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Deadwood Wanted List (pull list) March 23 2016

Five Wednesday months are a killer as one week tends to be kind of sparse and that is next week so expect some fill in suggestions come next Monday but this week looks pretty good. So this is my weekly wish list of what I'm actually buying (if diamond doesn't short my FLCS) keeping to a roughly twenty dollar budget with the occasional graphic novel suggestion for that week or one I'd missed in the past.

Angela Queen of Hel #6 $3.99

Ah it's an Angela week and as I both love this book for its characters, particularly Sera, and for its pop reference laden dialogue and references I have to put it at the top of my list. Marguiette Bennett quickly became one of my favorite writers when she worked on the last volume with Kieron and one of her current colaborators Stephanie Hans and this team has continued to be just as much of a joy to read. One through five took us on a Orpheus like journey through Hel to get back her lost love and in the process freed others from servitude including Leah another wonderful creation of Kieron Gillen. The initial pages of this issue preview last week were hilarious and soundly self referential in all the best links of ways. It is one of my favorites and I. Afraid likes so many others low sales may make it a short run thing.


Circuit-Breaker #1 $2.99

It's so great to see Kyle Baker's work again that I almost don't care what the story is going to be about but him and Kevin McCarthy doing a Tezuka homage with some seriously moral grey area undertones I'm more then there with it. The image webpage posted an interview with the two men behind this book and they had a lot to say about the inspiration for the book and the wanting to follow Tezuka in creating books that respect the audience and write honestly about possibly darker stories even for younger audiences. Chiren's story is both one of fitting into human society and infiltrating a robot uprising in a future where robots have both been savior a and villains, hers is not a Pinocchio tale it's something else that promises to be in Kyle's words fun and from the description has a lot going on behind the words and pictures.

Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat #4 $3.99

Hellcat could be a book about silly fights and superhero melodrama but Kate Leth and Brittany Williams focus instead on trying to make it in a more real world kind of way and well personal melodrama so that's a thing. Though it's a book that is largely for fun it's treating the craziness of Marvel from more of a rational angle as being a superhero is not a steady paying gig and well it's a good thing to be reminded of. This issue has Patsy taking yet another job of some sort to make ends meet and has a visits from a complaining duck (sort of like lying cat but less useful overall) by the name of Howard also hard pressed by more worldly concerns on loan from a couple of other good writers not doing the usual superhero thing. I mean really how much spandex clad slugfests can you read about without a bit of realish-life levity for a bit of a change of pace.


Ringside #5 $3.99

Joe Keating and Nick Barber have been doing a much darker sort of out of spandex story involving the colorful world of wrestling and the lives of the players there mostly out of the ring. Ringside is a noir tale as dark as the ones concierges by Hammett and Chandler in the backdrop of a much malined entertainment sport. As Joe is a pretty apt writer when it comes to getting me to invest in his characters I have to say I recommend this book on their strength alone regaurdless of your feelings about the fine fun art of wrestling. This is the end of the first bloody story arc and as I'm an issue behind because of my trip in February I can't say much about what I expect from it except the caveat that Joe is ever surprising me with his story directions and it's not an unforeseen twist that I refer to when I say it. Just come expecting a good tale and go with it as Joe is a great tour guide.

Mirror #2 $2.99

I just finished Mirror, had to read it a second time as I knew I had missed things.. Hwei Lim is a deceptive magician as an artist, her panel layouts amd line work reveals more and more as you look at it. Emma Rios and Hwei managed to put a lot into that first issue revealing just enough of their world building and character to hook you and honestly had me quite near tears for a character I had barely just met without the need for a manipulative soundtrack. This is not your safe sweet Disney like story involving talking animals it's more sinister and forboeding and fits so well with the other complex and complicated 8House related books. Oddly I think it would be a great companion book for people reading Monstress and I think thematically they have a lot in common.

Cry Havoc #3 $3.99

Simon Spurrier is a writer after my heart when it comes to stories of a weird fiction bent and blending stories out of many diverse sources. Both of the titles of his I'm following (Cry Havoc and Spire) both deal with the experience of being the other and finding a way to thrive when you can not pass. Cry Havoc's art team of Ryan Kelly and the trio of colorists working on the book create well defined moods for the three time separated stories and that works so well you don't really need to continuity to tell you your dealing with separate parts of someone's life. So it's a very well conceived and executed book but what's this beast about... Well it involves various were-creatures involved in fighting a war... You know the current one in the desert reasons of the the world... and the hero a lesbian werewolf surrounded by very interesting companions. I challenge you to read the opening pages and not pick it up its that good out of the gate...


And that is surprisingly right on budget just about...let me know what your into and why...


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