Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Deadwood Dispatch Wanted list March 16 2016

So last week was a very exuberant overspend week as I had missed my weekly trips to the shop and hope that this week I may actually stay a bit closer to the actual pull list and it's reasonable twenty dollar limit. This week also sees that release of a trade I know I will be mentioning ...

Monstress #4 $3.99

My excitement for this book has only grown since it's actually started a few months back and the fact it's gone back for reprints of the first issue already makes me hopefull for a long run. Marjorie and Sana seem to be the kind of creative team that you hope for; the kind that ideas become exponentially better for the partnership between them. They had my attention with the hints that Monstress was a steampunk fantasy involving Kaiju but the elevator pitch does no justice for the depth of world building and character that was evident in the huge opening issue and as the storyhas built I'm convinced there is such a rich world between them that we readers will only ever really be scratching the surface... much like the art there feels and looks like there will be more to find the more you look. Love this book... unreserved recommendation...

Power man and Iron fist #2 $3.99

Oh my god did you read David and Sanford's first issue last month? Misters Walker and Green nailed this friendship centric title between these long time heroes giving the a sense of history without long narration or recaps and set the tone quite well for what I hope is going to be a long running book. Luke Cage, ex-avenger, hero and family man is adamant that the old Heroes for Hire duo is not getting back together but hanging with his old partner Danny Rand the living weapon for a favor they owe to a bit of their past kinda makes it look a bit like their back. Sanford's art has a loose kinetic style fit for the fisticuffs we kinda know are Likely to be in store and David Walker is a write who pulls no punches so though I love Luke and hope he's not dragged into his old life to paraphrase John Wick Yeah I think they are back. We're the lucky ones for as long as this pair and the creative pair are let run with this.


Rat Queens #15

Tess Fowler last week asked a question of readers last week on Twitter what we are worried about with the end of this story arc and my answer was one work Hanna. The cover implies a bit and the solicit does more by using the word betrayal among others and as I love the Queens I know that tears are possibly afoot. Kurtis and his collaborators on this books have created a book with a great amount of substance out of what might have been a D and D ish adventuring lark starring some hard foul mouthed women with serious attitude. I love these charactes and that goes beyond the Queens to the Daves, Braga and the various supporting cast and relatives that have joined along the way. Tess Fowler is a great addition as her art brings a brightness and joy to the book in a different way from before. I'm afraid of what is coming and that is a testament to my investment in the girls.

Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems #1 $3.99

So yes I'm a fan of the show and I suspect that is what makes this a must for me as I love the characters and want more of them whenever I can get it. It's a show that I would compare to the old Paul Dini Batman cartoon as its very kid friendly for a show that has such depth of storytelling, world building and huge amounts of interesting subtext. Steven Universe is a story that is more about friendship respect and self discovery as it is about fighting aliens and protecting the earth. These characters have taken up a little bit of my heart; I strongly recommend the show and I have such great hopes for this book. This is a projected four issue series but BOOM has been pretty quick to make a limited into an ongoing if sales warrant it so I'm hoping for good sales on this.


Turncoat #1 $3.99

This is the book I know the least about this week but it fits into the wheelhouse of my science fiction affection. It's a detective story set in the wake of humanity being subjugated by an alien force for several centuries then abandoned the planet. It sounds like a hard boiled detective story which also happens to be something I quite like with a hero that is pretty anti establishment. The other thing that has me exited is the artist Artyom Trakhanov doing the art, I liked the work he did on the image title Undertow a year ago... I have also read some great things about the writer Alex Paktel's Arcadia also so I'm hoping for a very pleasant surprise in this weeks reading pile.


So at just short of twenty I have to stop there....


Nameless Hardcover $24.99

I should know better then to listen to David Brothers interviews on the iword because it usually leads me into financial trouble like this but well I enjoy listening to creators talking about their work, Chris Burnham had a lot of interesting things to say about working with Grant Morrison on this book and kind of hooked me eventhough I passed on the individual issues when the series came out. Don't know why I passed as stories that are a bit occult and a bit SF and all weird are actually kinda my thing... Oh and I'm always tempted by extras and this one promises some that sounded quite interesting from the podcast....


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