Sunday, June 5, 2016

Pre-orders ...NOW!

Ok the title is kind of a cheap shot at Marvel right now as I'm dreading the re-re-re-re ignition of books at the house of ideas, though I will agree that with their lesser teir books pre-orders are petty important and I do so for books like Nighthawk, Powerman and Ironfist, Patsy Walker aka Hellcat and Moon Girl for fear of them going the way of Angela Queen of Hel. I'll here post the link to the Kieron Gillen pre-order tutorial as I still think it's pretty cute and will likely cycle it up ever couple of weeks. The odd way the comic direct market functions with any kind of publisher large or small it can act as a gatekeeper and can prevent a book finding its audience so promote share and tell people about books...

Princess Princess Ever After (May 161668)

Katie Oneill's webcomic fairytale twist on princesses captive, in distress or not though still available to read online here (which I fully encourage people to do if they have not) is getting a gloriously cute print edition in August from Oni Press. It's the story of Sadie, a princess who takes to adventuring on her unicorn and Amira, whom was her first reluctant rescue, defying type and finding a new way of living through their friendship and coming together through their trials and others drama. Katie's art is reminiscent of several manga art styles and is richly details despite its cute soft look. Books that explore the strength of female friendships or friendships at all have been a scent in comics until fairly recently and it's nice to encounter a range of titles across genres and age ranges that are doing in fact just that. Go read the book and I'm pretty sure if it's not your thing your probably know someone who would love it. Fans of Gotham Academy, Jem, Squirrel Girl, Ms. Marvel and the like will likely dig this.


Insexts Vol. 1 (JUN 161072

Didn't really know that Victorian penny dreadful body horror would be my kinda thing until I read this creation of writer Marguerite Bennett Penciler Ariela Kristantina and colorist Bryan Valenza. Insexts follows the life of an abused rich trophy wife of a British toff whose maid, confidant and lover finds an ultimately ugly bloody solution to her loves problem freeing them and their offspring from him. This book is full on NSFW as each issue has had an intimate boudoir moment between the two women tinged with a bit of weird horror sometimes. Marguerite and Ariela preset an ugly view of the era which in reality treated women and minorities near as shamefully as some people today dissapointly long to return to. This is an escape fantasy that has a dark cost to it; it's a story that is both beautiful and hopefull in tone even given the ugliness that underlies it.

Ghosts (Jun 161552 or 161553)

So the majority of regular superhero comics fans quite likely have not read any of Raina Telgemeier's award winning graphic novels Smile, Sisters, or Drama; I know I hadn't till just this year they take a fresh different story telling tact then what is my usual fare having no speculative elements. Her books sell real well in normal books shops but it would be great to see them getting attention at direct shops to. This is a story of Catrina and her family moving to a small town in Northern California for her mothers health and struggling with that forced change that many people can probably relate. She learns that there is a local belief that the ghosts of a persons loved ones come t visit at a particular time of year that is approaching. It sounds like a pretty heartfelt story and is something I'm looking forward to reading given the strength of her storytelling. It's a book created solely by Rainaand it's pretty cool to see that singular kind of vision.


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