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Comics Pull List June 8 2016

Wow this is a spectacular week of books... These odd five Wednesday months do strange things to shipping as so many of the books I love are hitting this week and then again the week after next. So I'm likely to try to split this week up between this week and next which is a small week but I'm going to mention all the books I think are worth it this week as well as the ones that I think need a bit of a boost...

Goldie Vance 3 $3.99

If you want a taste of the writer who is taking over Batgirl very soon this very cool exceedingly cute teenage detective adventure book book from Boom she's doing with Patsy Walker aka Hellcat artist Brittnay Williams should be on your list. Actually it should be in your list anyway as is its so cleverly and engagingly written and drawn it's well worth having on its own wrong merit. Here is a link to the LA Times interview about the book and a meet flip through the first issue made me have to go back and pick it up as I could not stop thinking about it. Though the article notes the influences to me it has that kind of sweet melancholykind of vibe I get from good Wes Andersons films. Hope Larson's characters truly got me to invest in them right away so she and Brittany really are doing something right here and as its only halfway through perhaps your FLCS still has the first two if they took a chance on them. Comics like this are not my usual go to but I love it when I find a book I can't pass up.


Island 8 $7.99

I know I know 7.99 is a big stretch to take given the cost of comics these days but for people looking for a book that consistently provides a diverse array of stories and art and delivers such quality to book this is the book. Brandon Graham and Emma Rios edit and sometimes write parts of this seventy plus page monster and take stories that span a wide range of genre including the occasional memoir. This issue if I recall will include the continuation of Simon Roy's science fiction story Habitat, Johnny Christmas' fantasy story Firebug and hopefully more Multiple Warheads from Brandon Graham... It's a book that never plays it safe and sometimes wanders into controversial territory but it's always amazing and I wish I had people to talk with about it.

Shutter 22 $3.99

The vagaries of my life have left me with lees time lately to read comics and I have let Shutter pile up so I will probably get to read this entire arc as a whole with all the letters columns and back matter all at once. Joe Keatinge, Leila Del Duca, Owen Gieni and John Workman's book is one of the books that I really should measure others by because of how much joy I get from the book. It's a travelogue Tin Tin kind of adventure in a world 90 percent or so more fantastic then ours ... astronauts and minotaurs, talking kit cat clocks, anthropomorphic lion people, dinosaurs and more exist along side man and it's all wonderful. I can't comment of the developments in Kate's life as I'm so behind but I so trust the creators I'm putting this up as a reccomendations.

Midnight of the Soul 1 $3.50

Though I never really forgot about Howard Chaykin I had kind of forgot how much I enjoyed his approach to storytelling so perhaps hearing him on one of the I Word podcasts from panel interviews at the pre ECCC show was a good thing. He's a creator who has a very recognizeable style, a writer who is not afraid to make a definite statement with his story... he's not someone who's books get lost somewhere in act three and then either never give you an end or back away from the end he should give. This is a post World War Two story about the life of a soldier home from the war and the few page preview makes me hopefull for some pretty hard hitting points to come out of the book. Midnight is a book that is all Howard and though I enjoyed his work with others he's often best when it's all from his mind alone.

Injection 10 $2.99

And why not go from Chaykin to Warren Ellis as their commitment to good storytelling and to not pulling punches is pretty similar. Injection which Warren created with Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire hits so many genre types that it's petty hard to pin down; it's a little post singular a bit X-files, spy, detective conspiracy story that may just be taking an unexpected twist with the last issue. Here's a recent bit that happened the Holmes character got a ham that he determined by taste was actually man rather then pig... Ok sure that's gross as are the implications behind his claim. It's a really fun unexpected ride and with the art team behind it it's truly a treat all round. Again like Shutter I could one measure my enjoyment of other books by this one and two it's the end of a story arc so it may not be the best place to,pick it up but I don't think new readers would be much more uncertain of the story behind the story then us who have been there since issue one you'd just be missing attachment to the widely diverse cast.

the Wicked and the Divine 20 $3.50

This week the hits just keep on coming it seems as this excellent twist on superpowers (being a myth/god incarnate is kind of a superpower right), celebrity mixed with a bit of backstabbing and intrigue from Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie is out again. The last couple issues have shown us we don't really know what we thought we did just like the arc before, Commercial Suicide, showed us what we needed to know about the secondary characters ( damn the Tara This arc is feeling like its building to a bit of a serious climax for the series so I wonder where they will take it after this arc is done and looking at the covers coming up I curious what we really know abut how this whole god possession thing really works...



Lik last week there are some Rebirth titles that may just tempt me like the Flash and Wonder Woman books as well as there being the final issue of Headlopper which has been great fun but at this time I'd say wait for trade on that.


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