on real social topics and has a lot of fun taking on some pretty real topics. I'll get out of the way and hope you let them speck for themselves it's something that they do brilliantly. The books they cover run the games from all ages to books that have what might be called mature content and all of them are handled with equal time and enthusiasm.

Some links to the books and webcontent I referenced above...

Grey williamson's Val-Mar (Amazon, iBooks ) and Carbon-fiber media

Saturday AM (their 50th issue just recently came out)

Agents of the Realm by Mildred Lewis (fantastic magical girls in college webcomic)

Cash & Carrie by Shawn Pryor

Kamikaze (link to the first chapter on Tapastic)

Starhammer (a different kind of superhero comic)

Brotherman (the nineties comics legend and the new graphic novel)


Not sure if I did the gang on the show justice I hope so as its one of my go to podcasts along with BGN and if comics are your thing do yourself a solid and give the show a listen. I've got more to catch up on including the Afua Richardson episode oh and...and... well there I go again. Go listen.


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Comics Pull List August 24 2016

I have been listening to a lot of episodes of BlackComicsChat as I have been out walking our cat early in the morning and if your not listening to it you are missing out on some great comic related conversations and equally great and interesting creators. Anyway along those lines I know I'll be reccomend in some books and projects to go look at later this week but I'm here to share my pull list and what I'm picking up for right around twenty dollars give or take. I do try to hit titles that may just be hiding out there in the shelves behind the usual four color suspects.


Nighthawk 4 $3.99

This is likely the best and most honestly edgy current Marvel book that your hopefully reading like me and if your not it should be the one you get this week. Really none of the big comics blogs are talking up this David F Walker book and maybe I could take some guesses at why but I'll leave it at this if the Midnighter series was your kind of thing for its uncompromising hard hitting attitude and storytelling this should be your man. Ramon Villalobos and Tamara Bonvillain are right there punching up as strong as David as his co conspirators in telling this dark vigilante tale in a very real world like Chicago where the lawmen are just as much a danger to the people as the arians the gangs and the other various and sundry criminals both blue and white collar. For my dollar this is the book I have to get this week as I want to see it run as long as Marvel will let them get away with it as few authors look at real world troubles and so starkly and clearly have something to say about them.

MoonGirl and Devil Dinosaur 10 $3.99

So this is the other Marvel must for the week in my opinion as Lunella's personal tale to remain herself in the fact of and the wake of change is one that is both fun and heartfelt. I like to think that Jack Kirby would get a kick out of his creation reimagined as a modern genius paired with the big red Tyrannosarus exploring what it is to exist in the current rendition of the Marvel Universe, well at least I can say I'm getting a kick out of this book one that I would feel ok recommending without a moments hesitation. This issue have the added bonus of a cool gueststar Ms. Marvel and the added plus that it's got nothing to do with Civil War II. Kamala is a pretty fitting character to interact with a newly transformed Inhuman and fledgling hero trying to deal; I suspect that Amy and Brandon have a great fast paced fun and touching story in hand here and I'll need something to balance all the grim and hard hitting above.


Island 10 $7.99

Island is that big expense I'm never sorry to pay for, sure it kind of kills two comic choices for the week but given its ad-less and cover to cover nature of storytelling It's kind of a comics bargain. Sometimes Image solicitations are pretty vague and the one of this did little other then mention the artists including again Lin Visel, Brandon Graham and Fil Barlow and it's award winning status in the industry. So how to convince you this is worth two other books I don't really know other then to say I have not been let down by Brandon Graham and Emma Rios as editors yet. This is an anthology for people who miss the old Vertigo books that tried new stuff regularly, pushed some envelopes and maybe just maybe opened up some minds.

Snotgirl 2 $2.99

Just finished issue one... Yes just now as I wanted to have something to say about this book and Bryan Lee O'Maley chose perfectLy his partner in Leslie Hung as the art is cute and hip and gorgeous even when it's dripping with sweat and snot and tears. I'm a bit shallow at times and would get a couple issues for the art alone but the social media satire commentary is quite brilliant. As a blogger (yeah totally one of those) who is self conscious and wondering about my audience (do I actually have one?) it's home for me. The book is savvy and outright funny from the first few pages. Lottie person has me hooked.,. I would so follow her fashion blog but only if it was as up front as the comic. Bryan taps into that real kind of vulnerability I think a lot of people have when dealing with their social media presentation and the fears that we all have making this an I can relate kind of tale. Oh and I have always loved green hair.

Patsy Walker aka Hellcat 9 $3.99

I dig Kate Leth and Brittany Williams as comic creators and sadly this book gets edged out of my list sometimes and that is a shame as like Snotgirl it's really relatable spandex, superheroes and demons aside. It fits into that odd little corner of Marvel where real meets surreal and involves characters I've enjoyed for a long time. What gets me to mention it is the three page preview from Comicosity that was downright hilarious and I've been needing a bit of just funny recently. Oh and if you have never seen Brittany Williams charming art style you are really missing out, her other book Goldie Vance is one of the books I can't let slip by when it comes out.

Kingsway West 1 $3.99

Oops near forgot this new book by written by Greg Pak that was supposed to come out months ago. I have enjoyed weird westerns since I was a kid watching reruns of the original Wild Wild West and the Jonah Hex books DC did. This promises to be a old west by way of magic derived from red gold that was the center of their gold rush with a eastern pacific hero questing to save his lost love if I'm not mistaken. The previews look to be a treat form the well crafted dialogue to the equally well rendered art by Mirko Colak colored by Will Quintana. Magic, fantastic creatures, swords and gunslinging I'd see that movie and this has the benefit of a huge effects budget afforded by comics.



That puts my a few dollars over my budget and it doesn't count the fact I'll likely be picking up a certain Wonder Woman 5 eventough it's the even numbered issues I'm really into. Anyhow check in tomorrow as while our four legged friend gets some medical attention that I'm so worried about I'm going to distract myself by sharing some suggestion for books you need to give a look that you won't be finding at your FLCS.


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Comics Pull List August 17 2016

Oh so much good coming out this week it will be hard to choose what I would choose as my have to get book this time around. It's also a week that keeping to my twenty dollar pull list budget might be a bit hard but as always I'll try to hit the books that might just excape your notice...hell every week in my excitement over X I usually miss another book I've been looking forward to or actually posted about in my pull list. Anyway on with the list.

PowerMan and IronFist 7 $3.99

It's a Civil War II, which I have been not following, tie in issue penciled again by fill in artist Flaviano Armentaro who does a pretty nice version of Sanfords take on the characters. When I think about my top choices and how frequently if they are marvel they happen to be a David F Walker book and its because he delivers stories that are worth the high cost of admission. This issue brings in Misty Knight one of my favorite characters from their huge stable of characters and who almost always has to punch above her level, though it's a brief appearance I expect it's a welcome nod to their long past together. Danny is in jail and Cage is going to have to do something about that; it's a bit of a flip flop of their usual places and may lead to interesting times to come. Anyway love everything about this reimagined buddy book, thanks to David Walker and his art pairings for bringing them back.

Backstagers 1 $3.99

So I was planning on looking at this anyway but one of the people I follow on Twitter apparently got a peek at it and gave it pretty high marks and as her book is one that delivered despite the months of anticipation I have to give this a nod. James Tynion IV who does the much lauded book The Woods and was a contributor to Batman Eternal and Ryan Sygh, the artist on Munchkin, bring this boys school drama team to life. We encounter this fantastic world through the eyes on a new transfer student who joins the stage crew and discovers that one of the backstage doors leads to true magical places. I'm thinking this will be a book more about the friendships made between this players on the stage spiced by a bit of weird urban fantasy. Social media has turned me on to a lot of the books I like these days and I suspect this will be yet another winner.

Supergirl Rebirth 1 $2.99

I was never much of a Superman fan; I did I read his books on and off after Crisis of Infinite Earths but I have always liked Supergirl especially her adventures with the Legion of Superheroes, oh and the TV show has a lot of charm. This is the Rebirth book that got my attention when I watched the convention event when they revealed the books and their creative teams. Last year I was pretty vocal about my enjoyment of Steve Orlando's take on Midnighter and though Supergirl is as much a much different character then M that I can imagine I think at their core both of them are drive by a hope of creating a better world. Emanuella Lupacchino is getting to draw this Rebith issue so I know Kara will have a beautifully drawin and probably dynamically paced book out of the gate; the new 52 version never did much for me so I have great hopes for this take and full faith in the team behind it.



Mockingbird 6 $3.99

Chelsea Cain's story took me completely by surprise and that is a good thing, this is not at all the book I expected her to write it's more like Matt Fractions Hawkeye in tone compared to the usual suspects fare. She delvels into Bobbi's troubled mind and the weirdness in the life of a Marvel superspy the the other spy come assassin come hero books they put out and it's a joy really. I wish Marvel would leave the books I love out of the their crossover madness; Chelsea looks to be sending Bobbi to a hero fan convention in this tie in title to hopefully hide among nerd culture and I suspect a bit of meta fiction to come out of this couple issue story arc.


Blackhammer 2 $3.99

Somehow this is the perfect book to write about after that take on Mockingbird. Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston's weird cross over event fall out story fits right in I think. Why would I say I think as I got the first issue a month back, well to be honest I still have yet to read it so I think needs to suffice here. Event comics often leave characters as victims in their wake that linger till someone brings them back and his is a book that tells their story while they await their next shot at the mainstream or at least that is what I thought of it as looking at the previews. The pages I saw were pretty amazing and Jeff has yet to really dissapoint me with the stories he tells.

Descende 14 $2.99

The last book I'm picking to fully write about this week barely in my budget is another Jeff Lemire book. I can never really mention Descender without extolling the water color painted work of Dustin Nguyen and the awe in which I hole the way he's telling this story. This character spotlight is hitting the robo-dog companion which waited a decade among corpses for Tim-21 to awaken again. I suspect it's may be a bit of a horror tale but I'm not really sure what to expect and that is a good place to be in for me as I like to be surprised.


This week I'm also picking up Insexts 7 and Wicked + the Divine 22, likely Horizon 2 and Demonic 1 but I have to try to keep to some rules... Let me know what your picking up


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Comics Pull List August 10 2016

I've been getting more hits lately so thank you if your reading my pull oust suggestions... I do this weekly trying to keep to a twenty dollar budget and look towards titles that may just be not getting that much press around the sites I look at. This is the second week where I know I will have space in my list for a bit of experimentation so if you live something I'm missing drop me a line. Again thanks for reading.


Another Castle 4 $3.99

I've been missing Pauline Ganucheau's art since the end of Zodiac Starforce and I'm so happy that we're getting an issue of Another Castle and it's alternate take on fairytale princess tropes. I love books like this one that deliver much more then what I was expecting based on the previews. What I expected to be a humorous take on the Pincess as hero for herself has emerged as a book with multiple characters with their own stakes and agency and one that takes a real look at the fact that happily ever after only happens in stories. It heartening the aspects of conscience and character that Andrew and Paulina have actually explored through the typical heroes the "evil" minions, who are probably my favorite characters, even the villain of the piece in complicated. It's a really good book and though it's near over with next issue being the last its well worth checking out to see if it's your kind of thing; Pinceless with a different twist perhaps for an older audience. All that and it's illustrated so appealingly by Paulina too.

Girl over Paris 2 $2.99

My local comic shop is still waiting on issue one so I can't say from personal experience yet if this is everything I suspect it to be. I will say again what I did about issue one though with the creative team of Kate Leth and Ming Doyle joining Gwenda Bond it's sure to be a good read. Focusing on one of her characters from her YA novel and her attempt to do a wire routine involving the Eiffel Tower that gets the attention of a mysterious ghostly figure the Harlequin this is a book I think should be pretty fitting to my comic tastes. I have to hope that Kate and Ming don't let me down but I'm pretty confident in their ability to tell a great involving tale.

Black Panther 5 $3.99

When I say the list I thought wait what didn't we just get a Black Panther issue and had forgotten this second arc is being illustrated by Chris Sprouse who happens to be another favorite artist I've not seen of late. I recall Chris from his work with Alan Moore on Tom Strong and his pretty amazing run on Legion of Superheroes; he dreams great action and is quite a storyteller so he will be a good addition to the book till Brian can return. With open rebellion and war happening in Wakanda and the final quote in issue 4 I suspect things to get serious but with Ta-Nehisi writing this I suspect that the serious we get to be not the usual thing, the standard expected slugfest. I suspect we will be seeing much more of the after effects and the fallout of violence then the pyrotechnics and pomp. The Wakanda area of the Marvel universe we know is getting another book soon and that can only be a good thing; as readers we see far too much of New York and such when there is such a bigger world to explore out there.

Lumberjanes Gotham Academy 3 $3.99

Chynna Clugson Flores who created Blue Monday that I mentioned last week which I loved years ago when it came out get the opportunity to write this crossover between these two loved books. Rosemary Valero-O'Connel who is doing the art is an unfamiliar name but her art is really appealing when I flipped through the book and convinced me between the two to grab the first two issues having been a reader of both series. Both of the books have that same spooky mystic thing going on in them so why the hell not bring these two casts together; this is one of those times a crossover makes total sense to me especially given the writer is someone who I think totally gets what makes for good comics.


There is one other book out there I'll probably be getting that will put me at about 20 ... It's a little book that costs $4.99 called All Star Batman but I suspect it doesn't need much of a signal boost


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Trade Waiting Tuesday Aug 2 2016

I don't do this often enough as thee have been some great books lately so this week I'll be doing a bit of catch up and if your like me you have a bit of room to play this week.

Monstress Vol 1 Awakening

I tried to post about this the week it came out but I found myself gushing embarrassingly as I love this book loads. Marjorie Liu and Sana Takada together have created a fantasy world and cast that is deep and richly detailed in art story and history and a book that reveals itself without being info dump-y. The elevator pitch a multicultural steampunk fantasy post war tale involving Kaiju was exiteling enough without the brilliant realization and delivery in a book where the brilliant covers are an accurate depiction of the interior art. In interviews Marjorie talked about being inspired by her family history in the wake of the Japanese occupation of China and the strength of the women in her family and that passion shows in the story, she also talked about Sana's input and impact on the development of the story so it's a true collaboration between them. Ok perhaps I'm starting to squee a bit much but it is a gorgeous book that will please many fantasy readers particularly fans of books like Naomi Novik's recent novel Uprooted. Monstress delivered better on its promises then many fantasy stories I have read and drifted away from over time. It's also only $9.99.


Blue Monday Vol 1 The Kids are Alright

I'm not going to say when this initially came out but I remember picking up the initial run as it hit the shelves as the high school rock and roll influenced drama really clicked with me as a fan of so much of the same music. Chyana Clugston Flores who did this interview last week when the book got re-released colored by Jordie Bellaire talked a lot about the influences behind the book including Archie books and the manga Maison Ikkoku by Runiko Takahash. She went on to talk about why doing a high school drama appealed to her then and why it's still so topical now in a market still so flooded with spandex slugfests and big event books. I recall it quite fondly and am like to pick it up this week for me it's a bit of nostalgia and a chance to reread something that I had given away a while back and forgot how much I liked it. Also like Monstress it's priced at $9.99


Shutter Vol 4 All Roads

I have to be honest I'm issues behind but what I have read of this volume Joe, Leila Owen and John have begun to reveal things about Kate we didn't previously know. The initial story arcs throw us headlong into the journey of discovery Kate started out on when she learned she was no her fathers only child or even his first child. We recently learned that this is the second to last story arc the final one will be longer and will start in the fall. I've loved this story and all its various reveals and shock sand will miss it when it's over. If you don't know about Shutter if you think an adult version of the globe trotting adventures aka Tin Tin but ninety percent more fantastic elements like dinosaurs, dragons, talking animals, conscious Kat alarmclocks and ninja ghosts and... Perhaps you get the picture. The book is amazingly meta where it comes to storytelling and is really very heartfelt. I will sorely miss it once it's gone. It's $14.99 gorgeously illustrated and colored. Oh no I think I'm beginning to do it again so I'll let it go and say it's among my favorite books.


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Comics Pull List August 3 2016

I had a good birthday weekend and found out I share a birthday with a pretty popular fictional character which somehow totally slipped my mind and I should have known it given my enjoyment of said series. Anyhow in to comics and my list of books I'm actually buying this week fitting into twenty dollars and trying to support books that may just be getting less notice...sometimes my tastes are kinda popular and sometimes not. If you think I'm missing out on good books let me now what your living right now and what you recommend.


PaperGirls 8 $2.99

I know BKV may not need much of a signal boost but this book by Vaughan Cliff Chiang and Matt Wilson doesn't get near as much word of mouth as the amazing Saga that he does with Fiona Staples. PaperGirls is more of a angst-y drama then Saga and doesn't work as well as a drop in any issue kind of story but with the reveals to the girls from the late eighties in modern day last issue was pretty devastating. It's funny how I've read a lot of time travel stories and now I must have seen a moment like the last page but I can't recall any event so heart crushing as that one. Perhaps it's because we really don't know how this world operates and how deterministic things are that makes the words lay so heavy on the book for me. Brian Cliff and Matt have made me really care about the time scattered cast of the book and I'm hungry to know what the hell is really happening, I don't care about the whys as they would be a bit technobabble. So guess I'm saying this is one I can't really miss.


Lady Killer vol 2 1 $3.99

Joèlle Jones and Michelle Madsen return to the seemingly safe swinging sixties and Cocoa Beach Florida the home of I dream of Jenie and apparently our killer housewife Josie and her family. Joèlle is one of the artists that I do kind of follow around so I'd be inclined to pick this up but the first story arc was a pretty damn good read. Lady Killer is a lot closer to Dexter then is safe for anyone squeamish about up front violence and blood then I really should be ok with but it is so damn pretty despite that. Our killers past has followed her and like John Wick she's going to get pulled back in but with more housewares and much fewer guns. Got to go back and read the first volume again.

Suicide Squad Rebirth 1 $2.99

I'll be frank about this book; I'm getting this mainly because of my very fond memories of the original John Ostrander run on the book he managed to endear the core characters of the book, Deadshot, Capt. Boomerang, and Waller to me and I have never really lost my affection for them over time and both good and bad storytelling. Harley Quinn fronting the group I may have a few if not many misgivings about but Rob Williams I think is a deft enough writer to make this really work. I read some scattered issues of his from Martian Manhunter and Unfollow and he's convinced me at least to give this a go. Given its going to be doing double shipping monthly that bugs me but who knows it may just be the right team for the book. The April Fools special was a bit of fun setting the tone for this and gave me some hope for the new book.


Animosity 1 $3.99

(Missed this for a few hours)

How could I have forgotten this was shipping this week? Anyway Marguerite Bennett has been among my favorite comic writers since I read her work in Angela with Kieron Gillen and she's only gotten better as she what worked on her own. Animosity promises to give us communicative and vengeful pets ala a Disney film filtered through the eyes of David Lynch or Stephen King or at least that s the vibe I got for this Road story about a young girl and her dog. Ok, this is looking to be a pretty relentlessly dark week anyone got a reccomend for something bright and pretty and possibly pink to help me. Anyhow really looking forward to this.




So eventough im likely to pick up a copy of Silk 11 which I have been enjoying buy not sure of at times and Tokyo Ghost 9 which I'll be honest I can't push other then for Sean Murphy's art and the affinity I feel for the main character Debbie but I have far too many reservations to actually say get it. This leaves a lot of funds to get books I passed on or even better to get a trade...which brings me to say check tomorrow night as I'm putting together a trade waiting post.