Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Deadwood Dispatch Wanted List March 2 2016

Hey there... Is that a catcher title for my weekly Pull List posts? Let me know if you have any thoughts. Anyway it was a big weekend of travel and seeing an old friend so I'll apologize for this being a dayish late. What this is of its your first go round is a post of what is actually on my pull list trying to keep to a weekly average of twenty dollars... some weeks are easier then others. I try to hit the books that may slip by some people in the rust to get the new and shiny. And here we go...


Another Castle #1 $3.99

As Zodiac Starforce was winding down and I was thinking I would be missing the art of Paulina Ganucheau an image of the cover of this book popped up on either Twitter or tumblr I can not recall which. This promises to be a fantasy romance tale of a fairly weirder different stripe. Our hero apparently gets bargained into an arranged marriage to some demonic entity and she quite rightly decides to have none of that. The preview pages and character lineup that appeared in last months ONI comics preview got me even more exited because in those few pages Andrew Wheeler and Paulina hit in some character moments that were really very charming and strong. I'm so glad that the comics market is expanding to do things like this and though I love my sometimes four color heroes I've developed a bit of a love for the odd romance tale especially when it's an artist I've come to look forward to seeing. It's brightly colored but don't let that scare you off as I think you'll be missing out on a good thing.

Midnighter #10 $2.99

A lot look here is one of those so called heroes right now. Midnighter is one of the titles not apparently returning with DC's rebirth possibly doomed by low sales or some such corporate bs like that. Steve Orlando has been doing a brilliant job of differentiating M from the older man in black that tries to balance the scales of justice and getting distance from his usual scenery has allowed him to shine as much as his onetime partner does. This is the second part of a story arc putting him against the current incarnation of the Suicide Squad and I'm glad its remaining within his book and not a crossover as Tim Seeley has his hands full fixing the current state of that book. Midnighter is an easy book to like as M himself is a character who actually likes himself, it's not a book of interior angst and tension it's one about someone doing the right thing simply because it's the right thing and who's not afraid to break some eggs (read bones) to do it. I sad that DC plans to sideline him again.... it's a book well worth reading and supporting eventhough it's nearing an end.


Prophet Earth War #2 $3.99

What was once a superhero tale has become a European comic style science fiction epic developing characters who were once copies of someone else in the comics world. Brandon Graham brought life vitality and a loyal fan base to this corner of the Image universe and it's been a grand ride that is winding to its end. Prophet fills a niche in my reading that Metabarons, Bilal, Moebis and Heavy Metal created. As this is the last story in a saga spanning several years worth of comics this may be a bit confusing but the first issue did go some ways in setting up the feel for this series and gets a bit into the various clones of the warrior Prophet who they are and what is happening. I happen to think it's well worth the look as Brandon and his various colaborators did a great job of visioning a weird and conplicated future. If your missing any of the comics or creators I mentioned above or want more different versions of a hope filled future that is a bit different this is your man.

The next two are new series from Marvel both starring super spy trained characters one from the east the other from the west and besides the fact that I love both of them... Them being Mockingbird, and Black Widow... The first is being written by the novelist Chelsey Cain who wrote the 50th anniversary issue starring her and it was so fun I called for it to be a regular book and the second is being done be the team of Mark Waid and Chris Samnee who did such a fun run for a good number of years on Daredevil. I'd say both are worth a go...

And it's a week in budget by a buck and some... Sorry for the lateness... Does anyone want to see pictures?..


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