Sunday, June 19, 2016

Pre-Orders, FTW

I passed on this last weekend but I have to do a bit of this today as I did do a bit of preordering myself this last Friday night on the way home so I thought I would share. I've only got one for you today but perhaps more to come as there is so much good stuff on the Image and Black Mask upcoming books...

Animosity 1 (JUN 161065) 3.99

So my favorite title from Marguerite Bennett may have gone the way of most of my most lived Marvel books but she's got other great work out there like DC Bombshells, Red Sonja and the so so NSFW Insexts from Aftershock and this new book to look forward to. She is working with Rafael De Latorre who did a magnificent job with the superhero back comedy Super-Zero on what promises to be another black comedy horror about a girl and her dog in a roadtrip. The evil animal book twist is that animals have started talking a plotting a bit of revenge. Marguerite has a twisted imagination that can deliver shocks, emotional heavy plots and characters you really root for. I know when I see her name in a book it's not a title that is going to ever dissapoint even if I'm not fully sure what I'm getting myself into. I really wish I had more money to try out all the aftershock books. Humans have a lot to answer for when it comes to the animals we keep in zoos, as food producers and for experiments.


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