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Dead-wood Dispatch Pull list Sept 2 2015

There has been a lot of back and forth and contraversary in comics lately and though I have things to say what I most want to be is someone who tries to spread the word about books people should take a peek at. This is my weekly look at what my budget of around twent dollars will be buying me and as always I start my list with the book I consider a must and suggest people look at in and among all the shipping goodness this week.


8House #3 Kaim

So along with the cool project that is Island Brandon Graham is writing this shifting anthology series with a new arc focusing on an astral projecting soldier with some truly gloriously looking artwork by Xurxo Penalta. If the cover is anything to go by we are in for something that will be reminiscent of Moebius and to me that is something to be savored. If theirs to arc is any indication of style the book is story cover to cover with only the slightest hints of even inhouse adds and that was a taste of the intricacy of the arc that starts here. This is one for the euro comics lovers out there. $2.99

Plutona #1

Jeff Lemire is certainly everywhere these days and somehow all of it is really well worth a try; this looks to be a bit of Stand By Me mixed with superheroes and that seems a pretty intriguing premise to me. We got a bit of a taste of this in Descender #5 last month and I liked the Emi Lenox character design that goes right along with the feel I got from the premise. Other then that I can say little about this title other then Jeff has a real handle of telling a story from a younger viewpoint in a complex and pretty unforgiving world. Between Sweet Tooth and Underwater Welder he's got a talent for suspense and the weird so I am pretty confident this will be worth reading. $2.99


Mockingbird #1

Ok this may just be me as a fan of the character since the old Hawkeye and Mockingbird mini series way way back when but this was kind of a must until thriller writer Chelsey Cain was attached when it became a sealed deal. Some may rankle at the ex that shows up in it but I will play along as comics is ever a changeable medium and well Bobbi is someone I kind a miss. She is pretty much one SHIELD's most capable and dangerous agents and has proven herself well before her one time death and return in e comics. As this also references the Agents of Sheild TV show too I have to say I have a fondness for that interpretation of her too and well I may be wrong but I have hopes this story will be with the double size price. The art in the preview looks pretty damned nice too as well as sets you up for mixing of the two continuities. It's also going to introduce the Red Widow created by Margaret Stohl for her novel to the comics continuity. $5.99


OmegaMen #4

Given the sheer joy that last issue delivered in the character of Kallista the princess this may just be the first thing that I read from Wednesday's small pile of books. There appears to be a lot of set up that is going oh here lots of set ups and I'm very curious as to whom will get stung first. Like Watchmen this book is using a nine panel per page layout and the art is so clean and crisply done I'm surprised I have no mentioned it much as it is one of the better looking books out there. Image is not the only company that is turning out great and challenging science fiction now and I hope that this book has got some legs as it's becoming something of a favorite. $2.99


Midnighter #4

Steve Orlando might not be pleasing some fans as I read on but he is sure making M his own with this series and he's got a fan in me with what he is doing. Warren Ellis introduced this take on the grim crimefighter years ago but he was pretty much background in the Authority, badass but never fully explored on his own. I like the character we are getting to know, the guy who actually likes himself, what he does and has a definite moral compass and a heart. This issue teams him with secret agent Dick Grayson who he's fought with and against in Dick's own title. This first story arc has him tracking a stolen weapons cache that includes details about who he was before and it seems we may be on the way to the old Soviet Union in this story. I am not sure who ACO is who does the art but they have definite flare for unique page layouts that are well worth exploring just for the fun of seeing all the little brutal details. Over the corse of the three issues so far Steve also has been dealing with the break with Apollo and some of it has been pretty touching. $2.99

DC Bombshells #2

As the first issue was a pretty enjoyable real world artifact to buy I have to say I'm in for for another round here. I'd thought his is based on a series of pretty oddly cheese cake covers and statues DC has been doing the reimagining of the original heroes during WW 2 as all women and I'm particularly into it for more on the Russian female pilot who is pretty obviously Superwoman as well as liking the Batwoman as well as loving the inclusion of Amada Waller as organizer. Yeah I spoiled a few surprises for people not into is but have to entice you somehow if the pretty art and solidly great writing hasn't done it yet $3.99


Bringing my total to almost twenty two and honestly breaking the budget... I didn't even get to books like Scott Kollins Adam.3 which was though not as crazy as I hoped it was pretty good, neither did I mention Casanova issue 4 nor the first issue of Toil and Trouble.

Lots of good out there go get what you love....


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