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Comics Pull List August 24 2016

I have been listening to a lot of episodes of BlackComicsChat as I have been out walking our cat early in the morning and if your not listening to it you are missing out on some great comic related conversations and equally great and interesting creators. Anyway along those lines I know I'll be reccomend in some books and projects to go look at later this week but I'm here to share my pull list and what I'm picking up for right around twenty dollars give or take. I do try to hit titles that may just be hiding out there in the shelves behind the usual four color suspects.


Nighthawk 4 $3.99

This is likely the best and most honestly edgy current Marvel book that your hopefully reading like me and if your not it should be the one you get this week. Really none of the big comics blogs are talking up this David F Walker book and maybe I could take some guesses at why but I'll leave it at this if the Midnighter series was your kind of thing for its uncompromising hard hitting attitude and storytelling this should be your man. Ramon Villalobos and Tamara Bonvillain are right there punching up as strong as David as his co conspirators in telling this dark vigilante tale in a very real world like Chicago where the lawmen are just as much a danger to the people as the arians the gangs and the other various and sundry criminals both blue and white collar. For my dollar this is the book I have to get this week as I want to see it run as long as Marvel will let them get away with it as few authors look at real world troubles and so starkly and clearly have something to say about them.

MoonGirl and Devil Dinosaur 10 $3.99

So this is the other Marvel must for the week in my opinion as Lunella's personal tale to remain herself in the fact of and the wake of change is one that is both fun and heartfelt. I like to think that Jack Kirby would get a kick out of his creation reimagined as a modern genius paired with the big red Tyrannosarus exploring what it is to exist in the current rendition of the Marvel Universe, well at least I can say I'm getting a kick out of this book one that I would feel ok recommending without a moments hesitation. This issue have the added bonus of a cool gueststar Ms. Marvel and the added plus that it's got nothing to do with Civil War II. Kamala is a pretty fitting character to interact with a newly transformed Inhuman and fledgling hero trying to deal; I suspect that Amy and Brandon have a great fast paced fun and touching story in hand here and I'll need something to balance all the grim and hard hitting above.


Island 10 $7.99

Island is that big expense I'm never sorry to pay for, sure it kind of kills two comic choices for the week but given its ad-less and cover to cover nature of storytelling It's kind of a comics bargain. Sometimes Image solicitations are pretty vague and the one of this did little other then mention the artists including again Lin Visel, Brandon Graham and Fil Barlow and it's award winning status in the industry. So how to convince you this is worth two other books I don't really know other then to say I have not been let down by Brandon Graham and Emma Rios as editors yet. This is an anthology for people who miss the old Vertigo books that tried new stuff regularly, pushed some envelopes and maybe just maybe opened up some minds.

Snotgirl 2 $2.99

Just finished issue one... Yes just now as I wanted to have something to say about this book and Bryan Lee O'Maley chose perfectLy his partner in Leslie Hung as the art is cute and hip and gorgeous even when it's dripping with sweat and snot and tears. I'm a bit shallow at times and would get a couple issues for the art alone but the social media satire commentary is quite brilliant. As a blogger (yeah totally one of those) who is self conscious and wondering about my audience (do I actually have one?) it's home for me. The book is savvy and outright funny from the first few pages. Lottie person has me hooked.,. I would so follow her fashion blog but only if it was as up front as the comic. Bryan taps into that real kind of vulnerability I think a lot of people have when dealing with their social media presentation and the fears that we all have making this an I can relate kind of tale. Oh and I have always loved green hair.

Patsy Walker aka Hellcat 9 $3.99

I dig Kate Leth and Brittany Williams as comic creators and sadly this book gets edged out of my list sometimes and that is a shame as like Snotgirl it's really relatable spandex, superheroes and demons aside. It fits into that odd little corner of Marvel where real meets surreal and involves characters I've enjoyed for a long time. What gets me to mention it is the three page preview from Comicosity that was downright hilarious and I've been needing a bit of just funny recently. Oh and if you have never seen Brittany Williams charming art style you are really missing out, her other book Goldie Vance is one of the books I can't let slip by when it comes out.

Kingsway West 1 $3.99

Oops near forgot this new book by written by Greg Pak that was supposed to come out months ago. I have enjoyed weird westerns since I was a kid watching reruns of the original Wild Wild West and the Jonah Hex books DC did. This promises to be a old west by way of magic derived from red gold that was the center of their gold rush with a eastern pacific hero questing to save his lost love if I'm not mistaken. The previews look to be a treat form the well crafted dialogue to the equally well rendered art by Mirko Colak colored by Will Quintana. Magic, fantastic creatures, swords and gunslinging I'd see that movie and this has the benefit of a huge effects budget afforded by comics.



That puts my a few dollars over my budget and it doesn't count the fact I'll likely be picking up a certain Wonder Woman 5 eventough it's the even numbered issues I'm really into. Anyhow check in tomorrow as while our four legged friend gets some medical attention that I'm so worried about I'm going to distract myself by sharing some suggestion for books you need to give a look that you won't be finding at your FLCS.


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