Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Trade-waiting Faith


Faith Vol 1 Hollywood and Vine

Jody Houser much like G Willow Wilson really recalls what makes superhero books work; Faith has a sense of hope joy and wonder that is actually kinda hard to find sometimes in the usual suspects these days in the wake of event burnout and sensationalist twists. Jody also has an excellent art team of Margureite Savage and Francis Portola ; they fully embrace and communicate visually how much Faith honestly loves and accepts herself and show her desire to be the hero and how reall does her best to live up to the ideals she was raised with. It's set in the city of largely vapid superficial people, LA, concerned only with image, celebrity and hype and unlike other Psiots she rises above it all and remains empathetic, compassionate and heroic. The book swaps pretty seamlessly between the two art styles one largely realistic and the other representational caring you along with Zepher as she moves between her fake ID and her read one. Jody writes the book with joy I think and I hope that that continues into the continuing book eventough she's getting a regular love interest and an archenemy. Hollywood and Vine introduced a vibrant supporting cast for Faith alone as well as touching on her pervious teammates, they created a very entertaining and rather charming book. Totally reccomend it if you missed the four individual issues.


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