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Dead-wood Dispatch Comics Pull List Sept 16 2015

Big week big week big week, for me at least because I'm heading to Rose City Comic Con and it's been ages since I have done anything like that so yeah big week. Anyway it's also a bit comics week and I will have all kinds of trouble keeping myself to my twenty dollar budget but as I've decided to finally buy a guitar I will need to actually do so for several months now... So I start my list with my must have and perhaps throw in a collection suggestion for you to think about... Anyway enough f'ing about...

Shutter #15

So this will look a bit familiar as I think Joe Keating and Leila Del Duca rile the week when Shutter comes out. It's one of the image books that is full cover to cover enjoyment and often the opening panel is the inside cover. It's fairy tale, it's pulp fiction, it's meta-physical, it's filled with wonderful character many which are anthropomorphics or full on talking animals. Joe and Leila have taken poor Kate from the earth to the moon to the dreamlands and to Italy and that is only the snippets of her adventures we have seen. That last issue brought her friend Alain back which is marvelous and introduced several new interesting characters and twists to the this lovely fun adventure story. Both Joe and Leila are attending the con so that makes it a really exiting coincidence for me and lots to look forward to. $3.99

Island #3

Brandon Graham's anthology title has more pages of comic then many collections twice this in price so though it's pricy it's as I said before a comics bargain for readers with widely diverse taste in stories and art. Emma Rios who does the art for Pretty Deadly is both writing and art for is this issue as does Brandon himself and apparently introduces a new science fiction story by Matt Sheean and Malachi Ward both who worked with Brandon on Prophet. The content of Island has ranged from social science fiction to really fun pulpy action adventure to touching memoir. Stories in anthologies like that that are well curated and chosen have exposed me to stories I have loved that I may not have looked at otherwise and get well further afield then standard American comics fare. I fully stand by saying I reccomend any mature reader to grab this. $7.99


Southern Cross # 5

Ok it's been way too long since issue four of this occultish science fiction horror story that to me oddly reminds me of Space Battleship Yamato (Starblazers) for reasons I really can't quantify. Becky Cloonan who is an amazing artist as shown by the covers is an equally talented writer given the range of story telling she has been doing between this suspense tale and the action adventure of Batgirl. I believe that there will be a collection of the first story arc in the near future for Southern Cross and some may be waiting for that but to get there and to keep the science fiction creepy goodness going buying th individual issues is a must at least for me. For the interested this story of a woman going to retrieve the remains of her sister and gets involved in the ongoing occult intrigue on the transport ship the Southern Cross encounter to the moon Titan feels a lot like the original Ridley Scott Alien as its clostrophoblic and paranoia inducing and brilliantly keeps the menace just under wraps. Anyone enjoying The Fuze that has not tried this should give it a look as it is a good companion book. $2.99

Rat Queens #12

Gotta represent for the Rat Queens this week and for Tess Fowler who is a pretty brilliant replacement for Sejic, and for the story that will reveal more then a bit about what drove Hanna everyone's favorite dark magic wielding elf and her possibly nefarious past. This is a fantasy story that is definitely for adults regardless of its occasional silliness as Wiebe is not afraid to let his adult heroes act and speak like adults actually do full of spice and cussing. I've said it before but this is a comic for all those old role-players who have fond memories of gaming and it's what we wish our games could have been like in addition to all the swordplay killing and looting as these characters have full lives beyond the adventure, complicated and drama filled ones but who's isn't? $3.99


Tokyo Ghost #1

Rick Remende may be a writer that is highly hit and miss with me but Sean Murphy is certainly not, he is one of the artists I love this check out these days on whatever he's working on. Tokyo Ghost links to be a bit of a riff on cyberpunk ala Japanese manga like Appleseed, Gunnm (Battle Angel), and Ghost in the Shell set in a decidedly dystopian looking LA I believe. I expect lots of grit and violence and hope Rick is going to hook me white some sympathetic likeable anti-heroes to love but I know for sure I'm hooked at lest for the first go round here. $3.50


So I'm splurging $22.46 so something may have to wait til next week as I'm a Jem and the Holograms comic fan and I think it is also shipping with a fill in artist who looks very good if the previews are to be trusted.


So this week I have in mind the collection of No Mercy by Alex De Campi and Carla Speed McNeil about an ill fated school trip to Mexico that could easily have been an ill fated trip anywhere that there are people I want of a buck and see a wat to get it, Alex writes great horror suspense as I learned with my trying out her book Grindhouse for Dark Horse Comics and the little bit of this I read, that being issue three all by itself, is character centered storytelling in a situation that is all too plauseable and relateable... This is a strong book that is well worth the price and the read as it may just challenge you to take a look at yourself and your assumptions and privileges. $9.99 I believe ...


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