Monday, August 1, 2016

Comics Pull List August 3 2016

I had a good birthday weekend and found out I share a birthday with a pretty popular fictional character which somehow totally slipped my mind and I should have known it given my enjoyment of said series. Anyhow in to comics and my list of books I'm actually buying this week fitting into twenty dollars and trying to support books that may just be getting less notice...sometimes my tastes are kinda popular and sometimes not. If you think I'm missing out on good books let me now what your living right now and what you recommend.


PaperGirls 8 $2.99

I know BKV may not need much of a signal boost but this book by Vaughan Cliff Chiang and Matt Wilson doesn't get near as much word of mouth as the amazing Saga that he does with Fiona Staples. PaperGirls is more of a angst-y drama then Saga and doesn't work as well as a drop in any issue kind of story but with the reveals to the girls from the late eighties in modern day last issue was pretty devastating. It's funny how I've read a lot of time travel stories and now I must have seen a moment like the last page but I can't recall any event so heart crushing as that one. Perhaps it's because we really don't know how this world operates and how deterministic things are that makes the words lay so heavy on the book for me. Brian Cliff and Matt have made me really care about the time scattered cast of the book and I'm hungry to know what the hell is really happening, I don't care about the whys as they would be a bit technobabble. So guess I'm saying this is one I can't really miss.


Lady Killer vol 2 1 $3.99

Joèlle Jones and Michelle Madsen return to the seemingly safe swinging sixties and Cocoa Beach Florida the home of I dream of Jenie and apparently our killer housewife Josie and her family. Joèlle is one of the artists that I do kind of follow around so I'd be inclined to pick this up but the first story arc was a pretty damn good read. Lady Killer is a lot closer to Dexter then is safe for anyone squeamish about up front violence and blood then I really should be ok with but it is so damn pretty despite that. Our killers past has followed her and like John Wick she's going to get pulled back in but with more housewares and much fewer guns. Got to go back and read the first volume again.

Suicide Squad Rebirth 1 $2.99

I'll be frank about this book; I'm getting this mainly because of my very fond memories of the original John Ostrander run on the book he managed to endear the core characters of the book, Deadshot, Capt. Boomerang, and Waller to me and I have never really lost my affection for them over time and both good and bad storytelling. Harley Quinn fronting the group I may have a few if not many misgivings about but Rob Williams I think is a deft enough writer to make this really work. I read some scattered issues of his from Martian Manhunter and Unfollow and he's convinced me at least to give this a go. Given its going to be doing double shipping monthly that bugs me but who knows it may just be the right team for the book. The April Fools special was a bit of fun setting the tone for this and gave me some hope for the new book.


Animosity 1 $3.99

(Missed this for a few hours)

How could I have forgotten this was shipping this week? Anyway Marguerite Bennett has been among my favorite comic writers since I read her work in Angela with Kieron Gillen and she's only gotten better as she what worked on her own. Animosity promises to give us communicative and vengeful pets ala a Disney film filtered through the eyes of David Lynch or Stephen King or at least that s the vibe I got for this Road story about a young girl and her dog. Ok, this is looking to be a pretty relentlessly dark week anyone got a reccomend for something bright and pretty and possibly pink to help me. Anyhow really looking forward to this.




So eventough im likely to pick up a copy of Silk 11 which I have been enjoying buy not sure of at times and Tokyo Ghost 9 which I'll be honest I can't push other then for Sean Murphy's art and the affinity I feel for the main character Debbie but I have far too many reservations to actually say get it. This leaves a lot of funds to get books I passed on or even better to get a trade...which brings me to say check tomorrow night as I'm putting together a trade waiting post.


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