Wednesday, November 15, 2017

NCBD November 15, 2017 aka my Comics Pull List

NCBD November 15, 2017 aka my Comics Pull List

Hi there and welcome to another week of my list of books that are likely to break my comics budget. I often try to keep this ever growing list to a manageable twenty dollars. Some weeks I come close others well it’s a real list cause. On with the show…
The Realm 3 $3.99
Seth M Peck Jeremy Haun and Nick Filardi’s bang up fusion of Post Apocalypse(read Mad Max Fury Road by way of Thundarr the Barbarian) and adventure gaming tropes.  This is one of those times where the creators behind a full on crazybook that is a frappe of so many things I love have produced a story that delivered above my expectations. It’s the kind of book that makes me want to role play again as it toys with the tropes and stories that remind me of when I had a regular gaming group. The interactions between the characters reminds me of the feeling that your companions are possibly more dangerous then the monsters around you.  It’s a added bonus that the art by Jeremy Haun is and Nick Filardi is so damned nice to look at.
Fence 1 $3.99p
Sports manga has seldom been my thing but there is the occasion that it is and Fence is just such a comic. I enjoyed the years I spent fencing in colleg even if it was only fencing classes and I like the look of this book.C S Pascat is an internationally published Australian YA author  who has plans to tell a story akin to Yuri On Ice  and the Canadian Comic Check Please that have queer characters but it’s not about or lampooning being queer. The  art and character designs by Johanna the Mad is all  really rather appealing to me so I’m in for this Boom title.
Wildstorm 9 $3.99
It just occurred to me that Jim Lee is pretty much lettign Warren Ellis do the same kind of thing reimagining the Wildstorm setting that Rob Leifeild has done with Glory, Prophet and most recently Youngblood. In this book Ellis is taking a very decompressed approach to…he’s re-building the mythology of Wildstorm taking what was there in a very different and non-spandex hero direction. Like Brandon Graham his approach is something other then the usual suspects of American comics. The art by Jon Davis Hunt also happens to be pretty in a kind of approach to realism kindof way. It’s Wildstorm by way of 2000AD and Japanese manga(in terms of decompression)

East of West 35 $3.99
I have drifted into and out of picking up East of West by Hickman, Dragotta  and Martin to them get drawn back into t when I read the collected editions via hoopla.  I realized that like Wildstorm that East of West is a much more decompressed story them most and in actuality I really enjoy this book.  Hickman’s take on the end times clicks well with me and the storytelling team of Nick Dragota and Laura Martin deliver some brilliant pages. Dragota’s approach to their pages seem inspired by his appreciation of manga and his character designs are a treat.
It’s possible I might keep to my budget but it’s also likely get Super Sons 10, Batman who Laughs, Retcon 3 and Dark Fang 1 …. any love the look of this week. 

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

NCBD November 8, 2017

Hi, welcome to my weekly look at the books that I’ll be supporting this week. I try to keep this list to twenty dollars or there about and I just may be able to do that given that this week I have to rely on my Pull List as I can’t get by my FLCS till after next Wednesday. 
Kid Lobotomy 2 $3.99
Peter Milligan, Tess Fowler, Lee Loughridge and Bidkar full on deliveredon the promise of disturbing weird storytelling in issue one. Kid’s origin story was just the right combination of compelling and chilling touching on the edges of taboo reminding me of the Vertigo titles of old. Kid Lobotomy issue one shows all the makings of being a great weird ensemble horror having introduced an interesting pretty and strange background cast. As a flagship book it’s set the standard for the Black Crown Imprint pretty high. So yeah, tops my list for the week. 
Coyotes 1 $3.99
Sean Lewis (The Few, Saints) and Caitlin Yarsky’s real world and grind house revenge  horror lycanthrope tale grabbed my attention months ago when I saw the lovely art and the solicitation text. In the image+ interview Sean Lewis and Caitlin Yarsky talked about the inspiration for this story about women and violence coming from movies like Kill Bill, Near Dark, No Country for Old Men and The Howling while also building up a story linking the human smugglers called Coyotes to literal lycanthropes. Their planned story for their hero Red quest for vengeance touches on the real world stories of the mass dissapearacences of women in and around Juarez Mexico and the predatory nature of the human traffickers in the deserts along the border. 
Redlands 4 $3.99
This is a dark dark book and I don’t just mean it’s color pallet which I are and moody and draws you into the page. Jordie Bellaire and Vanessa Del Rey have created a dark sister book to Greg Rucka and Nicola Scott’s witchcraft police procedural Black Magick. Redlands is a book that is mad the the status quo and like Bitch Planet is unfaraid to be open about just how angry at the patriarchy it really is.  I love the different approach to storytelling and page layouts Vanessa Del Rey brings to the book. In some ways I think this book is more my kind of police procedural then Black Magick is.
Mister Miracle 4 $3.99
I may not be enjoying much of Tom Kings take on Batman but his homage to Jack Kirby here I’m really enjoying. I’m also taking the opportunity to reread th and four issues in on Kirby’s original issues I can see where King is coming from and the odd parallels he’s drawing. Speaking of dreaming the storytelling being delivered on Mitch Gerads part is top notch, his use of the none panel grid and panels layered with distortion make for a really unique reading experience. Mister Miracle is a book that in my opinion really asked for the readers active participation in reading it. I hear people praise Sheriff of Baghdad by this team and I think it’s got to be fully deserved is this book is any example .
Port of Earth 1 $3.99
Image has been my go to place for good science fiction comics for a couple years least since I dictovered Prophet and I’ll usually give a new one a shot if my budget allows. Zack Kaplan (Eclipse) and Andrea Mutti (Star Wars, Prometheus) are the creative minds behind this book and I have heard great things about Eclipse which I missed out on initially. The set up for Port of Earth is a bit reminiscent of the 2000 AD title Grey Area with a bit of a  a spy story angle if I read the solicit correctly as they are calling it a sci-fi action thriller. (The Nick Dragotta cover looks amazing )
And yes I’m getting a copy of Batman the Lost because the main Metal Story has been bonkers and I’ve been digging it.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Sanford Greene and Chuck Brown’s 1000

Very recently possibly today November 7, 2017 the first episode of 1000 from Sanford Greene, Chuck Brown, Mike Chung and Rus Wootan arrived today. It’s a prologue introducing the setting, the premise and the cast wetting appetites for next weeks drop on Thursday on the beginning of the story. It’s got a very atmospheric soundtrack from Dose that brings to mind the best of animation and video game background music. It’s all set up so far and to me it rings of the old animation movie Harmageddon...a mixture of the occult, the mythic, techonogy and magic... Sanford Greene talked at length about this story idea on the Savage Land Podcast and I’m glad to see it finally in the wild 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

NCBD November 1, 2017 aka my Comics Pull List

Hello. Welcome to my weekly look at the books that will be in my buy pile this week. I try to keep this list to a dull roar of around twenty dollars but sometimes, well a lot of the time I go over that budget because there are a lot of great books out there right now. And here we go....
Lazarus X+66 4 $3.99
So I started getting the Lazarus a few months before this mini series because a couple of my favorite artists, namely Bilquis Evesly and Alethia Martinez, would be working on this book and because the main title was had one of the Pride month alternate covers. Turns out I forgot just how much I enjoyed Greg Rucka’s writing and these side story issues I’ve really connected with despite not haveing all the reference points for the characters. This is one of the issues I initially wanted so it’s heading up my Pull List. Alethia Martinez was the artist on World of Wakanda and didn’t dissapoint there so I’m exited to read this.
Grave Diggers Union 1 $3.99
Wes Craig is the artist on Deadly Class a series like Lazarus I missed out on the initial issues. As I like the look of the couple issues of Deadly Class I’ve read I am picking this up to give it a go. To y Cypress who worked on The Omega Men (he filled in on issue 4) with Tom King is working with Mt Craig on this  and  to me that is an added bonus bit of cool.  I’m getting a working class hero fighting against the apocalypse and the things that go bump in the night from what I have read about it and I like that kind of thing so I’ll check this out.
Paper Girls  17 $2.99
Last issue gave us someone new that thinks she knows what is happening and was expecting the girls or time travels to arrive at some point. As with every other point where I thought I’d figured it out I’m sure BVK will take yet another odd left to somewhere new when we least expect. . Love the Paper Girls and very much want to see where they all end up reguardless of plot twists.  It’s a gorgeous well plotted book that is a bargain in every way at $2.99.
Extremity 8 $3.99
Daniel Warren Johnson does everything but the colors in this largely body horror heavy fantasy action story. If your not reading it and you dig Japanese manga like Naussica or Attack on Titan you really need to check this book out. Johnson is telling the story of loss, perceived loss and the folly of hatred and vengance.  Thea and her brother now separated from their obsessed father hopefully will find a new way forward beyond vengeance. It’s an honestly gorgeously told Story full of wild imagined images.
No 1 with a Bullet 1 $3.99
The artist Jorge Corona who drew Feathers for Boom and We Are Robin for DC is the first draw here for me. The plot about social media taken to an extreme through recording contacts lenses, fan culture, stalking and leaked sex tapes is compelling too at least to get me to check it out as a one time cyberpunk fan. 
It looks like there are a lot of number 1s this week for me.  I’m likely to grab Deadman, Deathstroke and Black Bolt but the other books for sure
Oh and I’m pretty sure I’m getting this too...
Batman:White Knight 2 $3.99
I really enjoy Sean Gordon Murphy’s artwork, his design sense and storytelling like other artists I wrote about today clicks with my tastes. Not at all sure if this is really a Joker as the hero or not but it’s all Sean’s vision and conception and, well I think it’s worth giving a couple of issues to tell me what it is. I’ve been listening to the Inkpulp podcast and Shawn Crystal’s interview/chat with Sean Murphy was entertaining and ranged all over the place including some talk about this book in part two (here).

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

NCBD October 25, 2017 aka my Comics Pull List

Hi and welcome to me look at the books I’m picking up for sure this week. I usually try to keep my list to around Twenty dollars and this week I’m doomed to break my budget. Using a new blog platform so please forgive any formatting gaffs. I’ll fix them as I go.

Kim & Kim Love is a Battlefield 4 $3.99

Magdalene Visaggio, Eva Cabrera, Claudia Aguirre and - ‘s second storyline for the Kims comes to an end this week. Kim and Kim became one of my favorite books int the first few pages of the first issue and this second series delivered that same feeling again. Magdalene writes characters that embody lives that extend before and after the current tale and were just getting an intimate snapshot of a moment in their lives. Love is a Battlefield exposed tensions between the girls and allows us to see them both as capable vilnerable and human.  Eva Cabrera and Claudia Aguirre’s artwork has a cute, animated feel that captures feeling and expression for the character moments and is so well suited to the action oriented aspects of a bounty hunting story. Going to stop gushing now. 

Black Crown Quartley 1 5.99
Going from my enjoyment of I’d Lobotomy, the flagship book for Black Crown, I have great hopes for this quartly anthology edited by Shelly Bond.  About a week ago I listened to the interview that Shelly Bond gave about the new imprint, it’s flagship title Kid Lobotomy and the upcoming Quarterly title. I’d encourage anyone interested to listen to the interview with the one time Vertigo editor about the exiteing things she has planned for the imprint. This title will be looking at the background and supporting characters from the Black Crown shared setting and the art in the preview pages is pretty amazing. The magazine will include previews for the other titles like Assassinistas and Kid Lobotomy and if memory serves me articles about modern media and music. Kind of like a comics anthology magazine with cool backmatter and more. I’m almost as exited to get this as I am to get Kim and Kim 4.

Mother Panic 12 $3.99
And here we are at the final issue of Mother Panic before the titles hiatus told by the team of Jody Houser, Shawn Crystal, Jean Francois Beaulieu and John Workman. Shawn Crystal may not be to everyone’s tasates but it was his first arc that solidified my love of Violet Page and Mother Panic. Don’t get me wrong I like Tommy Lee Edwards and John Paul Lyon’s takes on the characters but there is so much energy and flair in the storytelling style Crystal delivers that I’m happy he’s bringing the title to its hopefully temporary finish line. I like these damaged characters and will miss them in the several month interim till they return in the Milk Wars Story . 

Southern Cross 13 $3.99
It’s fitting that as Halloween approaches that the science fiction horror romp that is Southern Cross has returned for its final arc. Becky Cloonan Andy Belanger and Lee Loughridge deliver a horror book that is really like few others at the moment for me; it’s reminiscent of the chills that the original Alien and The Thing left in me. The scenes in issue twelve where the Southern Cross landed on the moon Titan, the return of Alex Braith and the Ship that dissapeared with nearly all hands leaves me with more trepidation  about the future then relief. So far the team have given us a haunted ship, a murder mystery, gang wars and corporate intrigue a talking decapitatied head in a bag and a tough as nails old Lady detective. Where this story is finally heading is anyone’s guess but for sure it’s going to have some pages of amazingly laid out storytelling and more surprises are for sure in store.

Hack/Slash Resurrection 1 $3.99
I never picked up the earlier Hack/Slash stories by Tim Seeley so this appearing on my list is kind of starnage. Tini Howard, who’s written a Cold War psychics and Con Men Story called Skeptics and the most recent run of Magdalena, is one of the new writers who’s proven to be worth following. Her approach to storytelling is certainly all her own and her books have not been what I have expected in a good way. This book like Southern Cross fits with the season and this one even better with it’s Halloween and Friday the Thrirteent angle on the whole slasher horror thing. I’m there to support one of my new favorite writers and if you find her work to be your kind of thing ask your FLCS for Assassinistas that she’s writing for Black Crown with Gilber Hernandez (yes, that Gilbert )

Wayward 24 $3.99
The last issue of Wayward wa really my kind of thing. It featured Ohara, the girl who can adopt aspects of inanimate objects, and Shirai, the ghosteater and mister fighter, and played with old Japanese folklore in the way that this series by Jim Zub, Steve Cummings and Tamara Bonvillain do so well. The storytelling by Cummings and Bonvillain seems to much bigger then the size of the page and the issue seemed to be a much longer story then a usual twenty some odd page issue. This issue takes us back to Ireland where my favorite character Ayane died and I’ve yet to come to terms with that. I know, I know it’s not Rori and her fae fathers fault but I’m still coming to terms with her loss. We’re back with the fae and the formoi and well I do still want to see the whole story.

Image +3 $1.99
I’m an old Marvel Age reader and I’ve said it before but Image plus has filled that void that I didn’t know I was feeling. The magazine has a couple of strips that are running in it, Atomahawk is the Ken that hooks me but I know there are Wytches fans that are loving the new short piece by Snyder and Jock. If your into the behind the scenes interview sort of thing you’ll dig this too.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

NCBD October 18, 2017 aka my Comics Pull List

Hi and welcome to my look at this weeks new comics releases and what I'm for sure going to be picking up or have on my pull list. This is a brilliant week of books and there are a few that I have been looking forward to to since before their actual solicitation. I try to keep this list to around twenty dollars but this week I'm pretty sure that will not be happening very easily.


Kill Lobotomy 1 $3.99

Thought the name's Peter Milligan, who's Shade was one of favorite books in the ninties or Shelly Bond, who edited many of the books I loved, may have made me notice Kid Lobotomy Tess Fowlers art made it a must have months before the solicitation appeared. Tess is someone I had been following on social media before her abbreviated run on Rat Quens. Her art style and design esthetics really click with me, she's got just the right amount to weird and twisted humor to balance out a horror story like this. Kid Lobotomy's elevator pitch says it's Kafka meets King Lear hut knowing it's Milligan I'm pretty sure it's will the just the right amount of messed up strange to really hit me in my storytelling sweet spot with Tess providing the storytelling art. If I could may get one book this week this would doubtlessly be the one.


The Realm 2 $3.99

I blame the podcast That Girl With the Curls and her conversation with colorist Nick Filardi fo me getting interested in this book. Yes it's right in my wheelhouse storywise being post apocalypse where the apocalypse was magic rising in earth. It's Mad Max Fury Road meets Thunder the Barbarian with a witty dark sense of humor if issue one s any indication. Loved the hell out of issue one and as my FLCS ran out I asked Books with Pictures in Portland OR to send me one and it was well worth the price of the book with postage. Jeremy Haun's art colored by Nick Filardi is really worth a look if sword and sorcery adventure fiction is at all your thing. It's vusualy Lazarus meets D&D in all the best ways, also I can't pass up a book with an enigmatic masked character in it.

Jem the Misfits Infinite 3 $3.99

If anything I've enjoyed Kelly Thompson and Jenn St Ogne's Misfits book more then I have enjoyed Jem and the Holograms and I'm going to kiss their interpretation of the girls. Kelly Thompson has done a wonderful job of of making all the women in these books fully realized characters with lives problems and stakes all their own. I'm sad to see the end of her and Jenn St. Onge's run come to an end even if there is the promise of an anthology books still on the menu. Thank you everyone who's worked on this amazing lovely book.


Bitch Planet Triple Feature 5 $3.99

The Bitch Planet anthology that has shown us other corners of this dark satiric dystopia story comes to an end this week as another trio of creative teams tell they teases of woe. Though this signals that soon we will have the main series from Kelly Sue Deconnick, Valentine De Landro, Kelly Fitzpatrick and Clayton Cowles back soon these other takes on the evil patriarchy, that the real world resembles all to uncomfortably now, are really not to be missed. This issue features Matt Fraction, Elsa Charretier, Jon Tsuei, Saskia Gutekunst, Nyambi Nyambi, Bassey Nyambi and Chris Visions. Triple Feature comes with all the amazing backmatter features that makes Bitch Planet such a deeply valuable title.



Maestros 1 $3.99

I'm going to blame listening to the Geek Out podcast for making sure I'll be taking a look at Steve Skroce's project from Image. Go ahead and listen to the interview here if your thinking about thei book but be warned you'll likely be hooked into it too as the interview is pretty entertaining. Reading about the book it looks like it will appeal to fans of novels like the The Magicians, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell, and Harry Potter might just be the perfect audience. BKV is endorsing the book as a "masterpiece" and knowing his art I'm sure it's going to look absolutely brilliant.

In addition to these Descender 25, The Wildstorm 8, SuperSons 9 and Sherlock Frankenstein 1 will be in my pile of books....and I neatly forgot the Frankenstein police procedural...Made Men 2 comes out this week too.



Wednesday, October 11, 2017

NCBD October 11, 2017 aka my Comics Pull List

Hi and welcome to my weekly look at the place I'm spending my comic book money this week. I do try to keep these things to twenty dollars and well this time I'll be breaking the budget. I will note that in addition to these Dark Nights Metal 3 will also be in my pile because it's been so bonkers.


Mech Cadet Yu 3 $3.99

I managed to get the first two issues of this Boom series at RCCC and thoroughly enjoyed Greg Pak and Takeshi Miyazawa's take on the teen mecha pilot/friend genre. The books comes off totally heartfelt and genuine as does it one time teenjanitor come mecha pilot hero Sanford Park. There are several stories already brewing in Greg Pak's world including a human plan to build their own mecha somehow, the possibility of another alien invasion and the story of a protective mother trying to protect her only child. As I said the book has a lot of heart and I'm hoping my local shop can stilll get copies of this issue.

Redlands 3 $3.99

Jordie Bellaire and Venessa Del Rey have delivered on the promise of a book that pushes boundaries and people's buttons in this book. They have given up a witch lead coup that took Colton of the town of Redlands Florida from the corrupt cops that were running it. In issue two they come up against a serial killer who knows good and well what they are and are pushing their buttons. It's a beautifully dark book both in style and in story and I'm looking forward to where it's heading. It's giving much more the. What I had expected and I had high expectations.

Family Trade 1 $3.99

Justin Jordan has written a couple books that I've dug and the combination of steampunk, alchemy and a family drama involving thieves and assassins make me pretty intrigued. The art by Morgan Beem has a feel to it that is all itself and it's pretty damn appealing to me. It's a book that stars a female protagonist and it's visually storytold by a woman so I'm in for a few issues to see if it's my kind of thing.

Mister Miracle 3 $3.99

Ok I must ask did anyone expect that the new Mister Miracle would be a book about mental breakdowns and PTSD and be in current continuity. It's got all the crazy creative spirit of Jack Kirby and is somehow equally grounded and palpably real in that at its heart is not about being a god or a superbeing. Mitch Gerards is turning in some gorgeous and mind bending storytelling pages behind those pretty Nick Darringtion covers. It's totally my thing in the same way the Young Animal books and the upcoming Magdalene Visaggio and Sonny Liu book announced at NYCC are my kind of thing.

Michael Cray 1 $3.99

Didn't think I'd be picking up a Michael Cray (Deathblow) book but I am and I blame you Warren Ellis. This spin off of his Wild Storm series is being written by Bryan Edward Hill who does action adventure in a way that it's always worth the $3.99 cover price. The one time IO operative, read assassin, has gone independent to run his own operation with the backing of another mysterious organization, the cover by Dennis Cowan and Bill Seinkiewicz doesn't hurt. The other thing mentioned in the solicitation ofOliver Queen...and no so much the current DC Green Arrow but a Oliver created by Ellis as this is all from his creative pen. Curiosier and curiouser.

Atomahawk 1 $5.99

Danny Coates is a name I been seeing and hearing as a writer to check the hell out and after reading Godland issue 1 he seems pretty worth a look or two. This story originally ran in Heavy Metal and is now running as a strip in Image+ and the first was rather brilliant and twisted. The story is wild weird sword and sorcery and based on the few pages in Image+ it's full on something up my alley. It's somewhere between Elric and Conan and that is cool with me. Might be a good companion piece to Godland.