Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Trade waiting ... I.D.


Identity is a slippery thing but we are not here to discuss my existential issues. Against a backdrop of near future terrorism three people who may be involved in an identity or body swap if you will and come to know and come to know one another at least just a little. Emma Rios both wrote the story and did the marvelous right red on white art for this story that was in the first issues of the magazine she edits with Brandon Grham. It's a story that is very much about the stakes and motivations foibles and strengths of the focal characters. It deal with so many deep and private issues; discomfort in ones own body and life regardless of the underlying cause wether it be gender disphoria race or meer bordom. Emma deals with her cast with such honesty and compassion and apparently consulted professionals of the possible science involved though it may not fully exist yet. It has been the stand out story so far from what has been an excellent groundbreaking anthology. As with many collections from Image it's at that sweet price of $9.99 which makes it oh somtempting to get it again even though I own the issues. Emma Rios is one of the creators I endorse with out reserve wether it be on this book, Pretty Deadly Mirror (both of which people should really be reading) or even as part of an editing team on Island.


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