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Comics Pull list June 29 2016

Five Wednesday months usually leave me a day where I can grab up some books I don't usually get but this time around I seems not to be the case as this seems kind of a full shipping week for me. Lots of blogs do this and I've come to really look forward to writing this every week to share what I'm jonseing for come Wednesday. I they to keep to a twenty dollar budget and hit books people may not be looking for just yet.


Jade Street Protection Services 1 $3.99

Black Mask Studios book will be topping my list pretty often in the coming months and I'm glad that this most ages book is the first. Katy Rex and Fabian Lelay are the creators behind this book and though they may be unfamiliar names I suspect that may change pretty quick. The elevator pitch for the book was something along the lines of magical girl street gang by way of Breakfast Club as they are a group of magic school students brought together via detention. Beyond the fact that they skip their punishment and form a "gang" and from interviews (here's a good one) a lot of thought and live has gone into the creation of these girls, their styles, personalities and takes as well as the world the book is set in I can't say much. I will say it's one of the books I have really been looking forward to much like like Ms Marvel, Gotham Academy, Zodiac Starforce and Power Up in the last few years. It's the beginning of a great stable of new titles from Black Mask I think and unlike 4 Kids Walk into a Bank, GodKiller...I'm going to be there at the beginning. Oh and look at that cover by Annie Wu.


Mae 2 $3.99

Mae began life as a graphic novel Kickstarter project written and drawn by Gene Ha one of the artists that I loved when I was reading comics before and one I'm glad to see back and doing his own thing. This issue is a reprint of the second half of the GN with hopefully additional pages like issue one. Its a modern portal fantasy in which of two sisters Mae and Abby one discovered a portal into a fantasy realm and had adventures on and off until disappearing from Mae's life years ago. The original was a good book and I was happy to have supported it but it felt a bit incomplete and it's great to see it getting expanded and given a chance at being a full series. Bill Willingham and other fantasy writers have said good things about it and I think it's a pretty good take on the genre best of all not derivative or a continuation of someone else's property. I'd love to see more like this instead of the urban fantasy usual suspects to be honest.


Mockingbird 4 $3.99

As a supporting character in other people's books, i.e. white dude-bro hero books, Bobbi has had a pretty crazy turbulent one time "fridged" comics existence and Chealsey Cain is for sure the right writer to put and end to all that nonsense. Between the SHIELD special and the first three issues of this book she and her cocreators on Mockingbird have set the tone of this book smack in the middle of where superspy thriller superhero, weird and horror fiction meet. I first encountered her in the old old Hawkeye miniseries and I recall her being the reason on a number of occasions that he didn't go through the revolving door marvel has on death. Unlike Black Widow and Electra she's not an ex villain and does not carry that baggage so Chelsey gets to write a character that's not dark and brooding and her Sykes have little to do with redemption so the mood of the book is lighter. I like weird fiction a lot, it's often hard to really describe and often world well as a thriller ... Chelsey Cain and her coconspirators on this subversive book have a winner that I hope lasts at least till fall and whatever the new Marvel NOW brings.

Jem and the Holograms 16 $3.99

So yeah, this is Sophie Campbell's last issue for a while at least and it's been a great run for her on this book reintroducing the characters, reviving the property and giving us some new characters, plots and twists and turns along the way. It's also the end of the Dark Jem storyline that took Synergy down a viral dark path and dragged the band along with it. Kelly Thompson Sophie and Victoria along with the help of other creators along the way have added depth to the entire cast of the book and endeared many of the characters to me in ways I would not have anticipated or ever assumed. I'm exited to see where Jen Bartel who is doing a fill in issue next and the oncoming artist Meredith McClaren take them. The final issue of an arc is a hard first sell but check it out it may just be your kind of thing, oh and the collection of the earlier issues are out there too.

Black Panter 3 $3.99

Given the early issues are heading into reprints Ta Nehisi Coates and Brian Stalfreeze's take on Black Panther may not need the signal boost but I'm willing to give it one as its one of the Marvel books I think is currently worthy of support and thankfully not embroiled in the Civil War storyline. I was a big fan of Brian's work in the past and I'm so glad to have him on a book I'm collecting. What I will say about this book is that if your reading it and have yet to read Between the World and Me you should really go and read that as its one of the more powerful books I've read lately.


Unbeatable Squirrel Girl 9 $3.99

(Oops temporarily forgot I wanted to mention...) I do get a kick out of this book and often pick it up but sadly don't mention it often enough. Ryan North and Erica Henderson have been doing a great book about this animal themed hero for several years and I wanted to spotlight this issue because I spotted that Tess Fowler is doing the inks and I must support it and spread the word. Yeas it will put me well into the blowing the twenty dollar budget range but sometimes I just have to. Of and its Squirrel Girl come on.


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