Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Comics Pull List July 13 2016

It's that time again for the weekly pull list and my attempt to get all the books I so do want into my twenty dollar budget (Ahhh first world problems). Since I do try to promote books that may just get overlooked in the hype machine that are the big two, my bigger desire to promote less known voices in the industry and finally life in the #blacklivesmatter movement I whole heartedly encourage people this week and every week to pick up more books by writers and artists of color.

Goldie Vance 4 $3.99

Hope Larson, who's Batgirl is on the horizon, Brittany Williams', who's aka Hellcat has been a blast, and Kelsey Beckett bring this sixties girl detective story to a close and though they are all busy elsewhere I'm hoping Boom gives them another go round with this. This book reminds me of the Wes Anderson movies that really clicked for me as Goldie has that kind of whimsy and charm that comes from a place of honest love that the creators obviously have for the characters. What first grabbed me was the expressions of the characters designed and drawn by Brittany and colored by Kelsey... even without reading the story I put it into my stack of books and it's one of the tiles I should really measure other 3.99 books by. If nothing else as this is the last issue put it on your watch for trade list or be like me and take a flip through it and see if it grabs you like issue one did me. Fans of teen adventure like TinTin, Ms Marvel, Lumberjanes or Patsy Walker Hellcat should take a look.

Mirror 5 $2.99

Wow, just look at the cover Hwei Lim did for this final issue in this first story arc, so much nuance expression and style really how could you pass up a look at this book. Emma Rios has proven again that she is both skilled and talented as a storyteller and an artist with the writing on this book (as well as ID if you missed it). Mirror I've been looking forward to for a while as it originally was supposed to be a part of the sadly undeappreciated 8House and was glad to see it be its own thing. A complex books featuring taking animals, andanthropomorphics, morally complex stories. Mirror is one of the rare books that has interior art that is well represented by the covers.

Descender 13 $2.99

This is the second issue focusing on the supporting cast of the book and the one I'm most looking forward to as Telsa has to be my favorite of the group both character wise and visually as she is rather striking. If your not already reading this book and are a fan of science fiction adventure I have to ask why as its in my book right up there with Saga for its depth of creativity and character ... about all the BKV and Fiona Staples boom has over it is that near transgressive nature of the story beyond the romance. What Jeff Lemire and Dustin Nguyen have crated is a book that for me hardens back to the old science fiction animation of my childhood and blends it with hard SF stories. This is one of the handful of books that is experimenting with watercolor in storytelling and it's a pretty interesting use of the medium as I'd have never thought something so subtle could look so defined, hard and shiny.

Civil War 2 Choosing Sides 2 $3.99

For someone who decided to just avoid Civil War 2 I have to say I'm surprised to say this is a book I'll honestly get and say s worth a look. The continuing part of the anthology about Nick Fury Jr. is written and drawn by Declan Shalvey and colored by Jordie Bellaire and well that alone would interest me. What really clinches my getting this issue is the fact that a section is being illustrated by Marguerite Savage and yeah you can call me shallow to be attracted to pretty art but I find it hard to pass up her work. Oh and I think it will be a stretch to say I hope to get the Christian Ward variant cover but I'll say it as he is another artist I find it hard to pass by.

Insexts 6 $3.99

What can I say I'm a fan of Margureite Bennett and I guess getting this NSFW title balances out some of the all-ages books that I now get a lot of joy from. Ariela Kristantina and Marguerite's Victorian body horror tale has hit on real horrors of the Victorian era and injected all new supernatural horrors as well as pulled from the fictional horrors of the era to create something both exiting and chilling both. Issues 6 and 7 will fill out the first story arcane though I should be talking about that the image from issue 8 is so brilliant I have to signal boost this as I very much hope it gets more arcs beyond this.

Wicked and Divine 21 $3.50

The crap has hit the fan in this story arc of Kieron Gillen Jamie McKelvie and Matt Wilson's little book on power celebrity fan culture and mortality. As the last arc Commercial Suicide kind of reminded me that you should not take what people say about one another at face value, well sometimes you can but for the most part you'll be shocked at how wrong they are this arc is kind of saying to me that unless you know what you saw don't take the story you think your being told at face value. Kieron is quite good at this whole storytelling thing as he has proven agin and agin to be able to surprise me without the need to pull out the unexpected and uncalled for twist or publicity stunt. Wic+Div like all the books I mention is something that I think should get more attention and yes I now it gets a lot of talk when it comes out.


And that gets me close to twenty and I've still get of few left to mention... Silk 10 is coming out and I'm likely to pick that up as Robbie Thompson is really quite entertaining and so is his artist Tana Ford. New Superman from Gene Yuen is also something I very much would like to get as well as Wonder Woman 2 by Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott as I know that book will be a real treat.

Sorry this was late, next week I'll be better I hope. Let me know what you're exited about as I'd love to have a conversation about comics with someone other then myself.


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