Wednesday, September 20, 2017

NCBD September 20, 2917 aka my Comics Pull List.

Hello and welcome to me weekly look at the books that are likely to help me break me twenty dollar weekly comics budget. This week there is a new all ages book that I have been awaiting, one of the series I have been awaiting for makes an appearance and one of the ones I've been enjoying a lot hits it's last issue before a several month hiatus. In addition to the books listed I will for sure be getting

Si Spurrier (off panel) and Casper Wijngard (off panel) both went on the Off-Panel podcast to talk about the origin, story and the creative process behind their new image series Angelic. Mankind weaponized the animals then passed from existence leaving the world full remade species. Both Spurrier and Wijngard say that the story is Wall-e mixed with Watership Down. What they both stressed is that it is an all ages book and somehow it strikes me a bit like Kamandi minus any humans left in the world. Angelic looks bright and colorful and sound to have a lot of heart from both interviews.



Mirror 8 $3.99

Emma Rios and Hwei Lim return with another chapter in the second volume of the science fiction/fantasy story Mirror. The first volume "The Mountain" leaned more into the fantasy heroes quest and this volume looks to be leaning more into social SF. Though it's been a while since issue 7 the both writing and art in this book is brilliant and unique. I'd reccomend it anyway but getting the pleasure to meet Emma Rios and her her talk about both Mirror and Pretty Deadly at at RCCC make me more exited to either read or see her work.


Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye 12 $3.99

Of the weird comics coming out of Young Animal Cave Carson has been probably the weirdest and that actaully says a lot. Cave is a regular guy scientist who stole an exceptional vehicular, did some crazy things and has a daughter with a non-surface Human queen. This book has taken us beneath the earths surface and across multiple dimensions. It's involved sentient fungus, hallucinations and of all characters, WildDog. Gerald Way, Jon Rivera, Michael Avon Oeming and Nick Filardi created a book I really really like and included some of my favorite ignored heroes the Metal Men is the process. Can't wait for the hiatus to be over to see more of this kind of nutso storytelling.

Wayward 23 $3.99

As I don't live near a city with an active Japanese supermarket( i.e. an Uwajimaya) it's hard for me to get untranslated manga so I'll make due with this cool manga inspired comic about modern gods or spirits displacing the ones of old. A couple issues back Jim Zub ended the life of my favorite character Ayana and now my next favorite Ohara is having issues with her supernatural abilities that allow her to take on aspects of modern materials. I'm looking forward to spending time with these heroes that nothing like the ones in corporate American comics.

Black Hemmer 13 $3.99

Jeff Lemire is finall telling the tale of the battle against the Anti-God that ended with the dissapearance of the Black Hammer, Captain Weird, Madame Dragonfly, Golden Gail, Barbalian and Abraham Slam from Spiral City. Jeff is being joined by David Rubin who has done several fill in issues thus far. Wether this story will being our heroes back to their original home or not has yet to be seen but reguardless the righ familiar superhero universe created by Lemire and Ormston is sure to be continueing in some way after the reveals in this pivotal 'event' retelling.

Head Lopper 7 (or 3 of 4) $5.99

Andrew MacLean's nameless swordwielding hero Head Lopper fills my need for a sword and sorcery comic in ways that Conan sometimes didn't manage to do. MacLean's story sits squarely between the weird multiversal fantasy of Elric and the sword and sorcery of Conan square in the spot that Kirby created in Thor. Head Lopper is a book where gods and monsters mix with humans heroes and witches (even if the're just a disembodied purple head). It's fun and crazy and right up my alley.

Bitch Planet Tripple Feature 4 $3.99

All the Triple Feature issue thus far have had at least one creator that has made me exited for the issue and this time around it's seeing that Mindy Lee contributed art for one of the stories. At RCCC this year I was talking with Kelly Sue Deconnick and Valentine De Landro at the Image booth and asked them how the anthology has been doing. Kelly Sue said it had been a good experience to open the world up for more stories and it was interesting that most of the pitches they received were kind of relentlessly grim. dark and depressing. Surely Bitch Planet is that but it's always also been satire too. Triple Feature is well worth picking up though the stories reveal more of the world and the book has all the usual excellent backmatter features.

Mister Miracle 1-18 collection

Again I'll mention it would have been Jack the King Kirby's 100th Birthday this year and it's very cool that one of the big two is re-printing some of his contributions to comics. I used to own the earlier B&W collections of this but sadly no longer are they mine...this year I have another chance to get them. The story of Scott Free and Big Barda ran the longest of any of the New Gods titles and it's great to see them all in one place again. (Going so over my budget if I grab this this week.)

Bug the Forager 4 $3.99

Though a little in the late side Bug has been a fun and beautiful tribute to Kirby also. The Allreds have done a brilliant job in delivering a book that is really equally faithful to exuberant creativity of Jack Kirby and most obviously a Michael and Laura Allred joint. Like Mirror well worth waiting the extra time for.

This week in addition to all the rest Declan Shalvey's book with Philip Barrett and Jordie Bellaire Savage Town a crime story set in Limerick Ireland comes out too.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

NCBD September 13, 2017 aka my Comics Pull List

Hello, and welcome to me slightly late new comic book day Pull List post for September 13th. I've been working on a long post summing up my memories of Rose City Comic Con which was as always an amazing time and among other comic related commentary writing I have had to wait in finishing this post. Every weeek I put together this list with the intent to keep to around twenty dollars but often go over. I try to spotlight books that might get overlooked in the flood of good comics out there right now.


Mister Miracle 2 $3.99

I'm a bit of a fool for Kirby's Fourth World and the first issue of Tom King and Mitch Gerards' Scott Free story delivered a emotional punch in the gut I was not expecting. The first issue of Mister Miracle presented a a Scott Free I have not seen before really. Scott supporting loss and trauma to the point of making a possibly very permanent decision. Kirby's characters depicted by an artist who goes towards realism are pretty damn physically impressive, particularly Barda, and Mitch can communicate real pathos with his facial expressions. I'm not sure where Misters King and Gerards will head but I'm happy to pay for the ride to see this story.

The Realm 1 $3.99

I nearly went and bought one of the $10 Realm convention tour cover at RCCC last weekend and a part of me regrets not doing it but I decided to wait for this week. Nick Filardi who is coloring it was the first one I heard mention the book months back on the Girl with the Curls podcast(here). I'm a sucker for cool sounding genre mash-up concepts and fantasy by way of Mad Max Fury Road is what I'm hoping for here. Seth M Peck is someone I have yet to read but I heard lots of good about Saints and I know I dig Jeremy Haun and Nick Filardi's artwork so I'm sure it will be worth giving a shot. The character designs, particularly the masked woman that makes my think Phantom of the Paradise, are very appealing so yeah it's money spent. If your thinking about it listen to this podcast with Jeremy Haun.

Sacred Creatures 3 $3.99

Klaus Janson and Pablo Raimondi's mystical/occult modern crime story had been a real gorgeous book to look at and it's been a solidly intrigueing read. This issue I think will start to being in the historical flashbacks which will be drawn by Klaus Janson and reveal more about the supernatural nature of the characters in this story. I was initially interested because of the podcast i heard with Klaus talking about their plans for the book. It's a book that really oozes depth and richness in art and backstory. I'm curious what this first story arc will tell us.



Redlands 2 $3.99

This book had my money pretty much at Jordie Bellaire, Vanesa Del Rey and Clayton Cowles as they are a team I'd trust to deliver a great book. They delivered a book that appeals to the angry frustrated person inside me. One of the characters in the book said, "...rather it (the town) was run by monsters rather then murders.". It a book that starts with a group of witches killing the white good'ol'boy cops who have been running the town. It was cathartic and at the same time it was a nightmare.



Wednesday, September 6, 2017

NCBD picks September 6, 2017 aka my Comics Pull List

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the books that will be in my buying pile. I try to keep myself to a rational budget of twenty dollars but some weeks like this one staying under that total seems beyond me. For my tastes in comics there is something of a golden age at the moment and my wallet suffers.


Shade the Changing Girl 11 $3.99

Cecil Castellucci, Marley Zarcone and Kelly Fitspatrick have made this ride into the madness as cool a time as the original weird Shade run by Milligan and Bachalo. The last issue featured a near death experience, another weird body swap, a day out in Los Angeles and a mysterious pregnancy. Cecil's story about Loma Shade has been a neat cool exploration of character and humanity as only an outside can reveal. Everything is building to a conclusion of this first year of storytelling as this is the second to last issue before the coming four month hiatus. I'll miss Loma and her friends but it will give me time to go back and re read the whole thing.


Doom Patrol 8 $3.99

Though I live the Allred's and enjoyed the last issue this is the story I have been looking forward to. What happened to Lotion the cat. Nick Darington's cover for this issue tells a story all in its own...such a marvelous piece of artwork. Gerald Way's first story arc took a while to click in but it's from the beginning been a Doom Patrol riff taking its lead from the Grant Morrison era and heading into its own direction. I have pretty much always loved the more off beat characters in the DCU and they don't get more down that road then the Doom Patrol. I'm glad we still have four issues to look forward to before the break and the coming crossover issues.

Motor Crush 6 $3.99

Issue 5 left me with a shock, I was not really expecting the story to head in this direction. It's nice to be shocked and to do so with the beautiful art of Babs Tarr is doubly a treat. Motor Crush really captures for me the feeling I got from Japanese Manga back before there were a lot of translations. So, where do they go from the surprise ending reveal that Don is something more then human, possibly?


Seven to Eternity 9 3.99

Rick Remender when he's allowed to really stretch his creative wings writes stories with deeply felt emotional resonance. Here he's been doing a second world fantasy western with brilliant art and designs of Jerome Opena and fill ins by James Harren all colored by Matt Hollingsworth. The journey across the world with the Mudking as their prisoner has gone oh so very wrong. It al seems to be going pear shaped and it's the end of the current story arc....

Jem the Misfits 2 $3.99

The Misfits book for my money has been one of the prettiest books on the shelves, Jenn St.Onge and M Victoria Rabado are a killer art team. Kelly Thompson has been killing it with her amazing, heartfelt writing of these amazing women across the last several years. This last story arc before the beginning of the coming anthology is a bit like her last hurrah. I've come to love them all wether they are Misfits, Holograms or Stingers. It's all been fabulous.

Elsewhere 2 $3.99

Jay Faerbrer played me as a reader in a way that amused me in the first issue of Elsewhere and it's a twist I so much do not want to ruin if you have not read the issue yet. Amelia Earhart as the hero of a portal fantasy is a clever story idea but it all comes down to execution and well Faerbrer, Kesgin, Riley and Maurer deliver in ways I didn't expect. They are telling a story of a rebellion against a despot in a fantasy setting and Earhart falls into the role of rebel very easily and seamlessly. The collaboration between Jay Faebrer and Sumeyye Kesgin created something that has layers and depth beyond the hook of the elevator pitch. Amelia is likeable out of the gate as she's hanging from her parachute in issue one and I want to see where this tale will take this world.

Rocket Girl 9 $3.99

Amy Reeder has returned with a vengeance to her drawing table and delivering brilliant kinetic sequential storytelling. Dayoung Johansson, the epinominous Rocket Girl, is a future teen cop from one where adults f'd up the world pretty badly stuck in 1986 trying to be a cop still. There are some deeper stories going on here as well plots about fixing or manipulating the past and the friendship that has developed between Johansson and the founders of the big corporation that dominates her world. This is the penultimate issues of the first story arc and it's great to have this fun dynamic comics that like Motot Crush above reminds me of reading manga in the (nothing is translated yet) ninties.


Deathstroke 23 $3.99

There was a Deathstroke book back in the ninties that was actually pretty good in my memory but it was one that did pllay close to the redemption angle. Christopher Priest's approach to Slade Wilson takes him to be what he's always been, he's a fundamentally flawed person to say the least. Priest's Deathstroke is a killer for hire and a bad father, he's self centered and manipulative, he's clever and at times does the right thing. Deathstroke comes of f as complex and compelling I think because Priest has such a clear vision of him and does not compromise that to make us like Slade. The supporting cast is handeled with the same level of careful approach, I like and believe in all these characters. It would be remiss of me to not mention the storytelling prowess of Diogenes Neves, Jason Paz who sell the depth of these characters on every page.

On top of all of those I'm likely to pick up Scales & Scoundrels 1 too.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

NCBD August 30, 2017 aka my Comics Pull List

Ah, a five Wednesday month so it's kind of a slow week or should be at least one when I'll keep to my twenty dollar budget. But again too many temptations to add to my pile as DC is celebrating the King's 100th birthday.


Kim&Kim Love is a Battlefield 2 $3.99

The fist issue of the new story proved that the team of Magdalene Visaggio, Eva Cabrera and Claudia Aguirre are a solid team as they delivered on the high promise of the first series. The new story has the Kims again financially just about to make it all come together when their hopes are again disrupted. This tine around its from a past romantic conquest who vanished from Kim Q's life and turns up to be a thorn in their side. The art is again a joy to look at and the story was smoothly told I fell right back into their crazy gonzo bounty hunting world.

The Blaack Racer 1 $4.99

This was the Jack Kirby celebration issue I knew for a fact I would pick up based solely on the creators mentioned. Reginald Hudlin Denys Cowan and Bill Sienkiewicz working on any Kirby creation was a big draw and the Black Racer is one of the more enigmatic figures in the pantheon of the king. Add to the promise of that story a number of original Kirby Pages and a page of tribute I'm full on in with this five dollar comic.

Justice League of America 13 $2.99

Last time I mentioned this Justice League team I waxed on about my memories of the old Gil Kane Sword of the Atom series and looking at the preview pages of this issue Steve Orlando looks to be obliquely referencing it. I love this group of characters as much as I used to dig Batman's team the Outsiders. Orlando is hitting that Mike Barr fan in me with these heroes. The amazing Ivan Reis continueing as artist dies not hurt either.

Black Magick 7 $3.99

Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott back on their creator owned book makes me pretty happy. I have not read issue six from last month yet but their mixture of police procedural and urban occult I have every faith in so I'll be supporting this and getting a double dose of the story soon. Nicola Scott is an amazing artist to turn out such beautiful art in such a short period of time.


Darkseid 1 $4.99

Monday the 28th would have been Jack Kirby's 100th so with his biographer and Evanier writing the lead story in this special it has to be in my buy stack. I have missed the weird that is the fourth would in my comics reading and even if these specials is all we get for a while I'll be happy with that. I'll leave it at that as so many others have said so much about the king recently.

Michael Avon Oeming is n acquired taste and I'll gladly break my budget this week even more to pick up this collection of his artwork. Oeming has been the artistic force being many of the books I've enjoyed for his Powers collaboration with Bendis through his Norse myth retellings, his crime stories, his Victories to his most recent work with Young Animal doing Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye. The book is $39.99 but it's oversized and hardcover and might look really good next to the Kirby King of Comics book I bought for my birthday just this Monday.


Monday, August 28, 2017

Happy Birthday to "the King".

Jack "the King" Kirby would have been 100 today and though I will be a voice among many I feel I have to celebrate him on my blog too.

I was a fan of Jack Kirby before I really knew his name or paid attention to the names of the people who created the stories and images I enjoyed. Thundarr the Barbarian, one of the Saturday Morning animated shows I loved, was partially a creation of the mind and hands of Jack Kirby who came in to design on the show after Alex Toth left. I also did t know that Jack Kirby was heavily involved in the early animated Fantastic Four series that avoided the Human Torch and introduced Herbie, who was so obviously a Kirby creation looking back.

On the comic stands and spin racks I was drawn to the artwork of the King. I may not have known a thing about the book but they outshone the big names like Batman, Superman and Spider-Man for me. They were dynamic, there was a life and a passion to what was in the King' work. It was weird and funny and disturbing all at the same time. Jack Kirby's books were packed full of ideas, wild ideas pushed to their limits. He was an influence on the development of the sequential story telling art form and so many of my modern favorites were inspired by him.

I fondly remember books like Kamandi 21 that I know had at one time. It was a book I looked at again and again. Mine was battered after years of being flipped through and I loved it all the same...wish I still had it actually. Happy Birthday Jack Kirby.


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

NCBD August 23, 2017aka my Comics Pull List

Hello, welcome to me weekly look at the books that will be in my buying pile come Friday. I try to keep this list to between twenty and twenty five dollars but well sometimes there are just too many books worthy of buying to keep to the budget.


Mother Panic 10 $3.99

Violet Page's story has made me interested in Gotham City again. She wears a costume but in many ways isn't a superhero in an American comics sense. Jody Houser, Tommy Lee Edwards, Shawn Crystal, John Paul Leon and Jean Francois Beaulieu's vision of this angry vengeance driven woman, mad at the world puts me more in mind of Japanese superheroes. Her fight is personal, her story has a real sense of tragedy loss and pain. She's closed off, alone and every so often shows a human need to connect. There may be all kinds of weird in this book like the other Young Animal books and yet somehow this book feels very grounded and real.

Heathen 5

Natasha Alterici's viking lesbian bad ass Aydis returns in a new adventure that started as she finds herself alone again. Natasha's near singular vision is going beyond its initial four issue crowd funded story into new territory across the very dangerous Northsea. Again I expect that this will be a uniquely creative look at Norse mythology with he same heavily inked dynamic art. If you have missed this as of yet the first four issues are in a really nice collection already.

Moonstruck 2 $3.99

Grace Ellis, Shae Beagle, Caitlin Quirk, McCubby and Cowles first issue of Moonstruck made a real lovely impression on me. I think I must have read it three times thus far and I'm still finding new little details I missed and the small stories hidden in the background. There is a subtle continuity to the art that suggests the care with which this book is being put together with. I think this may be one of those books that I will read cover to cover and may have an active backmatter community, or at least I hope it will become that kind of book. She Beagle spends a lot of her energy showing in the art and it's worth really sitting and looking at.


Grrl Scouts Magic Socks 4 $3.99

Jim Mahfood returned to his three punk girls from the late ninties series a couple months back. The last couple issues have reintroduced the violent punk/hip-hop graffiti inflruenced world where Daphane, Gwen and Rita have been leading a life of drugs and adventure and told the story of the magical socks that Daphane has stolen and has decided to keep. Ok yeah I'm an ish behind but I'm sure issue three was crazy gonzo weird and like all of them packed with bonus illustrations and soundtrack notes. The art may be an acquired taste but it's one I for sure have a bent towards.

Jem and the Holograms Infinite 2 (or story part 3) $3.99

This is actually issue three of this story taking the Jem storyline into a more weird technology kind of space. Kelly Thompson is joined by Jen Hickman for the rest of this series and it's a good choice as her art fits the line of great artists that have drawn the girls. I'm waiting till I have all the issues if this crossover in hand so I can't comment on the series other then to say I trust the teams behind this to create something fabulous to be a swansong for this cast of wonderful characters. (There is going to be an anthology series to come but this is the last Kelly Thompson jam with the girls of both bands.)


Black Hammer 12 $3.99

This is the issue. This is finally the story focusing on the titular character the Black Hammer and his daughter. David Rubin is coming back for this issue too and that is ever a lovely treat. Will we get to see what happened ten years ago where the crisis took all these characters away from their superhero setting. Will we see the relationship between father and daughter. Who knows. All I can say is that Jeff Lemire knows how to tell a marvelous super hero tale that needs no exposition to explain its characters or past. Black Hammer has been a joy to read and it's looking like well be getting more of it in the very near future. (Sherlock Frankenstein)

Catalyst Prime Incidentals 1 $3.99

It's the adult super-team book from the inheritor of the Milestone spirit. Joe Casey, Larry Stroman and Rob Stull are bringing us this new book. Larry Stroman is an artist I have loved for years from way back when he did the art for Alien Legion. As with all the Catalyst books this all spiraling out of a single event that changed the world. They are making books to appeal to lots of different readers and I'm anxious to see how this one reads.

I'm also likely to grab Teen Titans 11, Lazarus X+66 2, and the Manhunter Special....oh damn oops I forgot Hi-Fi Fight Club that looking like a great new book from boom


Wednesday, August 16, 2017

New Comics Day August 16, 2017 Comics Pull List.

Hello and welcome to my weekly look at the comics I'm intending to pick up and think are worth attention for various reasons. I try to keep my it's to around twenty dollars but as there are so many good books around I often go over that...oh and this week I will be right up honest that in addition to my choices here I'll be buying Dark Nights Metal 1.


Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye 11 $3.99

With all the other weird things happening in the Young Animal books it's nuts to say but this is the one to top in the world of weird. Gerald Way and Jon Rivera with the artistic help of Michael Avon Oeming and Nick Filardi have taken Cave Carson his Chloe and Mad Dog underground and across dimensions in a stolen drill machine and that is the sane part. As I'm an issue behind looking at the preview only leaves me confused because so damn much happened in each issue of this nutso book. I have to thank the crazy Tom Scoli backup story for convincing me to go for the first issue.

Sandman 1 $4.99

I have to pick up this extra-priced issue to celebrate the 100th birthday of Jack the King Kirby. Sandman is one of his creations I think I first saw in Infinity Inc if memory serves me. This special is co written by Jurgens and Orlando so it'll have a solid story and Bogdanove on art just makes me so damn happy as he's someone I have enjoyed for years. The fact it will have some Kirby pages too is just an added bonus for me. If the majority of it is as good as the preview pages we're in for a good time.

The American Way Those above Those Below 2 $3.99

Honest here, I was sold after reading a couple pages of issue one as Ridley is doing to a serious take on superheroing in a complex political reactive world. I'll repeat something I heard yesterday via a podcast (wish I recalled which) about science fiction working best when it's telling a story about now. The conflicts these heroes and this world are going through reflect the struggle with racist sexist and political BS we're still fighting with. Jeanty, Miki and Filardi's immersive pulp artwork work to bring us into the story that would possibly be too real if presented another way.


Bitch Planet Triple Feature 3 $3.99

So I'll just say I'm a fan of the main Bitch Planet book by Kelly Sue Deconnick, Valentine de Landro and Kelly Fitzpatrick and this anthology is expanding the worlds subversive stories beyond the realm of the ACO and the mechanizations of the power structure that runs things. Its an anthology and this one features a story illustrated by Vanessa Del Rey among the three.


Green Arrow 29 $2.99

I've been behind the times of what is a great Green Arrow run by Benjamin Percy, Otto Schmidt and the amazing Juan Ferreyra. Issue 28 I picked up on a whim and his meeting with Lex Luthor and Superman was clever in many ways and one of the best Superman stories I've read in a long while. This issue continues Ollie's solo Hard Traveling Hero tale and heads into Gotham in his quest to put an end to the ninth circle. I was a big Green Arrow fan back around the time of Long Bow Hunters and I really like him again now in Percy's run. I'm going to have to pick up some trades I think.

Misfit City 4 $3.99

This is a damn cool take on the teen mystery stories by a creative team that remembers fondly the Goonies, Nancy Drew, Veronica Mars and Scoobie Doo fondly. This is another success from Boom Box as it's writers and artists are delivering a book that is fun and creepy and with a cast that look and act like a real group of friends, all kinds of bodies and personalities. The art is just cartoonish enough to draw you into this story about pirates and maps and a costal Oregon tourist town that seems all to familiar.



I'm pretty sure I'll be picking up Genius Cartel 1 and Horizon 13 also....