Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Comic Pull List June 22 2016

Well though I say I have a twenty dollar comic budget weeks like this kind of blow that all to hell as there are so many good books I think are worth plugging so they don't end up becoming a victim of the fickle direct sales system. I'm writing this after looking at all the coverage the creators and fans I follow over on Twitter have posted about Heroescon and DCC and though I know I have my con trip to look forward trim so flipping jealous of some of the things I know I missed not attending more then just Rose City Comic Con in September.

Nighthawk 2 $3.99

Ramon Villalobos and David F Walker aided and abetted by Tamara Bonvillain really delivered some brutal crime and perdjudice fighting goodness with issue one of this new Nighthawk. This highly version conflicted version of Kyle Richmond from a dead universe, member of the Suadron Supreme and probably sole crimefighter in Chicago in the marvel universe has a lot on his plate so I'll allow him some Midnighter level of violence and the book itself is conscious of its bloody content as the cast make a comparison to the Punisher in issue one. As this is Chicago I expect David and crew have plans for more then just the costumed criminal of the week as there are all to real evils that someone like Nighthawk could fight both in costume and out of it in an effort to find himself as a refugee form somewhere else. The first issue lived up to and exceeded my expectations and they were pretty high as I'm a fan of all the people beefing this black clad vigilante.

Bitch Planet 8 $3.99

Some books take time to do their material justice and for this creative team headed by Kelly Sue Deconnick and Valentine De Landro to deliver the story they want to tell I'm willing to wait for it to be right. Bitch Planet has a strong following but as I think the eye opening message buried in this book is too important not to signal boost for it even if my audience is real small as the book and the back matter could open someone's eyes. Bitch Planet is a social science fiction joint delivered through the guise of grind house prison exploitation and could be called OitNB in space because it should make you think and quite likely make you cry. This arc allows the main character Kogo to find her sister in the ACO her whole reason for being there in that horrible f'ed up place and well it can't all go swimmingly.


Pretty Deadly 10 $3.50

You can't have a title that mentions death without delivering on the promise of loss and seems that there will be a major loss the last issue of this arc. Kelly sue Deconnick and Emma Rios have made my cry in the past and I suspect that this issue shall be no different given its WWI and tragedy abounded. This has been a gorgeous book beginning to end with Emma's art colored by the ever amazing Jordie Bellaire of Red Square studios and as with any Deconnick book I'm sad to see it come to a close even if it's temporary. Not sure if Pretty Deadly needs a signal boost but I love the book so I encourage people to search it out it's not bright and happy but I think it reflects a lit of reality in the tale it tells.





Power man and Iron Fist 5 $3.99

I've may already mentioned how much I enjoy David F Walker's no nonsense pull no punches take on storytelling possibly in this post above but if that didn't come across in my post about Nighthawk perhaps it will here. I love his take on this long time friendship of mis matched guys and their functional dis functional relationship as Like has grown immensely as a person over time and somehow Danny has remained well Danny. From the solicit this may be a bit of a Rashamon my take his take on a tale and those are often quite fun and as revealing as a Peter David psychotherapy issue of X-Factor. I will miss the amazing Sanford Greene on pencils but here's hoping he'll be back soonish. Really if your not getting this book your missing out on one of Marvels better takes right now.

Rumble 11 $3.50

It's funny that the other light heated book on this weeks list happens to be the one that pulls from horror tropes but for me that makes sense as Shawn of the Dead was the most disturbing zombie flick I've seen. Rumble tells the tale of pre-human monsters that still live among us hidden at the fringes of our society. It's written by long time Mike Mignola partner John Arcudi, illustrated by James Harren and Dave Stewart and is much more complex then just a them vs us kind of tale as human and monster both have relatable stakes they are playing for and there is bad and selfish among all the races in the book. This is the beginning of the third story arc following the urban wanderings of a onetime wrathful Conan like figure in a down on its heels Detroit like urban fantasy and it's looking like the scarecrow "god" is going to have his lot worsened again. John Arcudi has a real effective way of mixing his horror, tragedy and comedy for great effect. The growing cast all have their moments too so I'm pretty exited to see where things are going in this world.


MoonGirl and Devil Dinosaur 8 $3.99

The last two issues of this book by the one time writer artist team behind Rocket Girl Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclair exposed out hero to her greatest fear the Terrigen Mists and transformation into an Inhuman. Seems her power may just be a bit of a shared or swap body thing with the big red reptile she has befriended. Ok sure it may be a bit played for laughs butt my sure there will be a lot of suspense over how it all works and how she will get her body back. Natasha Bustos is back on the art chores too so I'm sure to go a bit over budget to get this even though I suspect with the new Marvel NOW it may well be going away so let's give good different titles a bit of support as they are usually where real storytelling happens.


And that brings me to just over twenty and I have yet to mention Ultimates which is in my opinion the best marvel team book and a little thing called Wonder Woman which probably needs little in the way of a boost.

Let me know what is on your list as I'd love to be exposed to something new if you have a suggestion

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