Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Comics Pull List July 19, 2017

Hello, this week I'm breaking my twenty dollar budget for one book but it's such a brilliant book I have to do it. To be perfectly honest I do pretty much go over budget every week but with all the worth creators out there to support I usually can't pass up appealing books. I'm also including a bonus collection because I am really enjoying Fabian Rangal Jr. And this was my first exposure to him...anyway here comes the list.


Catalyst Prime Superb 1 $3.99

Quite honestly Lion Forge had my attention and money at he mention of David F Walker with this book. He's joined by Eisner award winning writer, Sheena C. Howard on this teen superhero team up book. I'd love to have a lot to say about what I expect from this book that co-stars a hero with Downs Syndrome but other then a feeling it will hit lots of social issues head on given the writers I can't say much. I'm confident this is worth the price of admission. (Yes, all the Catalyst Prime books will be at the top of my pull list posts)

Victor LaValle's Destroyer 3 $3.99

Victor LaValle writes an amazing enigma in the monster in this book. He's a presence, a force of nature almost. LaValle is someone that surprises me as an author. I knew I wanted this book based on his writing and the pitch about the alchemist saving her son. This is not at all what I was expecting. It's much more and I want to see where all this is leading. On top of that the art is amazing in its detail and how the world is presented.

America 5 $3.99

This is one of the handfull Marvel books I'm still interested in supporting. Gabby Rivera is honestly writing the hell our of this solo look at America. Even if I wasn't picking this book up the names Ramon Villalobos and Tamara Bonvillain on the cover would get me to drop four dollars on it. I miss their work creating pages for Nighthawk and even if this is just one fill in issue it is a welcome return of a great art team-up. Mentioning team-ups this is a team-up issue for Hawkeye and America too boot.

Generation Gone 1 $3.99

I read some of Ales Kot's Zero and all of his Winter Soldier both of which grabbed me emotionally from very different places, so any new book from him will have my attention. His partner on Generation Gone, André Lima Araújo, was the reason I picked up Avengers A.I. And the odd Inhumanity issue because his art combines aspects of so many styles into something all him. Kot and Araújo both wanted to tell a story that hit on real issues and somehow found that in a book that involved superpowers. The preview pages give hints that this is a book that pulls on a lot of disparate influences and could be a brilliant mix of great elements. It's bound to be worth supporting.

Moonstruck 1 $3.99

Grace Ellis, one of the minds behind Lumberjanes, co-created this modern fantasy romance story with artist newcomer Shay Beagle. I listened to a wonderful interview with the creators behind this romantic drama with monsters on the Geek Out podcast here. The soft rounded art by Shay and the pastel colors by Caitlin Quirk in this book appeal to me quite a bit and work together to create a real sense of character and atmosphere. As someone who likes urban fantasy it's great to see a magical reality book that is not a police procedural, PI or crime story. It's a must have so I'm going to have to make rook for this book.


Bitch Planet Tripple Feature 2 $3.99

It's time for another dive into the wider world of Bitch Planet with the second issue of Tripple Feature. Three more creative teams create some short stories exposime more about how this grinhouse inspired world works or quite honestly doesn't work for the majority of its population (i.e. Not cis white hetero men). Like it's parent title it comes with all the relavent biting backmatter we all know and appreciate.

Lazarus X+66 1 $3.99

Well, I will admit I have not been following this amazing science fiction drama by Greg Ruck and Michael Lark but with this mini-series I think I'm on board. This particular issue brings Rucka and Steve Lieber back together and I remember loving their book way back when. I also made the mistake of listening to part 2 of an interview with Greg Rucka on Robots from Tomorrow and well now I have connection to this so I'm counting it as money spent.

Doc Unknown Compete edition $24.99

I am a fan of pulp era fiction and I backed the second part for this book on Kickstarter before I knew that I liked Fabian Rangal Jr.'s writing, sometimes you take a chance. It's been a while since I got it and it was a whole lot of fun. I think forgot about how much I liked Fabian's writing till I picked up Space Raiders, Namwolf and got my copy of Blood Brothers before making the connection back to this book. It's solid pulp comics writing and is well worth having all of it, as a matter of fact I need it myself.


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Comics Pull List July 12, 2016

Im late with this list this week but it's still so totally valid as I'm still picking these books up and I think they are worth notice. I try to keep these lists to twenty dollars buy often go over as there are so many worth books and creators out there. Let me know if your enjoying the list and add some suggestions of your own.


Catalyst Prime Accell 2 $3.99

Though I love superhero books that try to do something new and different with the genre but that does not mean that giving us a strong strait forward teen superhero looking for love and respect isn't a good thing too. Joe Casey is well versed in superhero writing and with Damien delivering evergetic flowing panels the first issue of Accell delivered a solid first speedster hero story. This is not and of t the Flashs or Quicksilver that is for sure. It is pretty cool when your reading a familiar type of character but have no clue what he's really caoeabke of. Oh and I like the set of for his love interest and the dynamics between the characters around our hero Daniel DosSantos.

Bug the Forager 3 $3.99

Oh my god I had forgotten just how much I love Michael Allred's work...if anyone were to do a Kirby book other then Walt Simonson it had to me him and his wife Laura on colors. I have yet to even real issue one and two but just the brief looks I have taken at them make their purchase worth it. Do they need me to big up their book to make it sell no but I have to because...well....because.


The American Way 1 $3.99

For this I can blame listening to the Girl with the Curls podcast where she talked being a colorist with Nick Filardi. I've seen his work on th Cave Carson book with Michael Avon Oeming and the preview pages of this looked splendid. The seventies is the era that I first read superheroes in and this books sounds to have braved the idea of hitting politics and superheroes together. From the advanced review by Allen Thomas at Comicosity it sounds like John Ridley, Georges Jeanty and Danny Miki along with colorist Filardi put together a challenging complex story well worth tracking down.

Calexit 1 $3.99

Vèronique Emma Houxibois over at the Comicosity comics blog posted an advansce review of this up a few days back and though I was going to pick it up anyway her thoughts on the execution of this story confirmed my feelings. Black Mask Comics prints books that started with good ideas that are executed brilliantly. It sounds like the story is one that will elicit thought on what an event like this might really cause both good and bad.


Eternal Empire 3

Sarah Vaughn and Jonathan Luna's fantasy story about visions excape and rebellion is a book that is growing with its storytelling. The story seems more decompressed the the usual suspects of American fantasy comics. It's taking a while for the story and characters to develope and for me that is fine. They are giving me enough to keep me intrigued.



I will be honest here I will be getting Dark Days:The Forge and Mage the Hero Denied 0 also.


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Comics Pull List July 5 2017

This week is an amazing week of books for me as there are two new books in series I've been looking forward to for months. Welcome to my weekly look at the books I'm picking up and try to keep to my twenty dollar budget.

Kim&Kim Love is a Battlefield 1 $3.99

Magdalene Visaggio proved within the opening pages of the initial Kim&Kim that she can write characters that grab me right away. Kim and Kim both came off as fully formed characters with lived in histories and the crazy world they live in was just as consistent and accessible. Eva Cabrera and Caludia Aguirre killed it on the art to boot and they are all back for this follow up series several years later. Can't express effectively my love for this book. It's delivery on its promises ran through the initial four issues. This is one of those reaper comic joys to read that is reminiscent of a lot of cool things but is fully it's own thing.

Zodiac Starforce Cries of the Fire Prince 1 $3.99

If there was not a new Visaggio book this week Pauline Ganucheau and Kevin Panetta's spin on the magical girl story would have been at the top of my list. Zodiac Starforce in 2015 was the book I waited months to arrive having seen Pauline post about it and the book more then lived up to my expectations. It's had the mix of bright and pretty delivered by the art with the dark and serious undertones that are such a part of the genre. It was another book that highlighted the positive friendships and relationships between women not often spotlighted in mainstream American comics.


Jem the Misfits Infinite 2 $3.99

Continuing the theme of women's friendships Jem the Misfits by Kelly Thompson the Jenn St. Onge arrives this week too too. The first five issue run of this story was one of the prettier books recently and one that made me feel the most. This book is really a gift in my opinion because it's something that can't fail to be both well written and beautifully illustrated and colored. I'll stop gushing now but I do so love this book.

Catalyst Prime Noble 3 $3.99

In Noble 2 Brandon Thomas gave us some reveals that open up the story and tie back into the FCDB Catalyst Prime The Event that hopefully is still free on comixology. Astrid is hunting for her dead but apparently not so still dead husband David who remains at large in South America. We know it's going to take her a while to locate him looking back at the FCBD edition. Noble feels different then other superhero books. It's more decompressed, we're getting to visit more with each of the movers in this action adventure plot. Roger Robinson is an artist that's been around but this beautiful book is my first encounter with his work. It's action with a heart and you don't often get that.

Shade the Changing Girl 10 $3.99

What is pretty clear from Loma Shade's Gotham trip that like the Grant Morrison Shade this book is mostly not a Super-hero story or a - story mascarading as a super-hero story. Shade the Changing Girl is a piece of modern weird fiction that leans towards thriller or horror and just happens to be set in the regular DC universe. The forces from Meta searching for the madness coat will soon be arriving and it involves Loma's lover from issue one. Cecil Castellucci Marley Zarcone and Kelly Fitzpatrick deliver a marvelous storytelling package all round and there are always cool back up features still to look forward to. Well worth the 3.99.

Sun Bakery 4 $4.99

Cory Lewis' Sun Bakery caught my attention in its initial independent printing so I already have this with the exception of the additional story for this edition. Sun Bakery fill the need I have to manga at the moment with its colored pages, it's distortion of perspective and it's off the beaten path stories. It's the anthology to beat now in my opinion when it comes to the vision of a singular creator. It's so obviously a labor of love and passion. Can't wait for issue 5 next month.

Black Bolt 3 $3.99

It's excape caper time for the prisoners of the cosmic prison. Saladin Ahmed I know can write compelling fantasy but gonzo SF is most definitely in his wheelhouse too, he and Al Ewing should co write something actually. I'd have boutght this with his name recognition alone but Christian Ward who's work on ODY-C captivates me bringing his talents too I can't imagine passing this up. I'll be with this as long as the weird cosmic ride lasts.


Seven to Eternity 7 is also out this week and I'm likely to pick that up too.


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Comics Pull List June 28 2016 addendum

So if your shop us up on this kind of thing and luchadors demons monsters and private eye stories or any combination of those are your thing Fabian Rangal Jr. And Javier Martin Caba's Bloob Brothers (Hermanos de Sangre) should be in your pile of comics.

Blood Brothers 1 $3.99

I got clued into this book via Kickstarter from having backed Fabian's earlier book Doc. Unknown vol 2 (soon to be a complete collection from Dark Horse). I have been a wrestling fan on and off in my life and have been into both the south of the border more colorful Luchador stories and Japanese bat shit crazy wrestling matches so I needed to back this right away. It's being published in monthly format from Dynamite Comics and having received my copy of the collected four issues it so much of what I want from an weird action adventure comic. Seriously give it a flip through and see if it grabs you.


Wanted Dispatch June 28 2017...aka my Comics Pull List.

Welcome to me weekly look at the books I'll be picking up come my trip to my friendly local comic shop on Friday. I try to keep my spending to around twenty but I'm bot going to lie I often break that guideline as I can't help but support books and creators when I can.

Jem and the Holograms Infinite 1 $3.99

Ok Jem is not over quite yet, Kelly Thompson is getting to do a weekley story crossing over between the Jem and the Misfits titles. This story is apparently leaning more into the full on science fiction elements of the Jem universe. Me I'm exited to get to see more of the lovely friendships and rivalries between them and how ther continue to develope as characters and as an extended family.

Bankshot 1 $3.99

There are creators who's work I find I can't pass up and Bankshot has two of them, Bankshot may be a modern day Robin Hood story or the story of a violent terrorist but reguardless of the story Alex de Campi's writing and Crisscross' art will make this journey one worth supporting. Either of these creators alone would have be likely picking up the book but working together it's immediately getting on my must have list. It's been way too long since I have had a new book with art by Crisscross and it looks like he's just gotten exponentially better since the last time I saw his art.


Beautiful Canvas 1 $3.99

Black Mask Comics does so many of the books the really resonate with me and I suspect that this assassin going off script because the target is a child tale will be right up my themeatic alley. The couple of preview pages that I have seen with art by Sami Kivelä Triona colored by Farrell looks downright gorgeous. Black Mask produces books that don't really fit elsewhere and give space for creative voices with something to say, I just hope my local shop gets a few as I'm willing to take a chance on this being good.


Wayward 21 $3.99

I really dig this odd blend of manga with American comics by way of transformative urban fantasy. There is a lot about this book I love being both a manga and a comics lover. This time round I'll go with Tamara Bonvillain's colors on this make the Steve Cummings pencils come alive making this such a good book. I'm almost sad it's not manga as I'd love to see them have that kind of pagecount to play with. Modern day mythmaking across multiple cultures. Oh and the last issue totally broke my heart in permanent ways.


Black Magick 6 $3.99

Though I like Greg Rucka's writing and approach to comics this was a book that I got for the artist. Nicola Scott has a great sense of how to draw real things and her collaborations with Greg on both Black Magick and Wonder Woman have been brilliant. This police procedural blended with witchcraft is a book I'm glad to have back and the image decided to make it part of the Pride month charity cover collection.

Mother Panic 8 $3.99

Violet Page is a very complex character; she does not want to be the hero but I fear circumstances may have her in that role at times. This issue brings back John Paul Leon and though I enjoy his art style heaps Shawn Crystal kind of stole the show for me with his issues on this book with Jody Houser. Somehow their collaboration on Mother Panic's story really clicked so well I enjoyed it more then the original artist a little. Jody's approach to storytelling in Batman city makes Gotham seem a different place then the Batman Family books eventhoug they interact a bit. This is a different vigilante book and doesn't real much like a standard superhero one. It's great to find something new in a place you thought you knew what your getting.


Shutter 29 $3.99

Shutter is nearing the end of its run with these two issues about where the characters eventually find themselves. I'm not at all sure what I want to get out of these last visits with this wonderful family of misfit friends but something like this impossible cover would be lovely. Leila Del Duca remains one of the artists and storytellers who surprise me with their range. This is the cover I have to have as it's the Pride month Human Rights Campaign charity one, its gorgeous and it's again whatnid wish for them but I suspect it's more likely this time the tears for me. Even though it's almost over I still say this is one of the best comics on the shelves.



Wonder Woman 25 and Image + also come out this week and though I didn't picture them I'm sure to be getting those too. Let me know if there is anything your loving that I may be passing up.


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wanted Dispatch June 21 2017 aka my Comics Pull List

Hey, sorry I'm hours late this week with this coverage of my Comics Pull List for the week. Making this quick t try to keep the list to around twenty dollars and spotlight titles I think might go under most people's radar when the is the usual flood of new books on the shelves.


Victor LaValle's Destroyer 2 $3.99

Gorgeous and creepy Victor LaValle's Destroyer does something with the Frankenstein mythos that is surprising violent and thoughtful. It maintains the enigma of the monster from the novel, he is inscrutable, a force of nature and puts him into and seemingly against a recognizeable modern world. Victor and D. give us also a mother angry at the BS the world handed to her and she pulled from her heritage to solve a wrong in losing her son. There are monsters in this book the question may in fact be who are the monsters after all is said and done.

Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye 9 $3.99

It took me a while to really warm to this book but I really like the crazy weird that it has become. Michael Avon Oeming was my initial reason for picking it up as I've always dug his art and I'm glad I did. Rivera Way Oeming and Filardi capture the feeling of reading a random Kirby book. Though I'll say I'm sad that the Tom Scoli back ups are over as they were a reason in and of themselves for me to pick them up.

Crosswind 1 $3.99

Gail Simone alone kind of clinched this as a book I'd pick up but I have to say that Cat Staggs art in the preview looks damn pretty, I'm curious what they'll do with a body swap story having just read "your name" but I don't expect such a touching story out of this housewife hitman swap. Image is doing that charity thing too so I have to get this human rights campaign cover for LGBT issues. And really look at that gorgeous art.

Grrl Scouts Magic Socks 2 $3.99

This is the second of the Human Rights Campaign special covers for this week and a book I'd be picking up anyway. I recall Grrl Scouts from back in its first run and though Jim Mafood's art is radically different it's got the same riot Grrl attitude and tone so I'd be giving it a look anyway. Issue one was a good reminder of the crazy the series embodies and was a good enough time that I'm not at all sad to be putting some of my comic budget to supporting this book and sending some money into a cause that is close to my heart.

Old Guard 5 $3.99

This will make three for thee when it comes to the charity covers for the Pride month special covers that I'm getting this week. I'm a few issues behind with Rucka, Fernandez, Miwa and Wynne's modern military black ops story so I'm not going to pretend what I think about the final issue of this arc. I like what he's had to say with these almost functional immortal warriors as far as I've read though and the art is to die for. (Yep I didn't really plan that pun but I'm leaving it). So it's again going to a book and a cause I believe in so I'm in.


Head Lopper Crimson Towers 2 $5.99

Yep that breaks my budget but this quarterly fantasy book is worth it. Andrew Maclean's monster hunting "barbarian" fills that Conan/Elric shaped hole in my fantasy reading and does it without being either of them or Thor or any other stereotype. It's a testament to his skills as a near sole creator doing everything but the beautiful colors on this book that it is such a fantastic read. It's sword and sorcery that is unashamed to be just what it is.


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wanted Dispatch June 14 2017 aka my Comics Pull List

Hello all and welcome to my look at what will be in my weekly comics pile. I try to keep this list to a manageable twenty dollars but as there are so many titles vying for attention and great challenging creative people out there I often don't manage to do just that.


Catalyst Prime Accell 1 $3.99

Joe Casey is the creative writing mind behind this book about the first costumed crime fiighter in the Catalyst setting. Daniel DosSantos through exposure to an extra-terrestrial artifact gains the ability to break the sound barrier and takes it upon himself to become a crime fighter, as you do. Casey has worked all over the comics industry but for me the gonzo crazy of both Catalyst Comics (from Dark Horse) and Godland (from Image) gives me great hope for this book. The art team of Damien Scott and Robert Campanella also exite me as they are not doing the same old same old. Speedsters are a mainstay and I'm exited to see a new take on the theme.

Quantum Teens Are Go 4 $3.99

Magdalene Visaggio's Kim&Kim was one of my favorites last year and though this book is a very different creature it clicks with me on similar levels. Nat & Sumesh are believeabke outsiders who are only defined by who they are and not by what makes them different from their peers. Nominally it's about punk gonzo maker societies, weird science and time travel and the bizarre fallout of same but like Kim and Kim under its science fiction fantasy trappings it's about the way people click with one another wether that be friendship or romance. It's relatable as it taps into feeling everyone has and desires...others who get you for you.

Bitch Planet Tripple Feature 1 $3.99

Id be getting the Bitch Planet Tripple Feature reguardless but it's great to be able to buy one which proceeds will be going to support Human Rights Campaign and LGBT issues. These satirical stories about a repressive authoritative misogynistic government and the society it creates are not in many ways more important as will be the essays and the community pages that back up this side story to Kelly Sue Deconnick Valentine DeLandro and Kelly Fitzpatrick's main title. If you want a book that pulls no punches and will cause real conversation about issues this is the one.

Jem and the Holograms 26 $3.99

I have loved the Jem and the Holograms its specials and spinoff that Kelly Thompson and Sophie Campbell started at IDW. To be honest I picked it up not for nostalgia but for Sophie' s beautiful art and redesigns of the characters not knowing Kelly was such a heartfelt writer. This is the final issue of this series and though I know there will be a mini-series to follow I'm really saddened the end of one of my favorite books is so close at hand. Both looking forward to this and dreading as Kelly's other book the Misfits has made me cry a few times. ...

Misfit City 2 $3.99

The cult adventure movie Gloomies, this settings version of the Goonies, draw tourists to a small Oregon seaside town of Cannon Cove. It's got ghost stories and pirate legends all it's own and an intrepid group of girl adventurers that are more then up for an adventure. A quick flip through issue one assured I would just put it in my pile and I know from reading just a few pages I'm picking up issue two this week.


There is also a big D.C. Book called Dark Days The Forge coming out and well I know if my FLCS is still there I will be getting that $4.99 issue too though it will make me break the budget....