Monday, April 11, 2016

Wanted Dispatch April 13 2016

Last week was a pretty solid week of good books... Diamond finally got my FLCS his copies of Mockingbird #1 and Power man and Iron Fist #2 so my budget got blown but finally got a couple books I was wanting for weeks. Anyway welcome to the second week of April and my pull list post; I put together a list keeping to a twenty dollar ish budget of what I'm actually picking up from my local comic shop. Let's go right to there are some great choices this week...

Shutter 20 $3.99

Joe, Leila, Owen and John's book is one of the ones that I sometimes think of using as a measure for $3.99 books as its the one I often feel I get the most from. Shutter is a book that consistently surprises me with story and with the ways they have mined the comic format for ways to tell a story. Not to say other books are not as close to me heart these days but if someone were to ask what one comic they should read right now Shitter would be the one that would come to my mind first. Issue 20 looks to be expanding Kate's as yet unknown siblings one last time and shake her world yet one more time at least in this way; I heard it a long time ago that every comic is someone's first issue of a book and as I think Joe and Leila are such good story tellers I'd say go ahead and start here they won't steer you wrong. Oh and go listen to the iword podcast for a brilliant interview Joe did with David Brothers here and Leila from months ago here.

Monstress 5 $3.99

This is a magnificent book that proves what Joe Keating (see above) talked about in his interview... Marjorie had an idea for this title for a long time before teaming with Sana for it. Monstress has everything that would make for a marvelous epic fantasy novel and that is largely due to the creative conversation going on between writer and artist in this book. Marjorie talked in interviews about the origins of the book and how it came together and grew as she and Sana began working on it characters taking on a life of their own with their collaboration. I'm amazed by the intricacy of Ms Takada's art that is reminiscent of several of my favorite manga artists but like the book itself it's a blending of multiple influences and its own thing. Monstress is one of those rare books where the cover is fully representative of the richness of the story and art in the book. It's a book layered with meaning and message but it's done with a deft lightness of touch that otherwise might be too heavy handed as I've seen sometimes. Lovely book.... all round.


Black Canary 10 $2.99

Annie Wu is back with Brendan Fletcher for the final couple of issues of this series of Black Canary before DC Rebirth. This Black Canary has been a distinctly different book one that by and large did not do the usual suspects kind of superhero comic story and I'm hoping for a bit more of that before we go back to our previously scheduled program. The way that Annie Wu and Lee Loughbridge communicate music and action is kind of a thing of beauty on the book and this last arc looks to dig into the mysteries behind the "White Canary" who's been in the background of things. It's not the Canary that I've loved in the past but it's certainly been great seeing her star in her own book rather then be someone's partner or girl Friday....

Pretty Deadly 9 $3.50

Kelly Sue Deconnick's writing I credit for bringing me back to comics; her Captain Marvel was not the one that started my collecting again but was the one which won my heart. Her and Emma Rios are creators who's work rings with power for me and getting them working on Pretty Deadly again has been a real heartrending treat. Weird metaphysical alternate history with heart is certainly something I love wether it be a western like the first arc, The Shrike, or World War One horror like this it's a must have especially given the women behind it. Ok yes full on fan here and as both of them have other projects on the go it's great to have a bit of this when they have a story to tell.

No Mercy 9 $3.99

No Mercy is a book that is more interested in how people live after a traumatic event then in the trauma itself. Alex de Campi talked at length about her approach to storytelling on the iword here and her interest in telling stpries about how we live. It's drawn by Carla Speed McNeil whose independent comic Finder is something I am sorry I no longer have in its original editions I bought as they came out; her line work is not like anyone else out there and I love her character design. This is a book informed by a life spent traveling and relating to people from various cultures that are very other to the western white experience and it's doing something that is different and important as a comic. Give it a look... honestly too few people write about this book...


Insexts 5 $3.99

Ok, this book is both NSFW and totally not for a younger audiences. That said Marguerite Bennett and Ariel Kristantina have put together a great edge pushing body horror tale about women in the Victorian era, and era not known for its feminine freedoms but it's heroes are willing to do what is nessary to have what freedom they can. Knowing Marguerite's book Angela is coming to an end its a comfort to know that this one is still going on and well I have to say if a bit of salacious horror with a heart appeals to your sense of taste track this down and it's really quite good, but really do not read it at work..


And that just a little over does the twenty this week.... But I do have a collection to suggest too...


Rat Queens Vol 3 Demons

Well, to quote the title a bit... we all have our Demons and this explores the life before of our favorite necromancer Hanna. To continue a theme this week here is a link to the Kurtis Wiebe interview that was posted about two weeks back... And if your a old time pen and paper role player who loves a bit of sequential art why are you not reading this amazing book already. What appeared at the outset to be a fun romp in fantasy adventure has taken itself wonderfully seriously and become one something to be envied. Tess Fowler is a great addition to the amazing art this book has had so far and this story arc did just about the most development with the girls as we have seen and that is saying a lot given what they have already been through. Honestly got teary for this one... Tess' facial expressions alone did it towards the end... Really pick this up...wish the gaming memories I had went this deep...


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