Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wanted Dispatch April 12 2017 aka my Comic Pull List

Welcome to this weeks comics pull list. I try to keep myself to a twenty dollar budget with this and often kind of go over but that is a good representation of what happens when I get to my friendly local comics shop. I hope you enjoy reading my kind of rambling self indulgent thoughts I throw up here about the things immexoted about.

Heathen 3 $3.99

Natasha Alterici gave a great interview on the Graphic Policy Podcast...Aydis had the tables throw in the end of the rescue attempt and becomes a prisoner herself in need of rescueing, It is actually quite seldom to see a story that is crafted by one person from writing through art and colors in the US and that alone makes this a must check out in my book. (Rachael Deering actually does the lettering on this printing for honesty sake). Heathen started as a cosplay that Natasha did for a trip to a Renaissance Fair that involved a horned helmet at one point. She decided to give that character a story and given the horns it bacame a play on Norse mythology. I'd gush too much if I wrote more, just go take a look at it if your store was lucky enough to order some.

Motor Crush 5 $3.99

Motor Crush I have said it before sates the need inside me for something like Speed Racer that only manga like Riding Bean and Gunsmith Cats have managed in the past. It also gives me chance to see more of Babs Tarr's style of action storytelling with those Forge outs bright neon colors that really need to be more present in comics. Like Kim&Kim this book looks bright and colorful and cherry and it's full of violence, bad deals and a darker side of things then you would expect given it's appearance. This is the last issue in the first arc and maybe a bad place to start but hey every books could be someone's first issue of it.

Wonder Woman 20 $2.99

Ok I'm sure everyone is tires of my constant squee reactions to Bilquis Evenly doing the art on this arc of the book so I'll spare you all this month. I'll leave it at this with Greg Rucka's Wonder Woman series, the even issues remind me ever so much of reading the George Perez issues from back in the post-crisis era.

Seven to Eternity 5 $3.99

Lies, lies, lies, lies and whispered temptations don't listen don't pick this books up otherwise your likely to add it to your Pull list like I have. This fantasy by way of western created by Rick Remender and Jerome OpeƱa caught me with its art design and though I was not sold on the story initially there was something the called me back to the second issue and the third and by the fourth I was fully sold even though it seems my favorite character got...well that would be telling. I think I may have listened to the offer and am now hooked. I love so many of the weird weird character designs Jerome dreamt up and long to know them better before they fall too.

Rose 1 $3.99

Meredith Finch aparent has always loved fantasy and that is why she initially agreed to work on Wonder Woman for DC as she's in the magical direction of their universe. Rose is all her own thing created and now illustrated by Ig Guara who sadly I've never heard of before this as his art is really up my stylistic ally. Meredith gave a great interview here that will wet your appetite for this book of fantasy is your thing too.

the Wicked + the Divine 28 $3.99

Ok, I'm so far behind on the imperial arc I can only say I'm still trusting this book is still rocking and hope to be able to read it before the Imperial arc comes to a close.

PowerMan & IronFist 15 $3.99

Another David F Walker Marel joint comes to a close this week. Walker truly delivered throughout this year plus run of the rebirth of Heroes for Hire honoring the street level roots of these two street fighters. Luke Cage showed all the maturity that he has gained over his history and Danny well he was for sure Danny Rand. Sanford Greene did a marvelous job illustrating this book giving it all beautiful and dynamic depictions of fisticuffs and Kung-fu I definitely expected. I'll miss this book sure we're getting Luke Cage from David Walker and Nelson Blake soon but well I have a soft spot in my heart for these two together somehow.


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