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Dead-wood Dispatch Pull list Sept 2 2015

There has been a lot of back and forth and contraversary in comics lately and though I have things to say what I most want to be is someone who tries to spread the word about books people should take a peek at. This is my weekly look at what my budget of around twent dollars will be buying me and as always I start my list with the book I consider a must and suggest people look at in and among all the shipping goodness this week.


8House #3 Kaim

So along with the cool project that is Island Brandon Graham is writing this shifting anthology series with a new arc focusing on an astral projecting soldier with some truly gloriously looking artwork by Xurxo Penalta. If the cover is anything to go by we are in for something that will be reminiscent of Moebius and to me that is something to be savored. If theirs to arc is any indication of style the book is story cover to cover with only the slightest hints of even inhouse adds and that was a taste of the intricacy of the arc that starts here. This is one for the euro comics lovers out there. $2.99

Plutona #1

Jeff Lemire is certainly everywhere these days and somehow all of it is really well worth a try; this looks to be a bit of Stand By Me mixed with superheroes and that seems a pretty intriguing premise to me. We got a bit of a taste of this in Descender #5 last month and I liked the Emi Lenox character design that goes right along with the feel I got from the premise. Other then that I can say little about this title other then Jeff has a real handle of telling a story from a younger viewpoint in a complex and pretty unforgiving world. Between Sweet Tooth and Underwater Welder he's got a talent for suspense and the weird so I am pretty confident this will be worth reading. $2.99


Mockingbird #1

Ok this may just be me as a fan of the character since the old Hawkeye and Mockingbird mini series way way back when but this was kind of a must until thriller writer Chelsey Cain was attached when it became a sealed deal. Some may rankle at the ex that shows up in it but I will play along as comics is ever a changeable medium and well Bobbi is someone I kind a miss. She is pretty much one SHIELD's most capable and dangerous agents and has proven herself well before her one time death and return in e comics. As this also references the Agents of Sheild TV show too I have to say I have a fondness for that interpretation of her too and well I may be wrong but I have hopes this story will be with the double size price. The art in the preview looks pretty damned nice too as well as sets you up for mixing of the two continuities. It's also going to introduce the Red Widow created by Margaret Stohl for her novel to the comics continuity. $5.99


OmegaMen #4

Given the sheer joy that last issue delivered in the character of Kallista the princess this may just be the first thing that I read from Wednesday's small pile of books. There appears to be a lot of set up that is going oh here lots of set ups and I'm very curious as to whom will get stung first. Like Watchmen this book is using a nine panel per page layout and the art is so clean and crisply done I'm surprised I have no mentioned it much as it is one of the better looking books out there. Image is not the only company that is turning out great and challenging science fiction now and I hope that this book has got some legs as it's becoming something of a favorite. $2.99


Midnighter #4

Steve Orlando might not be pleasing some fans as I read on but he is sure making M his own with this series and he's got a fan in me with what he is doing. Warren Ellis introduced this take on the grim crimefighter years ago but he was pretty much background in the Authority, badass but never fully explored on his own. I like the character we are getting to know, the guy who actually likes himself, what he does and has a definite moral compass and a heart. This issue teams him with secret agent Dick Grayson who he's fought with and against in Dick's own title. This first story arc has him tracking a stolen weapons cache that includes details about who he was before and it seems we may be on the way to the old Soviet Union in this story. I am not sure who ACO is who does the art but they have definite flare for unique page layouts that are well worth exploring just for the fun of seeing all the little brutal details. Over the corse of the three issues so far Steve also has been dealing with the break with Apollo and some of it has been pretty touching. $2.99

DC Bombshells #2

As the first issue was a pretty enjoyable real world artifact to buy I have to say I'm in for for another round here. I'd thought his is based on a series of pretty oddly cheese cake covers and statues DC has been doing the reimagining of the original heroes during WW 2 as all women and I'm particularly into it for more on the Russian female pilot who is pretty obviously Superwoman as well as liking the Batwoman as well as loving the inclusion of Amada Waller as organizer. Yeah I spoiled a few surprises for people not into is but have to entice you somehow if the pretty art and solidly great writing hasn't done it yet $3.99


Bringing my total to almost twenty two and honestly breaking the budget... I didn't even get to books like Scott Kollins Adam.3 which was though not as crazy as I hoped it was pretty good, neither did I mention Casanova issue 4 nor the first issue of Toil and Trouble.

Lots of good out there go get what you love....


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Dead-wood Dispatch Comics Pull List Aug 26

It's been a rough month for my comics budget and I really have to pay more attention to the list I put together here as well I have some desires other then comics but I do so love the medium. So this is my weekly list where I try to winnow my desires down to a twenty dollar pile of books from the cool shiny weekly Christmas roller coaster that is comics. I start my list with my must have and some weeks will add a collection or original novel length book....

Zodiac Starforce #1

So here's the thing I have always loved Japanese animation and wheni saw the promotional art for this appearing on my Tumblr page and discovered the artist Paulina Ganugheau I've been awaiting this impatiently. Paulina was interviewed by Kate Leth on less then live months back which added to my anxiousness for it. This is the first of a four issue mini series from Dark Horse Comics that is a tale in the Sailor Moon like magical hero story about a defunct group of teen girl heroes. From the interview it sounded like Paulina and the writer Kevin Panetta have a great amount of affection for their inspirational shows like that and Card Captor Sakura, I expect this to be fun and poignant in equal measure and full of colours we see very seldom these days in comics. So it's a no brained to say that Sailor Moon and Buffy fans should give it a look but I think that people that get and love Steven Universe and Adventure Time will be entertained too... Support this and Power Up so we can get more of these...$3.99

Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #3

Any other time this series cowritten by Kelly Sue Deconnick and my new favorite writer Kelly Thompson would top the list here. This take on Carol Danvers puts her back in the military as the leader of an all woman flight squadron the protects their area of the Battleworld from invasions from supposedly infected lands of the ultrons and zombies and bugs oh my. In the last issue many questions were raised because she and her girls actually pay attemtion and ask questions where others don't. Issue two ended in quite and pulp era cliffhanger and left us hanging so this will be the first thing I read. Will this book have any affects on the post Secret Wars Captain Marvel book, I can't say except I hope some of the support cast make the cut as I like Carol with pals and foils to play off of and well I sorely miss Lt. Trouble who in this world is one of the Thors.... Lopez does a brilliant job in making a wide range of character types and communicate a lot through them given most have little page time. It's great comics....and a fitting exit for Kelly Sue who I will sorely miss from Carols story. $3.99


Batgirl #43

For me there are multiple reasons to support this book and one of them sadly is the loss of Yvonne Craig just last week so I'll be picking it up in memory of her portrayal of Batgirl. Fletcher, Stewart and Tarr have also with a couple hiccups have been writing what has been a pretty enjoyable if wildly different take on Barbara Gordon and often the real joy of this book is seeing Babbs Tarr's artwork. This issue brings a different Gotham ensamble to Burnside as well as hopefully expand on the reveal from last issue and the growth of Babbs new partner in crime-fighting. With any shift in creative team there are changes some don't want to follow and I understand that some people are still holding on to other interpretations and that's cool actually I loved Gail Simone's Birds of Prey and Oracle from way back in Suicide Squad forward and well this is pretty cool too... I'm giving it a go... $2.99


East of West #20

This is a book that I dip into and out of as I love aspects of the world Hickmann and Dragotta created and the mixture of the old west, the far future and old one style weird occult powers calls to me. I think this series reads better in large chunks and don't often get single issues but this one has my attention as it will be the first story fully focused on the Endless Nation and as Crow and Wolf are the characters that keep me coming back well I have to dip back in again. This is one of those post apocalyptic books that really does embrace the self serving nature of man and looks both at our virtues and our ugliness. Anywho it's my kind of existential personal exploration. $3.50


Cyborg #2

Victor Stone though a member of the Justice League I think has not really had the focus on him enough in the post flashpoint DC universe. The first issue of David F. Walker's series did a good job establishing the groundwork for people who do not know all of Victor's past and though I miss the Victor and Gar show from the old New Teen Titans as with Batgirl I'm a trying to roll with the change. I'm exited to have one of my old favorite characters back in the spotlight and to have a writer that has the life experience to write the character authentically I'm very exited about what future issues hold. Ivan Reis has become such an excellent artist since his days at Marvel in the ninties....$2.99


So that beings me to just under eighteen dollars for this week and though there are other tempting things I'm kinda thinking I'm keeping it to these...

Wayward Vol 2

My choice for the trade collection this week is Jim Zub and Steve Cummings second volley from their Japanese supernatural comic Wayward. This volume expands the cast one more with a girl who's body takes on the appearance and properties of ingorganic matter she touches a bit like marvels Absorbing Man and expands our knowledge of the cast by actually revealing a lot about who and or what they are before bringing them back together to take a stand against the powers of the past in Japan. All the descriptive back matter they have included in the issues will sadly not be include so if you want more then just the story you may want to wait for the very attractive hardcover coming in October. Steve's backgrounds to me are greatly reminiscent of watching Japanese animation and are in addition to being stunningly intricate pretty genuinely Japanese. $14.99


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Dead-wood Pull List August 19 2015

Ok so last week was a bit of a budget killer as is this week but I'm going to endeavor to keep myself to my meager budget of twenty dollars for my weekly fix . So I always begin the list with the one I can't pass up and finish it all up with a possible collection if something has caught my eye on attention... On with the show...

Island #2

So this is the big one for this week it's positively collectiony in scale being 100plus pages of add free comics by an array of creators under the editorship of Brandon Graham who's my current go to man for weird comics. Though it may get compared to DHP is is much more along the lines of Heavy Metal or 2000AD in that it is for sure not to be for all audiences and is likely to be more up the alley of readers who dig those more then the usual suspects of the United States comics landscape. Emma Rios is featured in this issue as in issue one and I have hopes its the continuation of the story in addition it has stories by Brandon Graham Simon Roy and Ludroe. Like me you may want to check out the names your unfamiliar with but given Graham is curating this collection he has a pretty diverse taste in art and stories by looking at his tumblr account as well as being outspoken about his personal beliefs. Very different very offbeat and very good in my opinion. $7.99


Giant Days #6

Ok this could have been the last issue of this lovely comic and I'm so so glad it's not given I've gotten to love these three women. John Alison and Lisa Treiman's college life comic has been exploring the personal crisis filled lives of Daisy Ester and Susan and the people pulled into their gravity. The stories are filled with stakes that are fully relateable and the art oh the ever so pretty, detailed and characterful art. I've been won over by these books so far and as its a kind of done in one kind of tales falling into the book at this point won't be at all like joining Avengers out four issues into a storyline. These girls make mistakes they embarrass themselves it's all very human and compassionately written. I think readers looking for well told tales where the world is not ending unless it's on a very personal level this is the one... $3.99


Rat Queens #11

So if your like me and missing role playing games wether they are tabletop or video this oh so much this is the book you should be reading. They are two storyline and a wonderful spotlight special a into this story I'm jealous of people who haven't read it. That is how much fun I have with this book; it's a different animal from Skullkickers as its not near as tongue in cheek but it's got some very humorous characters, I'm thinking of you Betty. It's got all the usual suspects halflings, dwarves, elves and well for me lovecraftian horrors are a must and Kurtis Weibe has remixed that stew together in such appealing ways and that's more then just how pretty the book looks. This is the last issue Stephan Sejic is illustration to be replaced by Tess Fowler who did the Bragga special that I loved quite a damn bit. The adventures these ladies go on never seem to go anywhere near where I'm expecting and the contents of this book are not really little ones safe as adult situations abound and i can't really say I have a favorite character as the cast is all pretty gloriously conceived. A good place for all lonely roleplayes and fantasy lovers wit ha good sense of humor. $3.99

Power Up #2

Kate Leth and Matt Cummings magical girl genre inspired title about being the chosen one or maybe not so much chosen one makes the cut for this weeks list. I love the idea for this book spinning out of the concept of there being a chosen champion and the calculations being maybe just a bit off in the execution. The art in the origin issue was pretty charming and the introduction to Amie Kevin Sandy and Silas definitely left me wanting more. This issue promises to bring them together for the first time and well I think it will be anything but what I'd expect it to be. Given this is a chosen one sort of tale the focus of the story will likely be one of self discovery even though things seem to have gone awry right from the start. I liked Amie a lot from the focus on her so I'm hoping to get to know the others better. Ok I'll say it its Sailor Moon filtered through a very different lense but as I I really enjoyed that series and Utena and the like this is right up that same kind of brightly colored alley with a little British cheek to it. $3.99


And that brings me right up to about twenty dollars. Some books I have to have will be sett aside for next week like Black Canary, Secret Six, Hexed, Wolf and Silk... um well not all so I'll be breaking my cap a bit but I'm for sure getting the ones above the cut here...


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Sunday Comics August 16 2015

So this last week was a monster of good books and I'm going to be missing some as I still have been a to get to...

Beauty #1

With all the attention that will head towards the next couple books Beauty may get a bit of short shrift. Beauty posits a world where an STD exists that makes the infected into svelte young sexy looking people and well as there seemed little obvious downside some people, read lots, chose to get infected. That said this story seems a solidly conceived police procedural about a squad who specialize in Beauty, the STD, related crimes. Foster and his infected partner Vaughn are called to investigate a possible firebomb and we get exposed to the stations forensic scientist, their obviously not inflected boss and the story progresses apace. The reveals in the book are forshadowed and the hints at that there is much more going on are there in force. The detectives Foster and Vaughn are likeable and the sword of damacles in the room intrigues me... it's honestly been a while since there was a good strait up police story and if that's your thing this is worth a look. Reccomended for genre fans.

Phonogram The Immaterial Girl #1

In the afterword Kieron Gillen he quite rightly states that more people are likely reading this then ever read the original two Phonogram books years back and well I definitely want to add to that. That being said and as someone who still has to catchup on the earlier books I don't thing this story suffers much given the main character of the original is background right now. So will the book click with you like it did with me, if you recall watching music videos for hours on end and if you know that one by A-HA you probably will. Kieron describes the book as being about writers, creatives their lives and the costs to them. Like Wic+Div and Young Avengers whichever is your poison the story here I think plays on several levels and though there is Magic in evidence the stakes are personal and the characters deeply troubles like all of us. The back matter here is equal in impact and may be left out of any collections so getting it now is my suggestion. Reccomended and bring headphones as a bit of music would not go awry.

Adam.3 #1

Singular creators are kind of a thing and I had big silly expectations for this given Scott Kollins' influences mainly the King Kirby. I went in expecting full on crazy and well it was tame good but tame given what I expected.Giving it second read I really really like the book, what Scott is giving us he is kind of a techno far future Tarzan story with talking animals and family tensions; the art is richly detailed and a mix of exaggeration and realism and has significant depth to it. The wide screen format is interesting and I dig it too as it's an experiment but I'm sure OCD collectors will hate it as the spine will inevitably be bent and dented. It's good fun and well drawn with a kind of innocence, Reccomend it if pulp fiction is your kind of thing.

More to come ....including Catwoman, Gotham Academy, and my favorite Shutter....oh and that little book Secret Wars.


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Dead-wood Dispatch Pull List August 10 2015

So August 12th is a pretty daunting week to try and keep a budget as there are great number of exceptionally good books out there but here is my attempt to build a pull list that doesn't stretch it too severely... I try to keep to twenty dollars a week with my lists and post about books I'm actually planning on buying. I start my list with my must have book and some weeks I'll include a trade that I think is well worth picking up if that is your thing....and here we go...

Shutter #14

It's a toss up between this and the next one but Shutter edges out all others because I honestly love this book by Lelia Del Duca, Joe Keating Workman and crew. This story arc looks to be hitting high gear right out of the gate as Kate, amnesiac yet still forceful Kate, has a yet unknown family member save her from death, Christopher has his own animorphic troubles to deal with and we got the return of one of my favorite characters Kate's closest friend Alain with hopefully more appearances to come. This is a comic that has a lot in common with old pulp adventures as cliffhangers abound as do enemies and allies of various kinds in a world that is a little Oz and a little Alice and well through the looking glass. Well conceived executes and graced with gorgeous art I could not hope for more; it's also among the books that has back matter letters and b-sides that done make the collections so the periodicals are a must at least for me. $3.99


Injection #4

Four issues in and we're starting to get hints as to the direction of this Warren Ellis joint. So what do we know, something was released into the world, something oddly post-singular in nature but jot like any of the Orwellian nightmares anyone else has posited and these people from the think tank that possible let it out are the ones that need to try to put it back. The heroes of this book are broken people and scattered since the units disolution ; a sherlockian bastard, a secret agent, a folklorist, a computer expert and a possibly mad researcher are all the stand between the rest of us and we'll something. It's new Weid in comic format and I love that kind of thing adding the intricate art of Declan Shalvey makes this a must, no really I'm trying to teach myself to draw again and this guy is severely underappreciated as his work is brilliant in so many subtle ways. $2.99


Gotham Academy #9

So the book that was elevator pitched as Gotham plus Hogwarts quickly became its own thing well before we ever saw it and Becky Cloonan and Brenden Fletcher are pretty much one of my new writing heroes. Though the book is centered in Olive and Maps Gothan Academy is really an ensamble cast story like HBO's the Wire but without all the profanity and adds a little bit of the Bat and a little bit of the supernatural. Karl Kerschl's art looks like nothing else that DC has going on right now as its somewhere between Japanese Manga and Bruce Timm which is somehow fitting and there are serious hints that some of the cast of not all are related to or are players in the bigger Gotham story landscape. If you have not found this book as of yet and are looking for a lighter take on the gothic crime ridden DCU which is reminiscent of Buffy without all the chosen one overtones and is full on hooked into geek culture I'd reccomend taking a look. $2.99


Another DC title means this is getting to be kind of a thing and this one is mainly because Genevieve Valentine is taking the cat into interesting territory. I'm a life long fan of the character though I've not always been happy with where DC editorial has driven heron where some writers take her. This book which gives us much more of Selina and more Cats then we have had in the past is a good thing. Genevieve's take on Selina running a criminal operation and planning to save Gotham from like likes of herself adds new complexity to the character beyond her being the thief with a heart of gold who loves the bat. Where as I mentioned the Wire above the comparison is more apt here as there is more deal making and politics in this story at least on the criminal side of things. BlackMask, the Penguin as well as a new Catwoman and several cops both clean and dirty and intrigue a plenty. $2.99

Constantine the Hellblazer #3

Ming Doyle is one of the many artists taking a hand in the writing of comcis now and along with her co-writer Ray Fawkes who is also an artist they are doing a reputable job of returning John to his more mature comics roots. Though still avoiding the profanity of the old vertigo book this new take on John C. Is pushing other envelopes and being pretty upfront about his sexuality and the darker aspects of his chosen vocation. The issues so far have been solid done in one kind of horror affairs and been pretty good thus far, this issue beingsin Vanessa Del Ray as artist as well as brings in a new character and returns John to his side of the pond, also is your can manage to find it it will have a variant cover by the amazing Kevin Wada. $2.99



Phonogram:The Immaterial Girl #1

Kiernan Gillen and Jamie Mckelvie return to the series that launched them and the likely final arc of this music as magical energy series. Me I'm a newcomer to this as my introduction to this fine fine creative team was Young Avengers and I've followed them since. If your a fan already your likely anxious for this like me but if the cool Nagel-ish cover has your attention you should give it a go. This book is deeply in tune with a specific musical era and the previous run had back matter to cluein those of us that might have missed out and it has a devious sense of humor that appeal to me as does the British turn of phrase and culture. Gillen's storytelling acumen has grown since the first volume and I can hardly wait to see where this may go and how. $3.99


So that brings us to just about twenty and there is still more to want from this week including the new Image book Beauty that has my attention not to forget Secret Wars 5 and Ghost Racers 3. So I'm like to break my budget but we shall see.


Hip Hop Family Tree Vol 3

This series of short comics that trace the development of Hip Hop Music has been running for a long time on Boing Boing I believe and I as a fan of Hip Hop am sad to have pretty much missed it till last year. This series has won and been nominated for many awards and will have a regular series coming in the fall fromfantagraphics. This volume will be $27.99 so full on breaks the budget but I think it would be worth it.


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Sunday Comics August 9 2015

So I've read through much of my weekly purchases and so many great books this week I really can't say which stands out the most as each hit me emotionally some way ... Even if it is a reminiscence ...

The Wicked and The Divine #13

Getting your impression of a character only from the opinions of others is a dangerous thing as with Tara we have had nothing but the f'ing Tara's to go on till now. In sum total this issue is great as Kieron gives us a solid story about Tara in less then twenty pages; I feel I know her pretty well and loved the character for what she was and was hurt by the ending of the story, really kind of deeply hurt. As I've read all the issues up till now some more then once I don't how it would play as someone's first but I would hope it is impactful. The art by Tula Lotay is everything I expected from my exposure to her in Supreme; her expressively drawn faces carry a lot of weight in the tale and really if you have read it but skipped the two page Twitter spread well go back as it adds to the overall impression and well impact of the finale. Commercial suicide may end up being my favorite arc as I've enjoyed the first two and this may be my favorite issue of the series to date. I'll miss Tara...

Omega Men #3

This is the issue I have been waiting for as Kallista was pretty much my favorite of the original characters and Tom King made her a full on badass in ways she kinda wasn't in the past. The issue had me oohing, ahhhing and mischievously laughing after its initially horrifying me as to what she seemed to have become but by the end I liked her even more then in the past. This delivered on all fronts as the story has a couple reveals that add to what we know about the overall story and adds a round of new questions; it also has some of the funnest character fights with some quips that will linger in the head. At the moment I would compare the reading of this issue to seeing Mad Max Fury Road as its nothing you expect and oh so much the better for it Save the Princess for the win. Reccomended really go now.



Ms Marvel #17

So this really should be first but it's about equal in enjoyment value as the others on the list so far and like Omega Men #3 is not what I expected and all the better for that. Given Kamala is such a big Carol Danvers fan there are some fairly sweet and a little imbarassingly real moments between them as she nearly fawns over her. I made the error in thinking that Kris Anka was doing the art when it was really Alphona who beautifully drew the meeting and their first team up as Kamala looks to save her brother. The story is as personal and heartfelt that you'd expect as that has been the flavor to G Willow's writing and the real charm of the series. She writes Carol as quick witted and truly caring that fits with Kelly Sue's Captain Marvel and there was a sequence that made me misty. We know the gravity of the situation as the world is really ending if briefly so it makes much of the dialogue and Carol's advice all the more poignant. It would make a solid first issue as its a very apt introduction to the character and her attitude... the smile on the cover says it all. Really reccomended.

8house Arclight #2

Marian Churchland is great a setting a mood and in storytelling with the minimal narration that Brandon Graham leaves on the page for us to read and interpret given his inclusion of a created language. Reading this reminds me of my limited exposure Moebius's work as well as Brandon's own Prophet as it is other, alien and timeless and could be either fantasy or science fiction because it could be either. Marian and Brabdon expose more or the weird and the wonderful of this world and somehow satisfyingly leave me with more questions then before but that seems half the fun with some comics. The flowing lines of this book and the softness of the colours belie the blood and violence that are part and parcel of a book like this. Not sure where I'm heading following this book but I'm happy to go there as its been beautifully fastinating so far. Recommend it if your not afraid of being rather confused.

Spire #2

If Arclight reminds me favorable of a great European master Spire does so for an eastern one, that being Hayao Miyazaki even down to the dainty yet strong impressions of the line work. Sha continues the murder investigation from last issue among yet more violence among the fringes of th ruling family of the Spire. There are doth ominous and playful moments in this story as well as some deft reveals of the world building which like 8house could easily be either Fantasy or SF in nature. More of the tensions in the wisder world are revealed with the delegation heading to the Spire and their running afoul of the series heavies in his one. There is a lot of heavy listing going on story wise and I'd suggestion tracking down issue one if you missed it and it seems your kind of thing. Fans of complex world building like Dune or the more fantastical works of the creator of Nausicca should really give this a look. Recommended if your like me ....


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Dead-wood Dispatch Pull List Aug 5 2015

So welcome to my weekly post sharing my comics pull list and my attempts to get other people to maybe try some new books out. I try to keep my list to twenty dollars or there about and I put the book I simply can't pass by at the head of the list. Some weeks I add a collection suggestion at the tail end in case that is how you pick up books. I'm also going to try to add some variety to my list and I'll occasionally include manga or dicital only comics once and a while.

Ms Marvel #17

So I done recall if this or issue 18 is the end of this first volume of one of my current must have books. I'm a fan of G Eillow Wilson's writing from before this series and find it to be one of the most approachable and enjoyable books in recent years. Kampala Kahn, Ms Marvel stands out in my mind as one of the better characters in Marvels cast of heroes and another is a characters I've loved since the eighties Carol Danvers, currently Captain Marvel also gracing the cover of this issue. This has been a team-up that was pretty destined since the first issue and getting to see Kamala meet her heroine Carol. G Willow Wilson writes with compassion and honesty and really does not back away from the complexity of life, the relationships she's set up or the depth in her marvelous cast. Though this book is winding down I'd say pick it up even if it's your first issue as you'll see why it's a series that has captured such a devoted audience. Oh and Kris Anka's art is a big draw for me too, it's clean clear line work is something I look forward to if the name is new to you you must check his tumblr blog...$2.99


Bucky Barnes The Winter Soldier #10

Ales Kot's work at Marvel really deserves a lot more love then it gets; Secret Avengers got to do a lot of weird and fun things that the bigger books would not have been allowed to. Bucky Barnes is one of the plethora of assassin stories that ran at marvel last year and managed to be more about the cast in a Hawkeye kind of way then about the kills that they really didn't do all that much of. Between Langdon Foss and Mike Del Mundo the art in this book added to the storytelling and made it one that multiple reads were a must. As with Ms Marvel it is a book that is on its last few issues in light of the end of the Marvel Universe and it's changes coming in October but unlike Kamala Bucky is as of yet abscent. Can I tell you it's a must have, well for me it is as I've loved the whole run and I'd reccomended it for readers who want more of relationships then action and like a bit of weird humor on the side. I'm expecting to miss this book once it's all said and done but I'm hoping for a happy ending for the Winter Soldier(s) his alien lady love and Agent Daisy Johnson $3.99

Spire #2

Science Fantasy seems to be making a big comics come back in the western comics world and this is a good thing in my book. Simon Spurirer, who like Ales Kot above I think needs more appreciation, with artist Jeff Stokely last issue and Carlos Mango this one bring a decidedly Miyazaki's Nausicca and Moebius's Incal influenced setting to this murder investigation. The Spire strikes me as the kind of book that has a very rich setting that could be returned to again and again to tell a range of stories with hints of political intrigue ala Game of Thrones and social, racial, and economic tensions worthy of modern America there is ample opportunity for more. Sha the main character seems placed central to many of the various tensions implied in just the first twenty pages and hopefully there will be more then just the promised six issues in this series. $3.99

8House Arclight #2

Brandon Graham is very much back in force at Image with both Island and this series which like Spire pushed the boundaries of genre lines and looks little like the general American comics fare. Issue one Brandon allowed much of the storytelling to be done by the panoramic art of Marian Churchland; like many of my favorite stories it lacks a massive info dump and allows the art and it's details to reveal the details of the world. Magic of a fairly visceral type certainly plays a role in this story and it's not one for younger audience as its content implies more then it shows. Between Island and 8House I think Mr Graham is attempting to fill the gaps left by the current lack of comics for a more mature audience. Fantasy allows them to explore the nature of humanity by seeing it from a perspective outside itself. Like Bucky Barnes this is a book for readers tho want to have something to go back to again and again to find the full story being told. $2.99



The Wickd + the Divine #13

This is the second of the fill in stories that promises to spotlight a single one of the chosen and this one we're getting Tara, f'ning Tara. We know really nothing about Tara as she is the one that never appeared in the book before now and our only knowledge of her is the opinions others have of her, f'ning Tara. Well enough of that this I'm very much looking forward to as its being drawn by Tula Lotay whose georgous art graced Supreme Blue Rose last year with Warren Ellis. Honestly I have no clue as to what we'll be getting other the. A very appealing looking book written by Kieron Gillen about the Goddess of well ... Not really sure which goddess Tara is ... so it's an issue that may reveal lots or perhaps not but It's for sure to be worth the $3.50


Omega Men #3

As with some of the new DC books I get the what if kind of vibe from Tom Kings Omega Men, it's not at all a bad thing but. It gives me a moment of pause in recommending it. As I was a if fan of the series in the eighties and have fond memories of it and have a connection to these characters already and can't say how they will play to a new audience. That said Omega Men is a complex book that seems like several space intrigue stories I could site like Blakes 7 of BBC fame and Jim Stalins Dreadstar which also may not hook newer readers. So what would I say about this to signal boost it; it's strait up science fiction, almost hard SF with a socially conscious story that presents a complex and not necessarily heroic cast perhaps calling it a darkly humorous mirror to the Guardians of the Galaxy is most apt but the characters feel deeper richer and more layered and oh this issue brings in my favorite of the old cast, the princess.... Perhaps you'll give it a go... $2.99


Kaptara #4

Adding this I feel the old Sesame Street song about one of these things is not like the others one of these things just doesn't belong. This weeks list has had a lot of science fiction and science fantasy and this is squarely at the far edge of that. Chip Zdarsky and Kagan McLeod are pleasantly having one over on us readers with this very fun book that is inspired by all the bad animation shows so popular in the eighties like He-man, Thundercats, Smurfs and the like. For all the silly of the inspiration it's a good title pro I solid storytelling if it's firmly tongue in cheek but what else would you expect from the writer of Howard the Duck and self same artist of a book called Sex Criminals. $3.50

So yeah I'm up at round 25 dollars so Kaptara may have to wait but maybe not... Oh and on some lists I see a certain Midnighter though I'm not sure it's shipping or not...