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Comics Pull list June 29 2016

Five Wednesday months usually leave me a day where I can grab up some books I don't usually get but this time around I seems not to be the case as this seems kind of a full shipping week for me. Lots of blogs do this and I've come to really look forward to writing this every week to share what I'm jonseing for come Wednesday. I they to keep to a twenty dollar budget and hit books people may not be looking for just yet.


Jade Street Protection Services 1 $3.99

Black Mask Studios book will be topping my list pretty often in the coming months and I'm glad that this most ages book is the first. Katy Rex and Fabian Lelay are the creators behind this book and though they may be unfamiliar names I suspect that may change pretty quick. The elevator pitch for the book was something along the lines of magical girl street gang by way of Breakfast Club as they are a group of magic school students brought together via detention. Beyond the fact that they skip their punishment and form a "gang" and from interviews (here's a good one) a lot of thought and live has gone into the creation of these girls, their styles, personalities and takes as well as the world the book is set in I can't say much. I will say it's one of the books I have really been looking forward to much like like Ms Marvel, Gotham Academy, Zodiac Starforce and Power Up in the last few years. It's the beginning of a great stable of new titles from Black Mask I think and unlike 4 Kids Walk into a Bank, GodKiller...I'm going to be there at the beginning. Oh and look at that cover by Annie Wu.


Mae 2 $3.99

Mae began life as a graphic novel Kickstarter project written and drawn by Gene Ha one of the artists that I loved when I was reading comics before and one I'm glad to see back and doing his own thing. This issue is a reprint of the second half of the GN with hopefully additional pages like issue one. Its a modern portal fantasy in which of two sisters Mae and Abby one discovered a portal into a fantasy realm and had adventures on and off until disappearing from Mae's life years ago. The original was a good book and I was happy to have supported it but it felt a bit incomplete and it's great to see it getting expanded and given a chance at being a full series. Bill Willingham and other fantasy writers have said good things about it and I think it's a pretty good take on the genre best of all not derivative or a continuation of someone else's property. I'd love to see more like this instead of the urban fantasy usual suspects to be honest.


Mockingbird 4 $3.99

As a supporting character in other people's books, i.e. white dude-bro hero books, Bobbi has had a pretty crazy turbulent one time "fridged" comics existence and Chealsey Cain is for sure the right writer to put and end to all that nonsense. Between the SHIELD special and the first three issues of this book she and her cocreators on Mockingbird have set the tone of this book smack in the middle of where superspy thriller superhero, weird and horror fiction meet. I first encountered her in the old old Hawkeye miniseries and I recall her being the reason on a number of occasions that he didn't go through the revolving door marvel has on death. Unlike Black Widow and Electra she's not an ex villain and does not carry that baggage so Chelsey gets to write a character that's not dark and brooding and her Sykes have little to do with redemption so the mood of the book is lighter. I like weird fiction a lot, it's often hard to really describe and often world well as a thriller ... Chelsey Cain and her coconspirators on this subversive book have a winner that I hope lasts at least till fall and whatever the new Marvel NOW brings.

Jem and the Holograms 16 $3.99

So yeah, this is Sophie Campbell's last issue for a while at least and it's been a great run for her on this book reintroducing the characters, reviving the property and giving us some new characters, plots and twists and turns along the way. It's also the end of the Dark Jem storyline that took Synergy down a viral dark path and dragged the band along with it. Kelly Thompson Sophie and Victoria along with the help of other creators along the way have added depth to the entire cast of the book and endeared many of the characters to me in ways I would not have anticipated or ever assumed. I'm exited to see where Jen Bartel who is doing a fill in issue next and the oncoming artist Meredith McClaren take them. The final issue of an arc is a hard first sell but check it out it may just be your kind of thing, oh and the collection of the earlier issues are out there too.

Black Panter 3 $3.99

Given the early issues are heading into reprints Ta Nehisi Coates and Brian Stalfreeze's take on Black Panther may not need the signal boost but I'm willing to give it one as its one of the Marvel books I think is currently worthy of support and thankfully not embroiled in the Civil War storyline. I was a big fan of Brian's work in the past and I'm so glad to have him on a book I'm collecting. What I will say about this book is that if your reading it and have yet to read Between the World and Me you should really go and read that as its one of the more powerful books I've read lately.


Unbeatable Squirrel Girl 9 $3.99

(Oops temporarily forgot I wanted to mention...) I do get a kick out of this book and often pick it up but sadly don't mention it often enough. Ryan North and Erica Henderson have been doing a great book about this animal themed hero for several years and I wanted to spotlight this issue because I spotted that Tess Fowler is doing the inks and I must support it and spread the word. Yeas it will put me well into the blowing the twenty dollar budget range but sometimes I just have to. Of and its Squirrel Girl come on.


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Trade waiting ... I.D.


Identity is a slippery thing but we are not here to discuss my existential issues. Against a backdrop of near future terrorism three people who may be involved in an identity or body swap if you will and come to know and come to know one another at least just a little. Emma Rios both wrote the story and did the marvelous right red on white art for this story that was in the first issues of the magazine she edits with Brandon Grham. It's a story that is very much about the stakes and motivations foibles and strengths of the focal characters. It deal with so many deep and private issues; discomfort in ones own body and life regardless of the underlying cause wether it be gender disphoria race or meer bordom. Emma deals with her cast with such honesty and compassion and apparently consulted professionals of the possible science involved though it may not fully exist yet. It has been the stand out story so far from what has been an excellent groundbreaking anthology. As with many collections from Image it's at that sweet price of $9.99 which makes it oh somtempting to get it again even though I own the issues. Emma Rios is one of the creators I endorse with out reserve wether it be on this book, Pretty Deadly Mirror (both of which people should really be reading) or even as part of an editing team on Island.


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Comic Pull List June 22 2016

Well though I say I have a twenty dollar comic budget weeks like this kind of blow that all to hell as there are so many good books I think are worth plugging so they don't end up becoming a victim of the fickle direct sales system. I'm writing this after looking at all the coverage the creators and fans I follow over on Twitter have posted about Heroescon and DCC and though I know I have my con trip to look forward trim so flipping jealous of some of the things I know I missed not attending more then just Rose City Comic Con in September.

Nighthawk 2 $3.99

Ramon Villalobos and David F Walker aided and abetted by Tamara Bonvillain really delivered some brutal crime and perdjudice fighting goodness with issue one of this new Nighthawk. This highly version conflicted version of Kyle Richmond from a dead universe, member of the Suadron Supreme and probably sole crimefighter in Chicago in the marvel universe has a lot on his plate so I'll allow him some Midnighter level of violence and the book itself is conscious of its bloody content as the cast make a comparison to the Punisher in issue one. As this is Chicago I expect David and crew have plans for more then just the costumed criminal of the week as there are all to real evils that someone like Nighthawk could fight both in costume and out of it in an effort to find himself as a refugee form somewhere else. The first issue lived up to and exceeded my expectations and they were pretty high as I'm a fan of all the people beefing this black clad vigilante.

Bitch Planet 8 $3.99

Some books take time to do their material justice and for this creative team headed by Kelly Sue Deconnick and Valentine De Landro to deliver the story they want to tell I'm willing to wait for it to be right. Bitch Planet has a strong following but as I think the eye opening message buried in this book is too important not to signal boost for it even if my audience is real small as the book and the back matter could open someone's eyes. Bitch Planet is a social science fiction joint delivered through the guise of grind house prison exploitation and could be called OitNB in space because it should make you think and quite likely make you cry. This arc allows the main character Kogo to find her sister in the ACO her whole reason for being there in that horrible f'ed up place and well it can't all go swimmingly.


Pretty Deadly 10 $3.50

You can't have a title that mentions death without delivering on the promise of loss and seems that there will be a major loss the last issue of this arc. Kelly sue Deconnick and Emma Rios have made my cry in the past and I suspect that this issue shall be no different given its WWI and tragedy abounded. This has been a gorgeous book beginning to end with Emma's art colored by the ever amazing Jordie Bellaire of Red Square studios and as with any Deconnick book I'm sad to see it come to a close even if it's temporary. Not sure if Pretty Deadly needs a signal boost but I love the book so I encourage people to search it out it's not bright and happy but I think it reflects a lit of reality in the tale it tells.





Power man and Iron Fist 5 $3.99

I've may already mentioned how much I enjoy David F Walker's no nonsense pull no punches take on storytelling possibly in this post above but if that didn't come across in my post about Nighthawk perhaps it will here. I love his take on this long time friendship of mis matched guys and their functional dis functional relationship as Like has grown immensely as a person over time and somehow Danny has remained well Danny. From the solicit this may be a bit of a Rashamon my take his take on a tale and those are often quite fun and as revealing as a Peter David psychotherapy issue of X-Factor. I will miss the amazing Sanford Greene on pencils but here's hoping he'll be back soonish. Really if your not getting this book your missing out on one of Marvels better takes right now.

Rumble 11 $3.50

It's funny that the other light heated book on this weeks list happens to be the one that pulls from horror tropes but for me that makes sense as Shawn of the Dead was the most disturbing zombie flick I've seen. Rumble tells the tale of pre-human monsters that still live among us hidden at the fringes of our society. It's written by long time Mike Mignola partner John Arcudi, illustrated by James Harren and Dave Stewart and is much more complex then just a them vs us kind of tale as human and monster both have relatable stakes they are playing for and there is bad and selfish among all the races in the book. This is the beginning of the third story arc following the urban wanderings of a onetime wrathful Conan like figure in a down on its heels Detroit like urban fantasy and it's looking like the scarecrow "god" is going to have his lot worsened again. John Arcudi has a real effective way of mixing his horror, tragedy and comedy for great effect. The growing cast all have their moments too so I'm pretty exited to see where things are going in this world.


MoonGirl and Devil Dinosaur 8 $3.99

The last two issues of this book by the one time writer artist team behind Rocket Girl Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclair exposed out hero to her greatest fear the Terrigen Mists and transformation into an Inhuman. Seems her power may just be a bit of a shared or swap body thing with the big red reptile she has befriended. Ok sure it may be a bit played for laughs butt my sure there will be a lot of suspense over how it all works and how she will get her body back. Natasha Bustos is back on the art chores too so I'm sure to go a bit over budget to get this even though I suspect with the new Marvel NOW it may well be going away so let's give good different titles a bit of support as they are usually where real storytelling happens.


And that brings me to just over twenty and I have yet to mention Ultimates which is in my opinion the best marvel team book and a little thing called Wonder Woman which probably needs little in the way of a boost.

Let me know what is on your list as I'd love to be exposed to something new if you have a suggestion

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Pre-Orders, FTW

I passed on this last weekend but I have to do a bit of this today as I did do a bit of preordering myself this last Friday night on the way home so I thought I would share. I've only got one for you today but perhaps more to come as there is so much good stuff on the Image and Black Mask upcoming books...

Animosity 1 (JUN 161065) 3.99

So my favorite title from Marguerite Bennett may have gone the way of most of my most lived Marvel books but she's got other great work out there like DC Bombshells, Red Sonja and the so so NSFW Insexts from Aftershock and this new book to look forward to. She is working with Rafael De Latorre who did a magnificent job with the superhero back comedy Super-Zero on what promises to be another black comedy horror about a girl and her dog in a roadtrip. The evil animal book twist is that animals have started talking a plotting a bit of revenge. Marguerite has a twisted imagination that can deliver shocks, emotional heavy plots and characters you really root for. I know when I see her name in a book it's not a title that is going to ever dissapoint even if I'm not fully sure what I'm getting myself into. I really wish I had more money to try out all the aftershock books. Humans have a lot to answer for when it comes to the animals we keep in zoos, as food producers and for experiments.


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Comic Pull List Jun 15 2016

This is a bit of a catch up week as I have some books left over from last week to still pick up given my attempt to keep to my twenty dollar comics budget... I'm going to keep my intro letter here kind of short and say I try to spotlight books that may be under people's notice with the deluge of great reading options, many of my favorite books even from the big few publishers have been canceled because of the vagaries of the market acting as a gatekeeper. (On my Twitter feed I have seen people post about not knowing about Angela, or Moon Girl and wondering why they don't get more ads ....)


The Spire 8 $3.99

Weird fiction is really my kind of thing wether it's modern weird, sci-fi weird or weird fantasy. Simon Spurier, Jeff Stockley and Andre May's weird science fiction murder mystery comes to an end this week as they explore secrets spread across several generations in a paranoid and highly prejudiced world. The world created for this story is highly reminiscent of the mystical science fantasies of Miyazaki both in tone and in style; it's a worthy homage to his work and a compelling story as the fractious nature of the world looks oh so similar to the one outside my window. Spurier loves telling stories of great emotional and social complexity and I'm pretty sad to see this ending as I think there is so much more to explore in this compelling world and much more to say through his complicated lead character Sha. If you have missed it till now there is sure to be a collection but you should really look at the work this team has done as its pretty special.


Han Solo 1 $3.99

Yes it's a big name and yes Han Solo probably does not need a signal boost because well Han Solo right but as its a book written by Marjorie Liu I think it's of possibly wider notice. From the preview pages the art by Mark Brooks and Sonia Oback fully captures the gritty look and feel of the original trilogy setting and nail the mercenary smuggler himself quite well. I will say I sadly missed out on what is a marvelous book in Darth Vader by Kieron Gillen so I'm unlikely to let this book written by another favorite writer of mine slip by. I'm lucky as this is a week that is slim on books I'm anxious to have so I can give this some extra attention. Though I'm more exited for the future of Monstress I'm game for her to write a bit of the old scoundrel here.

Descender 12 $2.99

The robot refuge sure did not turn out to be such a safe place for Tim - 21 at the end of the last arc and did a lot to set up what is sure to be a disturbing set of reveals for his doppelgänger Tim-22. Jeff Lemire is sometimes not all that kind to his characters and this arc looks to be one that will explore the lives of the other players is this science fiction story. Everyone seems to want the program kernel that is at the heart of the Tim series of robots and though I'm sure this issue will not be that story it may just touch on how different each of them may have become over time and experience. Dustin Nguyen is doing some truly amazing storytelling in watercolor in this book and that in and of itself is worth checking out.

Patsy Walker aka Hellcat 7 $3.99

As I have let go of some of the marvel books lately for various reasons including being too tired of endless event stories I get to explore the other books I really wanted to and did t have the funds to before. I picked up the first few issues of Kate Leth and Brittany Williams Hellcat and am sorry I passed it over after that as I really enjoyed the story they were telling. It's great to see someone exploring the Marvel setting from another angle and Patsy has been one of the characters I have wanted to se more of since reading about her in the eighties. So yeah I got some catchup to do on this and look forward to it. Oh and Jessica Jones makes an appearance here without Luke and though I love him loads it's great to see a bit of her on her own...


So with the fact I have some books set aside and probably will grab Lumberjanes Gotham Academy I'm likely to hit my twenty dollar limit...

That's me for the week and sometimes I forget or overlook something cool too... so if there is anything that has you wanting to run to the shop come Wednesday let me know as I'd enjoy a bit of a conversation a bit comics...

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Sunday Jun 12 2016

So I had planned I would be posting some Pre-order suggestions today but right now it seems a bit trite to me in the face of the massive hate crime committed in Orlando and the loss to so many families friends and loved ones. There are so many things I want to try to do and at a loss for anything constructive I can do right now. Tomorrow I will do a bit of regular posting about his next weeks comics but right now if you can help do so... The least we can do is not spread the hate any further


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Comics Pull List June 8 2016

Wow this is a spectacular week of books... These odd five Wednesday months do strange things to shipping as so many of the books I love are hitting this week and then again the week after next. So I'm likely to try to split this week up between this week and next which is a small week but I'm going to mention all the books I think are worth it this week as well as the ones that I think need a bit of a boost...

Goldie Vance 3 $3.99

If you want a taste of the writer who is taking over Batgirl very soon this very cool exceedingly cute teenage detective adventure book book from Boom she's doing with Patsy Walker aka Hellcat artist Brittnay Williams should be on your list. Actually it should be in your list anyway as is its so cleverly and engagingly written and drawn it's well worth having on its own wrong merit. Here is a link to the LA Times interview about the book and a meet flip through the first issue made me have to go back and pick it up as I could not stop thinking about it. Though the article notes the influences to me it has that kind of sweet melancholykind of vibe I get from good Wes Andersons films. Hope Larson's characters truly got me to invest in them right away so she and Brittany really are doing something right here and as its only halfway through perhaps your FLCS still has the first two if they took a chance on them. Comics like this are not my usual go to but I love it when I find a book I can't pass up.


Island 8 $7.99

I know I know 7.99 is a big stretch to take given the cost of comics these days but for people looking for a book that consistently provides a diverse array of stories and art and delivers such quality to book this is the book. Brandon Graham and Emma Rios edit and sometimes write parts of this seventy plus page monster and take stories that span a wide range of genre including the occasional memoir. This issue if I recall will include the continuation of Simon Roy's science fiction story Habitat, Johnny Christmas' fantasy story Firebug and hopefully more Multiple Warheads from Brandon Graham... It's a book that never plays it safe and sometimes wanders into controversial territory but it's always amazing and I wish I had people to talk with about it.

Shutter 22 $3.99

The vagaries of my life have left me with lees time lately to read comics and I have let Shutter pile up so I will probably get to read this entire arc as a whole with all the letters columns and back matter all at once. Joe Keatinge, Leila Del Duca, Owen Gieni and John Workman's book is one of the books that I really should measure others by because of how much joy I get from the book. It's a travelogue Tin Tin kind of adventure in a world 90 percent or so more fantastic then ours ... astronauts and minotaurs, talking kit cat clocks, anthropomorphic lion people, dinosaurs and more exist along side man and it's all wonderful. I can't comment of the developments in Kate's life as I'm so behind but I so trust the creators I'm putting this up as a reccomendations.

Midnight of the Soul 1 $3.50

Though I never really forgot about Howard Chaykin I had kind of forgot how much I enjoyed his approach to storytelling so perhaps hearing him on one of the I Word podcasts from panel interviews at the pre ECCC show was a good thing. He's a creator who has a very recognizeable style, a writer who is not afraid to make a definite statement with his story... he's not someone who's books get lost somewhere in act three and then either never give you an end or back away from the end he should give. This is a post World War Two story about the life of a soldier home from the war and the few page preview makes me hopefull for some pretty hard hitting points to come out of the book. Midnight is a book that is all Howard and though I enjoyed his work with others he's often best when it's all from his mind alone.

Injection 10 $2.99

And why not go from Chaykin to Warren Ellis as their commitment to good storytelling and to not pulling punches is pretty similar. Injection which Warren created with Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire hits so many genre types that it's petty hard to pin down; it's a little post singular a bit X-files, spy, detective conspiracy story that may just be taking an unexpected twist with the last issue. Here's a recent bit that happened the Holmes character got a ham that he determined by taste was actually man rather then pig... Ok sure that's gross as are the implications behind his claim. It's a really fun unexpected ride and with the art team behind it it's truly a treat all round. Again like Shutter I could one measure my enjoyment of other books by this one and two it's the end of a story arc so it may not be the best place to,pick it up but I don't think new readers would be much more uncertain of the story behind the story then us who have been there since issue one you'd just be missing attachment to the widely diverse cast.

the Wicked and the Divine 20 $3.50

This week the hits just keep on coming it seems as this excellent twist on superpowers (being a myth/god incarnate is kind of a superpower right), celebrity mixed with a bit of backstabbing and intrigue from Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie is out again. The last couple issues have shown us we don't really know what we thought we did just like the arc before, Commercial Suicide, showed us what we needed to know about the secondary characters ( damn the Tara issue....wow). This arc is feeling like its building to a bit of a serious climax for the series so I wonder where they will take it after this arc is done and looking at the covers coming up I curious what we really know abut how this whole god possession thing really works...



Lik last week there are some Rebirth titles that may just tempt me like the Flash and Wonder Woman books as well as there being the final issue of Headlopper which has been great fun but at this time I'd say wait for trade on that.


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Pre-orders ...NOW!

Ok the title is kind of a cheap shot at Marvel right now as I'm dreading the re-re-re-re ignition of books at the house of ideas, though I will agree that with their lesser teir books pre-orders are petty important and I do so for books like Nighthawk, Powerman and Ironfist, Patsy Walker aka Hellcat and Moon Girl for fear of them going the way of Angela Queen of Hel. I'll here post the link to the Kieron Gillen pre-order tutorial as I still think it's pretty cute and will likely cycle it up ever couple of weeks. The odd way the comic direct market functions with any kind of publisher large or small it can act as a gatekeeper and can prevent a book finding its audience so promote share and tell people about books...

Princess Princess Ever After (May 161668)

Katie Oneill's webcomic fairytale twist on princesses captive, in distress or not though still available to read online here (which I fully encourage people to do if they have not) is getting a gloriously cute print edition in August from Oni Press. It's the story of Sadie, a princess who takes to adventuring on her unicorn and Amira, whom was her first reluctant rescue, defying type and finding a new way of living through their friendship and coming together through their trials and others drama. Katie's art is reminiscent of several manga art styles and is richly details despite its cute soft look. Books that explore the strength of female friendships or friendships at all have been a scent in comics until fairly recently and it's nice to encounter a range of titles across genres and age ranges that are doing in fact just that. Go read the book and I'm pretty sure if it's not your thing your probably know someone who would love it. Fans of Gotham Academy, Jem, Squirrel Girl, Ms. Marvel and the like will likely dig this.


Insexts Vol. 1 (JUN 161072

Didn't really know that Victorian penny dreadful body horror would be my kinda thing until I read this creation of writer Marguerite Bennett Penciler Ariela Kristantina and colorist Bryan Valenza. Insexts follows the life of an abused rich trophy wife of a British toff whose maid, confidant and lover finds an ultimately ugly bloody solution to her loves problem freeing them and their offspring from him. This book is full on NSFW as each issue has had an intimate boudoir moment between the two women tinged with a bit of weird horror sometimes. Marguerite and Ariela preset an ugly view of the era which in reality treated women and minorities near as shamefully as some people today dissapointly long to return to. This is an escape fantasy that has a dark cost to it; it's a story that is both beautiful and hopefull in tone even given the ugliness that underlies it.

Ghosts (Jun 161552 or 161553)

So the majority of regular superhero comics fans quite likely have not read any of Raina Telgemeier's award winning graphic novels Smile, Sisters, or Drama; I know I hadn't till just this year they take a fresh different story telling tact then what is my usual fare having no speculative elements. Her books sell real well in normal books shops but it would be great to see them getting attention at direct shops to. This is a story of Catrina and her family moving to a small town in Northern California for her mothers health and struggling with that forced change that many people can probably relate. She learns that there is a local belief that the ghosts of a persons loved ones come t visit at a particular time of year that is approaching. It sounds like a pretty heartfelt story and is something I'm looking forward to reading given the strength of her storytelling. It's a book created solely by Rainaand it's pretty cool to see that singular kind of vision.