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Deadwood Dispatch Wanted list March 9 2016

Back home, jet lagged and looking forward to picking up all of last months books and well as always looking forward to this weeks shiny. Here's the jist I post a list based on my actual buy pile of books totaling about twenty given I don't have a large budget and I try to highlight books that might just be away from the usual suspects. Sometimes there are collections and original graphic novels of interest too that I'll put at the bottom of the list.. the top of my list is always the must have for the week...

Shaft Imitation of Life #2 $3.99

Though I was really looking forward to this follow up to David F Walkers Shaft from last year and totally missed that it the week it came out last month so the complicated man gets top billing this time around. David gave a great interview on BlackComicChat where he talked about Cyborg, Powerman and Ironfist and his plans for this Shaft story that exited me for the future if this iconic character. Imitation of Life takes him into the seventies and into the semi-real world of the movies; according to things David has said he explores Shaft via him consulting on a blacksploitation film and plunges him into uncomfortable places for him. David also has some very nice things to say about his new collaborator Dietrich Smith and his interpretation of the character, setting and story. I'm glad to see David getting to explore the character more and I am interested in seeing where he's taking Shaft.


Shitter #19 $3.99

Any other week Joe and Leila's globe trotting adventure book with its brilliant cast and it's meta exploration of the comics medium would have had the top spot. Shutter is a book that is really something special as its hard to describe in a few words and feels as if it's a book that has taken on a life of its own; at panels Joe and Leila talk a lot about the collaboration between them including Owen and John all pushing to create the best work they can and its shows. The story has grown from being one focused of Kate Christopher and the mysteries behind her family to a book exploring the wider world and all the diverse characters place in it. It's a world that is familiar and yet seventy or ninth percent more fantastic then our own populated by aliens, anthropomorphics, mythological creatures, dreamlands and portals. It's a book I find constantly evolving, surprising and touching. What more can I say except it's worth the money and more.

No Mercy #8 $3.99

No Mercy takes my list from the fantastic to real world drama by Alex De Campi and Carla Speed McNeil begin to write about the fallout of a American school trip to Mexico that went awry. Alex spoke at some length about her passion for storytelling on the iword with David Brothers and her focus on how events affect people over the events themselves that are usually momentary and typically the focus of most comics. Carla's art I have liked since spotting Finder a long time ago, her style seems to take its influence from numerous sources and is really her own thing; it's got lots of personality and she has a great grasp of human expression. This is not a soft or cozy story as its dealing with loss, post traumatic stress and I expect were only scratching the surface.

Code Name Baboushka #5 $3,99

People have talked a lot about Tom King who has been writing Grayson which is cool but this book by Anthony Johnston should in my opinion get talked about just as much. The spy story seems to have made a big come eat with King's work, the return of SHIELD, Black Widow and Mockingbird and this one would be my choice. Baboushka takes the idea of the capable dark femme fatale and follows hers side of the super spy story; Johnston and Chankhamma have created a very lovable antihero in the Countessa. They plan to do a story a year like a summer movie release so I'm hoping very much that the next story is greenlit as this one has been a real good time. Also I have to say Shana Chankhamma who has worked mainly as a colorist is a pretty great artist, her designs have their own flavor and she does action scenes that verge on manga style action. This is a book people underestimate at their peril or at least their loss.

Descender #11 $2.99

Just look at how lovely that cover is and it's a pretty good representation of the interior art by Dustin Nguyen, who would think soft watercolor a can make such convincing metal. As I love science fiction and comics can do it with a pretty unlimited budget it's great to see a creative team exploiting the medium to its limits like this and ODY-C by Matt Fraction and Christian Ward. This is a book with multiple races unburdened by the need to adhere to any constrains other then imagination. This is the kind of book where the world building and the art gets lots of word of mouth but as I feel I can't miss an issue its the connection I have formed to the cast and my investment in them that assures I won't miss an issue.


.... So that gets me to just a couple dollars short of twenty and it's a pretty great looking group of books... I may also splurge for Headlopper #3, and Mockingbird #1 that I mistakenly thought was last week....


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