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Dead-wood Dispatch Pull List August 10 2015

So August 12th is a pretty daunting week to try and keep a budget as there are great number of exceptionally good books out there but here is my attempt to build a pull list that doesn't stretch it too severely... I try to keep to twenty dollars a week with my lists and post about books I'm actually planning on buying. I start my list with my must have book and some weeks I'll include a trade that I think is well worth picking up if that is your thing....and here we go...

Shutter #14

It's a toss up between this and the next one but Shutter edges out all others because I honestly love this book by Lelia Del Duca, Joe Keating Workman and crew. This story arc looks to be hitting high gear right out of the gate as Kate, amnesiac yet still forceful Kate, has a yet unknown family member save her from death, Christopher has his own animorphic troubles to deal with and we got the return of one of my favorite characters Kate's closest friend Alain with hopefully more appearances to come. This is a comic that has a lot in common with old pulp adventures as cliffhangers abound as do enemies and allies of various kinds in a world that is a little Oz and a little Alice and well through the looking glass. Well conceived executes and graced with gorgeous art I could not hope for more; it's also among the books that has back matter letters and b-sides that done make the collections so the periodicals are a must at least for me. $3.99


Injection #4

Four issues in and we're starting to get hints as to the direction of this Warren Ellis joint. So what do we know, something was released into the world, something oddly post-singular in nature but jot like any of the Orwellian nightmares anyone else has posited and these people from the think tank that possible let it out are the ones that need to try to put it back. The heroes of this book are broken people and scattered since the units disolution ; a sherlockian bastard, a secret agent, a folklorist, a computer expert and a possibly mad researcher are all the stand between the rest of us and we'll something. It's new Weid in comic format and I love that kind of thing adding the intricate art of Declan Shalvey makes this a must, no really I'm trying to teach myself to draw again and this guy is severely underappreciated as his work is brilliant in so many subtle ways. $2.99


Gotham Academy #9

So the book that was elevator pitched as Gotham plus Hogwarts quickly became its own thing well before we ever saw it and Becky Cloonan and Brenden Fletcher are pretty much one of my new writing heroes. Though the book is centered in Olive and Maps Gothan Academy is really an ensamble cast story like HBO's the Wire but without all the profanity and adds a little bit of the Bat and a little bit of the supernatural. Karl Kerschl's art looks like nothing else that DC has going on right now as its somewhere between Japanese Manga and Bruce Timm which is somehow fitting and there are serious hints that some of the cast of not all are related to or are players in the bigger Gotham story landscape. If you have not found this book as of yet and are looking for a lighter take on the gothic crime ridden DCU which is reminiscent of Buffy without all the chosen one overtones and is full on hooked into geek culture I'd reccomend taking a look. $2.99


Another DC title means this is getting to be kind of a thing and this one is mainly because Genevieve Valentine is taking the cat into interesting territory. I'm a life long fan of the character though I've not always been happy with where DC editorial has driven heron where some writers take her. This book which gives us much more of Selina and more Cats then we have had in the past is a good thing. Genevieve's take on Selina running a criminal operation and planning to save Gotham from like likes of herself adds new complexity to the character beyond her being the thief with a heart of gold who loves the bat. Where as I mentioned the Wire above the comparison is more apt here as there is more deal making and politics in this story at least on the criminal side of things. BlackMask, the Penguin as well as a new Catwoman and several cops both clean and dirty and intrigue a plenty. $2.99

Constantine the Hellblazer #3

Ming Doyle is one of the many artists taking a hand in the writing of comcis now and along with her co-writer Ray Fawkes who is also an artist they are doing a reputable job of returning John to his more mature comics roots. Though still avoiding the profanity of the old vertigo book this new take on John C. Is pushing other envelopes and being pretty upfront about his sexuality and the darker aspects of his chosen vocation. The issues so far have been solid done in one kind of horror affairs and been pretty good thus far, this issue beingsin Vanessa Del Ray as artist as well as brings in a new character and returns John to his side of the pond, also is your can manage to find it it will have a variant cover by the amazing Kevin Wada. $2.99



Phonogram:The Immaterial Girl #1

Kiernan Gillen and Jamie Mckelvie return to the series that launched them and the likely final arc of this music as magical energy series. Me I'm a newcomer to this as my introduction to this fine fine creative team was Young Avengers and I've followed them since. If your a fan already your likely anxious for this like me but if the cool Nagel-ish cover has your attention you should give it a go. This book is deeply in tune with a specific musical era and the previous run had back matter to cluein those of us that might have missed out and it has a devious sense of humor that appeal to me as does the British turn of phrase and culture. Gillen's storytelling acumen has grown since the first volume and I can hardly wait to see where this may go and how. $3.99


So that brings us to just about twenty and there is still more to want from this week including the new Image book Beauty that has my attention not to forget Secret Wars 5 and Ghost Racers 3. So I'm like to break my budget but we shall see.


Hip Hop Family Tree Vol 3

This series of short comics that trace the development of Hip Hop Music has been running for a long time on Boing Boing I believe and I as a fan of Hip Hop am sad to have pretty much missed it till last year. This series has won and been nominated for many awards and will have a regular series coming in the fall fromfantagraphics. This volume will be $27.99 so full on breaks the budget but I think it would be worth it.


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