Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Comics Pull List April 20 2016

Welcome to my weekly roundup of the books that are on my personal pull list and that I will be spending my meager sum of twenty dollars on, ok sometimes well most times I break that budget but I do keep my list to that and try to spotlight the books I'm suspicious of getting less notice then the big names. It's an excellent group this week...

Power man and Iron fist #3 $3.99

These first two books make this a week to be really exited for and they are both penned by David F Walker who pulls no punches in his stories. Both Luke Cage and Danny Rand, the heroics duo for this book, have been favorite characters of mine in many incarnations and it's great to see them being handeled by the team of Mr. Walker and Sanford Greene. David has been delivering on his promise to honor all of the long and complicated history of Luke Cage and the weight of that history is there but does not weigh the story down in the slightest. Sanford Greene's art is expressive and a real delight... there is a sense of joy in his art at least to me. This is a book that is a lot of fun and also one that takes itself full in seriously. Marvel could do worse then to make this their flagship book. No really.


Shaft: Immitation of Life #3 $3.99

Here is the second of David's one two punch of the week brought to us be the vagaries of shipping schedules. As I'm an issue behind I can only go by the fact I loved the first issue of this book and the first miniseries so much. Shaft is a troubled man who's past Like Cage weighs of him but in this story we get a real feeling that he's been formed by the weight of that past and made into a fighter, a survivor because of it. If you missed the seventies look in the previous story this book takes us square into the John Shaft Private Dick era with mustache and all. I don't know how many stories David plans with him but I'm willing to say they will all be a good ride.

Mirror #3 $2.99

Mirror is a soft. gorgeously illustrated weird fantasy book that could only really have come out of today's diverse comic market the like its watercoloriish cousin book Descender is much harder a story then the art portrays. Emma Rios is one of the handful of artists moving a bit to do writing too and with her work here and in Island she's proven herself very apt. Though Emma could have done her own art working with Hwei Lim who's new to me but has immediately become a favorite for her design work and her ability to communicate emotion even in animorphic faces. The book is deep and complex with conflicted human characters.

Jem and the Holograms #14 $3.99

Sophie Campbell and Kelly Thompson I think have been having a great time with this book; not constrained by the spandex and superpower tropes they have been able to really dig deep into these characters in the last year. What I thought might be a guilty pleasure book instead is one of the books I look forward to because of how much connection I have found to the entire cast. This story arc has really let the Misfits shine as our heroes are going through a bit of a digital virus spawned Dark Phoenix story. Come for the beautiful art Sophie is doing and stay for the tale they are crafting together.

Divinity II #2 $3.99

Matt Kindt has two books out this week and I expect both to be worthy of picking up and though I may be getting Dept H frommDark Horse I'm going to spotlight Divinity II as I have more a bent towards the weird and cosmic then the weird and thriller like. Divinity last year introduced to Valient a character that has the ability to bend and twist reality and perception in ways that make him appear divine. Teaming again with the same artist Trevor Hairsine Matt this time around is going to explore the lives of the other two cosmonauts that left earth to explore an anomaly it took a lifetime to reach. Mixing existential horror ala Lovecraft with sequential art that is this detailed and rich is a thing I can't really pass up if my shop gets it. Making a character more then human to explore what it is to be human is kind of what the medium does best.


That makes just a buck or so short of twenty.... So I have to leave it there but I will mention that Silk by Rob Thompson and Tana Ford is out this week as is Tokyo Ghost ... I'm sure to be picking those up too...

If collections are more your bag...

Jem and the Holograms Vol 2 $19.99

This collection includes the second arc that delved more into Shanna and Aja and includes one of the more genuinely moving issues, the Holiday Special. Emma Vieceli handles most of the artwork for the book along with other special guests as Sophie had to take some time away. This arc, Viral, complicates the business and binds the two bands together for the next arc that is just coming to a close. In addition to the ongoing tale this has the special that features the movie influenced short dream sequence where Aja gets to play a bit of Furiosa/Mad Max.


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