Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sunday Comics August 9 2015

So I've read through much of my weekly purchases and so many great books this week I really can't say which stands out the most as each hit me emotionally some way ... Even if it is a reminiscence ...

The Wicked and The Divine #13

Getting your impression of a character only from the opinions of others is a dangerous thing as with Tara we have had nothing but the f'ing Tara's to go on till now. In sum total this issue is great as Kieron gives us a solid story about Tara in less then twenty pages; I feel I know her pretty well and loved the character for what she was and was hurt by the ending of the story, really kind of deeply hurt. As I've read all the issues up till now some more then once I don't how it would play as someone's first but I would hope it is impactful. The art by Tula Lotay is everything I expected from my exposure to her in Supreme; her expressively drawn faces carry a lot of weight in the tale and really if you have read it but skipped the two page Twitter spread well go back as it adds to the overall impression and well impact of the finale. Commercial suicide may end up being my favorite arc as I've enjoyed the first two and this may be my favorite issue of the series to date. I'll miss Tara...

Omega Men #3

This is the issue I have been waiting for as Kallista was pretty much my favorite of the original characters and Tom King made her a full on badass in ways she kinda wasn't in the past. The issue had me oohing, ahhhing and mischievously laughing after its initially horrifying me as to what she seemed to have become but by the end I liked her even more then in the past. This delivered on all fronts as the story has a couple reveals that add to what we know about the overall story and adds a round of new questions; it also has some of the funnest character fights with some quips that will linger in the head. At the moment I would compare the reading of this issue to seeing Mad Max Fury Road as its nothing you expect and oh so much the better for it Save the Princess for the win. Reccomended really go now.



Ms Marvel #17

So this really should be first but it's about equal in enjoyment value as the others on the list so far and like Omega Men #3 is not what I expected and all the better for that. Given Kamala is such a big Carol Danvers fan there are some fairly sweet and a little imbarassingly real moments between them as she nearly fawns over her. I made the error in thinking that Kris Anka was doing the art when it was really Alphona who beautifully drew the meeting and their first team up as Kamala looks to save her brother. The story is as personal and heartfelt that you'd expect as that has been the flavor to G Willow's writing and the real charm of the series. She writes Carol as quick witted and truly caring that fits with Kelly Sue's Captain Marvel and there was a sequence that made me misty. We know the gravity of the situation as the world is really ending if briefly so it makes much of the dialogue and Carol's advice all the more poignant. It would make a solid first issue as its a very apt introduction to the character and her attitude... the smile on the cover says it all. Really reccomended.

8house Arclight #2

Marian Churchland is great a setting a mood and in storytelling with the minimal narration that Brandon Graham leaves on the page for us to read and interpret given his inclusion of a created language. Reading this reminds me of my limited exposure Moebius's work as well as Brandon's own Prophet as it is other, alien and timeless and could be either fantasy or science fiction because it could be either. Marian and Brabdon expose more or the weird and the wonderful of this world and somehow satisfyingly leave me with more questions then before but that seems half the fun with some comics. The flowing lines of this book and the softness of the colours belie the blood and violence that are part and parcel of a book like this. Not sure where I'm heading following this book but I'm happy to go there as its been beautifully fastinating so far. Recommend it if your not afraid of being rather confused.

Spire #2

If Arclight reminds me favorable of a great European master Spire does so for an eastern one, that being Hayao Miyazaki even down to the dainty yet strong impressions of the line work. Sha continues the murder investigation from last issue among yet more violence among the fringes of th ruling family of the Spire. There are doth ominous and playful moments in this story as well as some deft reveals of the world building which like 8house could easily be either Fantasy or SF in nature. More of the tensions in the wisder world are revealed with the delegation heading to the Spire and their running afoul of the series heavies in his one. There is a lot of heavy listing going on story wise and I'd suggestion tracking down issue one if you missed it and it seems your kind of thing. Fans of complex world building like Dune or the more fantastical works of the creator of Nausicca should really give this a look. Recommended if your like me ....


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