Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Wanted Dispatch i.e. Comics pull list March 30 2016

As with most five Wednesday months the final month is a slim one easy on the budget this time around and that means I can explore books I have passed up the last two months... So I do this list thing here with a supposed budget of twenty dollars a week for getting my comics and the list represents what I actually support (as long as my FLCS got theirs from Diamond ....)


Wayward #15 $3,50

The conflict between the old gods and yokai of Japan and the new gods comes to a head in this issue I think as the solicit says something about all paths leading to war. Jim Zub and Steve Cummings created a new mythology inspired by the heroes from modern manga and comics further afield creating characters I'm fully invested in including the Ronin who just joined our new heroes. The lines of right and wrong, good and evil are no where near clear cut and that's not really what this book is about its more complicated. Wayward is one of those books that makes great reading in full story arcs but I have to have th individual issues as the back matter essays and the letters are definitely not to be missed. Love the art mixing realistic setting and stylized characters... Will miss this book during its several month break...


Jem and the Holograms #13 $3.99

I've had a feeling early on that Pizzaz would break out and become a character I feel some empathy for; Kelly and Sophie made me care for her despite her spoiled and entitled outbursts. Jem's cast has developed over the course of the last year to be all rich and layered characters even Roxy. This story arc giving us adarker version of Jem has also allowed us to get to know Blaze and Crash and get hints as to the interior life of Pizzaz and it's been a pretty great ride so far. It's nice to have a book that is not all about cosmic threats, crime danger and fighting.

Faith #3 $3.99

I know this book has gotten a lot of attention having had four printings of the first issue since it came out in January but as its so brilliantly written and lovingly done by the creative team I have to mention it just in case your like me and missed out. I missed it at my FLCS and thought I'd still love to have a real copy got the chance to read an advance reader copy of issues one and two in anticipation of the collection. There is such honest heart in the writing of Faith that you know Jody has a real love of genre fiction and fandom in general. It's funny, exciting, heartwarming and silly all without losing a sense of danger in the story. Jody Houser hits on the same mix of feelings that I get reading books like Ms, Marvel and Gotham Academy... there is a real joy to what she's doing.


And that does it... sure I may pick up Saga... It's pretty sure I'll pick it up sometime but my FLCS gets a lot of them and I like to give my support to books that may not get that kind of attention all the time...


In terms of collected editions this is a pretty banner week..

Papergirls vol 1 $9.99

As I picked up the series as it came out I know this is a book worth the price. Brian K Vaughan and Cliff Chiang have got a real good thing going in with this title; it's not a story that has opened up on its secrets quite yet so I can't really say what is going on and that is a good thing. This story arc introduced the girls who deliver the news and get cought up in something full on crazy on their route. It's a plot that involves time travel possibly, mutants anacronisms from some future certainly and ends with out heroes getting apparently scattered through time and possibly space too.


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