Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Comics Pull List July 20 2016

Again DC has done something full on insulting and I'll likely not be mentioning their books (at least for the most part) or a while so that will free up more of my pull budget to write about other cool books more worth your and my time and money. This is a pretty big week for me so thanks Warner editorial for making my twent dollars go further.

Nighthawk 3 $3.99

Choosing for the top book took a bit but It's Nghthawk for several reasons one being it was not in the Marvel preview book last week. Even if Marvel has already made this into a limited series like Angela Queen of Hell I like David F Walker's story enough to follow it to wherever he takes it. His regular artist Ramon Villalobos is sadly not in this issue and I'll miss him but it looks as if Martin Morazzo does a good approximation of Ramon's take on the characters so it looks pretty seamless especially with Tamara Bonvillain' usual excellent colors. Nighthawk is the hard hitting complicated hero that we really need right now one that is not willing to take anyone's shit quite honestly. Really if your reading the Punisher or books like East of West, Naibitter, Tokyo Ghost, Bloodshot and like the idea of committing a bit of social justice this is really the book you should be asking for. I'm hoping it's just missing a month but with David doing Occupy Avengers I fear this has gone the way of most books I've loved.


Blackhammer 1 $3.99

"What happens to the heroes that participated in a cosmic level event story and were casualties of its consequences?" I'm assuming for the preview material and the things Dark Horse used to hype this book was the elevator pitch. I honestly don't know how Jeff writes so many good books a month, sure I don't have the money to sample them all but everything I've taken a chance in has been pretty great wether it be creator owned of someone else's property. Blackhammer promises to be a look at the lives and struggles of heroes who like I said above have become casualties of a bit summer epic event and in its aftermath find themselves denizens of a small county town waking out an existence there. The preview pages of Dean Ormston's work have been pretty amazing wether they have the Dave Stewart colors or not so I'm looking forward to a bit of weird superhero fiction here.


Island 9 $7.99

This is the reason I'm kinda happy I'm mad at DC as it makes getting my favorite anthology on my reccomend list not so much a stretch (yeah I know I gotta let that go). As always this book has a great array of talent working on it but I think the standout creator on this issue has to be Lin Visel who's work you can see for the cover and can check out more here. As usual Brandon Graham will have some kind of piece in the book even if it is just the cool as hell contents page introduction he does. This issue also will have the work of Matt Sheean and Malachi Ward and Fil Barlow who have been pretty regular contributors continuing the stories they have been working on which is great but when a new voice comes it's always exiteling and it's one of the reasons I look forward to this book regardless that it's the cost of twoish other books.


Ultimates 9 $3.99

For those people saying that Marvel needs to bring back the fantastic four title I present this book as evidence that they have one right now. Though the FF did their fair share of fighting they villain of the month for the most part the book was at its best when the writers were pushing well beyond the boundaries of science. Al Ewing is doing precisely that with the Ultimates, he has built a family of characters he's yet to really explore in depth and had them really not just proactively attack the problems facing the new Marvel omniverse but give us readers a look at the crazy science fantasy landscape that were really playing with. Just look at the idea that they transformed the persistent Galactus threat into an unofficial partner to their team. I Look at the cover of issue 9 and I wonder just how much this new possible and I'm really put in mind of old FF stories and a certain green armored villain Psychoman. At least some for of this book continues into the NOW solicits.

Snotgirl 1 $2.99

I know Bryan Lee O'Malley is a pretty well known and loved comics creators and Scott Pilgrim had an actually good pretty successful film adaptation so does his new book need a signal boost. Though I really like Bryan's artwork, storytelling and his weird modern metaphysical approach to story for me the art by Leslie Hung was the hook that makes this a must for the week. Snotgirl is a story either about a social media superstar Lottie or about a grossly allergy ridden person named Lottie. As I've been getting more out of social media of late I can see doing a weird story about the reality of social media vs distorted personal perception... that's just an odd guess about what this is about and I'm probably very far off but the book looks downright gorgeous and I'm a fool for pretty green hair.


And that breaks the budget by a couple bucks and I'm really wanting to support a certain DC Bird themed book illustrated by Claire Roe too. Drop me a line and let me know what is on your list.


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