Monday, June 13, 2016

Comic Pull List Jun 15 2016

This is a bit of a catch up week as I have some books left over from last week to still pick up given my attempt to keep to my twenty dollar comics budget... I'm going to keep my intro letter here kind of short and say I try to spotlight books that may be under people's notice with the deluge of great reading options, many of my favorite books even from the big few publishers have been canceled because of the vagaries of the market acting as a gatekeeper. (On my Twitter feed I have seen people post about not knowing about Angela, or Moon Girl and wondering why they don't get more ads ....)


The Spire 8 $3.99

Weird fiction is really my kind of thing wether it's modern weird, sci-fi weird or weird fantasy. Simon Spurier, Jeff Stockley and Andre May's weird science fiction murder mystery comes to an end this week as they explore secrets spread across several generations in a paranoid and highly prejudiced world. The world created for this story is highly reminiscent of the mystical science fantasies of Miyazaki both in tone and in style; it's a worthy homage to his work and a compelling story as the fractious nature of the world looks oh so similar to the one outside my window. Spurier loves telling stories of great emotional and social complexity and I'm pretty sad to see this ending as I think there is so much more to explore in this compelling world and much more to say through his complicated lead character Sha. If you have missed it till now there is sure to be a collection but you should really look at the work this team has done as its pretty special.


Han Solo 1 $3.99

Yes it's a big name and yes Han Solo probably does not need a signal boost because well Han Solo right but as its a book written by Marjorie Liu I think it's of possibly wider notice. From the preview pages the art by Mark Brooks and Sonia Oback fully captures the gritty look and feel of the original trilogy setting and nail the mercenary smuggler himself quite well. I will say I sadly missed out on what is a marvelous book in Darth Vader by Kieron Gillen so I'm unlikely to let this book written by another favorite writer of mine slip by. I'm lucky as this is a week that is slim on books I'm anxious to have so I can give this some extra attention. Though I'm more exited for the future of Monstress I'm game for her to write a bit of the old scoundrel here.

Descender 12 $2.99

The robot refuge sure did not turn out to be such a safe place for Tim - 21 at the end of the last arc and did a lot to set up what is sure to be a disturbing set of reveals for his doppelgänger Tim-22. Jeff Lemire is sometimes not all that kind to his characters and this arc looks to be one that will explore the lives of the other players is this science fiction story. Everyone seems to want the program kernel that is at the heart of the Tim series of robots and though I'm sure this issue will not be that story it may just touch on how different each of them may have become over time and experience. Dustin Nguyen is doing some truly amazing storytelling in watercolor in this book and that in and of itself is worth checking out.

Patsy Walker aka Hellcat 7 $3.99

As I have let go of some of the marvel books lately for various reasons including being too tired of endless event stories I get to explore the other books I really wanted to and did t have the funds to before. I picked up the first few issues of Kate Leth and Brittany Williams Hellcat and am sorry I passed it over after that as I really enjoyed the story they were telling. It's great to see someone exploring the Marvel setting from another angle and Patsy has been one of the characters I have wanted to se more of since reading about her in the eighties. So yeah I got some catchup to do on this and look forward to it. Oh and Jessica Jones makes an appearance here without Luke and though I love him loads it's great to see a bit of her on her own...


So with the fact I have some books set aside and probably will grab Lumberjanes Gotham Academy I'm likely to hit my twenty dollar limit...

That's me for the week and sometimes I forget or overlook something cool too... so if there is anything that has you wanting to run to the shop come Wednesday let me know as I'd enjoy a bit of a conversation a bit comics...

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