Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Wanted Dispatch April 26 2017 aka my Comics Pull List

Welcome to my weekly look at the comics that I'll be picking up. I put these together to share some of my thoughts as to why I choose these to support out of all the great books coming out. I do try to keep this list to a manageable twenty dollars but I don't often manage to as there are books I'd love to support or try to signal boost for that take my list beyond that.


Jem the Misfits 4 3.99

Kelly Thompson and Jenn St. Onge's Jem the Misfts has been such an really unexpected joy to read. Kelly I knew would deliver stories that I would enjoy and would likely be heartfelt but I didn't expect to get the stories we have gotten so far and am exited to get the remainder of this look at the Misfits we know the least Roxy and Jetta. This book should honestly rock and somehow between Kelly Jenn and M Victoria Robado it full on does just that.

Quantum Teens Are Go 3 $3.99

QTAG is the spiritual soul sister to Magg's other title Kim&Kim; its just and tightly plotted and charmingly written. Nat and Sumesh have made a working time machine out of the parts they liberated from defunct tech companies. In the wake of that strange non-corporeal entities have been popping up and issue two ended with them capturing one. This book is as much about being friends as it is about weird science punk maker societies. QTAG is a reminder of how good a writer Magdalene Visaggio is too and it's making me want the second Kim and Kim series sooner then July when it's slated to arrive.

Doom Patrol 6 $3.99

Oh my god the last issue, damn the last issue, I didn't think I'd be quite so moved by a Doom Patrol comic. Yes it took a full five issues for this weird fiction comics ride to hook me but count me as hooked for sure now. DC's Who's Who series and the connection to Changeling in the original New Teen Titans were my entry into the Doom Patrol story. I've been consistently interested in these hard luck heroes across numerous incarnations; I can say this weirdness certainly compares well with my memories of Grant Morrisons era and well Grant never managed to make me tear up so...

Steven Universe 3 $3.99

Steven Universe will be on my list for many reasons; I love the show and the characters, a few episodes have honestly made my jump for joy and other cry, and this book is by Melanie Gillman and Katy Farina. Really both of these creators should be on your collective radar if you love comics that push boundaries. They do such justice to this series and its players.

MoonGirl and DevilDinosaur $3.99

If I were to spotlight any Marvel book this week Moon Girl is the one I have to choose. Amy Reeder's Rocket Girl is sadly probably never to return but this is a solidly good replacement for that fun crazy science fiction book. I can't see why Marvel thinks it needs to Bering back it's A game when they have books like this illustrated by Natasha Bustos and Tamara Bonvillain and Unbeatable squirrel Girl by Ryan North and Erica Henderson


Bitch Planet 10 $3.99

This week would not be complete without Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine De Landro's biting satire of our sick modern world in Bitch Planet. Where other books I get I am honestly using to escape the BS being committed daily by the patriachal authoritarian ass leading the US no pew this is the book that I get to remind me to fight it. Everything about this book makes it a must have especially the back matter and I'm never angey when it's late, it's just that well crafted.



In addition this week There's Nothing There 1, The Old Guard 3, Wonder Woman 21, and Batman The Shadow 1


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wanted Dispatch April 19 2017 aka my Comics Pull List

Welcome to my weekly roundup of what will be in my comics pile come Wednesday though I often do not see it now till Friday. Like other sites I try to keep my usual pull list post to somewhere around twenty dollars give or take but some weeks that just is not possible given all the books I think are worth people's notice. It's come to my attention that my writing can be a bit bad so I apologize for my horrid spelling and rambling run on sentences.

Mirror 2 $3.99

Hwei Lim turned out some glorious pages in issue one that made a brilliant use of both color and empty space that I could spend many read throughs just digesting all the art has to say. This is a great follow up to the first volume in that it's fully approachable for a new audience. It's set in the history of the first story so if you did not get that this is a place to start reguardless and it's sure to enhance the first story eventually. Emma Rios and Hwei Lim are telling a cosmic mystery tale set inside a exploration of commitment to ones art and the drive to create. Oh and did I mention it's full on gorgeous.


Monstress 11 $3.99

Where Mirror is a book that revels in soft tones and uses of empty space Sana Takada in Monstress I think revels in filling every cranny of her panels with levels of rich detail and color. I'm so far behind in my reading of this that I pretty much have a trades worth to catch up on here, and this issue promises to reveal some of the secrets left behind by Maika's mother and her having to deal with its revelation. I love Marjorie's writing and feel for her character and perhaps I need to drop some of the other books to revel in this kind of comics glory.

Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye 7 $3.99

Would it be weird to say that I've been getting this book more for the back up stories the the main one? It might be weird but I have to say that I really love the story being told by Way and Rivera so stylishly illustrated by Michael Avon Oeming who has long been a favorite story telling artist of mine. Cave Carson hits on a lot of real world themes for a book about lost worlds and underground civilizations and it's kind of surprising in how personal it can feel. Oh and this issue we get some Superman which should be a kick.

Batwoman 2 $3.99

Batwoman is probably the closest I'll get to to seeing Margueritte Bennett write Angela again. Ok yes it's not the same thing but they are both kick ass queer women being written by a kick ass woman. I've largely missed out on the Batwoman story so I'm happy to have a place to join the bandwagon. I enjoyed the Detective lead in and have yet to crack issue one but I'm very much looking forward to it, on and it's all the sweeter having issue two there to follow it up. Steve Epting has long been a favorite artist of mine so it's nice to finally have him on a book in picking up.

The Wildstorm 3 $3.99

Issue one got me enough to take a chance on issue two and damn if that story didn't hook me for sure. Warren Ellis can do that to me, he can tantalize you with just enough to keep you coming back but unlike someone who I will not name for me he delivers of his promises and more. Jon Davis Hunt is also doing a great job of owning these characters which have has some pretty definite art style define them, I for one can not wait to see more of his Void and the hinted Jenny Quantum on the cover.


Deathstroke 17 $2.99

Though I like Christopher Priest and likely should have checked this out sooner it too Bill Seinkevich and Cowan to do the interior art to hook me. I'm now on board this bad guy possibly does good title and am really likeing Slade Wilson again since someone clever is writing it. Introducing PowerGirl in this story arc was cool and the fact she has no clue who he is makes all kinds of sense so he has a chance to be someone else with her. All now ruined by Beast Boy. Ok we know thee will be a mini crossover called the Lazarus Contract next to be followed by the crazy of Slade taking the leadership role with some young heroes come issue 20. Priest is staying so I'm very intrigued and well I'm hooked like I said.


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wanted Dispatch April 12 2017 aka my Comic Pull List

Welcome to this weeks comics pull list. I try to keep myself to a twenty dollar budget with this and often kind of go over but that is a good representation of what happens when I get to my friendly local comics shop. I hope you enjoy reading my kind of rambling self indulgent thoughts I throw up here about the things immexoted about.

Heathen 3 $3.99

Natasha Alterici gave a great interview on the Graphic Policy Podcast...Aydis had the tables throw in the end of the rescue attempt and becomes a prisoner herself in need of rescueing, It is actually quite seldom to see a story that is crafted by one person from writing through art and colors in the US and that alone makes this a must check out in my book. (Rachael Deering actually does the lettering on this printing for honesty sake). Heathen started as a cosplay that Natasha did for a trip to a Renaissance Fair that involved a horned helmet at one point. She decided to give that character a story and given the horns it bacame a play on Norse mythology. I'd gush too much if I wrote more, just go take a look at it if your store was lucky enough to order some.

Motor Crush 5 $3.99

Motor Crush I have said it before sates the need inside me for something like Speed Racer that only manga like Riding Bean and Gunsmith Cats have managed in the past. It also gives me chance to see more of Babs Tarr's style of action storytelling with those Forge outs bright neon colors that really need to be more present in comics. Like Kim&Kim this book looks bright and colorful and cherry and it's full of violence, bad deals and a darker side of things then you would expect given it's appearance. This is the last issue in the first arc and maybe a bad place to start but hey every books could be someone's first issue of it.

Wonder Woman 20 $2.99

Ok I'm sure everyone is tires of my constant squee reactions to Bilquis Evenly doing the art on this arc of the book so I'll spare you all this month. I'll leave it at this with Greg Rucka's Wonder Woman series, the even issues remind me ever so much of reading the George Perez issues from back in the post-crisis era.

Seven to Eternity 5 $3.99

Lies, lies, lies, lies and whispered temptations don't listen don't pick this books up otherwise your likely to add it to your Pull list like I have. This fantasy by way of western created by Rick Remender and Jerome OpeƱa caught me with its art design and though I was not sold on the story initially there was something the called me back to the second issue and the third and by the fourth I was fully sold even though it seems my favorite character got...well that would be telling. I think I may have listened to the offer and am now hooked. I love so many of the weird weird character designs Jerome dreamt up and long to know them better before they fall too.

Rose 1 $3.99

Meredith Finch aparent has always loved fantasy and that is why she initially agreed to work on Wonder Woman for DC as she's in the magical direction of their universe. Rose is all her own thing created and now illustrated by Ig Guara who sadly I've never heard of before this as his art is really up my stylistic ally. Meredith gave a great interview here that will wet your appetite for this book of fantasy is your thing too.

the Wicked + the Divine 28 $3.99

Ok, I'm so far behind on the imperial arc I can only say I'm still trusting this book is still rocking and hope to be able to read it before the Imperial arc comes to a close.

PowerMan & IronFist 15 $3.99

Another David F Walker Marel joint comes to a close this week. Walker truly delivered throughout this year plus run of the rebirth of Heroes for Hire honoring the street level roots of these two street fighters. Luke Cage showed all the maturity that he has gained over his history and Danny well he was for sure Danny Rand. Sanford Greene did a marvelous job illustrating this book giving it all beautiful and dynamic depictions of fisticuffs and Kung-fu I definitely expected. I'll miss this book sure we're getting Luke Cage from David Walker and Nelson Blake soon but well I have a soft spot in my heart for these two together somehow.


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Wanted Dispatch April 5 2017 aka Comics Pull List

So my post is late this week and I'm sorry for that as I try to get this up before Wednesday morning. Hi and welcome to my blog where I mainly post up my comics pull list spotlighting the books I'm thinking are worth picking up. I try to keep these things to my twenty dollar budget. Last week was honestly a budgetary train wreck so I'm hoping to do better this month overall but it's not starting out very promising,


Sun Bakery 2 $4.99

With the closest Japanese bookshop five hours away from me getting an authentic manga fix is just not possible and with Island being over I'm happy to have Cory Lewis' kitsch anthology book to look forward to. After publishing for issues in his own Image gives Cory a wider audience and is reprinting the impossible to find early issues of this black and white on colored paper collection of wired, wild kinetic stories. His crazy creations owe more to a love of manga and video games that western comics and remind me at times of the side stories that often accompanied the main manga stories,Given his small page count per story these stories are supercompresssed comics jam packed with ideas that come fast and furious. Honestly it taps into the manga readin experience I recall from when I didn't understand any Japanese.

Shade the Changing Girl 7 $3.99

Cecil Castelucci is joined by Marguerite Savage for this one issue so I'll miss Marley Zarcone on this one but Ms. Savages art something of a joy to find out I have on the horizon. In this stand alone issue we'll be treated to Loma Shade's reminiscences of her times at formals dances brough t on by the approaching winter formal at school. Thinking back she begins to wonder why she's going to put herself through all that uncomfortable BS again. It's sure to be a trip down memory lane for some. The backup in this issue is a story from the Kevin Keller artist Dan Parent. Really if your not getting Shade your missing out on one of the best DC Young Animal offers.

Black Cloud 1 $3.99

Black Cloud is the outcome of a collaboration between Jason Latour, writer of Spider-Gwen and co-creator of Southern Bastards and Ivan Brandon writer of Drifter and is about a woman,Zelda, born in realm of dreams and existing in the real world bearing dorways into odd other places, realms of broken dreams. It's the series premiere of something that sounds like it could be something special and given that God Country and Extremity has both been up my alley I'm willing to give this title a shot to take the spot of a Marvel book I'll no longer be buying.

Extremity 2 $3.99

The first issue of Daniel Warren Johnson's brutal revenge take lived up to its bloody hype and actually weirded me out with its willingness to go for the jugular. This second issue promises to set up what the hell the emnity between the two tribes now at each other's throats really was in the beginning. The statement about the feeling of issue one being somehow the basterd offspring of Studio Ghibli and Mad Max is pretty apt except the violence gets bother personal and visceral in ways even I didn't really expect. With the exception that Mike Spicer is coloring his work Daniel Warren Spencer would be the sole creator behind this book. Mikes colors on the other hand are downright gorgeous and the book would not be the same without them.

Jem and the Holograms 25 $3.99

This is the second to last issue of this run of Jem and the Holograms and looks to be a story set to change up the band a little. Kelly Thompson has written these ladies for just over two years solid and I can't imagine he not making these last issues sing and part of my kind of wishes I could actually hear the band. Gisele Lagace is a pretty apt choice to fill out the art chores on the last arc and though her art style doesn't look like any of the others who've graced these pages the colors by M Victoria Robado tie all the various lovely work done throughout the series somehow together. Sad to see this volume come to a close but knowing there is another coming in its heels with almost no creative changes is a good compensation.

Deathstroke 16 $2.99

Yes I'll add my voice now to all the people singing the praises of Christopher Priest's Deathstroke book. I'll do so knowing that in the aftermath of the upcoming story that will involved his interacting with the Titans in an attempt to get back his lost son Priest will still be guideline the storyline. What this series has going for it is a writer who know how to write action that has a grounded purpose. Priest is no afraid to be in your face political and have a point to to story he tells; a morally grey character like Slade needs to have a writer that is not afraid to offend some readers more conservative sensibilities. I reall back in the nineties that Deathstroke has a pretty good title and it's nice, really nice to see it happen again.

Everafter 8 $3.99

So honesty here Lilah Sturges co writing on this is the reason I was initially interested in this Fables spinoff. I largely missed out on the Fables book with a few exceptions and recall the stories Sturges worked on when I saw this book initially. An interview she gave recently clued me back into her work and when she said it would appeal to people reading all the Young Animals books I had to give it a go. Everafter is totally approachable even if your much like me and missed out of Fables. It's an action adventure thriller that has magic instead of technobabble gadgets and why not as their functions are not too dissimilar,


I'm so screwed this week as America 2 also comes out...going to be for sure over budget .

Oops and looking through my images I collected from this week I missed the Margueritte Bennett book DC Bombshells which I'm pretty sure will be joining most of the above.