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Comics Pull list July 6 2016

Last week I was really looking forward to Thursday, it's the day I pick up my books most of the time, and though I got most of what I was so looking forward to but as happens occasionally Diamond missed a book I was wanting; Jade Street Protection Society wasn't there and I was crushed and kinda depresses for the rest of the night. I say this only because this week among the books I've fit into my twenty dollar budget is another book like that will kind of ruin my day if it doesn't not arrive. Ok that said its a great looking week of books is a kinda small one.


Kim + Kim 1 $3.99

This is book I referred to above, it tops my list this week and yeah again if it's not there it will wreck my day. When I read about it in the Class of 2016 from Black Mask I knew I had found the book to fill the void that the loss of the Marvel book Angela would soon create. It's a book about the friendship between two non tradtional (read LGBTQ) women both named Kim and the story tells their the trials and troubles they go through as bounty hunters in a very odd fantastic broken universe. Magdalene Visaggio who created the book along with Eva Cabrera and Clacudia Aguire has done a number of interviews (here's a link to one) about the book, its creation and her hopes for it beyond the four issue mini series. She talked about her various inspirations including her personal experiences she working through ,her love of stories like On the Road and the weird animation show FLCL. Bright colorful gritty weird stories have become a very big thing for me and this certainly fits that bill. Black Mask Comics have not hit big here but with this, Jade Street and several more of the Class of 2016 I think they will be at least taking over spots in my list. Oh and here's is Mag's website.


Papergirls 7 $3.99

The Papergirls that encountered the all to weird in the late eighties are now stuck in the future, in our present, somehow and learn about their possible futures if they make it back to the past. Brian K Vaughan, Cliff Chiang, and Matt Wilson continue to tell the tale of these strong willed characters still caught up in the strange confusing circumstances. Brian creates such compelling characters that regardless of not having a clue as to the underlying tale I'm fully willing to go there with them. Can you tell... am I an issue behind or am I just trying to add to the sense of the unknown. Few books at the $2.99 price point are near as good as this at least for me. Papergirls is an excellent addition to BKV's legacy of great books.


Crique American Girl Over Paris 1 $3.99

Gwenda Bond has written some YA adventures for Lois Lane which have been pretty damn well received and her new novel Girl in a Wire sounds right in my fictional wheelhouse so this related story done by Kate Leth and Ming Doyle is another smaller press book that should be on your list to look at. Not familiar with the stories Gwenda has been writing in this series of interconnected stories about Cirque proformers it was the fact that Kate Leth of Patsy Walker is writing and Ming Boyle who did the art on The Kitchen and co wrote Constantine are attached to the book. There is a bit of a preview here you can go look at for me it's likely I'll pick it up sight unseen as I did preorder a copy and well I know a couple of the creators have yet to let me down.


Scarlet Witch 8 $3.99

Wanda wether she is the daughter of Magneto or not has always been an interesting character to me and I have wanted to pick this book up on and off as its hosted some of my favorite artists but this issue probably will be the one. Now don't get me wrong I'm a fan of James Robinsons writing I love his Starman and his New Invaders to blame just a couple that come time mind and I've read good things about this book butnTula Lotay doing the art is too much a draw for me to pass up. To be honest I have wanted to or planned to pick up one of the more recent issues but my FLCS didn't get an extra copy of that Ken so my hopes to get this may be dashed and I'll just have to make due looking at her work in her self released sketchbook. I know that says little about this book that follows Wanda's looking into the things that are going on with magic in the Marvel universe or that fact that this story I believe take her to Japan but I have to be honest about why I'm getting and writing about certain books.

Punisher 3 $3.99

Lastly this week we get to a book I'm surprised I'm getting; it's not that the Punisher Frank Castle isn't in interesting character or Steve Dillon isn't a great artist who's actually tightened up his style even more since Preacher but given a limited budget it's not something I would normally make space for. The reason behind my getting this has mostly to do with Becky Cloonan writing the book and my really missing her creator owned book Southern Cross. In fact I'm really quite enjoying reading about the Punisher again after a long break but I know it's a limited kind of thing as Southern Cross and Gotham Academy will be coming back in the fall.


That gets me right up on the edge of twenty dollars and is it for the week except there are some nice trades I'm going to hit up tomorrow. Take care and be kind to yourselves. Let me know what is on your list if you like...


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