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Comics Pull List July 27 2016

Post SDCC shipping week and though there were some cool comics news coming out of SDCC, Roxanne Gay working on the World of Wakanda and more reveals of the art for the Young Animal imprint, real comics news was a bit sparse. As its a five Wednesday month this is kind of a pick up week but as always there are lots of great books to represent for. I try to keep to a manageable budget of twenty dollars and personally try to post about books that may just be shipping your notice in the deluge of big names.

Jade Street Protection Services 2 $3.99

This would be the book I'd grab if I could only get one and why this BlackMask most ages books tops my list. Katy Rex, Fabian Lelay and Mary Jane Carpenter created one of those books that hooked me right away and involved involving me in its characters lives. Fans of Sailor Moon, Harry Potter or the book the Magicians or stories they inspired will likely feel at home in this story about teen magical girls attending an academy for them. These heroes are drawn together not by a teacher or a leader they gather because of being thrown into detention and create a bond as close friends usually do by chance and shared experience. It's a book that hinges of female friendship something not touched in comics that often. Jade Street's artist has a real sense for style shape coming from a fashion design background and if your interested in hearing the creators talk about the book there is a great interview here you can check out.


Mae 3 $3.99

Gene Ha is one of the artists that helped create one of the Americas Best Comics with Alan Moore back when I used to work in a comic shop and it's so great to see him doing work again and even better to see it be something of his own. Mae is a spin on portal fantasies like Alice in Wonderland or Oz about a pair of sisters one who got to adventure as a girl and the other who got left behind fearing her sister a run away or lost time and time again. The first two issues bring the wayward sister home and reveal a much more dangerous and magical world to Mae the sister that stayed home and had a "normal" life. Issue three promises to fall take us to the faire realm and it's an exiteling prospect to see that wild place that the creatures that came to earth in issues one and two came from. The art and the color palet are something pretty unique as is the creation of Gene Ha's fertile imaginings.


Jem and the Holograms 17 $3.99

Sad that Sophie Campbell has left the book, yeah I am but on the other hand I'm equally as exited that Jen Bartell gets to draw the girls for two issues; she's one of my favorite comic artists without a regular book at the moment. She has been doing the alternate covers for a while and they are so cool I'm sad I didn't get any of them other then a few screen captures. Kelly Thompson has spent the last year delivering some of the more interesting stories featuring the quality of supportive friendships through the interactions and dramas that the Holograms and the Misfits have been going through in the music industry with this book. It is something a bit different as the stories don't rely on monthly life and death conflict and art wise Sophie and several guest artists including Jen along with colonist M Victoria Robado have found a way to deliver a silent visual music experience. A book that I was hoping to enjoy at least art wise actually became one of my favorites over the last year and a few months. SDCC this year revealed that IDW is going to spin a Misfits series off of Jem too with Kelly doing the writing and I'm exited to see what she does its them on their own.


MoonGirl and Devil Dinosaur 9 $3.99

The creators behind the book Rocket Girl at image have found a home for their off beat style of adventure with this reimagining of the Jack Kirby creation Devil Dinosauairing him with a genius level grade school girl Lunella or the now MoonGirl. Amy Reeder who's art I sorely miss along with Brandon Montclair and artist Natasha Bustos have delivered an emotional moving and all ages book about a girl "cursed" with the Inhuman gene fearing the effects that terrigenisis would have if she was ever exposed for half a year and now the current arc is dealing with the fallout of her change. The creators behind this book are making one of the better all ages superhero books that is not just jokes and slapstick and promise that Lunella plays a larger part in the Marvel universe in months to come; as long as that does not mean drowned in crossovers and the typical teen angst I'm all good with it. It's a book I have feared for the future for and I'm glad marvel is standing al least supporting one of the all new titles from last years pilot books if you can call them that.


Black Panther 4 $3.99

Ta-Nehisi Coates and Brian Stalfreeze's first Black Panther story arc comes to a close with this issue and though it may not need the signal boost given profile the books writer has it's a book I seldom with see written about. At SDCC in cast you missed it in all the media and movie hype Marvel announced a companion book to this that will be initially written by feminist activist and writer Roxanne Gay giving a spotlight on the women who sometimes outshine the king of Wakanda in his own book. T'challan has been such an important background player in so many of the big stories the last few year that it's great to see him finally back in his own book. (And he's also the reason I'm over budget this week as I can't let this book pass by without mention.)

Harley Quinn 30 3.99

Here is a bonus choice that I normally don't mention but I do occasionally pick up DC's funnier take on superheroes too. I mention Harley Quinn this week because of the artist behind this last issue in this volume. Elsa Charetier who was the artist on the IDW time travel agent book Infinite Loop, the second artist on Starfire and the upcoming artist on the Unstoppable Wasp (what is it with the house of ideas and its insistence on adjective ladened titles) is handling this issue. I find her work irresistible (agh more adjectives) and (no another one) charming in ways that her books always find their ways into my pull list. No in truth you should at least look at the book as she is a great storyteller and it will give you a hint at what is in store this winter for a certain new take on a classic character oh and a pretty good take on this classic character too.


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