Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday Comics Sept 6 2015

So welcome to my semi weekly review column and what a week it has been...

Mockingbird #1

Chelsea Cain, Joelle Jones and Rachelle Rosenberg so so full on rocked in this one shot story that it is a shame that it's just that a one shot. The murder of her onetime mentor sends Bobbi Morse into some forensic detective work outside of her life of a SHIELD agent and out of the arms of one of her exes. The story revels in just how capeable a person Bobbi is in many theaters and remins me of the Mockingbird I met way back when in the Hawkeye and Mockingbird miniseries before she became background or kind of refrigerator-ed. Joelle's art is really very cool, I loved her Lady Killer Dark Horse it manages to be very pretty without being exploitative and the colors and patterns in the background are so marvel pop art I could not possibly have been happier with this book. Bobbi has been a favorite of mine for a long time both as a comic character and the portrayal of her in the Agents of SHIELD is pretty damn good and well this book bring both together beautifully. Reccomended whole heartedly and with hopes for more from this team... anywhere.


Jem and the Holograms #6

This is Sophie Campbell's last issue till her return on #11 and its fittingly great as she and Kelly Thompson brings the characters to a new place. The fallout of the food fight from issue 5 is pretty surprising as are character reactions to it particularly Pizzaz. Relationships are already getting tested and building tension for us as readers and well that is a good thing as it keeps us involved because smooth sailing is well... Too smooth. The barrage of fashion changes and haircuts in this issue is pretty full on nuts and that is one of the joys of the visuals of the book as there is lots of depth to the design that is going into it. Everyone even Clash ,Blaze, and not to forget Rio get screen time in this and I think there is something for everyone here. I like some drama but then I was always an X-men fan and that book was all about romance and drama at the best of times with fights thrown in for good measure. Possibly not everyone's cup a but I think it's worth a reccomend.


8House #3 Kiem

So like Injection Brandon Graham's title is one that requires involved readers and I think this is one of the most intricately drawn books I have seen recently; Deep both in its artistic mwork and its storytelling choices. Where Arclight was soft and paste and about what is not being said Kiem is hard modern and neon and almost unnatural. Kiem is an astral projecting soldier in a war that is a bit confusing but connected to the earlier arc somehow. She, Kiem, is the focus of the book much of it told as interior monologue and saying much more might spoil some of the story but it is so well worth it for science fiction fans and lives of European comics that is so resembles. One flip through it will likely tell you if its your kind of thing. Full on recommend this one.

Plutona #1

So I likened this to Stand By Me and the reference though obvious holds pretty true to what I thought. Much of the issue takes time to give us a little of each of the kids that will be among the group that will find the downed superhero. There are lots of little things in this issue that reveal character and aspects of the world that are pretty well conceived and executed either through the dialogue or through the subtle expressions Emi Lenox coaxes out of her deceptively minimal designed faces. Plutona could not have a better colorist then Jordie Bellaire who's watercolor was like pallet is pretty much perfect for the book. For me this is the kind of thing that Jeff Lemire really does best the stories that capture the non-innocence of youth something I think most adults forget as kids are pretty savvy about what is happening to and around them. As someone who was an outsider and the one that got hassled and bullied there seems a lot of truth in the pages of this book. Reccomended and it's a read that has more depth and meat to it then you might think on your first pass through it.

Midnighter #4

What can I bloody say anout this book to get you to pick it up if you've not been intrigued by it yet. Here's this Midnighter is not Batman in any way shape or form gay or otherwise and this book shows that well by getting Dick Grayson into the mix. They are unequal partners in this as Dick was kind of kidnapped by M at the end of issue 3 to them him here. The banter between them is uncomfortable from Grayson's point of view as he's the strait man of the pair in comedy terms at least and M is pretty relentless with it. He neither comes off as mentoring nor is he playing as an equal until late in the issue so it's an odd pairing that actally really works but with very different chemistry. Midnighter is someone driven by a moral center but not wracked by survivor guilt and a desire for vengeance like Bruce. Midnighter is not a grim book don't get me wrong it is full on violent but the tone is one of hope overall as he isn't Batman,this isn't Gotham and he is on our side on his terms. Reccomended for superspy fans with an open mind since it's not so much a superhero book and well it could perhaps offend more conservative minds.


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