Monday, August 17, 2015

Dead-wood Pull List August 19 2015

Ok so last week was a bit of a budget killer as is this week but I'm going to endeavor to keep myself to my meager budget of twenty dollars for my weekly fix . So I always begin the list with the one I can't pass up and finish it all up with a possible collection if something has caught my eye on attention... On with the show...

Island #2

So this is the big one for this week it's positively collectiony in scale being 100plus pages of add free comics by an array of creators under the editorship of Brandon Graham who's my current go to man for weird comics. Though it may get compared to DHP is is much more along the lines of Heavy Metal or 2000AD in that it is for sure not to be for all audiences and is likely to be more up the alley of readers who dig those more then the usual suspects of the United States comics landscape. Emma Rios is featured in this issue as in issue one and I have hopes its the continuation of the story in addition it has stories by Brandon Graham Simon Roy and Ludroe. Like me you may want to check out the names your unfamiliar with but given Graham is curating this collection he has a pretty diverse taste in art and stories by looking at his tumblr account as well as being outspoken about his personal beliefs. Very different very offbeat and very good in my opinion. $7.99


Giant Days #6

Ok this could have been the last issue of this lovely comic and I'm so so glad it's not given I've gotten to love these three women. John Alison and Lisa Treiman's college life comic has been exploring the personal crisis filled lives of Daisy Ester and Susan and the people pulled into their gravity. The stories are filled with stakes that are fully relateable and the art oh the ever so pretty, detailed and characterful art. I've been won over by these books so far and as its a kind of done in one kind of tales falling into the book at this point won't be at all like joining Avengers out four issues into a storyline. These girls make mistakes they embarrass themselves it's all very human and compassionately written. I think readers looking for well told tales where the world is not ending unless it's on a very personal level this is the one... $3.99


Rat Queens #11

So if your like me and missing role playing games wether they are tabletop or video this oh so much this is the book you should be reading. They are two storyline and a wonderful spotlight special a into this story I'm jealous of people who haven't read it. That is how much fun I have with this book; it's a different animal from Skullkickers as its not near as tongue in cheek but it's got some very humorous characters, I'm thinking of you Betty. It's got all the usual suspects halflings, dwarves, elves and well for me lovecraftian horrors are a must and Kurtis Weibe has remixed that stew together in such appealing ways and that's more then just how pretty the book looks. This is the last issue Stephan Sejic is illustration to be replaced by Tess Fowler who did the Bragga special that I loved quite a damn bit. The adventures these ladies go on never seem to go anywhere near where I'm expecting and the contents of this book are not really little ones safe as adult situations abound and i can't really say I have a favorite character as the cast is all pretty gloriously conceived. A good place for all lonely roleplayes and fantasy lovers wit ha good sense of humor. $3.99

Power Up #2

Kate Leth and Matt Cummings magical girl genre inspired title about being the chosen one or maybe not so much chosen one makes the cut for this weeks list. I love the idea for this book spinning out of the concept of there being a chosen champion and the calculations being maybe just a bit off in the execution. The art in the origin issue was pretty charming and the introduction to Amie Kevin Sandy and Silas definitely left me wanting more. This issue promises to bring them together for the first time and well I think it will be anything but what I'd expect it to be. Given this is a chosen one sort of tale the focus of the story will likely be one of self discovery even though things seem to have gone awry right from the start. I liked Amie a lot from the focus on her so I'm hoping to get to know the others better. Ok I'll say it its Sailor Moon filtered through a very different lense but as I I really enjoyed that series and Utena and the like this is right up that same kind of brightly colored alley with a little British cheek to it. $3.99


And that brings me right up to about twenty dollars. Some books I have to have will be sett aside for next week like Black Canary, Secret Six, Hexed, Wolf and Silk... um well not all so I'll be breaking my cap a bit but I'm for sure getting the ones above the cut here...


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