Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday Comics August 16 2015

So this last week was a monster of good books and I'm going to be missing some as I still have been a to get to...

Beauty #1

With all the attention that will head towards the next couple books Beauty may get a bit of short shrift. Beauty posits a world where an STD exists that makes the infected into svelte young sexy looking people and well as there seemed little obvious downside some people, read lots, chose to get infected. That said this story seems a solidly conceived police procedural about a squad who specialize in Beauty, the STD, related crimes. Foster and his infected partner Vaughn are called to investigate a possible firebomb and we get exposed to the stations forensic scientist, their obviously not inflected boss and the story progresses apace. The reveals in the book are forshadowed and the hints at that there is much more going on are there in force. The detectives Foster and Vaughn are likeable and the sword of damacles in the room intrigues me... it's honestly been a while since there was a good strait up police story and if that's your thing this is worth a look. Reccomended for genre fans.

Phonogram The Immaterial Girl #1

In the afterword Kieron Gillen he quite rightly states that more people are likely reading this then ever read the original two Phonogram books years back and well I definitely want to add to that. That being said and as someone who still has to catchup on the earlier books I don't thing this story suffers much given the main character of the original is background right now. So will the book click with you like it did with me, if you recall watching music videos for hours on end and if you know that one by A-HA you probably will. Kieron describes the book as being about writers, creatives their lives and the costs to them. Like Wic+Div and Young Avengers whichever is your poison the story here I think plays on several levels and though there is Magic in evidence the stakes are personal and the characters deeply troubles like all of us. The back matter here is equal in impact and may be left out of any collections so getting it now is my suggestion. Reccomended and bring headphones as a bit of music would not go awry.

Adam.3 #1

Singular creators are kind of a thing and I had big silly expectations for this given Scott Kollins' influences mainly the King Kirby. I went in expecting full on crazy and well it was tame good but tame given what I expected.Giving it second read I really really like the book, what Scott is giving us he is kind of a techno far future Tarzan story with talking animals and family tensions; the art is richly detailed and a mix of exaggeration and realism and has significant depth to it. The wide screen format is interesting and I dig it too as it's an experiment but I'm sure OCD collectors will hate it as the spine will inevitably be bent and dented. It's good fun and well drawn with a kind of innocence, Reccomend it if pulp fiction is your kind of thing.

More to come ....including Catwoman, Gotham Academy, and my favorite Shutter....oh and that little book Secret Wars.


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