Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Wanted Dispatch...Comics Pull List April 6 2016

Welcome to April and national poetry month. Wondercon has happened and we got some pretty good news from DC overall and soon to come is ECCC and the the impending image expo with hopefully more shiny to look forward to. This week is a bit slim on books and I just may be able to keep to my twenty dollar budget. This week there are also some larger price items to look at that I will cover in length hopefully before Wednesday...

Black Panther #1 $3.99

Ok what could I have to say to add to all the press and signal boost that this book has gotten including the Atlantic monthly for which Ta-Nehisi Cotes writes. Black Panther has been one of my favorite marvel character for ages since I say Jack Kirbys drawings of him. Christopher Priest had a brilliant run with him and Al Ewing has been doing excellent things with him of late but this has been the book that I have been anticipating as much as David F Walkers PM and IF. Between the World and Me was one of the more important books I read last year and knowing Mr Cotes is a comics reader and fan makes me want this all the more. The inclusuion of Brian Stalfreeze a long time favorite artist of mine only sweetens the deal. The design work and character sheets that have been previewed have been brilliant. I expect lots of subtlety and nuance in this book but what I'm hoping for is a book that is as risky and subversive as Kelly Sue Deconnick's Bitch Planet.

The Wicked + the Divine #18 $3.50

Ok not going to spoil anything for new readers will be very hard with the this but I'm extremely curious about what this next storyline leading out of Commercial Suicide will be doing. This gorgeous cover seems to promise Persephone and since we got so little of her I'm exited to see what the delivery on this promise will be... given the end of the Fandimonium story arc. Guillen and McKelvie have been pretty surprising with direction and revelations so this issue will probably break people. Regaurdless of the story it's sure to be a gorgeous return of Jamie as regular artist...


Black Canary #50 $5.99

I'm going to be crushed when Babs Tarr is no longer drawing Batgirl and I honestly can't imagine why anyone would take issue with her style or the storyline she Fletcher and Cameron have been telling (well with one exection that was corrected in the first collection.) I made the assumption that. This would be connected to the new Birds of Prey but I'm now sure it is its own thing and I know I'll be getting is lots of adventure, great style (and fashions) and a wonderful collection of heroes including, I'll say it, the character who by all right should be the new Oracle. Soon we'll have an idea of what these creators will be doing elsewhere but for the moment we still have them doing the best Batgirl in a long time.... and saying that I loved Gail Simone's run it just had too many crossovers and that was not her fault.



Harley Quinn and the Suicde Squad April Fools Sp. $4.99

Rob Williams and Jim Lee put this particular joint together and I would have probably passed but I read some of Martian Manhunter, saw the extremely fun Suicide Squad movie trailer, and read a bit of Tim Seeley's new run on the title. This is the creative team that will be taking the helm when the title restarts in the fall and as a long time fan of Task Force X I have to give this a look as its one of the DC books I'm thinking about opening space for. Beyond enjoying Harley on and off since her initial animated appearance I have hopes for something special and weird. It's nice it's a small week so I can give this a go.

And that leaves me enough change for not much but it's in budget. Tomorrow you'll be getting a couple of reviews of a original graphic novel and a collection...

And today...


Nailbitter Vol 4

Joshua Williamson is taking over the Flash with DC Rebirth but he's been telling a cool and very creepy thriller with Nailbitter for a couple years now and this week sees the publication of the fourth volume. For the new reader Nailbitter is a book about a fictional Oregon town that has produced a suspicious number if serial killers over the years and draws the attention of the FBI's more questionable fringe investigators. It's a great character study and truly something that crime and thriller readers should give a good hard look. His name being on a major DC book now may bring more readers to this excellent book.


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