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Wanted Dispatch i.e. Comics pull list March 30 2016

As with most five Wednesday months the final month is a slim one easy on the budget this time around and that means I can explore books I have passed up the last two months... So I do this list thing here with a supposed budget of twenty dollars a week for getting my comics and the list represents what I actually support (as long as my FLCS got theirs from Diamond ....)


Wayward #15 $3,50

The conflict between the old gods and yokai of Japan and the new gods comes to a head in this issue I think as the solicit says something about all paths leading to war. Jim Zub and Steve Cummings created a new mythology inspired by the heroes from modern manga and comics further afield creating characters I'm fully invested in including the Ronin who just joined our new heroes. The lines of right and wrong, good and evil are no where near clear cut and that's not really what this book is about its more complicated. Wayward is one of those books that makes great reading in full story arcs but I have to have th individual issues as the back matter essays and the letters are definitely not to be missed. Love the art mixing realistic setting and stylized characters... Will miss this book during its several month break...


Jem and the Holograms #13 $3.99

I've had a feeling early on that Pizzaz would break out and become a character I feel some empathy for; Kelly and Sophie made me care for her despite her spoiled and entitled outbursts. Jem's cast has developed over the course of the last year to be all rich and layered characters even Roxy. This story arc giving us adarker version of Jem has also allowed us to get to know Blaze and Crash and get hints as to the interior life of Pizzaz and it's been a pretty great ride so far. It's nice to have a book that is not all about cosmic threats, crime danger and fighting.

Faith #3 $3.99

I know this book has gotten a lot of attention having had four printings of the first issue since it came out in January but as its so brilliantly written and lovingly done by the creative team I have to mention it just in case your like me and missed out. I missed it at my FLCS and thought I'd still love to have a real copy got the chance to read an advance reader copy of issues one and two in anticipation of the collection. There is such honest heart in the writing of Faith that you know Jody has a real love of genre fiction and fandom in general. It's funny, exciting, heartwarming and silly all without losing a sense of danger in the story. Jody Houser hits on the same mix of feelings that I get reading books like Ms, Marvel and Gotham Academy... there is a real joy to what she's doing.


And that does it... sure I may pick up Saga... It's pretty sure I'll pick it up sometime but my FLCS gets a lot of them and I like to give my support to books that may not get that kind of attention all the time...


In terms of collected editions this is a pretty banner week..

Papergirls vol 1 $9.99

As I picked up the series as it came out I know this is a book worth the price. Brian K Vaughan and Cliff Chiang have got a real good thing going in with this title; it's not a story that has opened up on its secrets quite yet so I can't really say what is going on and that is a good thing. This story arc introduced the girls who deliver the news and get cought up in something full on crazy on their route. It's a plot that involves time travel possibly, mutants anacronisms from some future certainly and ends with out heroes getting apparently scattered through time and possibly space too.


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Rebirth Reactions....

Rebirth ... It's what has been on many comic blogs since Saturday and as I'm exited about some of the books I have to get in my say too. The announcement a couple months back has focused a lot of comic speculation and chatter leading up to the big wondercon panel on Saturday that revealed the creative teams and a bit of the initial planning. As an old comics fan and one who is sometimes a bit jaded I found myself oddly curious, actually downloaded the DC all access app to watch the live stream. I'll be candid that I have mixed feelings as I have been on the DC revisions ride since Crisis on Infinte Earths right up through Final Night and missed some of the better steps forward since then. I rejoined the DCU with Secret Six just before Flashpoint having been intrigued by images of Blackest Night and flipping through the legacy JLA James Robinson wrote. The New 52 was well... honestly ideas would hook me and lose me when the endless crossovers would derail the stories I was involved in. DCYou was honestly more my thing and I'm more invested in DC now then I have been in a good long time so well Rebirth worried me. Before getting on with the books that have me hooked at the moment I have to point you to a post panel interview that reinforced the hope that I found for DC soon Dan Dido talked about the actual impetus for this round of change... Go here to The Beat and read about his experiences at NYCC last year...

Though the panel opened with the Batman family titles and I have a few on this list it was this announcement that full on hooked me...

A monthly Supergirl Title...

Steve Orlando who signed an exclusive contract is relaunching Kara El's book; she was one of the mainstays of one of my favorite team books the Legion of Superheroes. Though I am saddened at the loss of Midnighter sometimes an ending is ok as a short amazing run is better then a story outlasting its writers/artists or fans enthusiasm. Steve and artist Brian Ching look to be bringing back the classic look with the skirt which makes me happy and are keeping to classic story elements having her raised on Krypton. The initial arc appears to be a be careful what you wish for as her father, the new 52 version of the Cyborg Superman, may just give her her wish to leave her adopted home for the one she recalled... Steve Orlando's writing on Midnighter and his personal project Virgil gives me great hope for a many layered complex story.


Also in the Kryptonian House is ..

The New Superman also a monthly book..

Gene Yuen Yang, who's books Boxers/Saints and American Born Chinese I very much enjoyed, is continuing his relationship with the Superman family of books after his run on Superman with the Truth story. He and Victor Bogdanovic will be introducing a new character in the city of Shanghai who who gains the powers and "heart" of the man of steel and becomes a the New Superman. I for one love stories that expose us to the viewpoints of cultures we are little exposed to beyond Hollywood stereotypes by people invested in the stories their telling and Gene is certainly that...


The last from the Superman offices (and this still confuses me) is Wonder Woman who I've loved as long as I have bought comics hers were among the first

Greg Rucka is returning to DC to pen this twice monthly book with the art chores split between an old favorite of mine Liam Sharp and a new favorite Nicola Scott. Respectively Liam's illustrated stories will be about Diana in the present learning about the lies she has been living and Nicola's will be set in the past giving us initially Wonder Woman year one. Yes we have seen origin rehashes but this is Greg Rucka... not only does he write he teaches this stuff from time to time. I missed out on the last good WW story as I didn't pick up the early new 52 version so I'm giving this a shot.


I know what no Action comics, don't I like me some Mr. Luthor, no Superman, no Trinity and what of Super Sons... I am reserving a bit of judgement and I don't have infinite funds so I have to be a bit choosy. That said the idea of Lex declaring himself the Super-man of Metropolis bears a certain ring to it so I will at least be looking at it and there are other cool toys being played with by cool people..


All Star Batman ( thankfully )a monthly...

Scott Snyder that has almost get me back on the Batman bandwagon for the first time in little over a decade may have left the biweekly titles but is in no way done with Bruce and his world. He came on stage with John Romita Jr. Who will partner with him for a Two-Face story in this anthology-y kind of book that will let Scott play with the delicious Batman rogue gallery his run kind of didn't get to. He will be pairing with different artists along the way but the names that sunk the hook Tula Lotay, Afua Richardson, Sean Murphy, Paul Pope...So guess count me in for this one

In terms of the rest of the Bat Family books there are aspects of them that are attractive; Tom King's going to write a hell of a good and very different Batman book, the plans for Detective as a team book intrigue me, Tim Seeley on Nightwing with his "Better then Batman" story I find nearly impossible to pass up but the ones I know I will most likely cave and pick up are Batgirl and Birds of Prey


Batgirl again a monthly

Hope Larson is a name I to my discredit didn't know before the panel and had to look up and I'm actually familiar with some of her pretty fantastic work, the adaptation of Wrinkle in Time to comics. What she and Raphael Alberquerque have in store sadly depart from Burside and her glorious supporting cast and send her on a trip to Asia. It's sure to be a great story and I'm willing to give it a go because I have had a great fondness for her going way back to the early Oracle days and the art is going to be a treat as I have little of Raphael's work to date.

Birds of Prey (yeah again monthly)

The team behind this is all new to me and the writers are new to comics coming from the CW show the 100 Jim and Shawna Benson with art by Clair Row. I'm wavering on the fence a bit with this as the initial story arc will involve Batgirl, Black Canary and the Huntress on the hunt for someone using the Oracle identity. The recent Batgirl which was one of the books that finally got me buying DC again seemed to be heading towards a new cool Oracle and well count me as skeptical but interested. Oh and how can you refuse the look on DD's face there in the background. Oh how I will miss the Black Canary Band book too....

And... Now for Harley Quinn

This is one of the two bi weekly books I'm in for right now. I will commit as Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner (who signed an exclusive contract) are still on the book and have no plans to break what isn't broken. Harley I have read on and off but got hooked by issue 25 when she dealt with the whole Mr. J issue and pulled that scab off finally. It's the good word of mouth I was seeing on Twitter that finally did it and had me look... crap I knew it was a good book but... well I'm a bit of a fool for good dark humor... And the art by Chad Hardin and Chuck Timms is pretty outstanding and well time till tell but I love the idea of a character being able to play in the big leagues mainly because she just plain does not know that she can't match the likes of ..... filli in that blank with anyone you like...

Suicide Squad is the other double ship book

Oh look there is the cinematic two tone hair and makeup again... I love the makeover even if it's a bit of an obvious reference to an excellent movie trailer. Task Force X I go way back to the post Crisis days and John Ostrander with and through thick and thin I do love this team of ner-do-wells on a possible path to redemption. Rob Williams proved to me on Martian Manhunter he's got the sarcastic black humor and bent for the violent that is right for this book. The addition of Katana from the old Batman and and Outsiders is another big hook for me as I have such fond memories of the Mike Barr title. I'm willing to give it a go and the art team of Phillip Tan and Jim Lee will look pretty coherent so there is that.


Beyond that there is a lot to really root for, the fact that the Green Lanters for earth and for one of the GL titles are Simon Bas who I think really got the short end of the crossover stick right after his introduction and Jessica the current Power Ring as his partner is really of so tempting in their title and in the Justice League being written by Byran Hitch. Christopher Priest writing Deathstroke is all to good a thing not to at least pick up for a look and though I'm dissapointed that David Walker is off Cyborg I'll look at the new one. These are the initial titles and only the sales and the vagaries of the Direct Market will tell just how well they fare; Gotham Academy apparently is getting a second semester, there were hints of Legion of Superheros in the early Rebirth mentions, we are getting both Blue Beetles back in one book and I suspect Firestorm may be out there waiting in the wings. If you missed that Panel it's actually worth watching even just for a lark.

I remember issue seven of Crisis and the death of Supergirl so it's kind of fitting if at least for me the new Supergirl was the one that clinched my interest with the creative team at the reigns.

If you saw it let me know what you thought I'd love a conversation about it...


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Deadwood Wanted List (pull list) March 23 2016

Five Wednesday months are a killer as one week tends to be kind of sparse and that is next week so expect some fill in suggestions come next Monday but this week looks pretty good. So this is my weekly wish list of what I'm actually buying (if diamond doesn't short my FLCS) keeping to a roughly twenty dollar budget with the occasional graphic novel suggestion for that week or one I'd missed in the past.

Angela Queen of Hel #6 $3.99

Ah it's an Angela week and as I both love this book for its characters, particularly Sera, and for its pop reference laden dialogue and references I have to put it at the top of my list. Marguiette Bennett quickly became one of my favorite writers when she worked on the last volume with Kieron and one of her current colaborators Stephanie Hans and this team has continued to be just as much of a joy to read. One through five took us on a Orpheus like journey through Hel to get back her lost love and in the process freed others from servitude including Leah another wonderful creation of Kieron Gillen. The initial pages of this issue preview last week were hilarious and soundly self referential in all the best links of ways. It is one of my favorites and I. Afraid likes so many others low sales may make it a short run thing.


Circuit-Breaker #1 $2.99

It's so great to see Kyle Baker's work again that I almost don't care what the story is going to be about but him and Kevin McCarthy doing a Tezuka homage with some seriously moral grey area undertones I'm more then there with it. The image webpage posted an interview with the two men behind this book and they had a lot to say about the inspiration for the book and the wanting to follow Tezuka in creating books that respect the audience and write honestly about possibly darker stories even for younger audiences. Chiren's story is both one of fitting into human society and infiltrating a robot uprising in a future where robots have both been savior a and villains, hers is not a Pinocchio tale it's something else that promises to be in Kyle's words fun and from the description has a lot going on behind the words and pictures.

Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat #4 $3.99

Hellcat could be a book about silly fights and superhero melodrama but Kate Leth and Brittany Williams focus instead on trying to make it in a more real world kind of way and well personal melodrama so that's a thing. Though it's a book that is largely for fun it's treating the craziness of Marvel from more of a rational angle as being a superhero is not a steady paying gig and well it's a good thing to be reminded of. This issue has Patsy taking yet another job of some sort to make ends meet and has a visits from a complaining duck (sort of like lying cat but less useful overall) by the name of Howard also hard pressed by more worldly concerns on loan from a couple of other good writers not doing the usual superhero thing. I mean really how much spandex clad slugfests can you read about without a bit of realish-life levity for a bit of a change of pace.


Ringside #5 $3.99

Joe Keating and Nick Barber have been doing a much darker sort of out of spandex story involving the colorful world of wrestling and the lives of the players there mostly out of the ring. Ringside is a noir tale as dark as the ones concierges by Hammett and Chandler in the backdrop of a much malined entertainment sport. As Joe is a pretty apt writer when it comes to getting me to invest in his characters I have to say I recommend this book on their strength alone regaurdless of your feelings about the fine fun art of wrestling. This is the end of the first bloody story arc and as I'm an issue behind because of my trip in February I can't say much about what I expect from it except the caveat that Joe is ever surprising me with his story directions and it's not an unforeseen twist that I refer to when I say it. Just come expecting a good tale and go with it as Joe is a great tour guide.

Mirror #2 $2.99

I just finished Mirror, had to read it a second time as I knew I had missed things.. Hwei Lim is a deceptive magician as an artist, her panel layouts amd line work reveals more and more as you look at it. Emma Rios and Hwei managed to put a lot into that first issue revealing just enough of their world building and character to hook you and honestly had me quite near tears for a character I had barely just met without the need for a manipulative soundtrack. This is not your safe sweet Disney like story involving talking animals it's more sinister and forboeding and fits so well with the other complex and complicated 8House related books. Oddly I think it would be a great companion book for people reading Monstress and I think thematically they have a lot in common.

Cry Havoc #3 $3.99

Simon Spurrier is a writer after my heart when it comes to stories of a weird fiction bent and blending stories out of many diverse sources. Both of the titles of his I'm following (Cry Havoc and Spire) both deal with the experience of being the other and finding a way to thrive when you can not pass. Cry Havoc's art team of Ryan Kelly and the trio of colorists working on the book create well defined moods for the three time separated stories and that works so well you don't really need to continuity to tell you your dealing with separate parts of someone's life. So it's a very well conceived and executed book but what's this beast about... Well it involves various were-creatures involved in fighting a war... You know the current one in the desert reasons of the the world... and the hero a lesbian werewolf surrounded by very interesting companions. I challenge you to read the opening pages and not pick it up its that good out of the gate...


And that is surprisingly right on budget just about...let me know what your into and why...


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Deadwood Dispatch Wanted list March 16 2016

So last week was a very exuberant overspend week as I had missed my weekly trips to the shop and hope that this week I may actually stay a bit closer to the actual pull list and it's reasonable twenty dollar limit. This week also sees that release of a trade I know I will be mentioning ...

Monstress #4 $3.99

My excitement for this book has only grown since it's actually started a few months back and the fact it's gone back for reprints of the first issue already makes me hopefull for a long run. Marjorie and Sana seem to be the kind of creative team that you hope for; the kind that ideas become exponentially better for the partnership between them. They had my attention with the hints that Monstress was a steampunk fantasy involving Kaiju but the elevator pitch does no justice for the depth of world building and character that was evident in the huge opening issue and as the storyhas built I'm convinced there is such a rich world between them that we readers will only ever really be scratching the surface... much like the art there feels and looks like there will be more to find the more you look. Love this book... unreserved recommendation...

Power man and Iron fist #2 $3.99

Oh my god did you read David and Sanford's first issue last month? Misters Walker and Green nailed this friendship centric title between these long time heroes giving the a sense of history without long narration or recaps and set the tone quite well for what I hope is going to be a long running book. Luke Cage, ex-avenger, hero and family man is adamant that the old Heroes for Hire duo is not getting back together but hanging with his old partner Danny Rand the living weapon for a favor they owe to a bit of their past kinda makes it look a bit like their back. Sanford's art has a loose kinetic style fit for the fisticuffs we kinda know are Likely to be in store and David Walker is a write who pulls no punches so though I love Luke and hope he's not dragged into his old life to paraphrase John Wick Yeah I think they are back. We're the lucky ones for as long as this pair and the creative pair are let run with this.


Rat Queens #15

Tess Fowler last week asked a question of readers last week on Twitter what we are worried about with the end of this story arc and my answer was one work Hanna. The cover implies a bit and the solicit does more by using the word betrayal among others and as I love the Queens I know that tears are possibly afoot. Kurtis and his collaborators on this books have created a book with a great amount of substance out of what might have been a D and D ish adventuring lark starring some hard foul mouthed women with serious attitude. I love these charactes and that goes beyond the Queens to the Daves, Braga and the various supporting cast and relatives that have joined along the way. Tess Fowler is a great addition as her art brings a brightness and joy to the book in a different way from before. I'm afraid of what is coming and that is a testament to my investment in the girls.

Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems #1 $3.99

So yes I'm a fan of the show and I suspect that is what makes this a must for me as I love the characters and want more of them whenever I can get it. It's a show that I would compare to the old Paul Dini Batman cartoon as its very kid friendly for a show that has such depth of storytelling, world building and huge amounts of interesting subtext. Steven Universe is a story that is more about friendship respect and self discovery as it is about fighting aliens and protecting the earth. These characters have taken up a little bit of my heart; I strongly recommend the show and I have such great hopes for this book. This is a projected four issue series but BOOM has been pretty quick to make a limited into an ongoing if sales warrant it so I'm hoping for good sales on this.


Turncoat #1 $3.99

This is the book I know the least about this week but it fits into the wheelhouse of my science fiction affection. It's a detective story set in the wake of humanity being subjugated by an alien force for several centuries then abandoned the planet. It sounds like a hard boiled detective story which also happens to be something I quite like with a hero that is pretty anti establishment. The other thing that has me exited is the artist Artyom Trakhanov doing the art, I liked the work he did on the image title Undertow a year ago... I have also read some great things about the writer Alex Paktel's Arcadia also so I'm hoping for a very pleasant surprise in this weeks reading pile.


So at just short of twenty I have to stop there....


Nameless Hardcover $24.99

I should know better then to listen to David Brothers interviews on the iword because it usually leads me into financial trouble like this but well I enjoy listening to creators talking about their work, Chris Burnham had a lot of interesting things to say about working with Grant Morrison on this book and kind of hooked me eventhough I passed on the individual issues when the series came out. Don't know why I passed as stories that are a bit occult and a bit SF and all weird are actually kinda my thing... Oh and I'm always tempted by extras and this one promises some that sounded quite interesting from the podcast....


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Deadwood Dispatch Wanted list March 9 2016

Back home, jet lagged and looking forward to picking up all of last months books and well as always looking forward to this weeks shiny. Here's the jist I post a list based on my actual buy pile of books totaling about twenty given I don't have a large budget and I try to highlight books that might just be away from the usual suspects. Sometimes there are collections and original graphic novels of interest too that I'll put at the bottom of the list.. the top of my list is always the must have for the week...

Shaft Imitation of Life #2 $3.99

Though I was really looking forward to this follow up to David F Walkers Shaft from last year and totally missed that it the week it came out last month so the complicated man gets top billing this time around. David gave a great interview on BlackComicChat where he talked about Cyborg, Powerman and Ironfist and his plans for this Shaft story that exited me for the future if this iconic character. Imitation of Life takes him into the seventies and into the semi-real world of the movies; according to things David has said he explores Shaft via him consulting on a blacksploitation film and plunges him into uncomfortable places for him. David also has some very nice things to say about his new collaborator Dietrich Smith and his interpretation of the character, setting and story. I'm glad to see David getting to explore the character more and I am interested in seeing where he's taking Shaft.


Shitter #19 $3.99

Any other week Joe and Leila's globe trotting adventure book with its brilliant cast and it's meta exploration of the comics medium would have had the top spot. Shutter is a book that is really something special as its hard to describe in a few words and feels as if it's a book that has taken on a life of its own; at panels Joe and Leila talk a lot about the collaboration between them including Owen and John all pushing to create the best work they can and its shows. The story has grown from being one focused of Kate Christopher and the mysteries behind her family to a book exploring the wider world and all the diverse characters place in it. It's a world that is familiar and yet seventy or ninth percent more fantastic then our own populated by aliens, anthropomorphics, mythological creatures, dreamlands and portals. It's a book I find constantly evolving, surprising and touching. What more can I say except it's worth the money and more.

No Mercy #8 $3.99

No Mercy takes my list from the fantastic to real world drama by Alex De Campi and Carla Speed McNeil begin to write about the fallout of a American school trip to Mexico that went awry. Alex spoke at some length about her passion for storytelling on the iword with David Brothers and her focus on how events affect people over the events themselves that are usually momentary and typically the focus of most comics. Carla's art I have liked since spotting Finder a long time ago, her style seems to take its influence from numerous sources and is really her own thing; it's got lots of personality and she has a great grasp of human expression. This is not a soft or cozy story as its dealing with loss, post traumatic stress and I expect were only scratching the surface.

Code Name Baboushka #5 $3,99

People have talked a lot about Tom King who has been writing Grayson which is cool but this book by Anthony Johnston should in my opinion get talked about just as much. The spy story seems to have made a big come eat with King's work, the return of SHIELD, Black Widow and Mockingbird and this one would be my choice. Baboushka takes the idea of the capable dark femme fatale and follows hers side of the super spy story; Johnston and Chankhamma have created a very lovable antihero in the Countessa. They plan to do a story a year like a summer movie release so I'm hoping very much that the next story is greenlit as this one has been a real good time. Also I have to say Shana Chankhamma who has worked mainly as a colorist is a pretty great artist, her designs have their own flavor and she does action scenes that verge on manga style action. This is a book people underestimate at their peril or at least their loss.

Descender #11 $2.99

Just look at how lovely that cover is and it's a pretty good representation of the interior art by Dustin Nguyen, who would think soft watercolor a can make such convincing metal. As I love science fiction and comics can do it with a pretty unlimited budget it's great to see a creative team exploiting the medium to its limits like this and ODY-C by Matt Fraction and Christian Ward. This is a book with multiple races unburdened by the need to adhere to any constrains other then imagination. This is the kind of book where the world building and the art gets lots of word of mouth but as I feel I can't miss an issue its the connection I have formed to the cast and my investment in them that assures I won't miss an issue.


.... So that gets me to just a couple dollars short of twenty and it's a pretty great looking group of books... I may also splurge for Headlopper #3, and Mockingbird #1 that I mistakenly thought was last week....


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Deadwood Dispatch Wanted List March 2 2016

Hey there... Is that a catcher title for my weekly Pull List posts? Let me know if you have any thoughts. Anyway it was a big weekend of travel and seeing an old friend so I'll apologize for this being a dayish late. What this is of its your first go round is a post of what is actually on my pull list trying to keep to a weekly average of twenty dollars... some weeks are easier then others. I try to hit the books that may slip by some people in the rust to get the new and shiny. And here we go...


Another Castle #1 $3.99

As Zodiac Starforce was winding down and I was thinking I would be missing the art of Paulina Ganucheau an image of the cover of this book popped up on either Twitter or tumblr I can not recall which. This promises to be a fantasy romance tale of a fairly weirder different stripe. Our hero apparently gets bargained into an arranged marriage to some demonic entity and she quite rightly decides to have none of that. The preview pages and character lineup that appeared in last months ONI comics preview got me even more exited because in those few pages Andrew Wheeler and Paulina hit in some character moments that were really very charming and strong. I'm so glad that the comics market is expanding to do things like this and though I love my sometimes four color heroes I've developed a bit of a love for the odd romance tale especially when it's an artist I've come to look forward to seeing. It's brightly colored but don't let that scare you off as I think you'll be missing out on a good thing.

Midnighter #10 $2.99

A lot look here is one of those so called heroes right now. Midnighter is one of the titles not apparently returning with DC's rebirth possibly doomed by low sales or some such corporate bs like that. Steve Orlando has been doing a brilliant job of differentiating M from the older man in black that tries to balance the scales of justice and getting distance from his usual scenery has allowed him to shine as much as his onetime partner does. This is the second part of a story arc putting him against the current incarnation of the Suicide Squad and I'm glad its remaining within his book and not a crossover as Tim Seeley has his hands full fixing the current state of that book. Midnighter is an easy book to like as M himself is a character who actually likes himself, it's not a book of interior angst and tension it's one about someone doing the right thing simply because it's the right thing and who's not afraid to break some eggs (read bones) to do it. I sad that DC plans to sideline him again.... it's a book well worth reading and supporting eventhough it's nearing an end.


Prophet Earth War #2 $3.99

What was once a superhero tale has become a European comic style science fiction epic developing characters who were once copies of someone else in the comics world. Brandon Graham brought life vitality and a loyal fan base to this corner of the Image universe and it's been a grand ride that is winding to its end. Prophet fills a niche in my reading that Metabarons, Bilal, Moebis and Heavy Metal created. As this is the last story in a saga spanning several years worth of comics this may be a bit confusing but the first issue did go some ways in setting up the feel for this series and gets a bit into the various clones of the warrior Prophet who they are and what is happening. I happen to think it's well worth the look as Brandon and his various colaborators did a great job of visioning a weird and conplicated future. If your missing any of the comics or creators I mentioned above or want more different versions of a hope filled future that is a bit different this is your man.

The next two are new series from Marvel both starring super spy trained characters one from the east the other from the west and besides the fact that I love both of them... Them being Mockingbird, and Black Widow... The first is being written by the novelist Chelsey Cain who wrote the 50th anniversary issue starring her and it was so fun I called for it to be a regular book and the second is being done be the team of Mark Waid and Chris Samnee who did such a fun run for a good number of years on Daredevil. I'd say both are worth a go...

And it's a week in budget by a buck and some... Sorry for the lateness... Does anyone want to see pictures?..