Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wanted Dispatch April 19 2017 aka my Comics Pull List

Welcome to my weekly roundup of what will be in my comics pile come Wednesday though I often do not see it now till Friday. Like other sites I try to keep my usual pull list post to somewhere around twenty dollars give or take but some weeks that just is not possible given all the books I think are worth people's notice. It's come to my attention that my writing can be a bit bad so I apologize for my horrid spelling and rambling run on sentences.

Mirror 2 $3.99

Hwei Lim turned out some glorious pages in issue one that made a brilliant use of both color and empty space that I could spend many read throughs just digesting all the art has to say. This is a great follow up to the first volume in that it's fully approachable for a new audience. It's set in the history of the first story so if you did not get that this is a place to start reguardless and it's sure to enhance the first story eventually. Emma Rios and Hwei Lim are telling a cosmic mystery tale set inside a exploration of commitment to ones art and the drive to create. Oh and did I mention it's full on gorgeous.


Monstress 11 $3.99

Where Mirror is a book that revels in soft tones and uses of empty space Sana Takada in Monstress I think revels in filling every cranny of her panels with levels of rich detail and color. I'm so far behind in my reading of this that I pretty much have a trades worth to catch up on here, and this issue promises to reveal some of the secrets left behind by Maika's mother and her having to deal with its revelation. I love Marjorie's writing and feel for her character and perhaps I need to drop some of the other books to revel in this kind of comics glory.

Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye 7 $3.99

Would it be weird to say that I've been getting this book more for the back up stories the the main one? It might be weird but I have to say that I really love the story being told by Way and Rivera so stylishly illustrated by Michael Avon Oeming who has long been a favorite story telling artist of mine. Cave Carson hits on a lot of real world themes for a book about lost worlds and underground civilizations and it's kind of surprising in how personal it can feel. Oh and this issue we get some Superman which should be a kick.

Batwoman 2 $3.99

Batwoman is probably the closest I'll get to to seeing Margueritte Bennett write Angela again. Ok yes it's not the same thing but they are both kick ass queer women being written by a kick ass woman. I've largely missed out on the Batwoman story so I'm happy to have a place to join the bandwagon. I enjoyed the Detective lead in and have yet to crack issue one but I'm very much looking forward to it, on and it's all the sweeter having issue two there to follow it up. Steve Epting has long been a favorite artist of mine so it's nice to finally have him on a book in picking up.

The Wildstorm 3 $3.99

Issue one got me enough to take a chance on issue two and damn if that story didn't hook me for sure. Warren Ellis can do that to me, he can tantalize you with just enough to keep you coming back but unlike someone who I will not name for me he delivers of his promises and more. Jon Davis Hunt is also doing a great job of owning these characters which have has some pretty definite art style define them, I for one can not wait to see more of his Void and the hinted Jenny Quantum on the cover.


Deathstroke 17 $2.99

Though I like Christopher Priest and likely should have checked this out sooner it too Bill Seinkevich and Cowan to do the interior art to hook me. I'm now on board this bad guy possibly does good title and am really likeing Slade Wilson again since someone clever is writing it. Introducing PowerGirl in this story arc was cool and the fact she has no clue who he is makes all kinds of sense so he has a chance to be someone else with her. All now ruined by Beast Boy. Ok we know thee will be a mini crossover called the Lazarus Contract next to be followed by the crazy of Slade taking the leadership role with some young heroes come issue 20. Priest is staying so I'm very intrigued and well I'm hooked like I said.


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